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Videos to go with Jason Vale’s juicer, plus abandoned webchats – we crashed Facebook!

Ok, Facebook crashed, it wasn’t just us. But true enough, right after the 7-8pm Skechers one on the main QVC page (more of that below) the whole of Facebook went down for an hour and a half or so. Mothers were reporting on twitter that their teenagers were actually coming out of their rooms, other halves were saying they were actually talking for a change (!) and our two webchats with Bodyblade Bruce and with Nikki from Lola Rose were abruptly halted. But like a trooper, both Nikki, Bruce - and Rich - went back on over the next day or so to finish their replies. Thanks to all! Find their Q&As below.

Jason the Juicemaster says… Of course on Sunday it was the long-awaited airing of Jason Vale’s Retro cold-press slow Juicer (with book and DVD – still on QVC.) I love doing juicing now, I must admit, it’s the best thing for my appetite most mornings. For those who missed it, it’s the masticating one which will do wheatgrass, will also cope with ice, nuts (creating almond milk and paste), make banana sorbets out of frozen fruits and take most fruits whole and with skin on. The pulp is really dry and to avoid waste you can add it to muffins, smoothies, sauces soups and stews, and even make a face pack out of it.

Go here to watch the whole 18 minute airing on QVC on Sunday of Retro Juicer with Jason Vale and me.

Now I said on air that I’d been using his juices to experiment with the effect of juicing on my body and in fact it’s made me lose a few more pounds, but I think the best way to get your head around kick starting it is to say to yourself it’s a way of getting gradually off sugar. OR if you just hate vegetables and know you need to consume more of their goodness (assuming you will get your insoluble fibre elsewhere in your diet as most people do. Pectin from apples is a soluble fibre which is very good in the body – google it.) OR to reduce your portion sizes, since the powerful nutrition within the juice blends, I found, actually made my body do a happy dance, which meant satiety – something that many of us strive for. I do especially, with Freedom Eating (see below.) I ate mostly vegetables, and as Jason says, he will opt to eat fruit but juice with vegetables mainly, adding a bit of fruit for palatability (is that a word?) So I will continue to choose to juice and I really like his juicer, I find it ever so easy to use and clean afterwards.

Watch my short clip of how to clean the Retro juicer and reassemble.

So where will you begin , if you’ve bought one, or if you’ve got his 5:2 book and/or if you are going to replace your breakfast or whatever with juice daily for five days as part of his annual Juice Challenge 5th-9th October?

Watch Jason tell you what to do when you first get your juicer and start juicing.

Go here for more info about the five day challenge.

Also do go check on Youtube for some brilliant suggestions on what to do with all the pulp if you don’t like the idea of wasting it – like this one - how to make veggie burgers from juice pulp

Finally there’s the most awesome film he’s made that’s over an hour long, which anyone who hasn’t yet thought about juicing to help their health should watch. For free, on youtube, or it comes with the matching book with QVC’s offer. But if you can watch it on Youtube please do.

Go here to watch ‘SuperJuice Me’ on youtube – four weeks, eight people and a whole load of dramatic health changes.

Keep me informed about your journey – come join us on some of the Facebook groups – links below, or get my Till the Fat Lady Slims book about Freedom Eating and join us here on Facebook.

Till the Fat Lady Slims Update

Gotta love Valerie Cady – lovely lady on our TTFLS Facebook group. She just came back to Freedom Eating and this is what she posted this week – love it –

Do go to Amazon and get the purple paperback or eBook and come join us. Or just read the first section which outlines the six main principles in the free ‘look inside’.

Get Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When Diet’ on Amazon – purple version – in ebook or paperback

Makes me very proud.

Webchats this week

Richard from Skechers was the last of my September webchats at 7pm on Qpage – go here to read it and find out more about this weekend’s Fashion Day.

Then we also welcomed lovely Nikki from Lola Rose jewellery and Bruce from Bodyblade but their chats will be posted once they get the chance to finish their comments due to the outage as above.

Next week – it’s going to be Darryn from relatively new brand Stop and Wow and also my lovely telly-hubby Lee Hohbein who will fill you in on all the hi-tech answers you need! 8pm Monday on Back to You QVC group.

Other news –

-          Health Podcast – the heart – regulars will know I love a good audiobook. Well, podcasts abound online for free and you can probably find one about pretty much any subject you like. This site is quite good – the texas doctors’ nutrition site – go here to hear their heart one.

-          Dr Wayne Dyer  - on reasons why things happen in life and how the events he experienced led to his path being followed – if you want inspiration, do try this. Free on youtube or book or audio etc. Here’s a taster. I love this guy. There’s a ton of stuff on youtube for free – immerse yourself. Including his own movie ‘the Shift.’

-          Quinoa in a bowl – I love this too – here are some ideas to help make it tasty! Click here.

Best wishes have a great week

Debs X

Pps – ttfls -
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
Get it here. 

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Bruce bodyblade – Monday 28th September

Nikki – Lola Rose – Monday 28th September






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Hey all! Well I did the Moonwalk and it was a triumph… of determination, until mile 15 when I twisted my ankle on a curb and three of us ended giving up after 18 miles. That did mean we managed three quarters of a marathon! But we had registered for the full one so we didn’t get a medal, but the other four went on to get theirs. So well done Team QVC! If you didn’t sponsor us and want to, still, now we’ve done it (!) it would add to the nearly £2000 – and we’d be so grateful! The link is here – just click it, even if it’s a low amount, every little helps! Go here.

This weekend was also the end of the Three Month Challenge! I’ve been so proud of everyone on 3MCFeb. There have been some superb updates flying around – many on closed groups like Till the Fat Lady Slims and Bodyblade QVC group. But here are a few quotes to help you understand how fabulous some of the participants have been!

“Advice for others? Well just go for it really. If you don't try it you will never know, I've even cancelled the subscription on the online weightloss group I've been on for 7 years because I know I don't need it now! As far as exercising is concerned, you don't need to do much to make a difference but for me the Body Blade has changed the way I look at exercising! Its easy to use (well once you get into the rhythm lol!) and I'm going to start Leslie Sansone's walking videos too! Freedom eating works - all you need to do is to take the plunge, have faith in yourself. If I can do it, anyone can!” Helen

“I've completed the first 3month challenge and have lost inches as well of pounds gone down a size in clothes (actually think it might be 2sizes but a bit tight still ) so I am up for the new 3month challenge. I can honestly say this has changed my life onward and upward girls :0” Heather, TTFLS

“Non-Scale-Victories for me are getting into a pair of jeggings I'd only worn once before (more than 3 years ago!), exercising more and enjoying it and feeling more energised. But here's the big SV for me ........ as of this morning I weighed.. a whole 11lb less - over the course of the 3 months - which is bang on the target my GP set me - 1/2lb to 1lb a week. That means I'm well on my goal to losing 4 stone before the end of the year! Thank you to everyone on this group and the Body Blade group for you support when I've needed it (which has been often). Going to continue on with this journey and making my family proud of what I've achieved.” Chris, TTFLS

Finally this week, Anne Keating, superstar from the Bodyblade QVC group, has begun a new 3MC – for the next three months! Join the Bodyblade QVC or Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook groups to find out more and to register and follow their progress. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to have someone else helping you along. Links to all are below.

Webchats – this week we’re lucky enough not only to have te fabulous Bruce with his usual Bodyblade chat, but also on Back to You QVC group, Lola Rose’s Nicky Gewirtz and also Bare Minerals’ Lee Etheridge! Their Q&A are at the bottom of this blog if you missed them! In the next few weeks it’ll be as follows –

May 25th – Julie from OPI

June 1st – Sara Hollamby for Judith Williams

June 8th – Abi Cleeve / Ultrasun PLUS top natural body care beauty range A’kin.

More Back to You next week – have a fab time and remember – baby steps make things come closer – even a tiny bit! - but at least they’re not further away.

Other news –

-          3 Ways To Naturally Cleanse & Boost The Immune System – and goodness knows we all need that! More here

-          7 Brain Benefits Of Cutting Wheat Out Of Your Diet Now this is not for everybody, as some people can eat wheat no problem, I’m told. But if you know you can’t, this might help you in your quest to avoid it!  There’s so many gluten free options out there nowadays it makes it easier to at least do the 80/20 rule. more here.

Best wishes for a fab week!

luv Debs x


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Nicola Gewirtz – Lola Rose – Webchat Monday 18th May 2015


Maureen Hoggarth Hello Nikki.Of all the stones which has been your favourite colour?

Dawn Robinson Hello Nikki  Im so excited ive just ordered my first Lola Rose ! It's on easy payments too  looking forward to it....this is also my favourite colour xoxoxo



Susan Jones Hi Nikki. Will the Lucie necklace in White Sea shell or the Oslo necklace in white shell be coming back in stock very soon? Thank you & fondest love to you. Xxx


Wendy Sheriff Hi Nikki,my little girl is called "Lola Rose" a special little lady as we nearly lost her at birth,but she is here and fighting fit now,she loves your shows because she feels so special and cannot wait to grow a bit to fit a bracelet xx I have a few of your bracelets and now venturing onto the necklaces keep up the good work xx


karen Davies I may not be around later as on a long day, so can I please ask you send my question,

I have collected lola rose for years, my fav piece is my Freddie piece, so my question is what is your favourite piece, can I also ask can we have lola brooches! The..

The classic heart or flower etc I wear lola rose every day, and I own enough pieces to wear three items a day for a year plus a few spares, please keep up the good work, and I love you and your brand ps can we have roger back sometimes too


Sharon Harvey hahahahahahahahahahah Karen xx


Suzanne Way I love my Lola Rose jewellery. Hopefully the watch has been ordered for me. Although I think your scarves are my favourite. Where do you get your ideas for the scarves xx


Ruby Ahmad hey Nikki! been a collector for years. bought my first piece- a bracelet in fenwicks! have so many pieces that i've lost count. wear at least one daily. my fave ring of all time is the honey which i have in blue standstone. would love it if you could make them again, so that i may finally get my hands on a grey agate one.


Loraine Elkins Hi Nikki I love Lola Rose and have a growing collection, but would really love more earrings to be available to match necklaces in colourways, little drops or nice studs or heart drops -any chance??


Sharon Harvey Weclome Nikki, so lovely to have you here! we are so excited for your shows coming up this Thursday and Friday! Anything in particular we should be looking out for? Any sneaky clues? Hahaha


Nikki Gewirtz Hi everyone, very excited to be here with you. Anything you would like to ask me please feel free xx


Sharon Harvey Woo Hoo x


Alison Scotney Please can we have an Alison bracelet? I have Beryl (my mum) and Hannah (my daughter) in my 100+ Lola Rose collection! xxx


nikki Gewirtz Hi Loraine, we are really trying to bring more earings and I think you will notice from next season that there are a lot more in the collection. I am always open to ideas, so if you have any earing designs you would like me to try, send them my way and I will try and have them made xx


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Ruby, I am so pleased you are collecting Lola Rose and I hope you still wear some of the vintage pieces. I will have a look into the ring for you and if I can do anything I will get my team to let you know. Do try and send a pic of your collection for me to see x


Ruby Ahmad hey Nikki! it would be my pleasure. it's half-term next week and i shall do that then heart emoticon thanks for looking into the honey heart emoticon


Sharon Harvey Hi NIkki i love your bracelets i love the jangle noise hahaha! I have decided i need to buy my first necklace... i love these am thinking of getting my sons initials


Hi Suzanne, the scarves I find much harder than the jewellery to design and colouring them sometimes sends me crazy and I literally have to go for a walk to clear my head.....I try to only design anything that I would personally love and feel proud to wear and of course with a nod to the trends. The scarves literally make all my daily outfits, I would be lost without them. I think and I hope that Lola has now found a signature look that we can expand on. Heads up though, we are working on a scarf TSV for October and as it is my 15th anniversary I am hoping to do 4 x designs that have something for everyone x


Sharon Harvey What was the first necklace you designed and how does an image come to you? x


Sharon Harvey oooooohhhhhhhhh SCARF TSV FOR OCTOBER IN CASE ANYONE MISSED THAT hahahahahahahahahahaha x


Ruby Ahmad Sharon, i have that necklace. it's such an easy piece to wear. i have both the rose gold and silver tone options


Nikki Gewirtz p.s. Loraine, I will look to see if I have any heart earings for you x


Alison Scotney Scarf tsv..... me and my neck can't wait!!!


Natalie Coe Hi Nikki. Will you be doing a chunky necklace TSV any time soon? X


Debbie Try Hi Nikki, I love everything Lola Rose! Please can you make extra small size rings (k) if possible as I love your rings. Also, please could you bring back some of your ditsy print scarves? I own approx 50 of your scarves and wear one every day. A TSV scarf, cannot wait! Thank you x


Sharon Harvey Thanks Ruby Ahmad plus i love anything bright and colourful...its like being in a sweet shop with Lola Rose hahaha x

Nikki Gewirtz Hi Karen, that's tricky in many ways....obviously the Freddie and the Oscy bracelets are my all time favs!!!! What is it that you love about the Freddie?? You know for me it is all about the mood I am in that particular day. Sometimes I reach for so...See More


Suzanne Way Roll on October. Also any shows in between. Thankyou nikki xx


Claire Louise Nikki can u pls bring more coffee colours necklace thank xx


Alison Scotney Oh show us a picture of tsv sample - we won't tell anyone!!!!!


Sharon Harvey This week Suzanne Way!



karen Hunt Hi Nikki, just waiting for my Montana watch to arrive. Are there any other areas you are looking to expand into that you can share


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Wendy, my heart sank when I read your post. I cant imagine! I am over the moon that all is well now and I am totally honoured to have our own little Lola Rose watching the shows...(my cousin also called her little girl Lola Rose) . Let me know her favourite colour and I will send her something for when she is old enough to wear xx


Debbie Flint Nikki!!!! hello sweetie! Enjoy the webchat everyone! Lovely to have such a superstar in our midst, right girls? x


Debbie Flint Nikki - would you tell everyone a little secret about your day at the palace? x


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Susan, great choices of necklaces. Please will you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tomorrow and let them know what you are looking for. I did email our DC today when your post came through to let them know. If you don't get anywhere let me know, hopefully we can find you one xx


Anne-Marie Mason Hi Nikki, I'm a 4mm bracelet addict, can't get enough of them, thank you! I love your fringe too, it always looks fab. Please please consider making a 4mm I.D. bracelet soon. I've got to get one soon for medical reasons and they're all so ugly! x

Nikki Gewirtz Hi Dawn, that's great yipeee your first piece of Lola. It looks like Fern Quartzite from the picture, which is for sure one of the best green stones that Lola does. Please do let us know how you get on with it once you receive xx


Jessica Mary Love Lola Rose and really made up with the watch - looks amazing smile emoticon. Just wondered if you have any plans to use green sandstone again in any of your jewellery?


Sharon Harvey Nikki Gewirtz you are so lovely! You really do go out of your way for your customers and take all feedback on board! Thank you, we Really appreciate you x


Nikki Gewirtz Hi ladies you will have to excuse me for 5 minutes as poor oscy is getting his back teeth and has woken up screaming - calpol I back in five xx


Sharon Harvey Nikki - i know we cannot make any claims that stones can do certain things, but i do love the stories, mythology and healing benefits behind certain stones. I am drawn to certain items for that reason x


Debbie Flint which ones are best sharon?


Debbie Flint i love tiger's eye - the different layers - anyone know the meaning attached to that? if there was a teal and turquoise version i'd be in heaven! lol x


Ruby Ahmad a few years ago Nikki, i was a runner up in one of your competitions heart emoticon


Sharon Harvey Rose Quartz has a gentle energy. It is a heart healer of physical heart ailments as well as emotional heartbreaks. Rose quartz is a timely gift to offer someone who desires to learn self-love.


Sharon Harvey for you debbie xTurquoise stone is an advisor of the highest order, little wonder that it was a revered as a spiritual stone by Native Americans.This stone can be used to help one learn spiritual lessons through meditation and/or dream visions.


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Nikki I love love love blue sandstone is there anything new coming up? I love the way it sparkles. X


Nikki Gewirtz hi ladies, I or rather we are back - you have Oscy as well. Multi tasking x

Sharon Harvey but i love this All varieties of obsidian are good utilized as grounding and protective agents. The snowflake obsidian in particular helps us surrender or let go of negative habits or past pathways that no longer serve your present condition. It can bring about opportunity for change, serenity, and clarity.


Dawn Robinson I will do thank you x


Sharon Harvey HI Oscy, oh bless hope he is ok xx big kisses xx


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Karen, I absolutely love the watches and I am very proud of how they have worked out. There are many more in the watch collection coming up but not until the end of the year. The next one we are launching is a printed one with the scarf prints. I would love to do so much more under the Lola Rose brand, but I need to be careful as I do get carried away. Would be lovely to hear what all of you think should be our next product expansion? let me know how you get on with the watch when you receive it xx


Wendy Sheriff Hi Oscy,hope your teeth settle sweetie. Hi Nikki thanks so much for the reply I have sent you a private message and will make sure Lola reads the post tomorrow xxx


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Alison, I will definitely. You know me I am not one for rules! The stone mixes have worked out fab. I am not sure if the samples went straight off to QVC today once I had approve them, so I will check and will post as soon as I can x


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Claire, do you mean the coffee stone? I adore that stone too. x


anne-Marie Mason Ooh, dangerous to ask for ideas Nikki, ha ha. My perfect wrist would have a 4mm watch & a 4mm ID bracelet alongside my bracelets. All in my fave nude tones too. x


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Debbie, wow 50 scarves!!!!! I think that even beats my collection. I was only looking at our archive of ditsy prints the other day and thinking of how I could do another one. So will definitely try. Re the extra small rings, what size would be good x


Debbie Try Hi Nikki, how about bags being added to your brand? Work bags, cross body bags? X



Claire Louise Yes sorry coffee stone I love love love it .... It goes with everything xxx


Jessica Mary Love the prints do much I would like to have Lola Rose wallpaper smile emoticon


Anne-Marie Mason I've got a montana addison on the way to see how it fits with all my 4mm's, can't wait. x


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Natalie, the necklace which matches the July TSV is the same size as the Cassidy beads but longer length so I think this might be what you are looking for hopefully x


Karen Hunt Will do Nikki. I'd love to see some beautiful tops with prints from your lovely stones, like Montana, flower agate etc


Debbie Try What date in July is your next TSV Nikki? x


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Maureen, I could speak about your question for hours on end! Again it really does depend on my mood of the day and I am so ridiculously fickle that I change my mind all the time. There are some clear favourites though. Grey Agate, I think is so sophisticated and an easy stone to wear. Red Plum Agate is my favourite at the moment and we have a scarf coming up next week which uses the same tones and I literally have been living in it. The flourites are very special and when I wear them they just make me feel great. Blue Sandstone for evening with Black Agate. In the summer I love Rose Quartz and the new pastel blues and pinks. I am not answering this one very well am I??? What are your favourite stones xx


Wendy Sheriff Hi Nikki,will you be bringing back Blue Jasmine and Rock Crystal in the Stacey necklace love it!! Xx


Sharon Harvey Hahahahahaha x


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Karen, me too. And I don't understand why fashion designers don't do more flutter sleeved A line tops with a longer length. I think I would just like to do one flattering top in all my prints x


Debbie Try Thank you replying Nikki. Re ring size, my ring finger is a size K. And re ditsy print scarves, I will keep my fingers crossed x


Nikki Gewirtz oooh Anne Marie that sounds delicious x

Nikki Gewirtz Jessica, we did have some wallpaper made for our new offices, I will take a picture for you. We had poodles, butterflies and all the way up the stairs is our pink Montana stone blown up - would love to do that too x


Nikki Gewirtz Debbie, I think bags will hopefully be my next extension when I have the time x


Wendy Sheriff Wallpaper sounds lovely hope you are able to do that Nikki xx


Debbie Try Thank you for your time Nikki. Cannot wait for your shows this week, I'll be watching. X


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Gorgeous Debbie Flint, my day at the palace was so special and even more special because I met Prince William!!!! He was so lovely and made me at ease immediately. I had a very long informal chat with him and broke protocol in the first 3 seconds by calling Kate his gorgeous wife instead of HRH (which we had been briefed to do 30 seconds before). He did not even flinch! After the Palace and both my boys running around like they were at home. Imagine this transformers, dummies, muslins and cars strewn over BP, we went for a gorgeous family lunch. Then partied the night away at Lola Rose Head Office. Had a very special guest named Debbie Flint xx


Wendy Sheriff So well deserved too Nikki can't wait for the shows xx


Sharon Harvey Awwwwwwwww x


Anne-Marie Mason Bags with matching scarves please. x

Nikki Gewirtz Hi Sharon, firstly thank you to you and Debbie for setting up and managing such a brilliant and safe and troll free group, you do a fantastic big hugs. The meanings of the stones are so important to me and although I don't make a big fuss about them, I know that I am truly drawn to some stones even if they are not my colours. Some stones just make me feel so calm, whilst others give me an energy from nowhere. We really must not underestimate the properties and powers of the stones. I am sure they were telling me to use them when I started Lola Rose (although don't shout about that as some people will think I am mad) xx


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Sharon, there is so much new this week in the anniversary shows and quite a lot of event pricing which is even better news! We are previewing one of our new season scarves called snow leopard which I will try and photograph for you tomorrow and are continuing to preview the new seasons colours. So yes lots to look forward to x


sharon Harvey Fabulous! That is why i love them too! you are so right they do "speak" to us..... and thank you for the compliment, the pleasure is absolutely all ours xx


Anne-Marie Mason Nikki if you are mad then we all are too because we love the stones too. Thanks for doing this, I look forward to more 4mm soon, ha ha. x


Anne-Marie Mason Ooh, if that's the same snow leopard that's on your site I'm gonna be skint by the end of the week, ha ha. x


Sharon Harvey oooooooooh snow leopard!! x


Nikki Gewirtz Hi Jessica, Green Sandstone is not that easy to work with as sometimes I think can look very dark and not that sparkly but I am always on the look out for some really sparkly rough. As soon as I find it, it will be ours xx


Sharon Harvey Anything sparkly is always a winner!! x


sharon Harvey LADIES, PLEASE JOIN ME IN SAYING A HUGE THANK YOU TO Nikki Gewirtz for joining us this evening! Nikki, it has been an absolute pleasure to have you here! We are so looking forward to your shows this week and all of your stunning designs. Lots of love a...See More


Nikki Gewirtz Sharon, Belgravia is fab and BTW I am making Kate one with her initials and prince George and Princess Charlotte xx


Jessica Mary Thank you X


sharon Harvey See!!! I knew i had good taste! If its good enough for Royalty......wink emoticon


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you for your time Nikki and thank you Sharon x


Dawn Robinson Thank you Nikki & Sharon


Karen Hunt Great chat tonight. Thanks Nikki and thanks Sharon and Debbie for organising


Debbie Try Thank you Nikki and Sharon x


Wendy Sheriff Thanks Nikki and Sharon xxxx


Sharon Harvey Thank you too ladies for joining us...wasnt that amazing!!! xx


Nikki Gewirtz Thank you so much ladies, it has been so much fun and hopefully not too many spelling mistakes as for the last 20 minutes I had both boys on my lap - off to put them to bed. Look forward to doing this again soon. Night night everyone from Fred and Oscy and me xx


Wendy Sheriff It was Sharon,Nikki is so down to earth and passionate about her jewellery xx


Wendy Sheriff Night night sweet dreams Fred and Oscy ,hope to see you all here again soon Nikki xxx


Anne-Marie Mason Na night Froscy! x


Sharon Harvey hahahah x


Nikki Gewirtz Anne-Marie, Freddie has not stopped giggling at that and I think that might be my new name for them - fab xx


Lee Etheridge – Bare Minerals – Webchat Monday 18th May 2015

D Back to you live chat Lee Etheridge 15th May 2015

Back To You Qvc Please welcome Lee Etheridge from Bare Minerals! Lee, thank you so much for joining us this evening, we are so looking forward to chatting with you about your fabulous products! x


Lee Etheridge Hi really looking forward to it x


AJ Humph Hi lee loving complexion rescue can we have a duo?also can the complexion rescue veil be made in a pressed powder for travelling same as the bare skin veil .xxxmandy xxx


Dawn Robinson Hello Lee  If you could only take 3 bareMineral products on an island  what would they be ?  xoxoxo


Sharon Harvey Hi Lee, its so great to have you here! I really enjoyed your recent Bare Minerals Mini-series! You and SJ travel the world constantly, how do you stay looking so fabulous and cheery?

Lynn Parry Hi Lee I recently visited a BM counter in Debenhams, Llandudno and Alison on the BM counter was extremely helpful and gave me lots of tips I am Opal in Complexion rescue which I am loving and fair in original foundation is that a colour option likely to be stocked in QVC or would I use a lighter coat of Fairly Light she also gave me lots of good advice too xx


Lee Etheridge AJ AJ Humph we have a duo coming in June and yes have asked for compact great suggestion


Lee Etheridge Hi Dawn Robinson my 3 would be Original Foundation in Light , skinny dip bronzer and rebel moxie lip gloss x


Sharon Harvey Sounds fab x


Dawn Robinson My daughter can't join in the live chat due to work ! But wants me to thank you

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