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How proud am I? Look at Sue Stewart, one of our regulars on Facebook group for my semi-autobiographical weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims. Her story is below - but she's keeping it off using Freedom Eating and Bodyblade and looks great!

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And of course it's a companion to the main book Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet - use on its own to shake off food demons or use with any trad diet - get it TTFLS 2.0 here. - 65 x 5* reviews.

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Plus read on for - links to this week's webchats. And other news, including more health matters!

Sue Stewart;s Story

"I'm definitely a Linda. I lost my weight with Weight Watchers. I threw away my scales and only weigh once a week or so. But once I got to goal I found support wasn't there for me and I needed something else I my life. That's when I found your TTFLS group and Freedom Eating. It gives me the control of what and when to eat. It's given me more tools to live and lead a healthy lifestyle and not to be afraid of food! The support factor also is there with the group. What a great bunch they are. I'm also now happy to help them along their Freedom Eating journey too.

I'm a Linda eater.  I weighed 11st 4lb or perhaps a little more when I thought enough was enough.   I had looked at holiday photo's and deleted alot of mine.  I'm 5ft tall and basically I was fat.

My daughter was getting re married it was a white wedding and I didn't want to be the 'fat mother of the bride'.  It was my incentive to loose weight.   

All through the year's I had yo yo dieted.  Lost it, gained it.  

My help came from Weight Watchers.  I found a local group with a fabulous leader.  I could never 'point' my food , I just couldn't get my head round it.  All that weighing and pointing. But she helped with Filling & Healthy.  No counting I got to goal weight.  I continued to eat that way, but my weight started to become unsteady, a bit up and down.   I struggled with support, not from my leader, but from WW.  Around this time I found Debbie's TTFLS group and her TTFLS book. Bought the book and got support and tips from the group and have never looked back.  Ditched the bathroom scales.  It had clicked into place. How to freedom eat.  It was my light bulb moment.

My weight has become more stable and I've been let out of food prison.  It's helped me not to become the food police on family and friends and enjoy some of those treats with them.   I still go to WW to weigh and to enjoy the company and new friends I have made.  WW has changed to Smart Points now. I can point now.  But I No Count in other words I Freedom Eat.  

I eat good healthy meals. Cooked from scratch.  My attitude to food has changed.  I eat on the hunger scale and not to the clock. Stopping when 'full'.  Eating the right food. Even my husband has lost weight as he's had to have new clothes too!


I've bought a Bodyblade and joined a fantastic Facebook group of people.   We Bodyblade together and we virtual wobble with one another and virtual walk with one another. Bodyblade and walking has toned me.  It's even made me a much happier person.  Less shy and retiring.

I've learned to accept compliments and not to brush them aside.  I've learned how to give them too!  I've even done some modelling for our town centre.

From the start to today I've gone from 11st 4lb to 8st 2lb.  Dropped from a size 16 to size 8 in clothes, and found out that I even lost weight on my feet - how strange is that!"


Hasn't Sue done amazingly well? Am so proud of her and all my lovely people on my website who have adopted the more natural way to lose weight, which we call Freedom Eating. Let me know what you think of the book too if you get the new one - it's a companion to Book 2.0.


This week's were -

- Liz from Radical - the fabulous skincare brand great for rosacea, returning to QVC this week - click here and read her monday night webchat on Back to you group (or ping a request to join first). And go here to Back to Beauty's blog all about Radical - Sharon Harvay's take on the brand and another cracking read.

- Bruce from Bodyblade - who was in the air on his way to snowy Philadelphia for a QVC US visit, so his chat was spread out but here's his post. Again join up if you can't see it.

Other news -

 - why gut bacteria is so crucial in losing weight - a fascinating insight once again from the israeli doctors studying the result of changing nutrition to alter gut bacteria - it's an intriguing subject - on the back of the newspaper headlines claiming some people can lose weight on unexpected foods, but it's really as a result of less elevated blood sugar levels created by having different gut bacteria to the next person. watch it here.

- the connection between weight loss and getting enough sleep. Sounds obvious but here's more about exactly why. 


Have a great week!




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