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Dear Debbie

I was one of those skinny people who never had to worry about putting on weight, in fact I had trouble keeping my weight up! That was until I hit health problems in my fifties, first of all a bowel obstruction that ended up with a perforated bowel, emergency surgery to save my life and the formation of a permanent colostomy! I then also contracted double pneumonia and pleurisy followed by the onset of Ankylosing Spondylitis (a spine problem that causes extreme pain and limited mobility). Whilst in hospital I lost an awful lot of weight and came out of hospital weighing only 5 and a half stone! I was instructed by my consultant to go home and rest and eat lots of good food. I guess I overdid the eating lots of good food and went way past my previous weight of 9 stone and peaked at 14 stone 6 pounds which for someone who is only 5ft 4in and small framed was way too much and was making my spine problems worse and at annual checkup at my GP I was warned that my weight was causing very high blood pressure and I was on the verge of type 2 diabetes.

I guess that was the wake up call I needed, that and the news that I was going to be a first time granny to twin boys!

I knew you Debbie from QVC but got to know you more on Facebook on the Back to You QVC page. You mentioned Freedom Eating and introduced the Till the Fat Lady Slims books you'd written. It sounded interesting so I bought a copy of book 2.0 for my kindle and started to read it that night. In fact I read it through the night without putting it down! So much of what you wrote made absolute sense.

So mid May this year I decided with nothing to lose but my weight I would give freedom eating a go. It was a bit strange a first, leaving food on my plate ( I was of the generation where you were always expected to clear your plate).

But gradually I learnt to listen to the signals from my body, about when I was hungry, what I really wanted to eat and more importantly when I was full.

It was a revelation that I didn't have to eat until I was bloated and uncomfortable! I discovered a love of vegetables, stopped having sugar in tea and coffee, no more fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits, crisps. I started by not having sugar in tea or coffee, no fruit squash, no fizzy drinks and no tinned soup, sauces or ketchup. It's the hidden sugars you've really got to watch out for so I decided no processed foods at alland now I'm cooking from scratch.

As a result I've just lost 2 stone 1 pound as at October 1st 2016. I still want to lose another 2 stone and – this time –

I know I will do it.

This isn't a diet, this is a way of life now.

I'm no longer taking blood pressure medication and I'm no longer pre diabetic, my skin looks better and I've definitely got more energy.

But unlike any other time in my life, I definitely feel I can do it! All thanks toDebbie, freedom eating and going sugar free. Started this new way of looking at food mid May and now I'm here in October 2 stone lighter, never thought I could lose weight because I do have mobility issues … thanks to you Debbie and TTFLs group!


I'll have a look for a fat picture (eek!) but I became very camera shy.



Thanks so much to June for sharing her testimonial with us and on the TTFLS Facebook group - do come join us! Click here.

It's so inspirational to others too isn't it? Especially others who have disabilities, like June has experienced. But at least, as she says herself, she's avoided being pre-diabetic. Which is particularly important at the moment, given the awful programme on the other night focussing on the nation's diabetes explosion. And with all the sugar people are eating, it's no wonder. There are some scary facts about sugar consumption, diabetics, and the burgeoning costs on the health service. Here's the link to see the show the other night - be prepared for graphic scenes of surgery tho.

Read this scaryy report - truly, go read it - especially if you feel you need sweet stuff every day.

watch the diabetes show Diabetes - the hidden killer - on BBC panorama on iplayer , or on catch up here.

And for those who have no idea where to begin on giving up or cutting back on sugar? Here's my blog I refer people to all the time.

go here to read Aids on cutting back on Sugar.

It's so worth doing - it gets us all, if we're not careful don't worry. But don't think you've failed if you go by the wayside - after all, with TTFLS we say 'the wayside is part of the journey, just don't set up camp there. And with Freedom Eating it will guide you through how to do just as June and countless others have - break free from food Prison - you just have to get the book and begin.

find all my till the Fat lady slims books here.

Have a great week!




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