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Twelfth Night Revamp - inside my lounge. Plus big summer events round the UK.
8 January 2016

Isn't it sad when the lights come down? Want to see what I did instead?

click here for a little tour around my lounge post-xmas!

What did you do?

I must say I miss the red of xmas but it feels nice and fresh now. Talking of which, how's your new year gone so far? I've got a new challenge going - it's called 20lb in 2016 and can be joined via my Facebook event here, where you can click 'going' and find out more about it. It doesn't have to be 20lb either, it can be whatever you need it to be for your own body. I think if I lost too much I'm at the stage where my face would probably show my age more and I think my face kind of likes a bit of extra blubber! lol. So I'm personally aiming for around a stone. Half a stone by July would be good as that's the amount my health check woman told me to aim for last time I went for my company medical at Nuffield, so that'd be good. But much more and I start losing my bust and I don't wanna be doing that! Pity we can't choose where to move our extra inches from and to eh girls! lol.

Also had a lovely trip up to see my charity Medical Detection Dogs again and we plotted and planned some fabulous events around the country this summer! It'll be some kind of vintage fashion show type event with lots of other stalls and so on, and hopefully a QVC face or two, but aiming to help pay for another six industrial freezers. We already got two of the eight they need via our mega draw and donations, which I'm thrilled about. Little Derek the dog's training will be paid for too, I aim to ensure, and any help you can give would be much appreciated - you can donate via text (simply text MDDC14 £10 to 70070 (or whatever amount.)

Also went to see Marie Francoise from Kipling, in a play last night! She was excellent I have to say, but her boyfriend was outstanding! It ends on Saturday but here are some pics from 'The Two Faces of Agent Lacey' about shenanigans in a theatrical agent's office. This is MF in one of her scenes - the guy on the left is Agent Lacey - formerly the gladiator known as Trojan 20 year ago!

Finally a lot of people have asked me lately about the self-help book recommendations I made over xmas and new year. Well I've made a list! Go here to read them, and maybe feel inspired if you'd like to stop going round in circles and making the same resolutions every January. They're not miracles but are certainly enlightening, in my opinion. There's a section on help with bereavement too. Go here.

And if you'd like to join our support groups if you're on Facebook, go here for the list and links.

Anyway do join me for some of the below highlights on QVC this week and next. And hope you're not too badly affected by the cold spell they're threatening. I live in a dip so hopefully my 4x4 will help get me to work if it does get icy or snows!

big hugs



ps Back to You blog - the book sensation called 'Gut' - explaining how weight loss could be affected by the gut bacteria in your belly, depression too, and webchats about contouring and concealing with Studio 10 and Bruce bodyblade's big webchat after his on air shows. go here

Read it Write it Sell it has a new Book of the Week from Ken Follett - I finally finished his 'World without end' - a saga from 1300s Britain - go here

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