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Firstly, the full cover of my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book 3.0 - it's so exciting! Out end of January. Go here to find out about book 2, to be read first. Then book 3 is the companion, great for maintenance and to answer many Q&A's. It will also feature Dawn Allen's story - some of which you can hear here. It will be on Amazon in eBook or paperback as usual. Can't wait to get your feedback.


It was the second to last Back to You this Monday (18th) at 8-9pm, featuring the lovely Emma from Imedeen talking about supplements.

Which made me think about the book 'GUT' again - especially when Marlene Watson Tara published a reminder of how to make your own 'sort out your intestinal bacteria' pro-biotics - with pickles!

She says on her blog that 'if you are dealing with multiple allergies, chances are your gut is out of balance and is in need of a daily dose of beneficial microorganisms. These crispy, sour, salty vegetables are highly addicting and an easy, economical way to maintain a healthy gut. These vegetables are also important to include daily for good health.' Go here to her website to find out more, watch her video, and discover how much of us is made up of these crucial symbiotic organisms - you may be surprised!:

marlene watson tara on making your own probiotics for a healthy gut and some fascinating facts!


webchats - 

Bruce Bodyblade with another insightful chat on his bodyblade QVC group on Facebook

And on Back to You QVC Facebook group - where over 4300 members of avid QVC viewers regularly discuss upcoming bargains and their favourite things, this week's webchats was a double helping in our regular 8-9pm online facebook chat -

- Tom from Alpha H go here - join group if you havent done so yet.

- and Evey Kurlander from Join, fresh from her Today's Special Value offer last week.

 PLUS BRUCE'S BODYBLADE CHAT TOO! Over on his bodyblade group.


other news -

A Neuroscientist Explains Adult Coloring Books -- Science of Us - how fascinating!

 STOP PRESS! January 2016 - Dawn Allen's story - click here to read it and hear her podcast - lost 6 and half stone in twelve months solely using Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet

And join us on our other facebook groups - the whole list is here

And don't forget to investigate my Till the Fat Lady Slims tab above, for the latest about Freedom Eating and the many people being helped by this food-prison-beating system.

NEXT WEEK - the full lowdown on my new book, Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire. AND the final Back to You for this year on QVC. (Mon 25th 8pm).

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