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You'll never believe what I did...
11 December 2014

measure sexy measure sexy

What an idiot. Those automatic parking telephone lines in car parks are great nowadays, right? Save you loads of time? Hmmm.

So I took my own car in to be serviced, got the courtesy car and went shopping. Parked in the usual place, paid by phone in the usual way and when I got back, there was a parking ticket, bold as yellow brass, sitting on my windscreen. What had I done? Autoparked my own flipping car instead of the loan one! Grrrr!

Anyway, if you've got a lot on your mind this season, blame the time of year. Not old age, or scattiness... honest! Lol!

The blogs are complete this week, if you'd like to go have a read. Thing is with my QVC one, I don't get many comments left any more - I know I'm on Facebook and Twitter a lot, true. Therefore I'm more accessible, but it's still lovely when I see some pop up on my QVC blog so do feel free. This week's includes a funny video in Charlie's dressing room, with Alison Young - yes really! lol. And a teaser of Mally too. To see that and lots of music performances including Sam Bailey, Il divo etc clips, great xmas gift book bargains and some funnies from last week on air - click here to see the blog.

This Friday's is a biggie - my Friday QVC blog will have all the info about my new mahoosive Xmas competition prize of some Laura Geller, some Liz Earle, two of my books, a JW EDP Phytomineral perfume and ... a Bodyblade! Whoop! It'll be out Friday not right now, but when it's posted you'll find it here.

Had fun again on our fab supportive facebook group with the Back to You webchats, this week they were all about Nono and Judith Williams products, and some fascinating features about how the Mediterranean Diet is being proven once again to be one of the most healthy in the world. Check out the info relating to statins on a new study. Plus how most of us don't eat for hunger - emotions and habits get in the way. It's very interesting - check it out here.

Oh, and if you'd like a new Christmassy theme book, my lovely Devon writing pal has a new anthology - 'The Mistletoe Run' - based on a true story. Go here to see it on Amazon. Do you read only festive style books in December? Let me know - you can just 'reply' as it'll go to me (or my 'elves') not to a spambot! lol.

And thanks to those of you who have contacted me direct with huge outpourings of support and thanks this week for all the stuff I do, it makes it all worthwhile, believe me.

Now I've got a final little bit of insider knowledge to tell you - there will be one every week from now on - and it's a new SHORT story I've been working on. It's called 'Twelve Dates of X-mas.' Can you guess what it's about? If I get it done in time, it'll be a freebie over Xmas itself as my little pressie to everyone who has a Kindle or Kindle app. I'm just working on some loose ends then it's all steam ahead. Do tell a friend to subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest updates about when it's ready! Just go here and click on the pop up if they - or you - haven't already

So anyway - this weekend, I'll be doing the tree and the decs - when do you do yours?

Best wishes and big hugs.



ps all my books are available in eBook or Paperback - just click here to order or to read the free sample in the 'look inside.' Or visit website to peruse all about my world! x

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