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Do they? It's certainly been my own experience - quite apart from the bad effect diet drinks have on your gut bacteria - a pet subject of mine (see archive).

Read this -

When consuming very sweet foods, the body expects a high calorie intake too. As diet drinks often contain no calories (as is usually part of their appeal) the space between what the body expects and what it receives in reality, leaves you in a kind of starvation mode. 

In order to rectify the space between calorie and sugar intake, your brain thinks that you're missing calories and so craves more food.

Makes perfect sense.

Read the whole piece here.

What does this mean for the average dieter? That perhaps the best way to get round it is to simply reduce your sweet palate. Easier said than done, especially if you have a bit of an addiction going on. but it's not impossible. Start with a big mug of hottish water with a little splash of fresh lemon juice each day (a little splash). Plus do explore all the reading and watching material on my aids to cutting back on sugar blog here. It really makes sense...

Plus some fascinating info can be found on a very easy-to-watch video on youtube called 'gut reaction parts 1 & 2' - see what you think - it's a whole new frontier in medicine and we'll only hear more and more about it in the months and years to come.

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