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Debbie Flint

OPI Monday (7th). Plus - My son is 29! Charlie Bears meet MDD. And exclusive videos - NB one is a bit scary...
3 March 2016

Brad my son and me on his 29th BD Brad my son and me on his 29th BD

OPI Today's Special Value set Monday night 7th, and webchat with Julie Barham. Julie has been sharing pics of the upcoming TSV nails set - suich amazing value as usual - this is the launch, and next to it is the autodelivery set for June  think...


(ps Ultrasun Eye Launched and sold out! Hope you got yours! The latest lotion-like eye protection has been reviewed by my pal and top blogger Sharon on Back to You beauty blog - click here for info on how to get it before the show - it sold out on preview! And here's the direct link to last Monday's webchat with lovely Abi Cleeve the guest, about Ultrasun - lots of fab info and questions answered about her range. Click here for Q&A.)

THis week's news:

Bradley’s birthday My eldest turned… 29 this week. How did that even happen?! We had a lovely dog walk – come on it with us by watching the little video – just click this link here. Then we went to have a fab lunch in the beautiful nearby village of Shere. I really am so lucky in so many ways including living close to places like this, but also having the best son in the world. Very proud of my boy.

Pupdate – another pup to name – heard this week that the little girl puppy may be arriving at the end of March. Now what to name her! Should I do a competition? What do you think? Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I’m able to name a second one, as well as little Derek (named after my late dad) since I raised over £5000 last summer. So chuffed and can’t wait to hold her! Derek the dog is now over 20 weeks, so this’ll be fantastic! And go here to see pic of my dad, bless him.

Bears Meet MDD Dogs Lovely pals and ‘ambassadets’ Charlie and Will from Charlie Bears visited my charity this week – here they are with a selection of the pooches. They were overwhelmed with emotion seeing what these clever dogs can do, in early cancer detection studies and also by helping owners with serious diseases like diabetes type 1. Will and Charlie said –

“Today Charlie and myself visited with one of the charities that we support known as medical detection dogs who were introduced to us by debbie flint and I have to say that we were both moved to tears with some of the work that these fantastic animals are doing. Dogs who have in some cases been rescued from the worst possible start in life now being heroes in other people’s lives. The work being done is not only saving lives but also making life more bearable for hundreds of families. We are proud to support this wonderful charity through sales of our very own dog intraining bones puppy – Charlie Bears Will donate £10 from the sale of every bear.”

If you’d like to donate you can help out with a contribution to another cancer detection dog here. Or more about Will and Charlie’s little Bones dog here – hope it comes to QVC!

And if you’re new to my blogs and would like a little update on the latest news about Medical Detection Dogs, you can go here to my charity page and see the most recent videos etc!


My Back to You Blog this week has more about what to do in the run up to our big one month Freedom Eating Challenge – to prepare yourself! Plus Fab Q&A from Caroline Archer from Liz Earle, plus Abi from ultrasun, plus Bruce from Bodyblade including a link to a whole show if you missed his visit on QVC this week! Click here for inspiration if you JUST CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT.

And don’t forget the TTFLS 3.0 eBook has all profits going to MDD.

Roland update So Lorri the vet-nurse was a bit worried about little Roland the pup with the broken paws – he developed some oozing from his wounds upon his latest bandage change this week. Here’s her latest –

“Evening everyone - bandage change today and looking great!! Wounds dry and no discharge - woo hoo! He is sooo happy to see us but sulks with Emma and ignores her for ages after his sedation injection lol. He loves cuddles. Thank you for your lovely comments. He is a very sweet little boy and easy to love.”

Seems he is doing well. For further info about his story, here’s the original blog including scary xrays of his broken bones. Plus the latest cute pic! More soon.

My QVC blog will have more about the lovely lunch we all had when me and some of the B2U facebookers met up last week. Go here to see it from Friday afternoon onwards. Plus pics from an evening out with Bruce Bodyblade, who was back at QVC this week for some fab shows, also linked to on QVC blog.

BB  Was very proud of our bodybladers too on facebook – they put together 30 little clips of a virtual wall chart! Do go here to see the whole video (join group first!) This clever whole body fitness device is still on 3 x EZ pay of £21 if you’re quick and truly transforms people’s bodies click here. Here’s goody my lovely pal and new Bodyblade ‘assistant’ showing off her body and talking about how it’s helped her shape in only a few weeks –

Click here -


And finally – here’s an exclusive video for you – look what was in my bath today – OMG!!! The London Mayor has a rival! Watch this exclusive video! Euow!!

Have a lovely week and do let me know what you think about how I should decide about naming the new MDD puppy! Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Ps new pic of my all my paperback books – am v proud! Find them on Amazon here.



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  • Comment Link Angela 4 March 2016 posted by Angela

    Very very proud of you Debbie Flint my Dad was called Derrick my son is the same and he's 27 this year were Oh where does the time go?
    The charlie bear

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