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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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Sue Stewart - using TTFLS to stay a size 8 How proud am I? Look at Sue Stewart, one of our regulars on Facebook group for my semi-autobiographical weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims. Her story is below - but she's keeping it off using Freedom Eating and Bodyblade and looks great! Get TTFLS 3.0 - tips and tales to inspire - it's on pre-order on Amazon - click here to order yours (publication date 20th Feb, when paperback also on sale). And of course it's a companion to the main book Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet - use on its own to…
Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire - is avail on amazon to pre-order! Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire Well the cover is finally finished! The new version is now on pre-order! CLICK HERE TO PRE ORDER TTFLS 3.0 - TIPS AND TALES TO INSPIRE ebook a companion to book 2.0 - read that one first). or paperback will be here The COMPANION to TTFLS book 2.0. Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire is designed to go into more detail about the Wayside, maintenance, and includes dozens of inspirational testimonials, anecdotes, and tips on sticking with the system. Also includes the…
TTFLS 3.0 is available to pre-order! Sugar Crash - new RTE doc creates a stir in Ireland. Fabulous beginners' guide to cutting back on the white poison. Sugar Crash – RTE documentary on everyone’s lips in Ireland Another year, another fabulous reminder of why we need to cut right down on sugar in order to be healthy. Sugar Crash, from Irish broadcaster RTE, has taken the best from Professor Robert Lustig, added a summary of Damon Gameau’s ‘That Sugar Film,’ and bolted on a dose of dental warnings for good measure. Couple that with a real family going on trial to cut back, and you’ve got one of the most talked about new documentaries this year. Aine on Facebook group Till the Fat Lady Slims said –…
Final Back to You show, Q&A with Rosa Yankee and Bruce Bodyblade - and the diet that solves illnesses. Plus What Inspired Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0? Well with back to you over for another year, and January finished – hurray we survived – it's time to seriously consider how to get healthy again after the Christmas indulgences, isn't it? We’ve passed Blue Monday – when people usually feel the most depressed. And we’ve probably gone by the wayside a few times, if we’re ‘normal.’ Time to pick ourselves up, and get back on track, but without the benefit of New Year New You energy from early January. Plus there’s a noticeable decline in the miraculous health transformations going on all around us online and in the…
New TTFLS 3 book cover reveal! Make your own pro-biotics, and why colouring books work! Plus alpha-H, Join Fashions and Bodyblade webchats Firstly, the full cover of my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book 3.0 - it's so exciting! Out end of January. Go here to find out about book 2, to be read first. Then book 3 is the companion, great for maintenance and to answer many Q&A's. It will also feature Dawn Allen's story - some of which you can hear here. It will be on Amazon in eBook or paperback as usual. Can't wait to get your feedback. It was the second to last Back to You this Monday (18th) at 8-9pm, featuring the lovely Emma from Imedeen…