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STOP PRESS - TTFLS 3.0 is available now on pre-order! plus - Come to my Book Launch Party & Signing near Chiswick on Feb 4th? Official Invite! Plus - what the Big Short did to me this week... And funny dog video exclusive!
27 January 2016

STOP PRESS - the companion to ttfls 2.0 is now available on pre-order on amazon for kindle or kindle app, paperback also out 20th Feb - how to preorder it here.



You know when I went away from QVC? Well I worked for several years in the health food industry – bottled energised water, omega threes. Then I hopped over to work as a manager in the financial industry, (my background was accounting and finance before media) and with my impeccable timing, I did so JUST as the financial crisis was looming. Three redundancies later and I was training myself to be an operations manager but the first job I got for a company who wanted my professional PRINCE 2 qualification, was as a manager at a shopping channel (Bid, now defunct too) and they had me back on air by Xmas. So I was well-placed when QVC came calling the following summer. Anyway – that’s the short version of my 9 years away from QVC.

In the middle of it, the unprecedented fall from grace of the banks happened, and I was on the inside looking out, watching more and more people get laid off all around me, scrabbling to get my team’s mortgage applications through before the deadlines closed with guillotine-efficiency, hoping our sub-prime mortgage customers made it through before it was too late. By summer 2008, it was too late for most of them and mortgage lending ground to a halt. Worldwide.

Well a small group of people spotted that the bubble was going to burst and bet that it would happen – in a form of insurance bet called a ‘big short.’ And this week, I went to see the film that’s taken this long to be released.

WATCH – the BEST BEST film I’ve seen in ages – The Big Short! OMG it was so good I already want to see it again. Ace performances from Steve Carell, Christian Bale (Oscar winning if ever there was, from both), Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and one of my faves, Rafe Spall, memorable and funny as ever also starred. And really really clever fast-paced directing which intersperses snippets of life in the mid-2000s as the housing crisis exploded and the world changed forever. Loved it. Of course, I worked in the financial industry for a few years and was in the middle of the crash, so it was especially poignant to me. 9 and a quarter out of ten – one of the highest ever.

It's one of those rare films that just make me want to rave about it and urge you to go see it!

Here’s the link to the trailer – do feel free to let me know if you have a big crash story of your own!

And here’s a brilliant interview with cast and creators – so interesting! Enjoy. Let me know if you see it, just click ‘reply.’


Book Launch Party – so here’s the invite to my official book launch party – can you come? It’s at the Chiswick Bookshop (that’s what it’s called) at 12, Turnham Green Terrace, W41QP, tel 0208 9948020 if you have questions about the venue. It’s a lovely little bookshop to peruse whilst you wait for things to begin! Or come help me with the twiglets… lol.

Come along on Thursday 4th  between 5 and 7.30 – for a reading, a signing and some wine and nibbles! I’d love to see you there? Just reply to this email and tell me if you can. OR GO TO THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE AND CLICK 'GOING' - HERE.

My lovely steamy Choc Lit romance ‘Take a Chance on Me’ will be on offer in a signed paperback and there’ll also be a preview of my BRAND NEW ttfls book - a follow up to my semi-autobiographical weight loss book. The new one is called  Till the Fat Lady Slims – version 3.0 Tips and Tales to Inspire. (Here’s version 2.0 on Amazon now if you haven’t got it yet.) Dawn Allen, the lady who lost six and a half stone in a year and says Freedom Eating changed her life, will be at the launch party as well as lots of other QVC faces, including Catherine, Alison Keenan, Craig and Gill Gauntlett and I’d love to hear from you if you can come too? Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(STOP PRESS - HOW TO ORDER A SIGNED COPY OVER THE PHONE! Just call Emily at the Chiswick Bookshop and she will help make it happen. 0208 994 8020)

Of course I'll be donating the profits to my lovely charity Medical Detection Dogs. And Christina from MDD will also be there on the night. Talking of MDD :

Star struck I was kinda star struck, a bit, to this week be tweeted by Deborah Meaden from Dragon’s Den herself! She’d just been to the Medical Detection Dogs HQ – and was so impressed. I only hope they can raise the funds they need soon enough to help train another dog to do the prostate cancer detection work that impressed Deborah so much. I you can spare a fiver or so towards it, click here.

Here’s the tweet – squeee!

Finally – a cheeky sneaky puppy video which made me smile. I know I should have rushed over sooner to help Daisy out of her predicament, after wrapping herself up in her microfibre towel a bit toooo well… but… well watch it and you’ll see why… And no she wasn’t unhappy about it – watch her reaction!

Click here –

Anyway – this week’s Read it Write it Sell it book blog (click here) has the John Grisham novel ‘Gray Mountain’ which I’m enjoying, as the Book of the Week this week. And more about the fab book launch party I’m having.

And Back to You blog (click here) is all about why some people can lose weight eating certain foods and some people can’t; and the relationshiop between that and... yes you've guessed it, gut bacteria - the mot du jour! Plus the links to the Yankee candle Q&A with lovely guest Rosa, plus as usual Bruce’s fab Bodyblade Q&A.

Finally don’t forget my new QVC blog, out Friday 29th, will have a big competition – someone will be picked at random to win none other than a QVC Beauty Bash Goodie Bag! All you need to do is leave a comment on that blog and you’ll be entered – but it has to be on the blog itself. You'll also read all about the fab The Trouble with Goats and Sheep book launch party I attended for my author friend Joanna Cannon last night too!

(Alternatively if you’re really quick the odds may be better in the Friday Webchat competition which I will have on our QVC Facebook page during my final webchat of this run – I’m letting someone else take over. Go here to our QVC Facebook page and look for the post which goes live Friday lunchtime - ENTER BEFORE 7PM.)

Good luck if you take part in the big new Beauty Bash Goodie Bag Competition! And maybe I'll see you on Thursday next week in The Chiswick Bookshop?




Ps also follow me on twitter @debbieflint for updates about QVC bargains or on my facebook page here.
















My own little – emphasis on the word little! – book launch party is at the Chiswick Bookshop the week after on Feb 4th near Turnham Green tube – do email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be sent an invite to the wine and nibbles and signing event near Chiswick, in the independent Chiswick Bookshop with lovely Emily and her dad who run the shop and own a publishing company too.


Here's the link to the official Facebook invite on the event page - do go there to tick 'going' -


Here's the basic info!


Join me for wine/tea/juice and nibbles at my Informal little gathering in super independent bookstore near Chiswick. Debbie Flint, Choc Lit author and QVC presenter celebrates the launch of the first 'Hot Choc' title from UK independent publisher Choc Lit - Take a Chance on Me - a steamy romance between a playboy billionaire who doesn't mix business with pleasure, and a feisty businesswoman on a man-ban, as they jet set around the word from Monaco to Hawaii (originally Hawaiian Affair on Amazon.) 120 x 5* reviews. WHSmith Travel top 100; kindle top 50 bestseller. Copies will be on sale by Emily and co at The Chiswick Bookshop, for signing.
Also PREVIEW the third of her non-fiction semi-autobiographical weight loss books TILL THE FAT LADY SLIMS 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire.
Featuring the Freedom Eating method of getting our of food prison. Meet Dawn Allen the lady who has lost six and a half stone in the last 12 months through Debbie's original book. TTFLS book 2.0 - the 'When' Diet, has 65 x 5* reviews and features the six secrets of slim people and Deb's own story about her battle not to binge and to eat more healthily.
See also for more info.
Do respond by stating 'going' so we can guage numbers!
Email Deb if any questions - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- the Chiswick Bookshop - 5 mins from Turnham Green tube (district liine), 12 Turnham Green Terrace, W41QP (free parking nearby after 630, on yellow lines after 7). shop tel no for any queries - 02089948020.
Do feel free to come browse the bookshop beforehand, but the party kicks off around 5-730pm, with a few words at around 6pm.



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