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Saw a fascinating Horizon show this week – really made me think. Thinking being the operative word, considering it was all focussing on the power of the mind to help healing take place.


Had to include a little ‘essay’ this week therefore, on the wonders of the placebo effect (see bottom) … (of the page, not of me! Lol)… I’ve always been fascinated by the brain and this week’s Horizon stirred me into writing this piece – the links is below too, to watch it on i-Player if you missed it.


Week 4 of 18 – Our Break the Habit Challenge Continues with some BIG NEWS about the Back to You Show!

Well another week, another little ‘aha’ moment or two in my own re-discovery of Freedom Eating. When I lost the 35lb initially, in the late 90’s, it didn’t come to me overnight. But about six months in, it felt, like, how did I ever unlearn all this stuff?! Now many of our regulars on the Facebook Groups (see below) have been experiencing their own little light bulb moments, on their journey down the Freedom Eating path.

Chloe says -

I am now embracing the freedom eating approach.
I can really relate to this book...and it has given me that final push to improve my 'relationship' with food, to feel comfortable with my body and actually do something for ME!! 

Week 7 and I've lost nearly a stone but this is just the beginning. 
I’m starting to recognise feelings of hunger and satiety, which I don't think I was actually aware of before. I would just eat up until the point where I felt bloated and uncomfortable. I would also eat even when I wasn't actually hungry! 
I don't feel deprived of certain foods as I'm not excluding anything. I'm not having extreme cravings that I would normally get on a 'diet' which would usually result in me having a binge and just giving up!
I do have slip ups/bad days where I eat too much or have too many treats but I'm not beating myself up about it anymore. 
I've realised that I'm starting to make healthier food choices naturally. I WANT to eat healthy delicious nutritious foods. 

Great post, Chloe! It makes me so happy to observe other people experiencing the same thing I did when I first started. Fab news. Keep the posts coming in. This free around food, is how you can be for the rest of your life! We just have to re-learn to trust our bodies.

One of the best things for me is that food and mealtimes are the most-enjoyable ever – taste-wise - yet food becomes so much less prevalent on my mind. Some days I can't even remember what I had to eat. Before, I could list every morsel, as well as the time I ate it. Now it’s as though I don’t have to think about it any more, until my body tells me to.

Keep it up everyone! And keep sharing. It's an amazing transformation, and once you 'get it', it becomes easier than any other weight loss method ever, IMO. Cos it's not a diet you 'go on'. It's a totally new way of being around food. Permanently. (Link for TTFLS at bottom of this post). 



News about Back to You Show on QVC

Well if you didn’t already see my posts on facebook and twitter – it’s coming baaaaaaack!!!! Whooop! In September – five Mondays, no less – probably around the same time of night on QVC UK. Can’t wait to present it again. SO – after our June Break the Habit Challenge, we’ll have September as our next watershed won’t we ladies!?

And don’t forget to put in your diary Sunday 29th June – the date we are aiming for to jointly celebrate my book launch (Hawaiian Trilogy Part 3) and have a get together for all successful ‘Break the Habit’ gang!


Other News This Week –

-          Straight on statins? If you’ve had any thoughts about the efficacy of statins do go read this interesting article – yes it’s Dr John Briffa again – gotta love his chutzpah! Click here for more


Joining In

Not too late to share your own precious ‘before pics’. Do come join us, it’s never too late! And if you’ve got a ShareStory you’d like to feature on here and you’re not on facebook, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the links to the groups are below.

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And for more info about Freedom Eating, for Till the Fat Lady Slims book – click here for Amazon.


Next Friday I’ll be all refreshed, having been away on that well-needed spa break, and a short writing hol in Devon, since I’ve got tons of writing due – well, I have got deadlines to adhere to eh?! Next week, I may have some news about a little deal that might be on the cards… Plus another pic of me in bikini top and shorts – Before PIC 2!

Best wishes to you all and whatever your challenge, here’s to a happy healthy, successful week ahead!





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The power of the placebo – what does the future hold?

If you are in any doubt whatsoever as to the power of the mind, just watch Horizon: The Power of the Placebo. For instance, even a fake/simulated operation led to some patients believing their actual fractures and joint problems had been cured, and their lives transformed. There was no statistically significant differences between those who had the real op and those who had the fake one. Incredible. Fake pain relief resulted in less pain felt, as the placebo effect can activate the naturally occurring pain killing reactions in our own brains. The Parkinson's patient whose brain released dopamine - shown on a CAT scan - in reaction to a placebo. A sugar pill as good as the meds. Really? Watch the programme.


The Horizon placebo experiment using fake oxygen at high altitudes showed a physical, measurable, scientific reaction in the subject's body, causing them to feel less pain and work harder - producing a real neuro-physiological effect (of lowering the all important Neurotransmitter PGE2 even though the second chart showed there was no increase in oxygen in the body.) The fake oxygen administered might not be real. But the belief is. And that's real enough for the mind to work the magic.


The only thing I’d observe is that it'd be preferable to use cornflower capsules rather than sugar pills! 


In years to come, I believe that the power of the mind will be utilized, rather than denied or ignored in so called scientific studies. Further, in my humble opinion (IMHO), this is in keeping with the power of belief, visualisation, and manifesting your destiny with affirmations etc. It’s all to do with our expectations. The person who believes they can, achieves things. Things which the person who consistently says 'I can't, you can't, it's impossible, chances are it won't happen, be realistic' could never ever do. Hence a 'make it happen' person, well, makes it happen. That's my belief. And hey, whatever I believe will be true for me, right?! ...


 In decades to come, this might be a fact of life used to treat symptoms, rather than be regarded by some as simply airy-fairy stuff. Yes, the placebo effect taps into the body's own natural pharmacy. Bad news for drug companies. Sure, you have to think they're real. But - imagine if one day Hypnosis was the technique used to produce interleukins in the brain to treat cancer patients, instead of scary chemotherapy with all its side effects. The brain is indeed a wonderful thing.


If you're curious, google this topic for more amazing articles on the topic you're interested in. And watch this prog on catch up. Click here to see it on i-Player – fast before it’s removed!

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Week 3 of 18 – Our Break the Habit Challenge Continues.

Fab ‘Break the Habit’ success stories. Aspartame the Dodgy Sweetener. And a valentine’s treat – or two!

This week I’ve been mainly –

-          not eating till 6 on the hunger scale,

-          choosing what my body really wants (not my brain),

-          stopping when satisfied, and

-          giving my meal full attention.

Yes, that’s the freedom eating credo, as fully explained in Till the Fat Lady Slims. This week, from 18th-21st Feb, I’ll be uploading a little freebie basic beginners outline to what Food Freedom is all about, the principles around which my semi-autobiographical weight loss book is based. So watch out for it! Click here to see more. (link being enabled shortly) More news Monday.

And so far I think I’ve dropped another couple of pounds, but am not weighing myself. Debbie Sinclair Bunn who’s taken to Freedom Eating big time, and even went as far as to throw her scales in the bin! Attagirl! Do it if they decide whether you have a good or a bad day – don’t let an inanimate object decide whether you will have a good or a bad day!

Meanwhile, on the facebook site there’ve been some lovely success stories including this one, from Nicola Brigden. It warms the cockles of my heart to read words like these. Thank you Nicola, and do keep it up ladies!

“So last night I spent 1/2 hour reading TTFLS and the first wee lightbulb has gone off in this daft head of mine! Had my dinner and brain said 'get weight watchers choc roll'; hang on a min brain, tum do u want it - not at the mo, happy with chicken dinner - OK will check with you in 15 mins 
15 mins later - tum do you want anything - not at the mo. It was a bit later that my tum started to say it needed something - after discussion/listening we agreed on a glass of milk 
Looking forward to another 1/2 hour with the book tonight ......
Oh, and thanks again to the Ladies who were generous with their encouragement yesterday - I am now in happy place and 1/2 lb loss is GOOD.”

Great post, Nicola! And of course our closed sister group, for those most initimate shares and precious ‘before pics’, is also growing in number with over 200 posts last week alone. Am sooooo proud of our girls on there, and their stickability and enthusiasm and support for others. Do come join us, it’s never too late! And if you’ve got a ShareStory you’d like to feature on here, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the links to the groups are at the bottom of this piece.



Specially for Friday’s Valentine’s Day, I’m setting up two freebies –

-          Valentine’s Surprise – originally written for QVC readers – is going to be free on Amazon from Saturday 15th till Wednesday 19th February. It’s the short story of finding your Sir Galahad, no matter what age you are it’s never too late! If you’ve read it and loved it, I would really appreciate your kind review on amazon or goodreads! Click here to find it on amazon – free from Saturday.

-          Plus the new steamy chapter – Hawaiian Escape Extra – Helen and Allesandro in Tuscany – is going to be available as a free download from my website too! You just have to sign up for the regular newsletter on my home page to hear how to get it.



Did you know there have been more reports to the FDA about aspartame reactions (also known by other sweetener names, full info in article) than all the other food additives put together? I was quite amazed to hear some of the stories posted on facebook this week, when I shared the link to Dr Mercola’s article which includes lots of useful links including to scientific studies. Many said they had reactions that needed a docs appointment and they all went away once aspartame had been identified. Go here to read the article – it makes for sobering reading to any diet drink fanatics.



-          Cancer cells gobble up fructose, scientific study finds – read more here. Another reason to AVOID! It’s as featured in the brilliant 15 minute video about Is Sugar Toxic, from the excellent US News show Sixty Minutes – worth a watch.

-          Fab mums on the run website – thanks to Anna Tidmarsh on facebook who recommended their ‘pramtastic’ sessions – could be happening near you if you’re a new mum – great way to meet new people close by. Click here to find out more.


Don’t forget if you’re a facebook member of Back to You QVC Group or of the closed group Break the Habit BTU, to give us your Monday update on facebook!

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If you’d like to join in on my own Break the Habit Challenge, it’s here.

And for more info about Freedom Eating, for Till the Fat Lady Slims book – click here for Amazon.

Next Friday I’ll be taking a week’s annual leave, and determined to be really precise about my body’s needs, during a trip to stay with a pal, and a trip to Champney’s Health Spa. Will be my time – and I will be doing TONS of writing! Yay!

Best wishes to you all and whatever your challenge, here’s to a happy healthy, successful week ahead!




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Final show of the series! What have you enjoyed most? And Kim from Kim&Co gives hints and tips about dressing right.

It’s gone so fast, hasn’t it? January? Already we’re at the final show, this Monday night at 9pm on QVC UK. I do hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been doing and whilst it hasn’t always been possible to schedule purely New Year New You items, we’ve done our best to tie it in!



Since this week’s theme is health and beauty, I thought I’d mention Kim’s range, since in the promo, most of the clothes I wear are from Kim & Co! Kim’s clothes also fill much of my QVC wardrobe space too, as I found out recently when I had the ‘samples police’ (!) in the dressing room checking out what I’ve still got! Seriously, I buy a lot – ‘cos it’s comfortable elegance. So I asked Kim for a message for this blog. She said –

Hi Debbie, A great fit and fabric will allow all of us to be better people e.g. kinder to ourselves and others, more attentive, compassionate, focused, relaxed, confident, etc… Why? When you are not concentrating on how your clothes are fitting and feeling you are free to be the best you can be…Let the beauty of you shine through.’

Lovely words from one of our Queens of Fashion, who returns for a Today’s Special Value on 10th February – can’t wait! And over on my QVC UK blog, (see blog tab at top) this week’s latest blog (Friday 24th) has a fabulous competition, including a prize to win £75 outfit direct from Kim & Co that suits your shape. Go to the blog to see how to enter.



I don’t know about you, but I spent much of my youth bemoaning aspects of my shape – bum too big, boobs too small, wobbly bits all over. I met a body builder once, who said to me ‘Debbie, work with me and I could give you the body you had when you were 20.’ I said to him ‘I don’t want the body I had when I was 20!’ lol. My best shape was around 2000, when that pic was taken of my abs.

Well, my routine consisted of going to the gym four or five mornings a week, so no wonder! And eating right. We’ve had a lot about eating right haven’t we, over this last four weeks. Well assuming you’ve been reading all the hints and tips, links and info (read back over the past three blogs if not) you’ll at least know what to do, even if you don’t do what you know. We all have set-backs, none of us are perfect all the time (well most of us aren’t, including me.)

But the difference nowadays is that I feel more at home with a body that I know I can help with certain tricks that make the best of my shape.

-          Shapewear – I know I joked about this in my romance novel, but it truly is one of the most wonderful inventions ever. And what’s more, wearing it could help you feel like you’re a few pounds slimmer – which might spur you on somewhat, even if you’re having a ‘fat day’ or a slip up. Choose the right ones tho – I recommend several that we do including ‘slim n lift aire’ long shorts with lace trim.

-          Empire line – OMG if only I’d known about Empire Line years ago! Goodbye horrible t-shirts and long skirts and yukky suits. My shape – hour glass – or hour glass in one of those comedy hall of mirrors from a fairground, ie a bit shorter and rounder! – suits a silhouette that goes in at the ribcage, NOT at the waist. Like the dress I wore at the  Beauty Bash this week, 120226. Or my Mother of the Groom dress by Antthony Designs,106613.

-          Draping tunics and shark bite hems – Yong Kim, Kim and Co, Antthony, Together fashions, Renee, Lenny, so many of them are so fantastic, and cover the tushy and hips and make you feel feminine and flattered. Fabulous! All over leggings or jeggings, tucked into boots or Emu’s – long Bibi Bijoux jewellery or Honora Pearls – sorted! Or even some good fitting jeans – Diane Gilman stretch fit are fab.

-          And of course getting those curvier bits more tones with the exercise gadgets we’ve been discussing! Bodyblade or Leg Master if you can’t stretch to a pilates machine are my recommendations.



And if you’ve been doing well with the weight loss, or even if you haven’t, how much have you lost? Measured in these wild and wacky equivalents?!


Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed these’ weekly updates! I will keep adding little extras as and when they appear, and come back in February for the first of my new MONTHLY updates and a super eating challenge you might want to join me for!

Best wishes





Or take a look at my novels on Amazon f you think a nice read might pleasantly distract you!

Hawaiian Affair Steamy or Hawaiian Affair PG versions are both available on Amazon in either eBook or paperback.

Hawaiian Escape, the prequel is also available on Amazon in eBook or paperback.

Till the Fat Lady Slims is my 2002 weight loss book all about eating like slim people do, following Food Freedom technique.

The Valentine’s Surprise is a short story proving it’s never too late to find your Sir Galahad!

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Join us on our facebook group – Back To You QVC

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Hi all! Got to say the first Back to You last Monday night received some fab reactions from you and the members of the Facebook group 'Back to You QVC'. (Just click on the blue bits to read more!) Plus if you missed it, Monday’s show (3rd) can be watched here.

Have had some wonderful sharing messages, making it obvious how many people are loving having this support system. Here are a couple of them (details tweaked to provide anonymity where necessary) –

thank you for starting BACK TO YOU QVC it's good to see that you are not the only one with problems, I lost my hubby in June I had been with him since I was 14 years old and we had been married for 44 years he was only 64 so I love being able to talk to all the girls as I sit here at night by myself and just comfort eat I was in a rut but I feel that this is starting to help me so thank you again looking forward to next Monday.”  - Facebooker 1 on direct message.

“Thanks so much for all this really interesting and helpful info.
I read about Till the Fat Lady Slims on Debbie's QVC blog last summer and I bought the kindle version, read it from cover to cover, it was brill and helped me not to overeat on holiday, I'm going to read it again. Debbie's honesty in talking about herself and food is awesome. The book really made me think about what and how much I eat and when. I've never been able to follow a diet, just too restrictive for me, and the book says you don't have to strictly diet to lose weight, yeah, I know, but it's true, just read it. 
Enjoyed the show this week and hope it will continue for more than 4 weeks.”
– Mary-Rose Harris on Facebook group

Many more starting to report their weigh-in has been successful, or tips and hints for all kinds of issues. So thanks to all of you – new or previous readers – and do feel free to contribute by leaving a comment below. If it doesn’t work, (had some glitches) just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We have to exercise, full stop. Our lymph system revolves around movement (google it). And if we don’t or don’t much, then things don’t work like they should. We all know it, it’s just doing something about it, isn’t it. Well this isn’t the place to go into too much depth about why you should exercise, there’s far more online than I could ever put here.


There’s a new book I’d like to draw your attention to if you’re a bit stuck. Plus a couple of thoughts, gleaned largely from discussions on the Facebook group, that I’d like to impart. New info means new ways of thinking, right? If so, read on and maybe my enthusiasm for the Body blade (and the one minute challenge, which will happen again next week! Lol) will become clear…


This was  a post from this week – a ‘thought for the day’ if you like. For anyone with exercise devices still in the box -

“Step one, get it out and assemble it, then just play. Aim to just do a few movements of some of the different exercises - have fun with it! I think half the time we see our exercise devices as tokens of us changing, and it scares us. Or of hard work and feeling exhausted and it puts us off. So just sit on it, watch TV or just sit and read a book on it, but get used to doing something on it each day ... till the day u actually feel yourself wanting to do some reps on it - the rest will follow, if you let it. Our bodies want to move, we’re made to move so do what you can to make yourself move, even if only a little. It's all about going in the right direction, and baby steps is better than no steps.“




We know we should relax, don’t we? Who does it well enough, regularly enough? Not me. I am aiming to get back to doing my daily meditation as I know I breathe more easily once I’ve done my twenty minutes escape into ‘the gap’ as they call it. There are some wonderful videos on meditation on Youtube – lovely music and everything. Just search ‘meditation’ and see what comes up. Pick one you like, switch your mind off, focus on your breathing, and sit still without thinking about stuff. After all, 22 years ago (*gulp*) when they taught me TM (transcendental meditation) it was either that or I’d end up killing somebody. Lol. Joking, but the kids were small and money was tight and learning how to do it really helped my mind clear. I said when I first began to do it daily, that it felt like a huge difference - you walk around your whole life with a motorbike helmet on your head, and doing TM felt like someone had cut a big hole in the top of it and let in the sunlight and fresh air, my brain loved it so much!

One of the hardest things was sitting still and making my mind still too. There are lots of different methods but the one I use has a mantra – a single word that means nothing – which I say over and over and it helps to make my brain calmer. Then of course after a while, you find yourself thinking a thought. But they said that if you realise you’re thinking a thought, all you have to do is bring your mind back to repeating the mantra over and over quietly again in your head till the next one comes along. Of course TM’s not the only method. See above to find some – often they’re called ‘guided meditation’ too. Try one to find one you like or seek advice from an expert or practitioner. But I do find when I’m reading up on all this stuff that if stress is at the heart of a lot of our woes, then meditation helps cut stress and gets mentioned a huge amount. So it’s worth a try. Am sure Hay House will have some meditation products if you’re not sure where to begin.



Sometimes we don’t help ourselves though, if our whole lives are filled with reminders of a long, long ‘to do’ list, prompted by clutter everywhere we look. So often a good ‘de-clutter’ could help feel like it’s truly a new start! Someone I know de-cluttered her husband out of her life too, but we don’t have to go quite that far! Although they do say that getting rid of toxic people can also free you up to achieve your goals but that’s another topic all together! Lol. This week, I had some tips on having a clear out – do a ‘trial separation’ and see what happens after a year. Doesn’t feel quite so bad! I’m talking about bags of clothes or shoes etc, but works just as well with a husband… Joking.

Wayne Dyer is one of my absolute faves, bit of a guru of mine as you’ll know if you read his books I recommended last week! Well, Hay House, his publishers, do a regular newsletter that’s quite interesting and worth a read. This week they sent round an email with his tips on de-cluttering. Give it a go! Read more here and comment below if you’ve had one recently and it’s really made a difference.

This was my lounge before Christmas, but happily by the time everyone arrived, it was clear and clean and sorted out! Phew!

I did a massive de-clutter with my lovely Lauren, of all the stuff that’s been in my biggest bedroom for about five years - it used to be her room. We filled eight bin bags of charity stuff and four of recycling paper etc and four she took home. Seriously! Now I have empty corners in that room. Soon be filled I’m sure, but whilst the empty corners are there, it feels curiously freeing! So give yourself a thorough de-clutter, especially if you need to distract yourself from feeling down, or from eating rubbish, or just because.



On this week’s RiWiSi page, you’ll see a feature all about how reading a gripping novel causes biological changes in the brain which last for days as the mind is transported into the body of the protagonist. So choose your fiction carefully! I loved what some people said about how they felt after reading my two novels, Hawaiian Escape and the steamy follow-up, Hawaiian Affair – truly ‘feelgood’ endings – in more ways than one, now we have this new science, eh? That was the plan when I wrote them anyway.

Well knowing how we feel when we watch certain programmes, I think the same is probably true of losing yourself in TV or film too. Therefore, fill your mind up with useful info and give yourself new thoughts to consider, breaking the patterns you may have gotten into over the months or years of being stuck.

Deepak Chopra says ‘we have 60,000 thoughts every day, and 95% of them are the same as yesterday.’ Scary eh? Means that if you can inject some innovation or change into what you’re thinking on a daily basis, your whole outlook may ultimately change too.

So here are some ideas to help!



And of course stress and low self-esteem is at the heart of a lot of the reasons why many of us comfort eat in the first place. My book Till the Fat Lady Slims is my 2002 weight loss book all about eating like slim people do, following Food Freedom technique, and has a big section about comfort eating – or avoiding it – or at least preventing the bingeing.

But one of the top advisors in the world is Louise Hay. Her books have helped so many. This one looks like it could be another of those titles which help tweak the way you think about the world. Do give it a go!

Read more here about Twelve Ways you Can Love Yourself Now – it’s a nice little article and not too long.



This appeared a couple of times on the facebook group this week - thanks to sis Linda Bignell and also Suzanne Way for the heads-up. Now on Channel 4 catch up TV - 4OD (if your tablet doesnt have flash you just need to download the app). Have a watch, apparently there's some scary stuff on here which may help your mindset stop straying from the straight and narrow! Watch Food Undressed - diet special - here - soon!




And finally a fabulous one for Deepak fans, or people wishing to get to the bottom of all the comfort eating for good – ‘What are you Hungry for’ – a wonderful book recommendation for you to help get to the bottom of why you do what you do – in the hope that this info will help you stop doing it! Seems obvious, some of it. But then if it’s obvious, why don’t we do it? If it’s all in the psychology, it’s worth investigating this clever book from one of the best. Try it and tell me what you think.



We’ll be discussing making healthy smoothies, soups and dips etc with the Ninja Today’s Special Value (hope there’s some left!). Plus problem eyelashes and breath. Then as last week, your chance to join in with the One Minute Challenge – just get ready with some form of exercise and join in! All the info on how to, will be on the screen during the show so do take part if you can! More on the QVC Blog too.


NEXT WEEK – focussing on your appearance with a comp to win a Mally cosmetics bundle TSV (on air on 18th) and how to make a difference to how you feel based on what you look like.

See you on air!

Best wishes



KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME! Or take a look at my novels on Amazon f you think a nice read might pleasantly distract you!

Hawaiian Affair Steamy or Hawaiian Affair PG versions are both available on Amazon in either eBook or paperback.

Hawaiian Escape, the prequel is also available on Amazon in eBook or paperback.

Till the Fat Lady Slims is my 2002 weight loss book all about eating like slim people do, following Food Freedom technique.

The Valentine’s Surprise is a short story proving it’s never too late to find your Sir Galahad! main blog page –


Facebook group page – back to you page for other features -

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Welcome to Back to You Updates! Set up January 2014 for the original weekly QVC shows throughout that month, it's now continuing as the series returns at different times of the year, including September. Next B2U shows will be January 2015.

Come back Mondays for weekly blog updates right here.

Join the support groups on Facebook where you will find a whole network of like-minded people sharing thoughts and tips and links and success stories to keep you motivated throughout the year.

The facebook group is here, or search 'Back To You QVC' group. There's also by popular demand, a sister group, CLOSED, called 'Break the Habit BTU' plus a 'Bodyblade QVC' group.

Leave a comment below too if you like, and if you're not on Facebook.

See archive for a huge array of health-based topics, news, studies and personal stories.

One more thing - if you'd like to get my own semi-autobiographical weight-loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims, it's on Amazon the original is here - and the latest one is Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet - for all those who have asked about it and kindly posted how well you're getting on with it - I'm so glad Freedom Eating is working for many of you.  Check out the separate page above - TTFLS - for more fab testimonials, including how Chloe H lost four stone Jan - September 2014.

Good luck! And remember - don't just start as you mean to go on, keep going on once you've started!



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