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Bodyblade list of videos; Decleor contacts; who's da mummy? And Kids TV Nostalgia!
29 March 2015


Hello ‘Ohana!’ As Bruce from Bodyblade says! Well, as the countdown continues till my three weeks in China (representing QVC and training presenters there in case you didn’t know already, I go in April,) I spent a nice day with one of my fave people, Bruce Hymanson, doing two new routines for use with your Bodyblade. See below for the info. (Also for more about how to contact Fiona from Decleor, which I mentioned on air, regarding the little email you’ll get with a ‘how to’ clip in if you got the recent TSV bargain.) And of course your regular round up of this week's blogs and news, for those who aren't good with social media! (and those who are!)

Nostalgia IS what it used to be.

I’m loving bringing you the Kids TV nostalgia features in my weekly Friday QVC blogs at the moment. This week sees clips from old Black and White faves from the sixties – see below for link so you too can reminisce over Camberwick Green, Picture Box and so on. Any faves you’d like me to feature in the next few weeks? (Just reply to this email – you’re getting these ‘cos you subscribed to them via my website BTW. If you ‘reply’ it comes to me not a webbot!) One of mine when I was growing up was Marine Boy – he’ll feature soon. With his dolphin called Flipper… ok no it wasn’t but I remember oxygum, do you?!

Beta Feeding

Finally, there will be some big news for my beta readers in the next few weeks about my next novel – which I’m loving researching – set a hundred years ago and a cross between Mr Selfridge and Call the midwife – kinda. First couple of chapters going out. It's not a romance as such but hopefully will appeal. Keep updated on here to be the first to be able to read it!

Ok, so I’m off now to sleep – I’ll need it, I’m on with Mally for two hours from 5pm tonight! (Sunday 29th), watch out for the 'Gorgois' makeup on QVC later!

See below for my list of latest news, blogs, book updates, how to join groups I mention and the current top Bodyblade Videos.

Have a great weekend!






Back to You Blog – incl Fionas webchat Q&A from Back to You Monday 23rd 8-9pm webchat on the group. Plus focus on fish oils – what can it help with? What CAN’T it help!


RiWiSi – writing blog - Curious Canine Incident at the theatre means Book of the Week from award winning Mark Haddon. Plus best author chat ever – Diana Gabaldon’s three top tips for writing success, hot Scot Jamie Fraser and Outlander finally comes to online streaming.  (Includes links to my own books.)


QVC Blog – countdown to my China trip. Torchy Torchy? And Debbie Does Dinner # - what’s a laksa like you doing in a place like this? Who’s Da Mummy…?! Er, that’ll be me! Ultrasun TSV sneaky peek (2nd April) plus fab theatre and a Red Carpet Manicure reminder – if you like Cinderella!



Plus – the Decleor ‘how to’ video that gets emailed out to all customers who bought the latest Today’s Special Value (28th March) sees Fiona and I explaining about what to do with each of the four products. Fab bargain – well done if you got yours! (if you are quick you may be able to ask the operators to add your own email to your account in the hope that you get sent these follow up emails in future.) And if you’d like to contact Fiona to ask her more questions, she’s @fionadecleorUK on Twitter or ‘Decleor on QVC’ on Facebook.



The first new one in the list below is the Hampton Court circuit six – it’s a ten second per position, six minute circuit and really helps if you can’t do a full minute at first. A good one to begin with if you already can do each exercise.

Then there is the Willow Tree Super6 Sequence routine – where Bruce took me and Anne through a more balletic/martial-arts-esque routine; shorter but a bit more balance required and quite taxing. A really good variation!

As promised during tonight’s live show on QVC, you’ll also find below the links to the main videos our lovely LA guest did with me over the last six months or so. Plus at the bottom of this page, where to go to join the groups mentioned - where you can see lovely support and encouragement online to keep up the good work this Spring.

Hampton Court blooper It was quite windy and right towards the end of one of the recordings we did today at Hampton Court, guess what happened?! Do click on it to find out!


The Bodyblade Video Links – as at March 2015:


Full Super6 Workouts -

Beach Super6 – LA beach basic routine - Nov ‘14

Mobility Super6 - extra variation – QVC Studio - Jan 2015

Hampton Court Super6 Circuits – ten second bursts


Variations – Mix it up! -

Belly Blaster Richmond Park – extra movements to target the abs – Feb 2015

Willow Tree Bodyblade Sequence – shorter, intense, balletic



Bruce in the QVC Studios –

Bodyblade Basics: how to grip, plus advanced positions – inc Bruce on the Floor

Hip and Thigh for beginners – w Gisella – how to do Number 6 vertical side to side motion

Tips for the Abdominals – Bruce solo in studio

Wide Side and Narrow Side – explanation – Bruce solo in the studio

Flex intensity – how to increase resistance – Bruce solo in studio

What to do if you have to be seated


Newbie? Never seen Bodyblade before? Watch this -

original studio show January 2014


And join the superb support network on our Facebook Group ‘Bodyblade QVC’ here -



@debbieflint – follow me for behind the scenes updates & sneaky peeks of upcoming bargains

– My QVC Facebook page – click ‘like’- or friend me on my personal one.

Or EMAIL meThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you don’t use Twitter or Facebook.


So do feel free to join us on the groups-

‘Back to You QVC’ group – click here to join Facebook open group’  just ping a request to join and visit every Monday 8-9pm for live chat. Allied to my regular show Back to You show on QVC.

Debbie Flint page on Facebook – anyone can see – incl news of my novels, QVC deals, etc

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To read PREVIOUS QVC blogs go here

To find out more about Debbie Flint go here


Books- to find out about my fiction and non fiction book and where to get it go here. My first book with my publisher Choc Lit is now out too, called ‘Take a Chance on Me’ on eBook! These are some of my titles that are also in eBook and clever ‘print on demand’ paperback too – am very proud!

STOP PRESS – new book now on QVC – item 704285, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 (2015), incl exclusive bonus content, hardback and signed, limited to 3000 produced. Order online now.


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