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Whoop! I got in a size 12 at 50's vintage fair! Want to join the Trim & Tone Challenge too?
22 October 2014

50's vintage style dress - size 12! 50's vintage style dress - size 12!

You know when you have one of those little 'squeeeeee' moments, when something happens that simply makes your day?

Well I had one on Saturday - at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in Guildford Cathedral. I went along with daughter Lauren and niece Becky and had a right old mooch around, listening to the music etc (video clip and more info is on my QVC blog this week, see tab at top for when it updates.)

As we were going round there was a fabulous vintage dress stall, called 'Frilly Chantilly' and this dress screamed 'oh baby that's what I like!' So I took a 14, and as I went into the little changing pop up cubicle, the guy, Martin, said 'I think you'll be a 12.' Well! First time that's happened in ages. I wasn't convinced and put the 14 on - it was ok. Then he said, it's stretchy, try the 12 on too. So I did - and it was soooo slimming! And soooo feminine! I swear I was alive in the 1950's - I have such an affinity to that era! 

Anyway, along with the petticoats, they were duly put in a pretty paper carrier bag and accompanied me home. They now sit hanging up at top of my stairs in pride of place - and the only question is - where do I wear it to? Haha! I obviously need some sort of fancy dance or vintage get together.

I wonder if they do 50's singles events for over 50's...! lol

Trim and Tone 3 month Supersix Challenge began on Monday this week too - me and Bruce Bodyblade are orchestrating a group effort to get trimmer for xmas, using Freedom Eating from my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book (out now in paperback as well as ebook on Amazon.) and also a few minutes a day on his ingenious exercise device, the Bodyblade. It's going well so far with many people committing to do it - would you like to find out more? Go here.

Finally - don't forget the freebie eBook of spooky Hallowe'en stories goes on promotion from 28th - more info here.

Hope you're well! Some other info about what's going on chez Flint is below, for those who are interested. and if you have any other suggestions as to where I can wear my dress - let me know! lol! You can reply to this email - it goes to me not a spambot!

Have a great week!



ps to see my latest qvc blogs go here




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