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Debbie Flint

So Bruce Hymanson our fabulous Bodyblade guest said this in his Monday webchat last night and it got me thinking –

Power is Force X Mass X acceleration divided by Time. So what the heck does that really mean? It translates to quickness, speed, agility, and ultimately balance of the neuromuscular system. Why is this so important? Think for a moment if a body builder has big muscles but he or she moves so slowly that they can't put one foot in front of the other, they will fall down. It is more important to have the ability to move quickly and accurately within your own body and your body within the planet’s forces. This is what true performance and wellness is all about.

Bodyblade is purely a power training device.

I want you moving quickly without your brain consciously in the process. In other words, you are trained to do the right thing without having to think about it. Fall prevention, balance of the joints, balance of the muscles and better communication from brain to muscle. This is where neuoscience meets the body!!!”

More from his webchat below.

Well anyway, so considering all the above, this week as some of you may know, it was my house move and I found myself able to lift bigger things more easily. Huge (about two feet long) heavy clay urns, up over my head and over the fence to the removal car, without thinking too much about it. It was weird since I was anticipating my body’s reaction from picturing it in my head, and that picture was just based on the last time I did such lifting and moving – possibly around 9 years ago. At that time I was not as fit, and probably about a stone heavier than I am now. WELL! Being able to lift meant less strain on my back, and whilst I smarted the next day, it was nowhere near as debilitating as it would have been had I not been doing my training, notably my Bodyblade training. And then Bruce’s new Facebook chat this week mentioned the balance of the neuromuscular system and it reinforced what I already knew – more power, ie being stronger, makes life easier.

That’s my story – what’s yours? Others are currently reporting things like stronger pelvic floor and a more pert bust amongst trimmer waistlines and NSVs (non-scales-victories!) like fitting into previously tight clothes etc. It makes my – and Bruce’s – heart sing and makes it all worthwhile, all this social media and the posts and chats. I do hope you agree and if you haven’t already, come join the Bodyblade QVC facebook group – click here – or links are below. Same with Till the Fat Lady Slims group – some excellent stories being posted too.


Till the Fat Lady Slims – update – eBook 2.0 will be free on weekend of August 8th on Amazon!

So it’s about a year since I published my semi-autobiographical weight loss book ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet’ on Amazon, so to tie in with my Table Top charity sale on August 8th, I’m making my Freedom Eating book , well, er, Free! Do tell your friends so they can get it too. Meanwhile here’s another reminder as to why it’s worth getting, from a newcomer to our Facebook group – click here to come join or see below

Hi just want to say thanks for the add and to introduce myself. I'm a serial yo yo dieter, like most if not all of you I have done all the diets going and come out at the end of them being heavier than when I started. About three years ago I joined weight watchers with a friend, for the first nine months I did really well, I followed the diet, consistently lost weight and then I went on holiday, from that time on I couldn't get my head back into doing it properly, so for the last couple of years I've lost and put in the same few pounds. I have no come to a point where I feel all dieted out and I just can't face it anymore. Next month I will be 50 and in September I'm going on a lovely two week cruise with 12 members of my family and even that hasn't helped focus me to lose weight. I'll be honest, I had never heard of Debbie Flint or TTFLS, but my friend had, she got her book and few weeks ago and was telling me all about it and how much sense it made, I'm now half way through the book myself and having trouble putting it down, it all makes so much sense and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I'm sure it will take me awhile to hear my body properly but I feel I'm on the right road now. So here's to a new beginning a liking myself and what I see again. Sorry for the long post, just had to get it all of my chest lol”

How proud does that make me feel? From Jill on Facebook group. What will your story be? Will you use my book in association with Bodyblade? Let me know – email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’re not on Facebook.

Please note that although the stock has sold out of the QVC version in Hardback it’s on waitlist here, item 704285 with some fab reviews.

 And you can read the first part in the Look Inside for free on Amazon too, here.


Tonia Buxton on Good Morning Britain

Knowledgeable foodie and presenter Tonia Buxton is a lovely former colleague of mine and is doing well on mainstream (from Simply TV and HSE days, the latter being where I worked with Sarah Chapman too.) She’s been promoting her ‘Sun, Sea and Sugar-Free’ plan on ITV’s GMB show, a strongly-guided 21 day diet to help cut back on the white peril – don’t forget you can use TTFLS alongside ANY trad diet plant too! More here.



Another Fab Detector Dogs Story - Claire and Pal from near me in Dorking

More to come but Claire is also able to live a more normal life now thanks to her precious Detector Dog Pal. Claire's full story is heart-rending - read it here on my news page. They will also be coming along on the day to my Table Top Sale fundraiser, clearing my nearly new fashions most size medium / 14-16, near Dorking on August 8th more here.


Gemma And Polosee full story here. Gemma was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a month before her third birthday. This is an extract of what it means to a mother now able to relax more easily knowing her daughter is has a doggy guardian angel – “Gemma said to us that having Polo her Medical Detection Dog is the best thing that has happened to her! He has such a lovely nature, placid and funny at the same time. He has made a difference to all our lives. Not only does Gemma feel safer and more confident, at night we can sleep easier, knowing that Polo will come and wake us if there is something wrong with Gemma’s blood glucose levels. Polo alerted during the night to Gemma having a hypo. He came into our bedroom and came up to me, I knew he was telling me there was a problem – we tested Gemma’s blood and she was 3.6! (under 5 is a problem.)
Gemma describes having Polo: He is my new best friend. I love him so much. We have great fun running through puddles and playing ball. He makes me feel safe and confident – I can’t imagine life without him!”

The dogs take nearly £800 per annum for upkeep once trained and the training is around £11,000 each. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to support them with any cash I raise on the day of my Table Top Sale on August 8th.

The event is at Wotton Hall, nr Dorking Surrey RH56QQ. 11am-5pm incl afternoon teas, served by some familiar QVC faces, and special charity skin analysis for collagen and UVA damage courtesy of Ultrasun and Imedeen. Plus an on-site raffle with lots of fab prizes and an on-line Mega Prize one too. More here.

-          Here’s how to donate to my doggy fundraiser if you’d like to give even £5 – every little helps. Just click here


Other News…

-          That Sugar App hot on the heels of That Sugar Film and Book comes the app. THAT SUGAR APP is a smartphone application that converts the total sugar in food and beverage products to 'teaspoons' that can be added to a daily tally to help you monitor and moderate your sugar intake. Eg Track your daily consumption and have it displayed in a simple 'teaspoon' graphic – hope it comes to UK soon! It’s added sugar only - More here from Mr Damon Gameau himself.


-          12 Habits of Fit and Healthy Women  Which do you agree with? Feeling smug cos many of them are part of Freedom Eating (TTFLS) anyway! More here.


-          Interesting take on the food=illness debate – pills or plants – when you can, you should, but what happens when you can’t? more here.

Next week - stop press! - Alison Keenan is on Webchat! Put the date in your diary now, it'll be busy, fresh back from her honeymoon! 

Then 2nd August is double bubble - the Radical girls tell the story of their superb surgeon father and their own issues eg rosacea, as inspiration for their premium skincare brand (Ali Young recommended it in answer to a question about rosacea in her recent ad-hoc Back to You chat). AND straight afterwards, Judith Williams then Sara Hollamby talk about that night's new Today's Special Value from JW.

Have a fab week!

Best wishes



Ps FOUR weeks until the big news about bigger webchats…x

Pps – STOP PRESS! For my August 8th Table Top sale, I will be offering Till the Fat Lady Slims eBook for Free for Kindle/app for a brief time, with optional donation to Detector Dogs charity via just giving. Do let people know! The free sample is still available right now though on amazon - offering the gist of the six point plan to break free from Food Prison. (link below)
I'd love to spread the word and get as many as possible to download it on Saturday 8th. And if you've joined this group and didn't know about the book, it will be your chance! Or if you can't wait it's currently under £3.
Loving the new reviews too.
link below for purple 2.0 book on Amazon.
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
Get it here. 

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Westie Kit Ah I love June... She was so kind and friendly to me when I met her last year...


Sharon Harvay Hi June! Thank you for joining us this evening! I think your work is amazing! How did you know you wanted to become a make up artist? X

Sharon Harvay Doris Dalton how lucky are we this evening!!!

Dawn Robinson Hello June , What would be your top 3 tips be to making sure we always look

Dawn Robinson Can i leave my other question with you, I absolutely adore Judith Williams skin care & Doris Dalton's makeup ! What are you favourite QVC products x x

Jacqueline Jackson Hi June welcome. What do you think is the best way to combine what's in fashion i.e. prominent eyebrows for example with what's age appropriate or doesn't it matter do you think? Hope that makes sense lol x

June Kelly-Bain Hey Sharon Harvay thank you for having me to chat with all the fab QVC customers. To answer your question ! My mum Mary-Alice is an artist and I've always love to paint. It was a natural path from there. It helped that I had extremely supportive parents and they both thought being a Make-up artist would be a fantastic career ! I can't believe ive been doing it nearly 15 years !! Ekkkkk !!!! I am getting old

Sharon Harvay Oh wow that is amazing!! You are not old! you are young and gorgeous and fabulous at your job!! x


June Kelly-Bain Ohhh my 3 top tips for always looking fabulous ! Have your hair done ! Foundation mascara and lippy ! Oh that's 4. Make-up truly is my best friend. I feel ready for anything when I put it on. It doesn't have to be a lot ! I think all women have the power to create the best you ! No matter what shape or size you are. Make-up is an amazing tool to help you feel fabulous !



Doris Dalton I just have to jump in and say one thing.. June is undoubtedly one of the most talented make up artists that I have ever worked with, and Ive been in the business just shy of 30 years. Not only is her talent superior, but her love for her craft and passion is so evident in every look she creates. Plus she is Irish and so I am so that makes her even better.. LOL.. June Kelly-Bain Sharon Harvay Ladies, ask her a ton of questions.. she can guide you.. she is Brilliant..


June Kelly-Bain Dawn where do I bring with products and brands I love. Obviously I am like you and adore and love Doll 10 products. Laura J. Geller products are an absolute must have. Tarte products are awesome really fresh and fun.! Deborah Lippmans my go to for nails. My list goes on and on !!!!

Sharon Harvay Awww Thats fantastic Doris! June, with all of the amazing make up available to you, how are you able to create a kit bag that works for you and your clients x

June Kelly-Bain Doris thank you for your extremely kind words ! I will agree I am utterly passionate about my job! I am truly blessed I get to do this for a living. I honestly loveeeee!!! Working with all the fantastic brands at QVC. I get to meet and work along side such inspirational business women ! Who create products for really women . They care so very much about satisfying their customers. It's an amazing company to work with.

Sharon Harvay June do you prefer to Follow trends, create them...or take each day as it comes? What is the best make up trend/style that you like? x

June Kelly-Bain Sharon when I work there's one simple thing i command from products and it's simple ! They need to work ! The performance of the product is paramount. I simply can not work with products that don't work. I do long days doing make-up on 1- 10 models. When I create a look at 7 am I want it to last all day . The fabulous brand at QVC allow me to do this.


June Kelly-Bain I love the fashion side to make-up but no idiot follow trends! The key to creating the perfect make-up look is to ensure your model, celebrity or client looks like the very best version of themselves. If you just apply what so fashion it could just look odd and know one likes that. Make-up for me is painting the face is my canvas and I will always try to create the perfect picture every time.


I do like to keep on top of product trends ! I am a Make-up-junkies after all !

Sharon Harvay Absolutely! So tell us about Make-up-Junkies! x

Denise Skerman Hello June can you recommend a eye liner that stays in place even if your eyes water,I've tried a few that say they are waterproof/ bulletproof but my eyes still end up looking a mess after a while.

Julie Ross No matter what liquid foundation I apply my nose looks terrible ... I believe it's open pores ... any suggestions as to what I could do to make them go away ??!! I use a primer as well .. Thank you smile emoticon

June Kelly-Bain I work to a new brief everyday. Weather it's for a fashion shoot , filming or a bride. I need to Listen to what the client wants then I'll create the look.

I don't think you should follow trends . Wear what suits you ! Get the right products rather then creating a look just because Cara Delavigne is wearing it !

Jane Dunkley I received my Doll 10 TSV today and love it.

Sharon Harvay Great Advice, im too old to be trendy anyway smile emoticon

June Kelly-Bain Hi Westie Kit . Lovely to hear from you. I love getting to meet the QVC Customers and to ask their opinion on products they live and use. I honestly could talk make-up all day. Ask Doris Dalton !

June Kelly-Bain Hi Jaqueline. It's always fun to try new fashion make-uptrends but always ensure you take the trend whether it’s eyebrows or a strong lip colour and adapt it to suit your own unique look.

For example I love a strong lip but I just can't wear red lipstick. ! It's just not a good look on me so I wear a strong peach or peachy orange it works with my skin tone and hair colour well and I still get to rock the trend !

Jane Dunkley Sharon, if you are 0LD then l am positively ancient at 60 x

Debbie Cetra Hi June, what do you think is the best concealer for dark circles under eyes? Tips for applying please x

June Kelly-Bain Your never too old to be trendy - my Granny Kathleen is 93 years old and has 2 wigs and always wears make-up even if it is to just sit beside the fire. I have to give her a make-up lesson everyone I am home. She likes to keep up to date She's love Laura Geller Balance and Brighten because she doesn't need to look in the mirror to put it on ! She won't wear any other lipstick then Doll 10. I just love her passion for life and style at 93. Shes my inspiration.

Alison Claxton Hi June, I'm looking for something that will keep me shine free all day, what do you recommend x

Sharon Harvay Thats amazing June!! I love Make up!!! I always wanted to be a make up artist when i was little... i could talk to you for hours hahahaha!!! OK what is the best way to create a smokey eye? x

June Kelly-Bain Hi Julie. It sounds like you need to start with your skin care ! Maybe try a pore minimiser ! Elemis so fabulous products The Laura J. Geller Spackle is must have primer and will give you a nice even surface to apply your foundation. Also try the new doll 10 blend smart brush it's unbelievable for buffing your foundation on to look flawless you can use any foundation with it.

Denise Skerman Thank you June x

Jill Dowding-Walker Maggie Buxey What is the best makeup that do not make your lines and wrinkles stand out and make them look worse x

June Kelly-Bain Jane that TSV was the best buy ever !!! Well done for getting it !

Sharon Harvay What would be your must have product of the summer? x

Julie Ross Thank you June .. I do cleanse with elemis and have done for months ran out of moisturiser so using another brand ... I have the spackle too that I use every day ... will have a look at the smart brush thanks again smile emoticon

June Kelly-Bain Jill its sounds like you have a great attitude towards make-up and skin care. My ma

 Is 70 and looks about 50 ! She always been a huge skincare and make-up fan .

Sharon Harvay Love my Smartbrush!! Hopefully more coming August/September x

June Kelly-Bain Me and my 93 year old Granny Kathleen ! Such an amazing lady

Sharon Harvay Oh beautiful June!! x

Denise Skerman Wow! She looks amazing. X

June Kelly-Bain Jill the Product of the month to new Laura Geller foundation is fab and covers but doesn't sit in the lines . Love it !

Sharon Harvay Back To You Qvc please Thank the Gorgeous June Kelly-Bain for chatting with us this evening! June, wow, it went so fast, really appreciate you taking the time to join us this evening ahead of your early morning Call. Feel free to pop in and say hello anytime, we would love to see you! Take care xx

Sharon Harvay Thank you Ladies xx

Jane Dunkley Thank you xx

June Kelly-Bain Ladies what a lovely chat that was! Love chatting with fellow Makeup-junkies. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all re backstage updates. MakeupjunkiesLtd .

Until next time stay fabulous. See you all in the 9 am show where I'll be creating the looks for Laura Geller using her fabulous new baked liquid foundation ! Tune in x








Bruce Hymanson with Debbie Flint

Yesterday at 08:08

Hello Bodyblade Ohana. Hope you are all doing well. My Monday's have been challenging with meetings & air travel and I don't want to miss our chat this evening. I have an annual eye appointment at precisely 8pm tonight (made it a year ago & just received the reminder) so I'm hoping we can move our chat to 6pm tonight. That way I can be available for everyone and if some can't make it, I can check in later too. Hope that works for all. I'll check your questions when I wake up in the morning. You're the best and I'm looking forward to catching up. Please only reply to this post! Tonight I'd like to talk about power , what it is and how to get it!

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Tracie Wright Hi Bruce Look forward to your question and answer session at 6pm . Hope you have a lovely positive day and achieve your aims x

Yesterday at 08:18 · Like · 1


Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, it will be great to be on your web chat. Chat soon at 6pm smile emoticon

Yesterday at 08:23 · Edited · Like · 2


Julie Bruce So sorry I'm going to miss it again! Looking forward to checking in later and learning a thing or two about power. So interested to hear.

Yesterday at 08:25 · Like · 1


Lindsey Sweet Hi Bruce, looking forward to 6pm chat. Hope you sleep well. Take care. Chat later.

Yesterday at 08:52 · Like · 2


Petra May Hello Bruce, looking forward to your webchat tonight. Have been Bodyblading for a few weeks now and am getting comments on how good I look. It is definitely the best, most enjoyable and results driven piece of exercise equipment I have ever owned and is now a Permahabit in our household x

Yesterday at 09:02 · Like · 3


Anne Keating I'll be there, while cooking OH's dinner! (We're usually eating it). xx

Yesterday at 09:06 · Like · 2


Pauline Collins Hi Bruce how to I get on to your web chat ? Feeling stupid lol

Yesterday at 09:20 · Like · 1


Anne Keating Just post your questions on here either before 6pm or when he joins us at 6pm and we will chat with Bruce on this post. (As I'm chatting to you now). xx

Yesterday at 09:25 · Like · 2


Pauline Collins Thanks Anne

Yesterday at 09:36 · Like · 1


Helen Murphy Catch up later

Yesterday at 10:29 · Like · 1


Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce Will see you at 6. Hope your appointment goes well

Yesterday at 11:38 · Like · 2


Debbie Flint Hey bruce - is it your birthday today? Xx

Yesterday at 11:39 · Like · 2


Anne Keating Oh no - I didn't get him a card! Is it Debbie? xx

Yesterday at 11:44 · Like · 2


Helen Murphy Hey Bruce you kept that quiet! Happy Birthday!

Yesterday at 11:55 · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Happy Birthday Bruce

Yesterday at 11:57 · Like · 2


Joan Dickinson Happy birthday Bruce, have a great day XX

23 hrs · Like · 2


Carol Jones Happy Birthday Bruce!! Have a great day!! QUESTION.. Doing really well with the SS. But what is the best technique with the bodyblade to tone stomach area?? xx

23 hrs · Like · 1


Jacqueline Jackson Happy birthday Bruce!

22 hrs · Like · 1


Tracie-Jane Bath happy birthday bruce.xx

21 hrs · Like · 2


Lindsey Sweet Happy Birthday Bruce, have a great day xx

21 hrs · Like · 2


Mirka Marri Buon Compleanno (Happy Birthday in Italian) Bruce. Have a lovely day smile emoticon

21 hrs · Like · 2


Helen Murphy Have a look at the pinned post Carol as there are links to the videos including the Bellyblaster.

20 hrs · Like · 4


Poppy Warden Many happy returns Bruce - hope you have a wonderful day xx

20 hrs · Like · 2


Chris Jopp Happy birthday Bruce, have a great day. x

20 hrs · Like · 2


Jan Belcher Happy Birthday Bruce. I think you mentioned that if you use a Fitbit then it will register the BB as a step. Can you confirm this please as I'm looking to get one. Xx

20 hrs · Like · 4


Sandra Stallwood Happy Birthday Bruce!

19 hrs · Like · 1


Cheryl Williams Hi Bruce, I'm a good 'Apple' shape and really need to work on the the tummy area x

19 hrs · Like · 2


Susan Mood " Happy Birthday " Bruce hope you have a lovely day

19 hrs · Like · 2


Wendy Lawrence If it is today - Happy Birthday Bruce. Sorry to take up space everybody xx

Wendy Lawrence's photo.

18 hrs · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Bruce, seem to think at some time you said you arranged the 6 exercises in that order for a reason, can't remember what it is, but if it's easier for some people could for instance the hip and thigh be done first? Many thanks x

18 hrs · Edited · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Hello Ohana, hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Thank you for allowing me to change our time to 6pm. Yes, it is my Birthday today and thank you all for your Birthday wishes! I am 65 years young today. Not sure how this happened but here we are!!

18 hrs · Like · 11


Wendy Lawrence Just under 2 months younger than me Bruce, incredible isn't it!

18 hrs · Like · 5


Bruce Hymanson Tonight, I wanted to talk about Power, what it is and how to get it. Most people (even experts) don't understand the term and what it really means. Before I talk about power, I wanted to answer just a few questions that have come up last week and today. The question, how to train the stomach area or which exercises will address the stomach? Here is the good news! ALL exercises will address the stomach or Core area with Bodyblade. There are a few that focus more intensely and they are the Ab Crunch, Hip & Thigh Sculptor and Jab.

18 hrs · Like · 11


Paul Snelling Hi Bruce. I have just ordered a bodyblade. Not sure it will be of benefit can you advise I have cerebral. Palsy and so would find using both hands difficult. My right wrist drops because of my alner nerve damage do you think i would still benefit from exercise with the blade. I would really like to help my core and stomach muscles and loose a little weight. Can i do this predominantly one handed. Thanks for your time.



18 hrs · Like · 7


Bruce Hymanson Another question that comes up frequently is why the six exercises I chose for the Super6? For two reasons, 1) These exercises in the sequence that we do them will take the upper body through a full range of motion. the second reason is A full coverage of the entire body. Here is what I mean by that. My philosophy is to train the body from the center out. Core, upper and lower body (pelvis, arms, legs and all connections in between.

18 hrs · Like · 9


Anne Keating Lauri Garcha - Bruce is chatting on here. xx

18 hrs · Like · 2


Anne Keating Howard Carless - he's here! xx

18 hrs · Like · 1


Anne Keating Denise Skerman - ditto! xx

18 hrs · Like · 2


Lauri Garcha Happy Birthday, Bruce

18 hrs · Like · 1


Anoushka Chengadoo Hi Bruce. Happy birthday x


I am trying to gain weight - muscle mass. Which exercises would you recommend? thanks x

18 hrs · Like · 1


Maggie Buxey happy birthday Bruce xx

18 hrs · Like · 1


Lauri Garcha My waistline is loving SS... Seeing results in this area so fast. Totally impressed. Thank you.

18 hrs · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Hi Paul, For you, we can make any modifications necessary. I suspect your biggest challenge may be matching the rhythm. If you have any spasticity or flacitity we many need to find the best exercise and position for you. I am hopeful and confident. Let's stay in touch.

18 hrs · Like · 10


Sarah Hills Happy 21st Birthday Bruce - go out and be fabulous!

18 hrs · Like · 6


Paul Snelling Thank you will stay in touch. Hopefully will find some benifit.

18 hrs · Like · 6


Bruce Hymanson Hi Anoushka. Bodyblade is not like weight training in the sense of adding muscle mass. You might add a little but it you really want to add mass, you have to do heavy resistance training with weights to make a big difference. How much mass are you hoping to add?

18 hrs · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson so many great comments from everyone regarding the change in the shape of your body and the fact that you are feeling better

18 hrs · Like · 4


Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, I hope you do not mind me asking, but I have a friend who has MS and only has the use of her right arm and in a wheelchair, is there a smaller blade she can use?

18 hrs · Like · 5


Bruce Hymanson So Power is Force X Mass X acceleration/ Time. So what the heck does that really mean? It translates to quickness, speed, agility, and ultimately balance of the neuromuscular system. Why is this so important?

18 hrs · Like · 6


Anne Keating I think most of us have found, even if we haven't lost a lot of weight, using the Bodyblade has toned us up and changed the shape of our bodies - for the better. xx

18 hrs · Like · 12


Helen Murphy Had a compliment from a friend today saying I had lost so much more weight. Actually it's only a couple of pounds but more toned down to BB!

18 hrs · Like · 10


Denise Widdows Hi Bruce. My shoulder is improving all the time. You said use the bb 3-4 times a week to improve strength and mobility. Can I up the frequency yet do you think? She asks impatiently lol x

18 hrs · Like · 2


Helen Murphy Bruce I am guessing here but guessing that is what keeps us upright! Saying this as I know so many of us have improved posture thanks to BB.

18 hrs · Like · 7


Bruce Hymanson Hi Marka,

18 hrs · Like · 2


Denise Large Hi Bruce

I'm hypermobile, but I love the bodyblade, so feel it's doing me good,hope you agree

18 hrs · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Don't think that a smaller blade is better for someone more challenged. Bodyblade is as much a neurological training tool as a strengthening tool. For many, the smaller CxT blade is not the most desirable. I have many elderly or disabled people who prefer the largest Pro blade at 5 ft. over the Classic or the CxT. I would try the Classic, it that doesn't fit, then return and trade down to the CxT

18 hrs · Like · 5


Bruce Hymanson Way to go Helen. Love the compliments to you. Shows what consistency, perma habits and a better more functional body will do for you!!

18 hrs · Like · 5


Tamzin Ede Hi Bruce which are the best exercises to help strengthen my lower back, I suffer with sciatic and prolapse disc and once I have the all clear to start training again, I hope to use my BB to improve my back.

18 hrs · Like · 5


Bruce Hymanson More on power. Bodyblade is purely a power training device. Think for a moment if a body builder has big muscles but he or she moves so slowly that they can't put one foot in front of the other. they will fall down. It is more important to have the ability to move withing your own body and your body to the planet quickly and accurately. This is what true performance and wellness is all about

18 hrs · Like · 8


Anoushka Chengadoo Thanks for your reply Bruce. Ideally half a stone to a stone.


I am seeing definition and I do feel myself getting stronger... Carrying bags is easier!

18 hrs · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson I want you moving quickly without your brain conscientiously in the process. In other words, you are trained to do the right thing without having to think about it. Fall prevention, balance of the joints, balance of the muscles and better communication from brain to muscle. This is where neuoscience meets the body!!!

17 hrs · Like · 6


Anne Keating Are you saying then that we should learn to do something like the Hampton Court Circuits without thinking, going straight from one to the next? Would that help? xx

17 hrs · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Rapidly changing direction of the blade means rapidly changing direction of your body. This rapid change in direction requires control of your body. You must start, stop, change direction, start, stop and change direction 4.5 times every second. This makes your body very accurate, prepared for sudden changes or a quick loss of balance to recover quickly, effortlessly and in some cases, without you even knowing what just happened. When you friends notice how you look better......this is your body being ready for action. Ready to do what is needed to perform better. Don't you just love that!!!!!!!

17 hrs · Like · 10


Libby Murdoch I am definitely walking much better and I am not having to concentrate on what I'm doing. The feeling is still improving in my left leg. I'm feeling a lot more confident when I'm out. Thank you. Have a great birthday. X

17 hrs · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Bruce, as a few people were wondering, please could you say if the 6 exercises need to be done in that order

17 hrs · Like · 2


Denise Large So it should help me then , as I said am hypermobile, and too flexible and unstable sometimes for my own good

17 hrs · Like · 1


Bruce Hymanson Hi Denise. Being hyper mobile means you can put your joints at risk for unstable movement before your brain gets the message. For you, stretching may be a detriment. What is important and why Bodyblade is so good for you is the attention to joint protection and STABILITY. We always want stability before mobility. Bodyblade training for you will address movement in the proper sequence for you and enhance your joint awareness, stability and appropriate mobility. Keep up the good work

17 hrs · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Tamzin, once you are clear with your Doctor, the entire Super6 is excellent for your lower and full back. The Hip & Thigh is more challenging but also will address rotational stability as well. Do them all in the proper sequence and the muscles surrounding your spine at all levels will perform better. Hope that helps!

17 hrs · Like · 6


Bruce Hymanson Hi Anne, it's OK to think about the exercise position you want to get into because there is a lot going on in the body to maintain balance and stability any time you are changing direction. The more proficient you become, the less you should think about the position change too. It becomes almost like a form of meditation in movement. Hope that makes sense.

17 hrs · Like · 5


Denise Large Thanks Bruce , I love it and my chiropractor is well impressed with your bodyblade website x

17 hrs · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Wendy, you can do the Super6 in any order you wish however, as mentioned earlier in my post, I created the sequence to take the upper body through a full range of movement. You will still get the range if you change the order so have fun with it. Do them randomly, from 6 to 1 or 2, 4, 6, 1, 3, 5, etc. You are a champ!!

17 hrs · Like · 6


Wendy Lawrence Thanks for your reply Bruce appreciate it x

17 hrs · Like · 4


Anne Keating Thank you Bruce. I find that I am now going smoothly from one to the next without any gaps and don't have to think about it too much. Progress! xx

17 hrs · Like · 5


Julia Gathercole Happy Birthday !

17 hrs · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Another hour has flown by. Thank you all for allowing me to chat with you early today. I hope the discussion of power resonates with you because this is the essence of a better more functional body and you are all doing so well. Your body is talking to you every day saying thank you for letting me do what I was intended to do. I will continue to check posts later today. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes, you're the best!!!

17 hrs · Like · 11


Denise Large Enjoy your birthday thank you once again

17 hrs · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Thank you Bruce, hope the eye apt goes well x

17 hrs · Like · 3


Mirka Marri Thank you for your time, very much appreciated Bruce.

17 hrs · Like · 3


Anne Keating And so are you Bruce for talking to us on Mondays. Thank you. Enjoy your birthday. xx

17 hrs · Like · 4


Lindsey Sweet Thanks for your time Bruce and all the wonderful advice you give us and share with us. Enjoy your birthday xx

17 hrs · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Have a good night Bruce. Thanks for you time

17 hrs · Like · 2


Jacqueline Jackson Enjoy your day Bruce thank you.

17 hrs · Like · 2


Elizabeth Kuhn Not able to use my blade at the moment, but three weeks to go then hoping to get back to some normality. Feeling like a couch potato. Best wishes to a man who motivates us. Thankyou x

Elizabeth Kuhn's photo.

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Lynda Clawson Thanks Bruce, Happy Birthday enjoy the rest of your day xx

16 hrs · Like · 2


Anna Cartridge-citrone Happy birthday Bruce x

15 hrs · Like · 2


Tracie Wright Very Happy Birthday Bruce, Hope you have a wonderful day x

15 hrs · Like · 2


Jo Brown Happy birthday Bruce I hope you've had a fantastic day, as always you've been so generous with your time. I think all the new members on the page will have seen just how dedicated you are about helping everyone achieve their maximum potential with the BB and how simple modifications make it suitable for everyone. I've had a rubbish year, and I'm trying to improve things, one way is getting my blade out regularly, which I did the LA Beach workout tonight as well as increasing my running

15 hrs · Like · 5


Petra May Only just able to catch up on here, Happy Birthday Bruce.

12 hrs · Like · 1


Debbie Flint Fab chat as ever! X

11 hrs · Like · 2


Poppy Warden Thanks for your time again tonight - as ever very interesting xx

11 hrs · Like · 1


Janie Smith Been bodyblading in LA today. Bb travels very well xxxxx

Published in Back to You

Just to let u know,  I've set up a Facebook Event  with all the info! But email me if you don't do FBk, for more info!

(if you’re on Facebook do click and tick ‘going’. Basically 11am-5pm, Wotton hall RH56QQ – email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.)

 see below for video clips of these amazing animals and the work they do, including an incredible video of how sensitive their noses are.


August 8th, near Dorking RH56QQ, late morning onwards -

- afternoon teas

- table top sale of Nearly New fashions, household, some beauty

- chat to Patrick Quacker and Abi Ultrasun and more

- Abi is bringing her UVA skin analysis machine and will be doing charity donations in return for testing, as will Imedeen, doing collagen scans!

- Polly from Imedeen will be bringing their collagen ultrasound scanner to check for your collagen levels too - ditto the donations

- Selin from NoNo will be popping by

- Craig Rowe fellow presenter, and Ginetta from Veronese jewellery are joining us later in the afternoon

- tbc Lee Hohbein my telly hubby - if he's not on air!

- 1pm - how will this money help? A chat from visiting from Detector Dogs team!

- 2pm - A special sponsored Bodyblade session - and remote participation - donations using a JustGiving donation line

- 3pm ish ad hoc 'fashion show' with some of the nearly new fashions on offer!

- 4pm ish - big raffle including for those taking part online who can't come - more info nearer the time - prizes include giant Elemis balm and capsules; Lori Grenier White table top jewellery mirror chest, more tbc.


do come join us - 11am-5pm near Dorking RH56QQ in the Wotton village Hall behind the Wotton hatch pub on the A25 between Westcott and Abinger Hammer. Email me for more info This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Here are a couple of videos I took when at the HQ this week (July 14th 2015.) 

Go here to see the mixture of adorable pooches and hear what some of them do.

go here to see Rob explain how they do the training in the research lab 

and prepare yourself for some super fast detecting in this video of one of the dogs reaching an astonishing parts per million detecting rate - click here (video)

plus - watch and listen to Simba giving his owner Carolyn an alert when he detects her blood sugar is not right - he will keep doing this till she checks her bloods. When I was there she had an alert - I'd never heard a noise like this from a labrador, and I've had them for 16 years. He is supposed to alert her if her blood sugar goes below 5 or over 15. When she checked it it was 14.9. Amazing.

Medical Detection Dogs support people with serious health conditions such as diabetes and Addisons by alerting them prior to a medical emergency. Our first study showed that dogs can detect bladder cancer volatiles and are carrying out a study into whether dogs can detect prostate cancer from urine samples and breast cancer from breath samples (samples taken from hospital patients.)

That's why I decided to support this charity. Who knows, if we raise £2000 we may even be able to name one of the detector dogs! Come back here for regular updates in the run up to the event.





See Jade the labrador/Chris Gardner's story here. More soon.

More to come...