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Medical Detection Dogs Day Out near Milton Keynes on April 2nd

a heads up – do join me at the Swanbourne dogs Day Out – with Patrick Hoy – on Sunday 2nd April. It’ll be an excellent way to spend a day and we’ll be on the MDD stand with their tombola – come have a chat! I’m on air in the evening but will be around for much of the day from mid morning! More here.

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Well times they certainly are a-changing!

Here's the big announcement that's coming soon following our very successful survey of 4000 members on the group - in just a week the vast majority of people who replied said they did indeed want the group to go closed. 

In fact, 3 out of 4 said they definitely preferred if other friends and family could NOT see their chats on Back to You QVC group crop up in their newsfeed, especially in the run up to xmas. Then of the remainder, another 3 out of 4 didn't mind. That's 19 out of 20 so it will be changing to a members-only/closed status as of Tuesday.

More about it on this week's QVC blog and on my Home News post - you'll have had this if you subscribe to my newsletter! 

Just a little Back to You post this week as a one-off - do come back for next week's one with full info on the plans for Back to You group. Exciting times!

This week's webchat with \patrick was fun - it's here - follow this link.

and Bruce's bodyblade chat is on Bodyblade group.

Hope you are well.




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In the week in which I went to the Vintage fair in Guildford and managed to get into a size 12 1950’s style dress and petticoat, (squeeee!) we also hit 2000 members on the fab 'Back to You QVC' supportive Facebook group (double squeeee!)

And Bruce and I launched the Trim and Tone 3 month Supersix challenge. It has officially begun! Are you in it?

How to Join In

Just go to the bottom of this page to the separate blog all about the new challenge – it’s going to be very exciting! Basically come register your name and join in the people making a massive difference to create new habits – permahabits – which will set them up for a healthy life ahead. Using the supersix from Bodyblade and the supersix principles of Freedom eating, loads of people are changing their own lives incredibly easily, and pleasurably too!

Here’s one example - this is from Nicki –

“Hi everyone thank you for letting me join. I wanted to post my story so far. I wanted to thank Debbie Flint for being such an inspiration I have been freedom eating, walking and of course using the Bodyblade for just over a month now and I have lost weight and just feel healthier. Today I was able to get into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to fit in for over 2 years! The buzz that has given me is amazing definitely motivated to carry on only another 1 and half stones to go. I have had a rough year but this is also working wonders for my confidence. I am working towards being able to look in the mirror and like what's looking back at me as I haven't done that in over 15 years. Xx”

This is from Sandra –

“Another week gone. As I am regaining my confidence to go out. My hubby and I went out for a meal. Feeling great having dropped 2 dress sizes. Xx”

To join in, as described at the bottom of this blog, you just need to eat like a slim person as in TTFLS, and do some Bodyblading or other exercise to kick it all off. You can buy the Bodyblade on waitlist here and you can get my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet here.

But do read the whole Q&A below – right at the bottom of this blog. Then email me the info as requested to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It’ll be great to have you on board!

See also Bruce’s Monday Essay about stretching! Have a look at the home page 'Debbie's News' update about that dress incidentally - I was very proud!


Other news –

-          Diet fast or diet slow, the same weight piles back on – interesting article in New Scientist - this is why more and more people are loving Freedom Eating as in TTFLs book – more here.

-          5 Surprising Causes Of Your Cravings from Mind Body Green – a good site to subscribe for updates too! More here about cravings

-          8 Things Happy People Do Every Morning nice! And more’s the point – what they DON’T do! Read the article here.


See below for The Monday Essay – how stretching is so vital for health and long term youthfulness. And then the transcripts from Monday 20th October’s Monday Webchat on Facebook – summaries from Patrick Hoy from Quacker. Plus Bruce’s and my Q&A session, which was a little earlier than usual, at 6-7pm.

Next week – none other than OBE Leighton Denny will be on our weekly live webchat (Mon 27th 8-9pm Back to You QVC group – see below to join.) And the first feedback from the Trim and Tone Challenge! 

Have a fab week!

Best wishes




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'Back to You QVC' support group on Facebook

So, until the New Year New you run of Back to You on QVC returns in January 2015, why not enjoy the weekly Monday night 8-9pm chats on Facebook? Just ping a request to join - the link is below.

So - who do we have in the next few weeks?

- 27th - Nina and Leighton Denny (nails)

- 3rd November - Bare Minerals' Lee Etherington, plus Fashion queen (tbc) Michele Hope

- 10th Nov – Craig Rowe makes a return visit!

December 1st  - Tova is pencilled in.

Possibly Mally 

TBC – Simon from Butler & Wilson, Julie from Peony, and many more! Once you're a member you will see all the previous ones, and you can also look at my archive blogs, to the left on this page, for previous Q&A with lovely guests! Enjoy!

The  'Back to You QVC Facebook open group is here, just ping a request to join.

Recent guests include Patrick Hoy from Quacker, Dominic ‘the voice’ Hill from Aurora, Evey Kurlander from Join clothes, G-tech guest Justine Balmer, makeup guru Doris Dalton from Doll 10, NY fashionista Renee, Fiona from Decleor, YBF Stacey and model Joy, Laura Geller, Marie-Francoise from Kipling and Keeley from Elemis, LA fashionista Antthony, Tom from Alpha H, Alexis from L’Occitane, Gill Gauntlett, Susie Adams (Northern nights) Lee Hohbein (IT), Mat Trim (IT), Judith Williams, QVC presenters Alison Keenan, Craig Rowe, Will Gowing, Catherine Huntley, Marverine and many more! A summary of their chats can be found to the left on the archive of this blog.

Bodyblade Group -  And now the growing ‘BodyBlade QVC’ support group for lovers of Bruce Hymanson and his brilliant device to keep you fitter and more toned in a few minutes a day using HIIT training. The support is fab and the Q&A is great so if you’re stuck or need some inspiration go here and ping an invite.


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 (THE MONDAY ESSAY - Bruce Bodyblade on Stretching – see bottom of blog amidst transcript)



BACK TO YOU - webchat on Back to You QVC Facebook group – The Transcripts  

This week it's the turn of fashion guy Patrick Hoy, and then Bruce and I launch the Trim and Tone Challenge - info at bottom of this blog!


PATRICK HOY Monday 20th 8-9pm Quacker Fashions

Back to you members please welcome our super fabulous, super friendly guest Patrick Hoy - Quacker Factory!

Q -
Hi Patrick my Mum loves you and your range. How do you keep so happy?

A - Thank you Georgina - I'm so glad to hear that you're mother is a fan of Quacker Factory!!!!! My own mother says I came out of the womb laughing - I was definitely a happy baby - and that's stayed with me since then!!

Q - Hi Patrick welcome to the UK. I have a few quacker tops and they wash and wear so well. They look as good today as the day I purchased them. I have also had jeans which have been a great fit. Love to watch you on the Q. How did you get involved with Quacker. X
Just liked your page
When can we have the little quacker shirts for our Christmas Tree. .... Please

A - Hello Sue Stewart - that really makes me happy that your tops have been easy to care for. Almost everything we make is either hand washable or able to be put in the machine on a gentle cycle. We have Quackers in the States who still have original pieces of theirs that they bought on our first ever show on Feb 4, 1995!!!Thank you Sue Stewart - I'll be having those ornament sweaters in my show this Tuesday at 14:00! Aren't they ADORABLE?!!?!? Patrick Hoy
Sue Stewart - the sweater ornaments that I'll be showing on Wednesday are item number
Not only are they great on a Christmas tree - but you can use them to as ribbon ties on special gift packages. Sue Stewart - I got involved with this wonderful brand of Quacker Factory back in 2006. Jeanne Bice, who started the brand and was actually discovered by QVC USA in 1995 used to do cruises every two years when she was alive - and boy, where they FUN, FUN, FUN!!! My best friend in the States was a good friend of Jeanne's and he put the cruises together for her. In 2006 he called me and asked me if I would go on the cruise and help him since there were over 1,000 QVC viewers going on the cruise. It was then that I met Jeanne Bice - and we became great friends - and she told me she wanted me to work with her and the brand - and voila - here I am!!!

Q - Hello Patrick x I really would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you do. Your such a loving and jolly person  My question would be you always look very well groomed what are your top Beauty products ? Xx

A - Awe, thank you Dawn Robinson - that is SO kind of you to say!!!! Okay, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Alpha H Micro Cleanse - it's my go-to exfoliante - I use it 3 times religiously a week. I also use Dr. Perricone face wash daily. And I have American Irish skin - so that means I use LOTS of sun protection!!!!  I forgot to tell you - I am a BIG fan of Wen hair products - I've been using it exclusively for over a year now - and I LOVE it!!!!!!! My hair has never been healthier since I started using it. I know it's a little more expensive - but wow - the results are amazing - so I'm now a loyal customer to the Wen brand. I even got to meet Chaz a few times at QVC USA - and his BEAUTIFUL dogs - what a super nice and sweet and REAL guy he is!

Q - Hi Patrick. Hope you are OK! Would love to buy some jeans with embellishment at the bottom but as they are too long for me I can't shorten them. Any chance of getting some in approx a 28" length. XXX

A - Glenys Phillips - I am actually working on that issue with our wonderful Buying team here at QVC UK. We make a 'short' length in our Dream Jeannes in the States - and I'm working on getting some of them over here for all of you. So watch this space! One suggestion is to try the boot cuts - because you can wear them with heels or some nice 'chunky' boots - that's what my mother does. She's a big fan of all our Dream Jeannes! xxx

Q - What do you like to do to relax between your very busy lifestyle x

A - Dawn Robinson - when I'm not on air in the US or Italy or here - I LOVE travelling!!!!! I particularly love to go on cruises - they really are the easiest kind of vacation to take in my opinion. I also LOVE going to the theatre - and we're so blessed to have some great shows here in London. I also enjoy cooking - and I LOVE being with good friends

Q - Dianne Murphy
Hello Patrick, where do all the inspirations for the range come from?

A - Dianne Murphy - I work with the most AMAZING and talented Design Team you could ever want to work with. The head of the team is Susan and she has worked with Jeanne since the very beginning. She and her team are incredibly gifted - and so darn creative. I think the main thing they are inspired by is HAPPINESS!!! Seriously! The label on all of our clothes says 'Wear it with a smile' - and that's what inspires Susan and her team every day. Their goal is to design 'Happy Clothes' that when you put them on you not long look great - but you FEEL great as well! How great a job do they have to get to make happy clothes every single day?!?!?

Q - Hello Patrick...I adore the Quacker denim-look leggings that you had in the black and the indigo and which had different crystal wave patterns and crystals at the bottom of the legs going upwards - I have worn and washed them a hundred times and they are still like new... is there any chance of getting these again in different colours and also just plain at the bottom? Thank you!x

A - Sharon Salmon - you've just made me smile - I'm SO glad that you have washed and washed your Dream Jeannes and they are STILL looking Quack-Tabulous!!!  You know I always say that on air - so it's great to hear you confirm that. They really are our 'hero' product - and I tell viewers that if you have never tried the DreamJeannes, you really should. Jeanne Bice, who started Quacker Factory was a size 3XL - so she REALLY understood how to design clothes for REAL women with REAL bodies with beautiful curves and shapes - so when she discovered the DreamJeanne fabric, it really took the market and QVC by storm!! They are like chips - once you have one, you can't stop!!!!  Stay tuned this week - I have some NEW moderated boot cut DreamJeannes that we've called the Denim & Diamond collection - they have got some wonderful bling!!!! I'll have them on this week in my Mini-Series!

Q - I often see you in photos with your beautiful parents, Do they ever give you some suggestions on what they would also like to see in quacker range xx

A - Patrick Hoy
Dawn Robinson - thank you - I'm sooooo very close to my parents - I absolutely adore them - they are wonderful. I'll be honest with you - my mother had never watched QVC or had shopped on QVC until I started presenting on it - and now she can't stop watching - my father always says 'What did you do to my wife?!?!?' She LOVES the DreamJeannes - and that was her first ever QVC AND Quacker purchase - and she is always wanting us to design more and more styles!!!!  Here's a picture of her I took this last month - I had her do some modelling with us for a new feature I'm rolling out in the States in a week. Can you believe that she is 74 years young?!?!? She's wearing one of my favourite Quacker tops - that I'll be bringing back here to the UK this Autumn and Winter.

Q - Hi Patrick - I love following your travels on FB .. I'm sure you never sit still, but it's lovely to see your smiling face everywhere!

A - Thank you Susan Farrell - I really do love travelling - which is probably a great thing since I do so much of it for QVC

Q - Patrick how many "Quacker" whistles do you own? Quack Quack..... i bet your suitcase is full of them~! We love them!!!

A - Ha - it is Sharon Harvey!!!!! I actually ALWAYS carry one with me because I get stopped on the street or the Tube or in airports by people who recognise me - and they always ask for a Quacker Whistle - so I have one with me at all times!

Q - Hi Patrick, looking forward to the Christmas items you will be bringing. Love them and thanks

A - Thank you Susan Dyer - I'm VERY excited about this weeks mini-series - because Wednesday is devoted to Christmas and holiday items - so get ready for some FUN items!!!! I'm going to be wearing a Christmas jumper as well!!!!  And tomorrow I've got the most adorable new Doggie Christmas cardigan that I just know that every dog lover is going to LOVE!!!

Q - Oh how fantastic! It wouldn't be Christmas without Quacker Factory

A - I agree Sharon! Jeanne used to LOVE doing Christmas jumpers - and that's what we were really known for in the USA when we first started. In fact, my aunt first was introduced to Quacker Factory because she was looking for a fun Christmas jumper to wear to a party - and someone told her to turn on QVC and watch Quacker Factory. She bought a sweater over 15 years ago - and she's been Quacking ever since!!

Q - What is a "Qvc day in the life of Patrick Hoy like? "

A - That's a GREAT question Sharon! I always get to the studios at least 2 1/2 hours before my show - I like to have plenty of time. When I get there, the first thing I do is put on my makeup (Bare Essentials matte finish medium!) and then I make sure my clothes are ironed and looking sharp. I then go to the area that they have our items all hanging and I go through everything with a fine tooth comb to make sure it's all looking fantastic. I then meet with the Presenter and make sure they are comfortable with everything in the hour. I've worked with almost all of them now - so we really all know each other very well. I LOVE the Presenters at QVC - and I'm not just saying that - they really are incredible people - and I don't know HOW they keep everything straight considering how many different brands and products they have to learn - I have a lot of respect for them. And yes, yes, yes - they really ARE as nice as they are on air!!!

Q - Susan Dyer
Thanks Patrick for your answer. I get very HOT all year around, so please have you any cotton Christmas t-shirts with short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. I just can't wear Christmas jumpers or jumpers of any sort, bug can do cardigans, with a t-shirt underneath, so can take cardigan off if I get too hot. Sorry, my body just has not got a working thermostat - been like it since I was aged 11 years old, but love to fun dress up with Christmas things, but just can't do jumpers or hot fabrics. Thanks x

A - GREAT point Susan Dyer - and guess what?!?!? This week I have a new jacket and SHORT Sleeve shirt to go with it!!!!! I think it's on Wednesday or Thursday - so be on the lookout. I think the option our Buyer chose over here is with adorable kittiesPlus Susan Dyer - MOST of our items are 3/4 sleeves - Jeanne Bice used to say that she got too hot as well in long sleeves - but she wanted to make sure she covered up her 'bingo wings' - so that's why she LOVED designing tops with 3/4 sleeves. She really was a delight - and soooo funny! You would have LOVED watching her on QVC!!!

Thank you ! I really DO love what I do - I think it's the best 'job' in the world. Who wouldn't love to wake up every morning and know that you're main purpose was to ensure that others around you are happy?!??! At Quacker, we believe that EVERY woman wants to sparkle and shine - that's why we make sure to put a little bit of sparkle and shine in each of our items. We not only want to ensure you LOOK great when you get dressed - but that you FEEL great as well!
Patrick Hoy
Quack, Quack Everyone - and thank you all SO much!!!!!!!!!!!
The Quacker visit is on QVC over the next few days – please check the TV guide on the home page!



BACK TO YOU WEBCHAT - Monday 20th 6-7pm


Bruce Bodyblade and Debbie Flint, launching the 3 month Trim and Tone Challenge


Incorporating - the Monday essay - Bruce on Stretching.

I want to invite you to join us on a new 'TRIM AND TONE SUPERSIX THREE MONTH CHALLENGE'
- a combination of the fundamental basic principles from Bodyblade combined with my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet book’s Freedom Eating principles (TTFLS) which I have also made into a Supersix.

I have got lots of names of people already who wanted to join in and have kindly emailed me their info to my email address - I will post it all again below.

Basically everyone who wants to register an interest, I’d love to know about you - tell me about yourself, your history re dieting and weight loss, describe yourself (weight, age, height, issues, health, family, work situation) - anything relevant to affecting your weight loss journey

So write it out and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Plus please take a before picture as the idea is that in three months - mid January, when Bruce is back over for his next Bodyblade visit, and the new January series of Back to You has begun on QVC, we will have lots of people who have seriously paid attention to their health for the last three months and who are able to shout from the rooftops about it!

Freedom Eating The thing is, with freedom eating as described in TTFLS, it can combine with any traditional 'dieting' plan – ANY!

And it can help you make it through Xmas, food-wise, in a way you've never done before. Especially if you usually panic and eat for England, put on loads of weight over yuletide and hate yourself afterwards. If anyone's reading this who knows what I mean, do join in! Those who have been using my Freedom Eating method from either TTFLS book - 1 or 2 - talk about escaping food prison. Therefore if you can straddle Xmas with this three month challenge, you may find it changes everything.

So - that's the 'diet' part - the 'trim' part - Bruce is going to explain for newcomers, why the 'tone' part works so well with the Bodyblade in order to get into the habit of doing SOMETHING exercise-wise, every day. I would call it creating 'permahabits.'

PERMAHABITS are permanent habits - ones that you do for the rest of your life, ones that work for you and serve you well, rather than the bad habits that we all do when we're not successfully losing weight, and hating ourselves and life in general! We'‪ve all been there! lol!

So if you want to take part, please say so here, and email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tomorrow I will set you up on the Facebook page (not the group, the PAGE ) called Till the Fat Lady Slims - a page is something anyone can see, anyone can join, and can act as a base for this challenge. 
Bruce and I will put inspirational info on there regularly and we expect regular updates and feedback from those taking part who are having great results. Is that a deal?!

The page is here -!/pages/Till-the-Fat-Lady-Slims-20-the-When-diet/848505488506787

All you need to do is to 'like' the page then you'll see the updates come up, and you'll find them amongst your 'pages' on your Facebook account or app

So far, as listed on the TTFLS page above, the following people have emailed me - (there are others to be added by tomorrow who emailed more recently) - Chris calvert, Heidi Moss (pic), christine Russell (pic), Sue Stewart (pic), kirsty chalmers , jane slade (pic), marion rose, lorna deans (pic), tracy christer (pic), sue pegg (pic), theresa wheldon (pic), lorna (pic), janette mitchell (?), jayne barron-hill and many more I have yet to add. Do confirm if you are listed that you're ready and willing and able and are game to take part!!!

Unless you choose to post them, any personal details you email me will not need to be shared, just your willingness to commit to the three month challenge and your determination to succeed this time, where nothing else has worked?

So here are the basic principles of Freedom eating - I call them, the supersix¬!

1.wait till you're hungry enough - 6 on the hunger scale

2. listen to your body and be accurate in what you choose - this is a biggie and there are tons of tips on how to do it properly in the book. NB if you really feel like ginger cake and a cup of tea, instead of lunch, that's fine, but just do it within these principles. Most of the time once a food is no longer 'treasure' because anything is possible, you stop craving it, and choose healthier options and 'real food' but note the rest of the principles. below to see why it works FULL attention to your food - do nothing else whilst eating

4. the most important of all - stop when you're SATISFIED not when you're full or can't breathe anymore. Save the rest for later, but don't shove it in your body where it will be wasted as your body doesn’t need any more - full info about how to recognise this is in the book.

5. aim for the 'bliss' point - the amazing feeling of happiness that keeps you addicted to freedom eating - what this is and how to know is in the book

6 - and finally the lynchpin to why this works with anyone who has to avoid certain foods, and how this works to help you give up a sugar addiction and why this works long term - pay attention to the way your body feels afterwards.

You can read more in the free sample of TTFLS 2 - which you can get in eBook or paperback in kindle - here -

I'd like anyone taking part in the three month challenge to please agree to try to get used to these new habits, gradually adjusting and using what works for you, within the helpful guidelines given in the book. So that by mid january, they've become ‘permahabits’ and you are eating in a whole new way. If some of our girls' experiences are anything to go by, you'll have become a whole new person around food - breaking free from a lifetime's food prison is how some describe it. How satisfying.

So that's the launch of the 'TTFLS 2' part of the 'trim' challenge - u will hear from Bruce shortly about how to do the Bodyblade part. Even one minute a day is fine to begin with. Even ten seconds on each of the six is fine. And if you haven't got a Bodyblade, until you can order one (they're on waitlist) it's just a matter of doing some sort of regular exercise that will tone your body each day, so get thinking!

PLUS - tonight Bruce will explain on here the importance of stretching every day too.

He's also going to be logging on once a week to chart your progress on the 'Bodyblade QVC' Facebook group too - so that anyone who wants to discuss any queries or questions, he will pop on to that group at various times to reply.

Finally, once you're au fait with Freedom Eating, you can come join our closed group called 'till the fat lady slims' (not 'TTFLS' -that takes you to a foreign site for some reason!) But join it only once you've got the book and have begun using the principles - as that's where everyone shares the amazing successes they've been having with freedom eating.

BRUCE – THE MONDAY ESSAY & transcript of Q & A.

Hello Bodyblade Ohana (that’s family in Hawaiian). Happy to join you this evening. Here is just a little something to get you thinking about flexibility, stretching and the importance of both!! Strength, wellness, flexibility, nutrition and cardiovascular health are all part of the formula for a long and happy life. Warm up, cool down and stretching are equally important and essential for the health of your joints ligaments and muscles. It is more important to warm up before exercise which doesn't mean stretching for 15 minutes. Warm up means getting the blood flowing, the joints moving and the brain and muscles communicating. The best time to stretch is either after your workout or at a separate time set aside for just stretching. The proper way to stretch is slowly and within your comfort zone. The goal is to lengthen and mobilize the joints in the body. Never do ballistic bouncing types of stretching but rather slow deliberate stretching. 

Combine breathing patterns with different stretching exercises. For example, extension stretching will require breathing in. An example of that would be to open your rib cage, extend your arms overhead and stretch the chest, abdominals, ribs and shoulders. Flexing or stretching the extensor muscles do best while exhaling. Stretching hamstrings is an exhaling stretch (because you flex your body) while stretching the quads does nicely when you inhale. There is a relaxing, rhythmic pace to stretching when you incorporate the proper breathing patterns.

Remember, blood flow brings oxygen and nutrition to the tissue like a train bringing supplies and picks up waste products to transport away from the tissue. There are many books and videos about stretching for Yoga, sports, performance, shoulders, legs, rehab and so much more. I like the Stretching books by Bob Anderson because they are designed for people to be successful. From beginner to expert, this is a great resource guide to stretching. Here is a link to see what the book looks like.

Fitness Book Review: Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition by Bob Anderson, Jean Anderson


Susan Farrell
It's a fantastic challenge Debbie - I am using my Bodyblade daily for at least 3 minutes; but I'd like to follow your freedom eating from here, and not officially join, as I've failed so many times with dieting etc., that I'm fearful of making it all official and then letting myself down again. Hate to sound defeatist, and I will give you my results if I'm successful within the 3 months. I have to do this - I have been given stern warnings from my doctor/consultant 

Debbie Flint
Susan - you have to do what is right for you hon – don’t be scared of failure - you're the sort of person for whom freedom eating was created, believe me! lol x

Debbie Flint
Fab post Bruce Hymanson - lots of wise words

Bruce Hymanson
You know I love talking about Bodyblade and making a difference in people's lives!

Bruce Hymanson
There is so much information about stretching, I will be happy to answer any questions about anything but this is a good reference guide for all.

Debbie Flint
Some amazing comments on the Bodyblade QVC group now Bruce - have you been reading some of them? Like this one from Sarah P – “OMG>>>> just done my daily super six and Wow.....I did a full minute on each! I cant believe it. Its four weeks now since I started. I am an over weight unfit 48 year. If I can do it, anyone can.What a fantastic but of equipment. I love my body blade”

From me - I absolutely love my bodyblade - it's making such an amazing difference to my shoulders, arms, stomach, lower back, hips, thighs, abdomen
It's lovely being stronger too - lifting things more easily, pushing open heavy doors without feeling my weak shoulder pulling.

Sarah Elizabeth
Bruce Hymanson - just a quick question as I find it difficult doing no.6 of super 6 so I do it one handed Left and Right. Is this still ok as it's still mega hard? x

Bruce Hymanson
Hi Sarah, the key to getting the Hip & Thigh Sculptor is to move the blade side to side quickly and only one inch or so. You don't have to be mega strong to do this. It is all about the coordination. You can clap your hands quickly, right? Move the blade quickly to match the rhythm. Doing with one hand is OK to. The key is to keep trying and do the other positions too.

Bruce Hymanson
Most people talk about how the strengthening with Bodyblade helps them functionally improve. Comments like, I can sit straighter for longer periods of time without fatigue. I can lift and move heavier packages more easily than before. The overall effect is moving better, feeling better, looking better and performing better each and every day. Don't forget, some of the best comments is how much people enjoy the way they look in the mirror!!

Nicky Crane
Hi Bruce can I just clarify we need to warm up raise our heart rates before using body blade and stretch afterwards. Thank you

Bruce Hymanson
Hi Nicky. In any exercise program, warm up is essential for getting the body ready for activity. Gentle mobility, flexing and extending the joints in your four extremities and trunk. Increasing blood flow throughout the body etc. I prefer a stretching program after the workout when your muscles are warm. Light stretching before exercise is good and different from time set aside for strictly stretching. Hope that answers.

Joanne Kershaw
Hi Bruce should we be aiming to do the Bodyblade everyday.

Bruce Hymanson
Hi Joanne, You can do Bodyblade 3-4 days a week or you can train every day. Try to do the 6 minute workout when you exercise. You can assume each position and start and stop as needed through the course of one minute. So, you might do 10 seconds. Fine, stay in the position, start and stop but keep trying for the full minute, then, on to the next. Before long, you will see your endurance improve and find yourself lasting longer during each exercise!!

Debbie Flint
Bodyblade helped me get in size 12! '50's fair on saturday - vintage style dress! Whoop! Bye for now all x

Bruce Hymanson
Debbie, you look fantastic in that dress! And, since I saw you a couple of weeks ago, you are looking very fit and in great shape as well!!!

Bruce Hymanson
I will say goodbye for now. If you have additional questions, Debbie will forward to me and I will answer them. I am very excited to be with you for the next three months through the holidays. Just think how great it will be to get fit throughout the holiday season and enter the new year fit and feeling good!!

next week - Leighton Denny - nail king - and Nina his lovely model and business associate. And the first feedback from the Trim and Tone Challenge! 

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