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Eeek! There's a Moos in the Hoos! Mice invasion. Plus Valentine's Weekend eBook romance giveaway. Then stand by for the three month challenge beg 16th!
10 February 2015

meece in the hoos! meece in the hoos!

Eeek! They're back! So this week a tiny rodent came visiting and decided that the contents of my lavender wheat bag were better off as his dinner. Eurgh! Now this wouldn't have been so bad except it was located in my BEDROOM! Yuk. So tons of suggestions came flooding in via Facebook - if you have one, let me know. I'd rather not kill them, but mixed reviews about sonic plug ins mean I'll see how things go now I've stuck one in my socket just outside the bathroom. I know they've got to eat, but having experienced an infestation in my garage once, I don't want a repeat. Just 'reply' as your email will come to me, not a spam bot!

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Free Ebook for Valentine's! Not long to wait - I'll be issuing an extra newsletter to let you know as soon as the freebie is available for your kindle or kindle app - it'll be this Friday 13th, ready for a nice weekend's free reading - six short romantic stories with a twist in the 'tale' - or go to my writing home page on to see when it's ready! My new story is in it - Fiona's a former A List Celeb who goes on a reality show to find a man - from her Ex-partners! It's called 'Battle of the Exes' (formerly '12 Dates of Ex-mas') and there are three other new stories on there too! Am very excited - hope you will like it!

Three Month Challenge is a Week Away - it begins on 16th February, and all you have to do to register to be part of it is to 'like' the Facebook Page I'll be announcing at the weekend - go here to get the links on 14th!

Funniest blooper - I bet the blooper featured on my latest QVC blog makes it on to It'll be Alright on the Night - it was a belter! Antthony and Ali proving the language barrier never dies. go here to see it, along with the Liz Earle TSV bargain this Saturday on QVC and a very weird yukky video of the sound of gommage on my face! haha!

Other info -

Fructose is ethanol - alcohol - without the buzz. Another fab youtube video and a webchat with lovely new brand Soapsmith's - all on my latest Back to You blog which you'll find here. along with a 'before' pic that will remind you how big I was. 

Don't forget Bodybade Bruce is back Tuesday 9th/Wed 10th including with me, and if you're a QVC fan and you fancy trying a device that helps with wrinkles, for an incredible two months and if it doesn't work you can get your money back, join me Tuesday midnight (tonight) for the Lightstim Today's Special Value. (or Wed thru the day.)

Anyway I'm off to see if Mister Meece has chomped his way throught the blocked up hole in the bathroom, and to think about buying a cat! lol.

Have a great week.

Best wishes



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