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Debbie Flint

First flowers of the season - from my garden - yes really.
18 January 2016

So the snow came! Hope the daffodils and these weird little plants (is it the heliobores flowering early?) won’t be too damaged by the cold. The pic is of the first bunch of flowers from my garden – unbelievably in the second week of January! How cheerful the colour is though! I did a Peony faux flowers show last week and it featured the fragrance sprays which make them even more realistic and I have to say they were delightful and made me think of warmer days… Sigh!

Busy again this week, and tonight it’ll be another Back to you show – the second to last! Eeek!


So here’s Friday’s QVC blog – with some hilarious bloopers from QVC around the world, click here. And of course it featured my trip down to see a lovely lady who swears she lost her six and a half stone in the last twelve months via my Freedom Eating book, on amazon here. Well, was I chuffed or what! And she says my semi-autobiographical weight loss tale brought her to tears as it ‘could have been my story,’ she said. Wonder what you will think if you read it too? Let me know. Her tale and the book is explained in more detail on my website here.

And if you love a nice romance, and cup cakes, here’s the latest newcomer from Choc Lit in my Book of the Week – a Little Sugar, a Lot of Love.

I’m currently finishing ‘Just One Damned Thing After Another’ when the time travelling team are off to another ancient location to get involved in history – it’s looking a bit better than when I last reported – but the jury’s still out until the end! Any recommendations for me? Maybe like a Lee Child/Jack Reacher or a Robert Galbraith/Cormoran Strike?

However, I have got something I’m really looking forward to - some super excitement with John Grisham’s new one, Gray Mountain, which I got as a belated pressie from my lovely bestie, Gill. Maybe when I’m away this week at the Beauty Bash!

Looking forward to meeting the QVC peeps who got tickets for our annual skincare, bodycare, haircare, gadgets and tools and innovations exhibition in Billingsgate. And hopefully this time next week I’ll be able to reveal all about the new cover to the next Freedom Eating book – Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire – coming very soon, a companion to book 2.0. Natch. More info here.

Have a fun week and I hope it’s not been too frosty and snowed in where you are?

Just think – in two weeks’ time it will be February! Not long till Spring!


Ps tonight’s webchat’s on Back to You group on Facebook are with Evie from Join Clothing, fresh from last week’s Today’s Special Value; plus Tom Ogden from Alpha H sorting out your skin issues. Go to the group 8-9 pm Monday 18th (Don’t worry I’ll post the links to the chats here after, you just need to be a member of the facebook groups to access it. Click here.

AND – go here to access all the other facebook groups and pages and the 20lb in 2016 challenge too, if you’d like to feel part of something, or get support this year in getting healthier and fitter or just having a gossip about QVC! Click here for the list.

Plus here’s my full list of recommended self-help books to read yourself to a better place. Click here. and let me know if you have any others!

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