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Welcome to the Back to You Updates! 

Join me here for my regular well-being blogs, named after my occasional one month long series of shows on QVC UK (last one was January 2016.) 

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Big news about Omega Threes Make a change for May- omega three Omega three supplementation can help with a whole host of health issues – heart, immune system, skin, hair, nails, eyesight, sleep, depression/focus, attention-based problems, gut bacteria health and a whole lot more. Why? Because we evolved next to water and probably part of our requirement was to eat fish regularly, it is thought. Nowadays most people – most – don’t get anywhere near enough oily fish, which some recommendations put at between 500mg a day (heart health) of EPA, 250mg a day (brain health) of DHA or up to 2000mg depending what you…
Making changes to give yourself a kick start OK so we're in May. Four months of 2016 has gone, and many are reporting some great progress towards the 20lb in 2013 project I've been promoting via my Facebook page event. Which is great! Others are not doing as well. So I got to thinking. One of the best things to do is think about how you can push back the barriers and get yourself out of your comfort zone. As humans we really don't like change do we? Even if we know it's good for us, we're used to our little routines, our preferences, our safe zones. So…
Lessons from a Detox Holiday 1. I NEED Freedom Eating or I start obsessing about what I can't have. 2. my body craves fish/salmon/omega 3s 3. two hours yoga and stretching are possible, along with an hour walk - I just have to do it. MUST get more into my life. Fitbit is helping aim for 10,000 steps a day and I feel much better on days I achieve it. 4. I want to go back again! Yes quite naturally I've settled back into what works for me and part of it is to eat fish! See the newsletter today (29th April) on home page…
DEBBIE’S HEALTH TIPS – RESOURCES TO READ OR WATCH LINKS TO BE ADDED … Obviously there is a mountain of info out there. But when I talk to new people, certain topics crop up over and over again. I'm putting down my regular tips below, of info to watch or listen to or read. Hope it helps. WEIGHT LOSS For those who don't know, my own books are 'Till the Fat Lady Slim' 2.0 and 3.0 on amazon, helping break free from the mindset that's kept up controlled by food all our lives. Freedom Eating tells you how to do…
Part 4 of Freedom Eating One Month Programme and tips from Amchara Yoga Retreat One month programme part four Well it’s been interesting here in my Yoga Retreat to see how the detox/juice-fasting thing has affected my own eating. I knew I wouldn’t ‘juice-fast’ as it goes against my whole ‘freedom’ ethos. But I wanted to challenge myself to do as much as I could, however, I soon needed my fall back miso soups which I’d bought with me, and requested a change to the more substantial soups and raw food lunches, which were scrummy. If I found myself thinking I ‘couldn’t’, it definitely made me suddenly start repeating the old behaviours of wanting…