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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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Freedom Eating Part Three - Old Habits Die Hard; the Importance of Hunger; and Support is King Freedom Eating One Month Programme – part three So how are you doing? If you’ve been following the one month programme, have you felt the tide turning as far as listening to your body? I’ve had some amazing feedback this week on Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group, from our lovely members who are reporting superb results and ‘aha’ moments. Lisa O - Was awful but I'm loving FE Debbie. I like feeling hungry before I eat (today I couldn't as was on a course so food times out of my control). And I realise how horrible I feel…
The One Month Freedom Eating Programme - part Two, including sleeeeeeep, self-esteem, and weight loss SO HOW ARE YOU DOING SO FAR? Read part one of the Freedom Eating One Month Programme here if you haven't yet. BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT Lovely Wendy C on my Till the Fat Lady Slims group on Facebook (do join it here) has been summing up in a nutshell the importance of breaking through that self-esteem barrier. Prof Steve Peters (see recent blog) told me on Skype this week that low self-esteem is intrinsically linked with the likelihood of being overweight and overeating. It's a vicious spiral obviously, as feeling worthless makes it more likely you'll not care enough…
Inner Chimp in Diet mode - a chat with Professor Steve Peters - author of the Chimp Paradox Professor Steve Peters is a medical doctor and consultant psychiatrist who treats many people in all walks of life by using his own mind management technique, explained in The Chimp Paradox. He has used this system to explain why we know what to do but we don't do what we know, especially in the world of elite athletes and all is revealed in his TED talk here, click here and watch it to find out about the alter ego in your head who has the power to sabotage you - it's fascinating. One you've watched it, if you'd like to…
It's here - the One Month Freedom Eating programme - part one. Incl the Inner Chimp needs a friend. Welcome to the Programme that could change your behaviour around food forever. Seriously? Is she kidding? Nope. It did mine, way back in 1999, more than 16 years ago and whilst I'm not promising a super skinny you by the end of the one month, if you follow these guidelines and the step by step programme I'm going to lay out over the next four weeks, the rest of your life could be lived outside of food prison. Or at least it can provide food for thought about why your diets keep failing. I'm going to give you a little…
One week till Freedom Eating begins - tbc So does Freedom Eating work? You only have to look at the many posts and reviews online to see the answer is yes - depending on how you tackle it. that's why I'm doing a staged programme beginning after Easter. Baby steps are important - here are some thoughts as to why - Amanda says - 'Im still on baby steps, successful days and challenging days but when I was committed to it I felt great and really felt and saw the benefits so I have to try and home into those feelings again. My baby steps that worked for…