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Debbie Flint

Roland the broken dog and an amazing story of human kindness
19 February 2016



This week an act of such kindness in the course of  run of the mill day's work for one of my pals on Facebook, brought me to tears.

Poooor little pup. Six month old Roland, a terrier cross, was taken into one of our lovely Facebooker’s vet surgery with two broken legs. They weren’t just broken they were sheared in half. Yuk. An unbelievable xray and a sorry picture galvanised everyone into action. 

When they Xrayed him they couldn't believe what they found.



Here was Lorri Vick's fundraising post on Crowdfunding/justgiving -

"This little boy, who we have named Roland, came into our Practice with both front legs broken. The owner wanted him put to sleep. He was signed over to our Head Nurse who, with the rest of the team, wanted to give him a chance of having his legs repaired. He is only 5 months old. It is a complicated operation and needs a specialist - we have found a lovely vet 150 miles away who will do this much needed op at a very much reduced price (usually £4,000 for an op of this kind)"

He was very poorly indeed and we didn't know whether he would survive. They made sure he was legally signed away from the owner, so the person had no future claim on him. Experts would apparently say it looks like an  injury consistent with a fall, but from a greater height than 'out of someone's arms' onto the ground. You always wonder about how things happen to animals don't you. But ultimately the most important thing was at least he was now in good hands. And you could say at least they didn't abandon him and leave him somewhere but obviously couldn't choose to pay for the expensive treatment. 

Lorri mentioned it to me and whilst this is not the prime reason for our Back to You QVC facebook group, we decided it  would be  good idea to post it on there and so many people wanted to help, she managed to set up a page with the aid of our lovely regular Helen Murphy. It soon mounted up and Lorri gave us updates on him as the date of the op approached. Would we make the amount needed in time for the Tuesday deadline? And would the specialist be able to rescue his appallingly injured legs?


 Lorri's update said this -

"I noticed today how quickly the posts were moving - when i have a busy shift at work, i find it hard to keep up lol - am hopeful for his op but he is still growing so its a tricky op - they wanted to do external fixators so as not to impede growth but as he is narrow across the chest, they will probably catch on each other, so it may have to be plates and pins after all - he is only a small, lightweight little fella, which helps a lot. He is almost 6 months, the size of a jack russell i would say and only weighs 5kg."

So things were touch-and-go till they could find out what the surgeon would say. He faced a long journey - physically and metaphorically, and who knows, maybe mentally as well - and would have been in considerable pain given the nature of the break in his bones.

Everyone kept asking about him and sharing the post and within four days we’d raised the minimum amount needed for this abandoned pup to be operated on and his recovery afterwards was documented on his own post my Facebook group Back to You.  I also mentioned it on my new Friday blog on

Then came the news we had all hoped for - Lorri updated us on Tuesday afternoon.

"Yay!!!! Roland is out of surgery and in recovery - 4 hours op and I have such a fab pic but cant add it from my work pc - so it will be on its way to you when i am home tonight. he is travelling back tonight"


The little boy was in pain but managed to wag his little tail when he saw the two nurses who had accompanied him from Northampton down to the specialist in Portsmouth. They took him home and watched over him.

Lorri said -


"Roland has now had his op. HUGE thanks to everyone one of you that helped make this possible and to the vet and her team. He now has the chance to live the way a puppy should. He is now comfortable and gone home with my friend, along with his methadone - he looks so frail and now has pins etc through the bones - these have to stay in for 6 weeks - he still wagged his tail when he saw us.


And all of you should be very proud for supporting this little guy - couldn't have done it without you and words can never express how much your kindness and generosity means to us. You are all AWESOME - big hugs from us all"


The next day was vital as it would decide his chances of recovery but incredibly - he astounded them all.


Over the next two days, we heard from Lorri regularly - he looked like he was doing ok one minute ...

"He has had to have a buster collar on this evening as he has started licking the bandages and round the wounds - naughty Roland lol - such a great sign that he is behaving like this! "

... but then had a dreadful set back  the next - as many tiny malnourished animals do, apparently.  And his ongoing meds are costing a lot of money of course. Just incredible, isn't it - she posted,

"they really had to manoeuvre the bones in his right leg as they had slipped so badly - I am told it was a very difficult moment. He has to have his pins in for 6 weeks and then one of our vets will remove them - it was strange to see him on all 4 legs as when we met him, he obviously couldn't walk - we will have to stop carrying him everywhere soon lol "

Then the next day he surprised everyone -

"omg you wouldnt believe it - Roland been walking round the practice on a lead - we will def do video." But that night Lorri and team had an emergency and couldn't do a video then the next day poor Lorri herself fell ill. But still kept everyone updated.

"Roland will stay with us until his pins are removed and we know he is fully recovered - the wounds where pins are need to be treated to avoid infection and we have strict instructions from specialist on physio we need to do with him, but once he is well, he will be needing his forever home. He is also on pain relief that can only be given by a vet and under strict controls."

So whilst poor Lorri was shivering at home on her own meds, little Roland was sedated to have his bandages changed - there was a little swelling in his right leg. More pics to follow. (19th Feb)



Lorri and her team will continue to see him well enough to find a forever home. Isn’t it amazing what people are capable of? And I’m so proud of our gang – not only helping a lovely Facebooker out but also raising enough money for some of the after-care too. Although Lorri says he faces six weeks’ care and a bit of a long path to recovery before they can find him a home. Bless his little heart. *Sigh*



 If you'd like to help out, please click here to even donate as little as £2 - if lots do it we can keep paying for his painkillers. Till he's out of the woods.


go here -


 NEXT UPDATE ON ROLAND IS HERE and at bottom of this blog.


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24th February - Roland 'Pupdate' 

Roland update one week later Well Lorri Vick has been taking care of the little lad I featured on my last blog here and he is putting on weight - 0.4 kg to be precise, which given he is only around 5kg is quite good - and he wasn't eating much when he first came in as he was in so much pain. The outside metal splints holding his bones in place have to be kept very clean and the worry is getting an infection in the wounds and into the bones - he is on strong antibiotics but when he started to swell the day after his op, he was slathered in medical grade manuka all over and it did the trick. The wonders of ancient technology eh? Well he is getting more adventurous apparently and has had his bandages changed twice and is recovering as well as can be. Here's another pic or two, bless him. More soon.

Roland update 3rd march 

So Lorri was a bit worried about little Roland the pup with the broken paws – he developed some oozing from his wounds upon his latest bandage change this week. Here’s her latest –

“Evening everyone - bandage change today and looking great!! Wounds dry and no discharge - woo hoo! He is sooo happy to see us but sulks with Emma and ignores her for ages after his sedation injection lol. He loves cuddles.”


 here's the latest from little Roland - his whole story is here.


18th March - Roland's Set Back Sadly little broken puppy Roland has had a setback with that weepy wound. Lorri V wrote - One leg is not healing. He might have moved the pin. i have xray pics but they arent that good - look quite scary. Ii will do you a new update soon, no probs - I have found out from the surgeon that if the pin needs removing and a new one put in higher up, and if it fails, there are still options available which will be his leg plated and also they can make new bone out of synthetic materials, so all is not lost.  But it may need more treatment sady. More news Monday or Tuesday..

24th March - Great News G

reat news! This from Lorri Vick – phew! - GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xrays just done, which I will post when home, and the change in one week is incredible - Emma, the Vet, and I were jumping up and down when we took the xrays - wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an improvement - am beyond ecstatic!! As always, HUGE thanks for all your support and hugs - this little man now looks like it wont be too far off before thos pins and fixators are removed - if all goes according to plan xxx More about Roland here. This first pic was the one which made them a bit worried.


Lorri posted – ‘I am just in and time to put pics of xrays - but I wanted to wait until his surgeon had seen them - we sent them to her earlier and her report back is - they are looking good and to leave fixators in place for another 3 weeks and see what the xrays are like then and we just could be removing them, so keep everything crossed please - you are all truly wonderful and Roland send hugs and kisses xxx Bear with me whilst i post the pics - this first one was a week ago and the leg that really worried us xx


This second xray pic is the most recent – you can see the improvement. If Lorri creates a funding page to help little Roland’s hydrotherapy I will post it on here. Watch this space. She says -' We are definitely going to be doing hydrotherapy and thats a lovely suggestion to raise funds for it - he will need to build up strength etc and we know it will help xx'


31st March - amazing new xrays

 you will be thrilled to see these incredible latest xrays. The little dog who came in with two forearms completely broken now looks like six weeks later his right leg is almost completely healed. The left one is still knitting together, but is on the right track. He's been through a lot. More here.


Lorri says - Amazing how bone heals and the changes in a week!! 6 weeks yesterday when he had his op. Surgeon wants to see xrays wc 11 april. 10 days ago said give it another three weeks. We are neutering him at same time pins come out lol. We will then sort hydrotherapy. He walks on heels so has to relearn. he is a lovely lad and he is coming on really well.'

Great news! What an amazing story!

7th April  - 

Talking of dogs, little Roland had another major turning point this week with his pins being removed in one of his little legs - the other leg will have them out soon.

He was fine after, and Lorri reported his latest update on the Back to You QVC facebook group as usual, bless her. They also had the webchat with Abi from ultrasun as well as Bruce Bodyblade doing his chat on the Bodyblade QVC group too. More soon.


14th April -  

Roland And talking of poggies – here’s the latest Roland-The-Broken-Dog update –

Lorri Vick says – He still has a bit of weakness and a little limp, understandably due to imbalance because of his one pinned leg. He really has taken all this in his stride and was castrated a week ago too - he really is an ultra loving boy - still can’t get over that the previous owner wanted him put to sleep - but because off his awful trauma, we all got to know and love this little lad and he has his whole life ahead. Here is latest x-ray and his pins are due to come out soon. X Full story is here. X












26th MAY 2016 - final update - ROLAND THE BROKEN DOG IS NOW UNBROKEN!

Well it's been a long journey but here are the final pics. Thanks from Lorri to everyone who has helped to make little Roland's journey have a happy ending. Not only has his right leg completely healed - 

his left leg, the one which only recently had the pins out, is now almost healed.

He is loving living with Lorri''s colleague Emma so much, her partner wants to adopt him and give him a forever home. Bless the little lad. So glad he’s doing well, bless him. Here are the final pics, with a very happy looking little puppy dog. Have a lovely life, Roland! 




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  • Comment Link Stephanie 26 May 2016 posted by Stephanie

    Hi Debbie
    I have loved reading yours and Lorri's posts about little Roland.
    Im so glad he has a happy ending and a forever home by the sounds of things.
    Ive laughed and cried at all this little pupsters been through so good luck to him and well done the team who cared for him.

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