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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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Two Weeks till the Freedom Eating Programme challenge begins; plus flora mare and bodyblade Q&A. AND Countdown to one month Freedom Eating programme Not long to go now! Have you been helping your body help itself by cutting back on sugar? if not, why not start doing so, as opposed to stuffing as much as you can before the 'diet' begins? Because if that's what you've been doing, you're only punishing yourself! Isn't it time to try breaking free? Freedom Eating for those who don't know, is the lifestyle system of listening to your body and reclaiming your birthright to be slim. I know it sounds cliched but it's totally true - in my books, Freedom…
Pre programme preparation - & look at this list of illnesses covered by Brainmaker book; plus Q&A: FAB pro Lift, OPI nails & Bodyblade Here's an unusual book of the week for you, people who know I am into my well-being topics – Brain maker by Dr David Perlmutter the bestselling author of Grain Brain. On audiobook once again but this time only on CDs, it's been keeping me company last week on the way to work. When I get to work, I end up raving about it to all and sundry. I really hope you are able to take a listen or buy the book because it is one of the most scary, illumiinating, exciting, fascinating, and controversial books I have read.If you…
read book 2.0 then book 3.0 The thing I’ve noticed since before xmas when my diet took a turn towards the sweet side once more (see below for why) is that my brain is a bit fuzzy. I’ve not craved cake for YEARS! But over Xmas 2015, part experiment, part circumstances self-inflicted, cake has been calling my name. I know it’s sugar addiction. And the interesting thing is how lethargic I feel a couple of hours after I’ve had some. On my way home from QVC in Chiswick, on an hour or so journey, I can fly home, quite alert, if I’ve not had blood-sugar spiking…
Weight Loss special - is self sabotage your problem? Plus webchats with Judith Williams, Bodyblade and Studio 10 Back to you blog Anyone stuck? Keep restarting? I'd love your thoughts on this Theory. – Click here – why people self-sabotage their own happiness. In the week and that my ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims Book 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire’ comes out in paperback and in ebook for Kindle/app on Amazon, it's interesting why it works immediately for some people, and others find it more difficult to grasp straight away. This self-sabotage business could be one of the reasons why. There is very definitely a category of people who prefer to remain in place of discomfort,…
Back to You Unbelievable Facts about Cereals; plus Q&A with NiOD; and TTFLS 3.0 is out on 20th! Lots about health in the news again this week. Funny when you begin looking out for things you tend to notice them a bit more. I wrote on my Back to You blog here about a video I’ve been fascinated by – free to watch – about the miracle of treating the gut right. It’s called Gut Reaction, part one here and part two here. Do watch it – I’d love to know your thoughts and if it affects you the same way it did me – I’ve been telling everyone about it! Plus below, what’s the most sugary cereal?…