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Videos to go with Jason Vale’s juicer, plus abandoned webchats – we crashed Facebook!

Ok, Facebook crashed, it wasn’t just us. But true enough, right after the 7-8pm Skechers one on the main QVC page (more of that below) the whole of Facebook went down for an hour and a half or so. Mothers were reporting on twitter that their teenagers were actually coming out of their rooms, other halves were saying they were actually talking for a change (!) and our two webchats with Bodyblade Bruce and with Nikki from Lola Rose were abruptly halted. But like a trooper, both Nikki, Bruce - and Rich - went back on over the next day or so to finish their replies. Thanks to all! Find their Q&As below.

Jason the Juicemaster says… Of course on Sunday it was the long-awaited airing of Jason Vale’s Retro cold-press slow Juicer (with book and DVD – still on QVC.) I love doing juicing now, I must admit, it’s the best thing for my appetite most mornings. For those who missed it, it’s the masticating one which will do wheatgrass, will also cope with ice, nuts (creating almond milk and paste), make banana sorbets out of frozen fruits and take most fruits whole and with skin on. The pulp is really dry and to avoid waste you can add it to muffins, smoothies, sauces soups and stews, and even make a face pack out of it.

Go here to watch the whole 18 minute airing on QVC on Sunday of Retro Juicer with Jason Vale and me.

Now I said on air that I’d been using his juices to experiment with the effect of juicing on my body and in fact it’s made me lose a few more pounds, but I think the best way to get your head around kick starting it is to say to yourself it’s a way of getting gradually off sugar. OR if you just hate vegetables and know you need to consume more of their goodness (assuming you will get your insoluble fibre elsewhere in your diet as most people do. Pectin from apples is a soluble fibre which is very good in the body – google it.) OR to reduce your portion sizes, since the powerful nutrition within the juice blends, I found, actually made my body do a happy dance, which meant satiety – something that many of us strive for. I do especially, with Freedom Eating (see below.) I ate mostly vegetables, and as Jason says, he will opt to eat fruit but juice with vegetables mainly, adding a bit of fruit for palatability (is that a word?) So I will continue to choose to juice and I really like his juicer, I find it ever so easy to use and clean afterwards.

Watch my short clip of how to clean the Retro juicer and reassemble.

So where will you begin , if you’ve bought one, or if you’ve got his 5:2 book and/or if you are going to replace your breakfast or whatever with juice daily for five days as part of his annual Juice Challenge 5th-9th October?

Watch Jason tell you what to do when you first get your juicer and start juicing.

Go here for more info about the five day challenge.

Also do go check on Youtube for some brilliant suggestions on what to do with all the pulp if you don’t like the idea of wasting it – like this one - how to make veggie burgers from juice pulp

Finally there’s the most awesome film he’s made that’s over an hour long, which anyone who hasn’t yet thought about juicing to help their health should watch. For free, on youtube, or it comes with the matching book with QVC’s offer. But if you can watch it on Youtube please do.

Go here to watch ‘SuperJuice Me’ on youtube – four weeks, eight people and a whole load of dramatic health changes.

Keep me informed about your journey – come join us on some of the Facebook groups – links below, or get my Till the Fat Lady Slims book about Freedom Eating and join us here on Facebook.

Till the Fat Lady Slims Update

Gotta love Valerie Cady – lovely lady on our TTFLS Facebook group. She just came back to Freedom Eating and this is what she posted this week – love it –

Do go to Amazon and get the purple paperback or eBook and come join us. Or just read the first section which outlines the six main principles in the free ‘look inside’.

Get Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When Diet’ on Amazon – purple version – in ebook or paperback

Makes me very proud.

Webchats this week

Richard from Skechers was the last of my September webchats at 7pm on Qpage – go here to read it and find out more about this weekend’s Fashion Day.

Then we also welcomed lovely Nikki from Lola Rose jewellery and Bruce from Bodyblade but their chats will be posted once they get the chance to finish their comments due to the outage as above.

Next week – it’s going to be Darryn from relatively new brand Stop and Wow and also my lovely telly-hubby Lee Hohbein who will fill you in on all the hi-tech answers you need! 8pm Monday on Back to You QVC group.

Other news –

-          Health Podcast – the heart – regulars will know I love a good audiobook. Well, podcasts abound online for free and you can probably find one about pretty much any subject you like. This site is quite good – the texas doctors’ nutrition site – go here to hear their heart one.

-          Dr Wayne Dyer  - on reasons why things happen in life and how the events he experienced led to his path being followed – if you want inspiration, do try this. Free on youtube or book or audio etc. Here’s a taster. I love this guy. There’s a ton of stuff on youtube for free – immerse yourself. Including his own movie ‘the Shift.’

-          Quinoa in a bowl – I love this too – here are some ideas to help make it tasty! Click here.

Best wishes have a great week

Debs X

Pps – ttfls -
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
Get it here. 

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Bruce bodyblade – Monday 28th September

Nikki – Lola Rose – Monday 28th September






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