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Debbie Flint

Funniest bloopers! Ali Young QVC classic. Plus what DOES happen to pasta when you reheat it?
21 February 2015

Ali Young Blooper 1996 Ali Young Blooper 1996

Fancy some weekend reading and some VERY funny bloopers?

Don't know about you but I do love a good funny blooper! As promised in the Jewellery show this week where we launched Ali Young's (beauty expert on QVC) new diamond version of her beautiful domed anniversary ring, I've found the vintage blooper from 1996 and put it in my latest blog, just out. 

It includes said classic 'spray in hair' one; and this week's carpet washer blooper from Charlie which has already had 15,000 views and counting! Plus sneaky peeks at Mally and Skechers and Ronnie Nicole TSV bargains. Leave me a comment if you can, on the blog itself. I do so much social media now, my blog comments are a bit low. Thank you!

So click here if you'd like to see all the clips and sneaky peeks - QVC Blog 20th Feb. Just in time for all the yummy weekend bargains too. Enjoy! 

Meece Update - further to last week's request for suggestions - I was inundated - thanks so much to everyone. Yes, it's wire wool. At least, that's what Adam the Pest Man recommended too. Fingers crossed! 

Unexpected Benefits - some interesting and unexpected results of losing weight through Freedom Eating were being discussed on my Facebook pages following the launch of the Three Month Challenge (3MCFeb) - Anne said she's nearly able to touch her chin with her knee! And Jane said she's able to put her tights on more easily! Little 'Non-Scales-Victories' - NSV's - and I'd love to ask you a question - have you had any? Let me know by pressing 'reply.' 

Oh and by the way, Monday's webchats were a bit of a record! Both Tova herself, plus Adele from SBC, plus Kala from Ego, plus Bruce from Bodyblade, all talking with us live online between 8-9pm. Their Q&A's are listed on my Monday Back to You blog 16th Feb. If you click on the link, you'll never guess what you'll find - if you like pasta - an amazing fact about what happens if you eat it reheated. Fascinating, science, isn't it!

Anyway have a lovey week - I'm looking forward to going to the Theatre next week, to see Wicked - I never have before! And a surprise party but I can't say who for!

Best wishes



ps Read it Write it Sell it blog features Adele Parks books too - and news about workshops which you can go on if you'd like to write, yourself. Go here to read it!

My Books - go here, my Amazon page, to get my steamy romances, my short stories and my semi-autobiographical weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 (Also on QVC here, item 704285.) 


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