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Proud moments! And the meece saga may be over...
12 March 2015

TACOM tweet TACOM tweet

Phew what a week so far! And it's only Wednesday. Well, ok, Thursday morning, but I haven't been to bed yet so to me it's Wednesday.

This week, at last the Choc Lit version of my first ever novel, and my first ever novel to be published by a ‘proper’ publisher, went up on Amazon. Click here to see it.

The new title of my first novel (Hawaiian Affair) is now ‘Take a Chance on Me’ and this is the new eBook cover, specially designed to reflect that it’s their first ‘Hot Choc Lit’ cover and with a nod to the FSOG trend of ahem, ‘greys’! But I love the red, and I love the overall classy look. That’s what most of the feedback has been and it makes my heart smile!

The book is still much the same story – it was originally called Hawaiian Affair and was self-published to Amazon in June 2013, hence the 100 or so five star reviews already. Sadie and Mac have an ‘accidental’ encounter in exotic Monaco. But will business woman Sadie be able to resist ignoring her man ban to take Mac up on his offer..? click the link to get the eBook – on preorder for release on 14th.

Innovative independent publisher Choc Lit decided to ‘Take a Chance on Me’ (sorry, couldn’t resist it) last Summer and I’ve been proudly working towards re-editing with the help of their professional team. If you re-read it, let me know what you think of the tweaks – it’s not changed hugely – but there are a few subtle nips and tucks and an overall streamlining of the sub plots. And if you haven’t yet added a review, do feel free! The paperback should be out later in the year.

Take a Chance on Me (Choc Lit) is available to pre-order for release on 14th March for your kindle or kindle app. Click here to get it. Enjoy!


Freebie Friday - Diary of a Wannabe

To mark the occasion of my first ever release with Choc Lit, I’m giving you another reason to go take a look at Take a Chance – you’ll also be able to pick up a free eBook copy of my stand alone one-off, Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter. It’s the story of twenty-something trainee journalist Abigail, who enters a Search for a Selly Telly star contest and what happens when the audition goes terribly wrong, and the guy who may be her salvation or her nemesis, but which? It’s a fun romp, written in a journal style, like Bridget Jones Diary meets Alan Partridge meets Eddie Murphy in Holy Man! Go get your free copy between Friday 13th and Tuesday 17th here.

I wanted to let you know early, so do stand by for more info about this weekend's blogs, the QVC one had a hilarious new blooper from a gardening show plus sneaky peeks of vitamix, luggage, iPad and more - go to this page to see the new one on Friday (13th.) Plus see my writing blog for more info abotu the above, and news about a brilliant course in France which I'm going to be attending, if you want to write a novel. Finally it's Axel Ruth from Flora Mare on our Back to You webchat, featured on my B2U blog here.

Meece Update For those who asked, the meece problem has gone away – turns out filling holes stops them getting in from the rafters. Wire wool does the trick – apparently! I hope none of the blighters prove me wrong! Lol! And apparently this bristle strip will keep away the rodents from my garage too. Yay! They supposedly use their whiskers to find holes – no holes, no meeces in me garage or house – whoop! 

Have a fab weekend! I'm off on a river boat cruise tomorrow (thursday) - pics will appear on Friday's blog too!




ps for info on all my published novels go here.


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