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Debbie Flint

More on Roland and a trip to MDD - seeing Derek the trainee diabetic alert dog at 20 weeks.
24 February 2016

Derek the MDD trainee pup at 20 weeks Derek the MDD trainee pup at 20 weeks

Ohhhhh bless him! Derek the dog looking good and still adorably cuddly and soft at 20 weeks, at the MDD HQ visit this week. He's getting on so well! How well? Find out by watching this video!

click here to watch the video update about Derek the MDD trainee alert dog at 20 weeks old

Had a super time there - so nice to catch up with everyone. Do put Friday 11th March in your diary if you can come down to see the MDD stand at Crufts too! More about Derek soon.


Vintage TiFFT! My week also featured a fab first - a trip in a vintage classic car - a Roller no less! Courtesy of my pal Russell Bristow. Again, it's a video update - 

click here to see an amazing TiFFT in a Rolls Royce used in Dad's Army!

Webchats and Updates Plus this week, a super Back to You blog, with webchats from Judith Williams skin care, Studio 10 make up, and Bruce Bodyblade. Do note next week's will be another fab first - with Liz Earle ambassador Caroline Archer - she doesn't 'do' Facebook so will come to my house and we will webchat together at 8-9pm, Monday 29th - overseen as usual by my lovely pal and super-admin Sharon on our facebook group called Back to You QVC - join first here.

And my TTFLS 3.0 book has been going really well, there's a weight loss focus on this week's QVC blog which will be available on Friday afternoon (see QVC tab above or go here) . Do come join in our month long Freedom Eating Step by Step programme. Click the event page here and tick 'going' to see all the future updates (it's an open page.)

Book of the Week - the steamiest in the Titan series so far! Go here to see it, plus a FREEBIE from JOHN GRISHAM no less! click here for RiSiWi blog.

Roland Latest Well Lorri Vick has been taking care of the little lad I featured on my last blog here and he is putting on weight - 0.4 kg to be precise, which given he is only around 5kg is quite good - and he wasn't eating much when he first came in as he was in so much pain. The outside metal splints holding his bones in place have to be kept very clean and the worry is getting an infection in the wounds and into the bones - he is on strong antibiotics but when he started to swell the day after his op, he was slathered in medical grade manuka all over and it did the trick. The wonders of ancient technology eh? Well he is getting more adventurous apparently and has had his bandages changed twice and is recovering as well as can be. Here's another pic or two, bless him. More soon.


Anyway have a lovely week! I'm off to the Back to You lunch, getting together on Friday near Billingsgate - have a great week. Debs x

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