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Debbie Flint

Responding to 3 out of 4 requests to hide xmas pressie chat! Changes on Back to You group. Plus big virtual pub quiz this Monday! Join us?
23 October 2015

What are you doing on Monday 26th at 8pm? Fancy taking part in an online 'virtual pub quiz' to raise funds for Medical Detection Dogs? It'll be a hoot - are you any good at trivia questions? Try the few below... or text £2 donation maybe?

Also - if you're a Back to You Facebook group member, see the announcement below - and thank you.

Gracie's doing well so far, by the way, after her op (see last week's newsletter) and whilst she's not dramatically different yet, the other day she was bounding around the dog pen chasing her sister Daisy in and out of the kennel. It's so lovely to see. They also adore little Maggie next door, who comes over regularly for her playtime. I'm using Pet Munchies to help encourage little Maggie Mag to 'come' - she's a bit of a liability when they're out apparently, John and Lucy next door told me, and when pheasants are about she can't be seen for dust! It seems to be helping... I use a call of 'chickennnnnn'! It's amazing what they'll do for some pet munchies! Look at the reviews, I hope they come back in stock soon! If I run out, it's carrots! STOP PRESS - just had a 'puppy party' today (sunday) - you wait till you see the pics in next week's newsletter - you'll be the first to see all of them!

Organic  Talking of grub, I started getting organic deliveries each week again. So far I've given away two lots of potatoes, corn on the cob and some long green things (?!!) as I didn't get round to eating them before the next lot arrived! Sure they taste good but has anyone actually noticed the dirt on organic veg box deliveries? It's almost like they've smeared the dirt onto them... as opposed to cleaning it off like with ordinary veg. Hmmm... They do taste good though. Am debating whether to continue or not. But I am still making super duper power juices with Jason Vale's juicer. Did you see another big celebrity account of losing weight with his system - Gemma Collins from Towie lost three stone at his Juicy Retreat abroad. more here. I'm actually keeping relatively in line with my healthy eating. Would like to be a bit lighter to fit into clothes more easily, even though what's underneath is quite toned thanks to Bodyblade, legmaster, pilates and yoga, dog-walking etc! Well, I am off to Champneys for a couple of nights with my pal, QVC model Goody, end of next week so that'll help and will be very relaxing. I was away a lot this year mainly for work and for writing holidays, so it'll be nice to unwind.

Round Up

QVC blogs - Last week's QVC blog featuring a sneaky peek of Sunday's Liz Earle Today's Special Value bargain  is here.

Actually 'cos of the timing of this newsletter I can also give you the link to the latest QVC blog just out - it's here - including imminent bargains and pics from next week incl Yankee Candles (Sat 31st) and Leighton Denny nails (thur 29th) TSV bargains! Plus some fab videos for gardening tips I got from Richard Jackson when he visited.

In fact, here's this week's exclusive for readers of this newsletter - you're the first to see this video with lovely Rich our QVC gardening expert when he came with Will Gowing to visit my garden last week and give me some advice. Just see what he found in one of the pots!

R-Jax tips for Deb's garden - part one - click here.

Book of the Week is none other than our Jackie Kabler, my QVC mate, whose debut cosy crime novel set in a TV newsroom is out this week! More here on my Read it Write it Sell it blog.

Monday quiz - here's the link  to the Just Giving page - it'd be great to reach £200, every little counts. You don't have to donate to take part this Monday in the webchat slot (which is usually 8-9pm on the Back to You QVC group) but if you want to that's great - just click here for more info and don't forget to leave your email address if you just want to be emailed the list of questions for fun. go here.

And it's now an 'event' which any of the public can see - so click here to read more before you join.

Or if you'd rather keep it short and sweet, if your mobile is handy and you can donate £2, just text now - 'MDDC53 £2' to 70070, it'll help buy the minus 80 degree freezer they need for the next stage in their prostate cancer research. Fab charity. Proud to be an ambassador. Thank you x


Back to You Group.

Thank you if you helped decide the future of the group by taking part in the little online survey, the results are out. and yes it's about to become closed again! The full info is below*. Basically it doesnt really change anything as far as members are concerned it just means that now it's closed it's not eligible to be mentioned on air or endorsed by QVC but considering how many people didn't want their comments to show up and considering how few Back to You shows there are now, it's best this way. Full info and announcement is at the bottom. QVC team are also letting people know, for me, on the QVC page too. 


Anyway have a great week and hope you can join us on Monday night's virtual pub quiz!



Update regarding the 'Back to You QVC', group changing back to closed status and once no longer open, moving away from QVC affiliation and becoming an independent group, as requested by 3 out of 4 members!


As many members of our fabulous back to you QVC group will know we ran a survey recently asking the 4000 members whether they would prefer their posts not to be seen by their friends and family. Especially in the run-up to Christmas where gifts may be discussed. The overwhelming response was yes please make it closed, but this posed a slight quandary for me as I had been asked a long time ago by QVC to keep it open in order to get an endorsement to mention it on air for my 'back to you' shows. When it was only a few hundred members talking about the shows straight afterwards, that was very sensible and Logical. But the group has grown to be more than about just me and my shows, and, whilst it is still mostly banter and news about Qvc topics, it has really taken off in another direction.


Therefore QVC and myself have agreed that it will no longer be subject to a QVC endorsement, which means it won't be mentioned on air by me- for instance in relation to my shows - or linked to directly from my QVC social media, blog etc. This is okay for me, it's better that the members get what they need at this time of year.


And behind-the-scenes, QVC pages worldwide are joining together, you may have noticed it's 2.2 million likes now - that is an impressive total from around the world! And there are movements behind the scenes to change what goes on in social media. I've been chuffed to run this separate group in association with Qvc's endorsement, and I must thank my bosses for allowing me to interact on air in this way for so long, it's been a real joy to do it as an open group.


But times change.


So the group will continue, Webchats will continue, of course, as brand marketing departments are very keen to post their news where ever it makes sense to do so, and they are totally independently able to do that where ever they wish - naturally. And as guests really love the group and the members there, The Monday 8 PM chats will continue, and anyone can join the group – almost anyone – but only members will now be able to see the content, as requested by the majority consensus. Who am I to argue!


Incidentally following my successful September web chats which I kindly ran over on the main QVC page, there are plans afoot to bring much more content like that, including a weekly chat on Facebook at 6pm and new features in my blog to include sneaky peak on some fantastic offers! So do you watch out for those – we will remind you of them via the Back to You group.


Nb From now on only 'Back to You QVC' group admin's will be responsible for running the group itself and any questions to do with its content, as it becomes a completely independent group. Please try again if you think you have been turned down as we had several Facebook glitches which lost requests to join, however several hundred have been added in the last two weeks so you are very welcome to give it a go. Any issues please email me via my website and I'll see if I can help. But Qvc social admin team are not the ones to ask.


Meanwhile, this Monday join us for the final 'visible to all' Webchats, and check out my website if you would like to see all the things that I mention on QVC if you can't find them, there is a QVc page for instance where you can find my QVC blogs if you're having a problem and don't know where to look! You can sign up for my regular Email updates too, about qvc stuff, exclusive clips and funnies plus news of my steamy novels! Incidentally check out Jackie Kabler's blog to read about our latest presenter author!


A massive thank you to my very good friend Sharon and other admins for helping run the group and making it what it is now, there has been an overwhelming majority of people commenting how well the group is run, I guess we wouldn't have so many people wanting to join if it wasn't the case!


There are a lot of other groups on Facebook too, if you're not aware, just search your favourite brand and you'll be able to find places to join in no doubt, plus please please please look at the brands' own Facebook pages as that is where many of them share their news first, about deals etc. Or just search online yourself and you will be able to find so much more about Qvc bargains than you thought!


On this fabulous QVC page for instance there are always upcoming bargains being shared and sneaky peeks for instance from Will Gowing who has his own wonderful Facebook page, so does Alison Young, and so do I. Do explore, do tailor-make your own social media involvement, and do enjoy QVC online in which ever way makes sense for you. But if there's something you need to know don't forget you can always go to my website

Thanks! Debs x"

ps - THIS DOES NOT MEAN QVC WILL ASK GUESTS NOT TO POST ON BACK TO YOU (obvious I know, but just in case) it merely means we change the wording on the group header, and in return for allowing the group to go independent and members'only/closed, I trade mentioning it on air as it's no longer open to public. But the members have spoken!


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  • Comment Link Emily Curtis 23 October 2015 posted by Emily Curtis

    Great blog as usual Debbie glad your little doggie is on the mend its that crazy time of year out in the streets everyone is starting there Christmas shopping I think I'm doing all mine online is Jackie kabler's book going to be sold through qvc? It would make a great gift for a few of my qvc crazy friends who've read all your books and Julia's. I met the kindest lady in ttfls page a week back or so it was the day we were discussing the QVC aero Pilates tsv and I put a post saying how I couldn't afford to buy one even at tsv price and on easypay I just don't have the money but my hospital physio said it would be a brilliant form of exercise alongside my bodyblade and this kind lady sent me a private message asking me if I'd like hers as she's decluttering and said I could have it free of charge and she's on her way as I write this post to deliver to me I cant believe the kindness of complete strangers I let you know how I get on with it she says it can't accommodate a pull-up bar or rebounder but its a mighty grand gesture and if I get on with it I can save up for a nice purple or blue new version in the new year and do the sane kindness to someone else by passing the machine on to someone else so thankyou for having these great groups or I wouldn't have met this lady have a great weekend love Emily xx

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