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And the Survey Said...

So regulars will know what's been happening with my Back to You group on Facebook - but here's a bit more info. From Tuesday 27th October, the status was changed to members-only/closed and immediately the activity tripled! Sharon Harvay our lovelly admin, and my mate who does it all voluntarily whilst being a busy mum and beauty blogger, and I were so happy to see all the lurkers' come out and start joining in more than ever before. And our membership has gone up to over 4200 now too. 


The survey asked members for their opinions and whilst we had a few non-members take part (it was easy to pick out who they were by the way) the vast vast majority of participants had voted for it to become obscured to their friends and family who could previously see their posts and comments about QVC and their purchases, beauty problems, well-being topics etc, when the group had an 'open/public' status. Since it was no longer open, it ended the endorsement from QVC for on air mentions but in return the group has burgeoned! Secondly we asked for your thoughts on how to improve the group. One of the suggestions was to expand the topics allowed on the group, eg where to get QVC brands apart from on QVC, eg products not shown on air. Also if anyone had swaps of odd products in their collections. Well the great news is there will be a new element launching this weekend, to help do all that! Go to my home page on this website for Sunday's newsletter post, for full info.


Guests are clamouring to be lined up to give their ever popular webchats - this Monday's (2nd Nov, 8pm) is Fiona from Decleor, ahead of her new Today's Special Value on Saturday 7th on QVC UK. Join us and start posting your comments, it'll be more buzzing than ever given that from this week onwards, all posts will be kept private, an don't show up on people's newsfeeds so no one will know what you are doing! Next week it'll be Linda Magistris and another big brand! (NB Monday's webchat was a chat between my ambassadet posse for my charity Medical Detection Dogs - Gill Marie-Francoise and myself all joiining in with MC and Quizmaster Patrick Hoy's online ;virtual pub quiz' which was great fun! Go here to test yourself in retrospect. And look out for monthly quizzes from December onwards! 

Bruce Bodyblade's webchats will be filed on the Bodyblade group from now on - join here.

So tell your friends to search 'Back to You QVC' group on Facebook and come join us, or click here.


Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar - Updated

As many of you will know, my TTFLS tab above is for my weight loss group - based around my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet book on Amazon in eBook or paperback. Well part of the process is to listen to your body and part of being able to do that properly is to cut back on sugar. For those who find that obtaining more information makes it easier to make the right decisions, I created the 'aids to cutting back on sugar' blog. I've just updated it to include this brand new info from Professor Robert Lustig - showing the amazing results of a mere ten day trial replacing added sugar foods with other carb foods - not even other healthy stuff - on obese kids.

go here to read the whole report in a nutshell  - cutting back on sugar improves childrens' health in just ten days

Hopefully it'll help you or someone you know, cut back a bit. And check out the other videos and articles and book recommendations on my cut back sugar blog here. You can't listen to a body that's addicted - and this blog is designed to help kick that situation into touch. 


Future Back to You blogs

Will be less about the group and more about well-being, in the run up to my new series of 'Back to You' starting on QVC Uk in January! Come back each week here for a health topic!

best wishes






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