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- Bringing you the lowdown on my own routine for those who asked

- Find out how exercise is the best anti-ageing pill of all, in the Monday Essay

- And hear from 3 newcomers to Till the Fat Lady Slims group amazed by TTFLS and Freedom Eating!

- plus this week’s webchats on Facebook and the full list of upcoming guests on our weekly Monday B2U slot!

So - What Does Debbie Do?

Debbie does healthy eating, supplements, a bit of exercise and a fair amount of de-stressing…

First this week, as promised a couple of weeks back, here’s what I do and generally speaking what I eat most days – or more importantly what I don’t eat. Layered over the top of it all nowadays though is the freedom to eat what I want if I really want to stray off the regime, and that freedom is ironically what keeps me sticking to it!

Food – I don’t do dairy, don’t do much meat at all, not much wheat and hardly any added sugar. I do have lots of green leafy vegetables – I do a wicked spring greens, shitake and cauliflower stir fry with toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds. Plus lots of salads. I often have the rest of last night’s dinner for breakfast (or brunch – I don’t get up till 11 most days so ‘breakfast’ doesn’t really happen in the morning!) I eat eggs sometimes and I do eat fish.

Supplements – I always – always – take high dose EPA fish oil – without fail. There’s so much online now to explain why it makes so much difference to your body – google the connection with helping with blood pressure, cholesterol, immune system, brain and depression, concentration, heart health, skin hair and nails, eyes, sleep… you get the picture? My chats over the past decade with Dr Alex Richardson the professor who did all the studies has made this a pet subject – can you tell?! Lol. Plus I take a multi-vit, CoQ10, high Vit C and Imedeen. The latter I’ve been very impressed with for collagen density improvements in my skin since January. In the summer I also take the amino acid L-Tyrosine which is a building block for melanin which helps my photo-sensitive skin.

Exercise – I do leg master (one minute a day – but to high intensity, to ‘failure,’ ie, till I can’t do it any more!) It’s making a huge difference to my hips and thighs and bum. It’s back on QVC in January. I do a dog walk (three Labradors and a grandpog spaniel!) and at bedtime a three minute yoga stretch routine. But bodyblade is the thing that’s made the most difference of all – and reading the Monday Essay below, it’s easy to see why this high intensity short burst format works so effectively. I always do the no.6 hip and thigh EVERY day. Plus the other super six when I can (see link below to last week’s blog for the video with Bruce.)

Meditation and visualisation – the mental side of well being is almost as important as everything else and TM meditation is what I try to do every day – twice a day would be ideal. Google it. There are tons of other types of meditation eg videos to talk you through it on youtube, it’s vital to get quiet regularly enough to calm the mind. Visualisation and standing guard at the door of your mind is possibly the most important thing though – and I do keep positive, put a happy spin on everything and always think everything happens for a reason. I’m never ‘having a bad day,’ I believe ‘I’m never ill,’ (and it mostly works!) and I firmly belive that ‘whatever you believe will be true for you.’ There are tons of great books to help adapt thought habits if you think you need it – Wayne Dyer (Your Erroneous Zones, Manifesting Your Destiny, Excuses Begone) Tony Robbins (Unlimited Power,) Deepak Chopra (Ageless Mind, Ageless Body) amongst others. Plus ‘one minute manager meets the monkey,’ ‘how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk,’ ‘seven secrets of successful people’ and ‘biology of belief’ are some of the pivotal life-changing books I’ve read in the last 15 years. Plus ‘Conversations with God’ trilogy helped my bereavement process over my dad’s death in ’92. And ‘The Secret’ – the book and the DVD – have been really powerful influences, and along the same lines, ‘What the Bleep… down the Rabbit Hole’ has some mind-blowing quantum physics connecting the power of focus to making things happen in your life. Every night I write a diary and end it visualising what I want to happen in my life as if it’s already here.

There – does that help!? Lol.

I will continue my ‘journey’ as they say, and in January there will be a new update incorporating the latest stories and info and inspiring testimonials so watch this space!

Another fab TTFLS update

As regulars will know, my book Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet is creating some fabulous testimonials on the facebook group of the same name – stepping out of Food Prison is the gift to your body that keeps on giving in the form of being happy not guilty, losing weight and fitting your clothes better – whilst enjoying food more than ever before.

Dianne posted this week – “This has been a good week for me. Eating the foods I like regardless of calorie content, only eating when I'm hungry and not allowing myself to be pressurised by family. I'm feeling more in control of my life. Yippee for me. 
Hope everyone is keeping in good health and doing well.”

Jennifer responded – “I agree I have had the best week for a long time food wise, eating what you want when you are hungry and stopping when satisfied is the way for me from now on. It is such a simple concept I am amazed that it has taken me this long to rediscover it. The dieting industry has a lot to answer for.”

Sharon W added – “I have only just started this and must say I do actually feel I have stepped out of the food prison - been in there many years so a bit daunting but blimey this freedom thing feels good! Onwards and upwards!”

It all makes me feel very, very proud indeed.

So get TTFLS 2 - the new one is updated with more info about freeing yourself from sugar addiction first, about how to incorporate the basic principles - the 'When' Diet - into any traditional diet - and you can discover the 'SuperSix' principles which (inspired by Bodyblade!) are defined in the clearest way I've ever written them. Plus links to more resources, some secretly posted on this website - just go to the TTFLS tab above to find out more.

The Monday Essay is all about high intensity exercise and why exercise is the best anti-ageing pill of all. Dr Michael Mosley is one of the most influential people in the past few years.

For those still asking about the Bodyblade routines, here’s the link to last week’s B2U blog with all the info on it, including about my new Trim and Tone three month challenge click here .

Other News –

-       Do you tell yourself: I deserve to eat/drink this because I've exercised/ I'm sad/ I worked hard today - The Best Ways To Lose 10 Pounds - Woman And Home online mag had a fab summary this week – it’s very sensible and comply with TTFLS almost completely!More here.


-       Alison Young – skincare during serious illness It was of course Breast Cancer Care night on QVC on Monday – tons of inspiration in a three hour show. Our beauty expert wrote a whole blog advising on which skincare products were useful in times of illness Go here for the whole blog on


-       One Magic Pill – very listenable podcast Some Texan doctors talk in a fun but informative way about their views on food as cause, food as cure. If you cana get over their accents, there’s some fab info here.


-       First hint of 'life after death' in biggest ever scientific study – in theTelegraph – it’s not exactly health, but it made me feel happy! So thought I’d include it! Lol!  click here.


See below for The Monday Essay – how it’s never too late to make exercise part of a healthy life. And then the transcripts from Monday 13th October’s Monday Webchat on Facebook – summaries from velvet voice Dominic Hill from Aurora Jewellery, and Evey Kurlander who guests for Join Clothing and Earth Spirit Footwear.

Next week – the Patrick Hoy from Quacker Factory will be on the ongoing live webchat (Mon 6th  8-9pm Back to You QVC group – see below to join.) And National Vitamin D Week!

Have a fab week!

Best wishes




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So - who do we have in the next few weeks?

- 15th – Wednesday extra! - Laura Geller again!

- 20th October - Patrick from Quacker, plus I announce who’s in my Trim & Tone three month challenge!

- 27th - Nina and Leighton Denny (nails)

- 3rd November - Bare Minerals' Lee Etherington, plus Fashion queen (tbc) Michele Hope

December 1st  - Tova is pencilled in.

Possibly Mally 

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Exercise - the best anti-ageing pill of all?

Yes really – it is. In the New Scientist this week they reported the obvious – but with scientific back up. Music to the ears of us jigging, wobbling, vibrating Bodybladers. The main story focussed on drug companies attempting to help prevent muscle loss but the byline said – just do some exercise for anti ageing benefits! As we age, the muscle fibres start to perform less well and we lose muscle mass. If you lose, eg grip, you’re more likely to fall, have accidents etc. One in three who fracture their hip die within 12 months, for instance. But muscle is also the place where the body stores amino acids, the building blocks for the body’s lifeforce, protein. So when someone with little muscle falls ill, they don’t have much in the way of reserves to call upon to help fight illness. PLUS healthy muscle consumes glucose, produced from eating our meals, so if you don’t have much muscle, you are more likely to suffer from diabetes as the body finds it hard to deal with sugars. Read the whole report here.

So how easy is it to gain muscle back? And is it ever too late?

A study last November at a London University showed it’s never too late and that even people who began regular exercise at retirement were three times more likely to become healthy agers than those who didn’t – healthy agers being defined as "those participants who survived without developing major chronic disease, depressive symptoms, physical or cognitive impairment." Wouldn’t you rather be one of those? Read more about the study here.

A Harvard-affiliated cardiologist and fitness expert says, "The fitter and more active you become, the longer you'll live and less heart disease you'll have.” Read more here, especially if you’re in your 60’s-80’s.

And the latest thinking is that High intensity interval training can be the best for swift results – as Dr Michael Mosley explains in this fascinating feature on the BBC website about how just a few minutes a week can help if it’s of the right kind. He spoke to Jamie Timmons, a professor at Loughborough University who assured him that just three minutes of HIT a week have been shown to improve the body's ability to cope with sugar surges (i.e., your metabolic fitness), and how good the heart and lungs are at getting oxygen into the body (your aerobic fitness), both important measures of your future health. Do read his experience and how little exercise made such a big difference to him. Plus it reduced the amount of calories he would eat in the 24 hours after the exercise too. The basic principle is to alternate 60-second bursts of activity with 90-second recovery periods - i.e. one minute on, 1½ minutes off, he says. Read more here. You can also watch extracts from the Horizon programme where he spoke about HIT exercise on Youtube.


In this 14 minute interview Dr Michael Mosley explains the 5:2 diet first, then sugar and why whole veg is better than smoothies, then Fast Exercise, and how short bursts work to help lose belly fat, and about his book of the same name about HIT.


So what about this Bodyblade thing then!! How about that? Isn’t it exactly what’s being described above?! What do we do on the Supersix? One minute bursts of activity! If you haven’t got one yet, join the band of people experiencing trimmer toned upper bodies and even tum and hips and thighs.


I can’t say enough about this incredible piece of equipment – do google more about HIT and its effects, and do watch the many Youtube videos about how to use it. Plus as above, see last week’s blog with links to Bruce and I demonstrating the Supersix and a whole hour’s show on QVC. Get one, and the wall chart, here.




Included the velvet voice himself, Dominic Hill from Aurora Jewellery, and Evey Kurlander who represents Join clothing and Earth Spirit footwear – see below for a transcript of their live chat!



Back to you chat EVEY KURLANDER 13/10/14

Hello, I am here and ready for you all, looking forward to chatting x

Q) Where do you get your inspirations from ? X

A) Hello Dawn, the inspiration for the Collections are from Ioannis and Ioatta, my inspiration for styling the shows is as if I would do when styling the Collections in the showroom
The preparation for the shows takes some time too, as I like to try and bring styles for you to see from the mainline Collection and to get an idea from you all when you comment on pieces that aren't on the website, but that you like eg the infamous Harems :)

Q)  I was on the train last week and i saw a lady wearing the cape panel tunic, I saw like ooowww Join Clothes


A) Dawn, I love it when out and about and I see a lady in Join Clothes :) It makes me feel very proud indeed :)

Q) when are the harems back and can you post some pics of yanis and yotta? x

A) Debs, the Harems should be back with us after October 24th x

Q) You skin & hair is in great shape ! Please share your beauty tip ?? x

A) Hmmm, Dawn, thank you for your compliments. I trained as a Beautician and so skincare has always been important to me, and I cleanse and care for my skin day and night... Hair is a different matter, am very curly, and so I do have it blow dried and I love Percy and Reed products and use a mask weekly to protect my hair.

Q) Hi Evey. Love the range
A) Hello Andie, happy to hear from you and thrilled that you like Join Clothes.. What do you love in particular ?

A) The tunic tops.

Q) Hello Evey, all of the tops look so easy to wear.  They look great on screen. Im just a bit worried that they don't look so great on me (benefit of QVC MBG),  I must admit I have high hopes for my purchases once they arrive.  Shows over the last few days have been fab.  Well done Evey. xI'm not tall and elegant!!!  LOL

A) You don't have to be tall to be elegant, and when you put on a piece of Join Clothes, you will feel GORGEOUS

Q) Hi Evey you commented on my pic on I'm a QVC queen. I am the lady who was in hospital with diverticulitis. You said you did Hot Yoga, I had never heard of this so I looked it up. Definitely going to give it a whirl. Your shows are fab and you look great. xxx

A) Thank you Monica, and hoping that you are feeling well now, I myst say that you look absoloutely lovely :)

Q) One of the models, Goody I think she is called, looks stunning in Join Clothes.  Like Dianne above, I'm not tall and elegant either - I'm short and dumpy LOL

A) Mari, Ioatta always looks elegant and stylish and she is not tall... Anne Dawson and Kathy look fab too, so we try to cater for different heights and sizes :)

Q) Evey - talk about your background and how you got into doing what you now do - you're a very spiritual person too, right?

A) I have always loved Fashion, but was very shy growing up. When I was asked to be a Guest on the show i literally Freaked !!!!!!!But, I was also just coming out of a divorce and decided that I would face my fears and new challenges, and I found that once I pass the first two minutes of the show, I am very comfortable and can talk for England !!! The easiest part is talking about the clothes and I am passionate about the Collection too xIn terms of spirituality, I am Jewish and it is not part of my religion to believe in past lives, spirit and a higher energy as such, but I am very much drawn to mediumship, and I sat in a circle developing my mediumship which I very much enjoy too... I have lots of Crystals too, and find that different crystals are incredibly comforting and balancing too :)Nowadays, I can only work with like minded people, and if I feel drawn to certain people or work, it is normally because I am meant to connect up with them, and have something to learn from them too :)

Q) Do you think you will take this forward and explore further?

A) Yes, I do think so Dianne, but I believe that it has to be at the right time too. I am lucky to have lots of messages through dreams and find them a useful tool too :)

Q) I agree about crystals Evey - they can be very comforting. X

A) I love Crystals, I always kept one in my Bra, a pink one for love, Rose Quartz, but had to remember to take it out too as could fall out at inappropriate moments !!!!

Q) evey - how do you retain your slim shape? have you ever had a weight problem? x

A) Weight is a sore point, as I am an emotional eater and have a bad sugar addiction. I have to be mindful because of the Diverticulitis, but I used to be a lot heavier before my first marriage when I was 19, then I lost a couple of stone, and when I got divorced I lost a lot more too. Since becoming engaged, I have put on weight, but I do have to watch it x
I have been to Athens in Greece when I first met Ioannis, and he introduced me to Haloumi Cheese, and I have loved it ever since :) Ioatta fed me lots of yummy food, and although I do not speak Greek, and Ioatta only speaks a little English, we communicate with cuddles :)

Q) evey what sort of books and films do you enjoy x

A) I love Criminology, and I would have loved to have been a Private Detective !!! I read James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell and also love Brian Weiss's books. I have a little bedside book called The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, and one of my fave books is Tuesdays with Morrie
Films, I am a hopeless romantic Debbie, and I loved The Time Traveller's Wife, and I also love thrillers too. I saw Gone Girl on the weekend, but that did unnerve me :(

We are back with Join Clothes November, the first weekend, and Earth Spirit October 30th x



Back to you chat DOMINIC HILL – AURORA - 13/10/14


Q) Hello Dominic!!! Welcome to our wacky weekly chats! You have persuaded me to buy a few pieces of Aurora and I could not be more pleased! I especially love the warm tones of precious metals, like the rose gold married to the rose and amethyst crystals! Any new designs coming with those combinations?

A) So Jill: YES plenty of that lovely colour combination, a favourite of mine and rose gold very on trend at the moment

Q) Get ready..1. How old were you when your voice broke ? 2. Are you married ? 3. What's your shoe size ?  lol...that's what all the ladies want to know.

A) Sue: you naughty minx! Ok I'm game: voice dropped at 12, overnight literally!! No I'm not married, I'm single, and my shoe size is 11!!! Happy? :)

Q) Only joking Dominic, can you tell me have you ever designed a piece yourself ?

A) Sue: yes I have designed probably over 30% of the collection, particularly early on

Q) Hello Dominic x Have you ever been approached by a Celebrity for you to design a piece for them ? X

A) Dawn: the parent company of Aurora - where I was commercial director - collaborated with Giles Deacon, Alesha Dixon, Lily Allen, Agent Provocateur and a few others not coming to mind So yes we have worked with celebrities - but to be honest that type of jewellery doesn't excite me: I'm excited by pure jewellery designs. Some of my closest friends are very talented designers and I see some incredible work

Q) What do you like to do in your spare time ? x

A) Dawn: I am a bit of a driven character so I get up to quite a lot: I used to have a record label as a hobby, over the last three years I have been making a documentary film on a pro-Bono basis, and this will premiere at BFI Southbank on World Cancer day In February I love to dance, and music is very important to me But mostly I enjoy having my close friends over for long dinner parties! :) im sure we are all familiar with that one

Q) Hi Dominic, I love you and aurora and have 20 pieces now, I can't resist, I especially like your friendship bracelets. Will you have a TSV before christmas. See you at 5pm tomorrow. Xx.

Published in Back to You






OCT 2014 BLOG -

Wow what an intense final Bodyblade hour Bruce and I had on Saturday afternoon on QVC! So many thousands are now loving it, using it to tone and get their trim shoulders, back, waist and arms back. Makes me very proud. Anyway it was the final bodyblade show of the year – so here’s the link so you can watch the full hour.

To see the whole one hour Bodyblade show, go here.


By request – the Supersix – in one video

Plus the six minute Supersix challenge – so you can do it at home alongside Bruce and me - and Tiffany! She shows how to do it sitting down. See this clip of just the six minute Bodyblade challenge - and keep using it as your fitness buddy!

To see the Bodyblade supersix full workout – go here.

 Bruce is back in January – but don’t forget the Bodyblade QVC Facebook group which will keep you going till then – come join us, info below. 

New Oct-Dec Trim and Tone Challenge

Well now the September weekly Back to You show has ended on QVC, what do we do now?! A lot of people have asked me how I’ve been doing it, getting trim and as you regulars will know, in large part it’s been – of course – Freedom Eating via my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, Till the Fat Lady Slims (see below.) Plus the exercise that centers around Bodyblade amongst others.

Well, in the run up to the next series for New Year New You in January, how would you fancy keeping it all going? How? With the new ‘tone up and lose weight’ three month challenge. From October to December inclusive, keep up the hard work you’ve grown accustomed to - via the weekly Back to You shows and the one minute challenge - keep going with the healthy living. Keep going with the Till the Fat Lady Slims book and Freedom Eating – see below for how to get the new ‘TTFLS 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet – which includes more about my routine. But still people requested more info.

So, I’ve been writing the new TTFLS update for a special hardback collectors’ edition for gifting, and I’m aiming to bring it to you next year. And part of it is basically what I do.

So many people asked, I thought, why not? So I’ve written down my own routine in depth, including what supplements I take, what macrobiotic daily things I take like miso soup, plus an outline of how to get started on Freedom Eating, for beginners.

Guess what I’ve called it?

The ‘D.F. Plan’ Diet! Haha!

If you’d like to take part, it’ll be mainly on Facebook, but if you can email me your own updates you can also take part.

I’d like you to email me as below, to register to take part in the challenge. This is a serious quest to get your body and your health sorted – what you dream of – it all starts here. So put yourself out to email me the information as below.

How to register

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Answer these questions -
1. Two paragraphs on your current situation (age, height, weight, or dress size,) plus dieting history and lifestyle (job, family to look after, health). 
2. What type of dieter are u? Follow a plan to the letter? Or just can’t diet? When things have worked, what’s made them work and say how long it’s lasted.
3. A pic please - a before - and be prepared to give me an after at some point.

You should be prepared to do some exercise or movement or whatever you are capable of. 
And if you can, prepare to join a Facebook weekly webchat (our equivalent of a slimming meeting) on Till the Fat Lady Slims private group. And finally, prepare to be honest – commit to giving a weekly or fortnightly update from you – an honest one. I'm learning from u guys here too! 

So - email the above. By Monday 13th if poss. Lucky for some!!


TTFLS 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet

As the paperback becomes available on Amazon (click here for paperback) - as well as the eBook (click here) - here’s another new testimonial from Jennifer Gordon Cairns on the TTFLS facebook group –

I have been overweight for most of my adult life and I am now 66, I have tried every diet but only ended up putting on even more weight. After reading this book I now feel totally liberated I am only on my second day and I do find it hard not to continue counting calories but I am sure that will come. There was left over cheesecake in the fridge tonight and I meant to have a slice but after eating my main course (of which I left some) I no longer needed to have desert so fed it all to my husband. He is one of the thin people who can take or leave food and cannot understand why anyone would eat when they are not hungry. I skipped breakfast today but fancied cheese on toast about noon and had and enjoyed that with no guilty feelings. Looking forward to day 3 of my new regime.”

I will never cease being proud when I read our ladies’ stories. What would yours be? Buy the book and just give it a go – you never know if this time, it will work.



The Monday Essay is all about how belief affects your biology – you could be literally thinking yourself fat, or thinking yourself a success…


Other News –

-       Trust your gut – Gwynnie’s Goop website is always worth a read. Find out why they tell you to trust your body more – just like I discuss in Freedom Eating actually! More here.


-       New Study backs Omega 3 EPA to prevent depression – interesting – and singing off the same song sheet as me! More here.


-       Why diet sodas are the worst – don’t be fooled – read this to be more informed – click here.


See below for 

- The Monday Essay – how the power of belief can genuinely affect your biology – your ability to combat illness – your fighting power. Your willpower to stick to a diet…

- And then the transcripts from Monday 6th’s Webchat on facebook - summaries from Doris Dalton from Doll 10 Cosmetics and lovely Justine Balmer from G-Tech, who is also a professional singer!

Next week – the first comments from participants in the Oct-Dec 'trim and tone DF Plan! 

Have a fab week!

Best wishes



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- 13th October - Dominic from Aurora Swarovski jewellery (that'll be a popular one for those who love his voice! haha!) and possibly Laura Geller again!

- 20th October - Patrick from Quacker

- 27th - tbc - Nina and Leighton Denny (nails)

- 3rd November - Bare Minerals' Lee

December - possibly Tova and Mally 

TBC - Julie from Peony, Michele Hope, Simon Wilson and many more! Once you're a member you will see all the previous ones, and you can also look at my archive blogs, to the left on this page, for previous Q&A with lovely guests! Enjoy!

Archive incudes – Q&A with Renee Greenstein (Fashions,) and Fiona Decleor; Laura Geller, Marie-Francoise from Kipling and Keeley from Elemis, Antthony (Fashions,) Tom from Alpha H, Alexis from L’Occitane, Gill Gauntlett, Susie Adams (Northern nights) Lee Hohbein (IT), Mat Trim (IT), Judith Williams, QVC presenters Alison Keenan, Craig Rowe, Will Gowing, Catherine Huntley, Marverine and many more! A summary of their chats can be found to the left on the archive of this blog.

  • -  And now the new ‘BodyBlade QVC’ group for lovers of Bruce Hymanson and his brilliant device to keep you fitter and more toned in a few minutes a day using HIIT training. The support is fab and the Q&A is great so if you’re stuck or need some inspiration go here and ping an invite.


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The Monday Essay – The Power of Belief

It’s not just a happy clappy issue, ‘belief’ really does change your biology. Don’t believe me, just listen to Dr Bruce Lipton’s explanation about how the power of perception can actually control your body’s biology. Including - ‘did you know a schizophrenic can have blue eyes in one personality then they change to brown in another? That they can be allergic to cats in one, and play happily in another?’ I know, riiight?! Don’t miss it.

Bruce Lipton’s audio book is so interesting, it’s one of those I’ve listened to over and over again.

One of the most fascinating sections concerns how children learn and how behaviours and beliefs are committed straight into our subconscious when we are young – really young. He describes how toddlers up to 6 generally are in brain wave patterns similar to a hypnotic state in adults. If they say they are on a horse fighting a dragon, they really are, in their minds.

In the same way, if someone keeps telling a little child they are ‘not good enough’ and don’t deserve a treat, that’s the self-belief they will carry with them their whole life, as 95% of what we do is governed by the sub-conscious, and therefore by our tribe and their habits, rules and expectations. Such amazing info.

Why? Because if you can’t lose weight, you may have self-confidence issues, and at the heart of them may be stuff you heard growing up. Now the subconscious is like a tape player – there’s nobody in there, so talking to it, or ‘discovering the reasons why’ you are like you are, just doesn’t change anything. Utterly fascinating, especially if you really want to stop self-sabotaging with your own weight loss, for instance.

Learning to love yourself really is the greatest love of all.

Go here to get the audio book or The Biology of Belief in other formats – so worthwhile investigating if you have a penchant, like I do, for science.



Included the fabulous DIVA Doris Dalton from Doll 10 cosmetics as well as Justine Balmer the G-Tech guest and professional singer – see below for a transcript of their live chat!

Back To You QVC live webchat – DORIS 6th October 2014

Back to you live chat Doris Dalton

Q) Jill Dowding-Walker
Hi Doris - I think you look marvellous! A real testament to your wonderful range. I have heavy pigmentation and de-pigmentation as well as lots of redness and broken capillaries. Which would be better for me - your concealer, your foundation, or both?

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Jill Dowding-Walker I know the feeling all too well... Redness is always a toughie. However, I would tell you to start with Conceal it. It covers my redness and freckling beautifully. Its oil free as well. When you put any foundation or concealer on particularly with redness, you must use a technique called stippling. Don’t swirl it around on your face. Stippling means a light tapping on to the skin. You will use less make up and it won’t appear so heavy. Try that... if you need more info on how to stipple, then let me know. I would be more than happy to explain it further... xoxooxoxDoris Dalton
Hi Jill Dowding-Walker I would definitely start with Conceal it. It has a very high coverage, but it is light weight. That is what I use ion my tough areas... I love the foundation as well, but it sounds like you are looking for super coverage... that is what you will get with Conceal it... When you get it home, make sure you start with a very light amount and stipple. Please don't swirl it around, you will get better results with a stippling application... Hope that helps... Please let me know... xooxox

Q) Debbie Flint
Doris its deb presenter! I have a show with u in a few weeks! Just wanted to say your BB drops are fab! And eye shadows v easy to blend! Love being on with u! Enjoy tonight and welcome to our web chat!! X

A) Doris Dalton
HI Debs... I am here... I am so excited to chat with everyone tonight and more excited for our show together. All of our holiday items will be in for the shows... xoxoxo

Q) Sue Poole
Hi Doris, I just received your concealer and foundation. They are both brilliant. I'm in my early 50's and still have oily t- zone. The concealer covers without being heavy. I can even use on its own. Foundation is perfect as its water base. I'm very impressed with them both. Oh and your lipstick and gloss set which I got at the same time are lovely. Thank you

A) Doris Dalton
I so love that you guys love the Conceal it... I have the worst redness and freckles. I needed to make something that would cover my face without looking like a mask... It is music to my ears when I know you love it...Thank you so much... Sounds like you are an official Doll!!!! I love it. I would love if you sent me some pics so we can post them as well... xooxoxox

Q) Debby Lisa Ross
Hi Doris, I just wondered if you will be bringing back the finishing powder with the attached Brush inside it which you used to do as I loved that and tried to get another one but it was on waitlist for ages and now I see it is not online at all. Many thanks. Xx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Debby Lisa Ross We actually have a new pressed version of the Mirage powder coming in January. Everyone hated throwing the brush away and wanted something a tad more portable... so the new one comes with a fab brush in a gorgeous compact... with just the perfect finish. I love it even better...

Q) Sharon Harvey
Doris Dalton Thank you so much for joining us today! I love your Conceal It Concealer! Firstly, the packaging is fantastic, clean and very handy and secondly the coverage is amazing! I can use it sparingly where needed on “good days" or all over when more coverage for my tired skin is needed. I find this so hydrating and breathable too! Thank you.... Looking forward to trying your brow fix next xx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Sharon Harvey thank you for the kind compliments. It brings me so much joy to know that you love the range. Brow Fix is actually one of my favourite products. Brows are the most important part of your make up routine. It brings structure back to your face. You know that I created Brow Fix 6 years ago... Hard to believe... But I had lost all of my brows... I honestly can’t believe that it’s been 6 years, I have no idea where all the time goes...I am such a huge fan of the brows... A natural brow though... xoxooxo

Q) Melissa Lane
Hi Doris, just wanted to say, I love your positivity and sense of fun. Looking forward to your next show. Xxx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Melissa Lane Thank you so much... Anytime I can laugh, make someone laugh or just have a great time is when I am the happiest... My whole family is pretty funny. Sitting around the dinner table was always my favourite time. We would laugh so hard till we got side aches. I love being positive and around positive people. I know we all have life just in general to deal with and sometimes that is plain tough enough... So if you can find that bit of light in a situation instead of all of the bad, your life is just so much better for it... xooxoxox

Q) Dawn Robinson
Hello Doris and thank you so much for joining us  I absolutely adore your products ! My favourites are the Radiance Booster, Correcting Powder & the Conceal it Concealer and your lip glosses are pure luxury. What are your favourite Doll10 products xx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Dawn Robinson YEAH...? Love that you are a Doll!!! Hmmn, as for my fav products in the line... I would have to say Conceal it and Brow Fix... I don't leave home without those two... It’s hard to pick absolute favourites because they each kind of do something different. I do love the radiance booster because it really does give you the look of a lift. I use the booster as a lip liner and that makes my lips look bigger too... I have so many new things coming for 2015 that know it is getting even harder for me to choose... My main goal is for YOU to love them. I’m sitting here smiling right now... Because it make me so happy that you do... xoxoxo

Q) Deborah Jane Bald
Hi Doris, I have watched many of your shows, but I am a Doll 10 virgin where should I start? x

A) Doris Dalton
HI Deborah Jane Bald I just love a Doll 10 virgin... First, you must tell me a bit about yourself.. What type of skin/colouring etc. also what type of coverage do you like...? Please let me know and I can guide you on where to start... xoxox

Q) Chelle Jones
Hi Doris can you advise the best eyeshadow and eyeliner colours for me I have dark brown hair and grey blue eyes and which of your products would you recommend thank you

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Chelle Jones OOOH I bet you have beautiful eyes.. I love greyish blue eyes... A general rule for me is always start with a brown eye liner. The brown colour still creates the definition without being too harsh. A great colour combo for blue eyes are typically Plums/soft toupes/browns... I actually have a pallet called Classic Couture eye shadow pallet that has all those colours in it... It works for all eye colours... But trust me on the Brown eye liner... it really works. You can check out our Aqua Gel Liners in the espresso. Also, another little trick... line the upper lid with Brown and the bottom lid with plum or a navy for blue eyes.. And watch out!!! They will be EYE-Mazing...

A) Sue Foley
Hi Doris new to the range but having just tried yr correcting power would love for a Tsv any chance of that?

A) Doris Dalton
Hello Sue Foley Oh I am so glad you picked up the CC Powder... I am in love with that... That was brand new last week. I haven't even launched that here in the US yet. I find that to create just the right balance... by itself or over top of makeup... what a fab way to be introduced to the brand... Soon you will be an official Doll... LOL... xoxxoxox

Q) Carolann Myers
Love the duel end concealer ... got one in the kit with the foundation.... had to buy another when I saw it in last clicks ... please bring it back xxxxx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Carolann Myers I will definitely talk to the buyers and make sure we have stock of it for you. I wish England wasn't so far... LOL... It just takes a bit to get things back in stock. We are working on trying to keep things so they don't run out so quickly... I promise... xoxoxxo

Q) Jules Fay
Hi Doris am new to your products - have red hair and fair skin - which of your products would work for me? Thanks

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Jules Fay I would love for you to try some of the products.. Here is just a general guide... Since I don't know what type of make up or coverage you like... Conceal it and Hydra fluid foundation drops in the fair shade are the same colour and both have a more pink undertone. If you want full coverage, then I would say try the Conceal it. If you want medium coverage that can be built to full... then I would say the foundation... I always tell anyone that askes me... If I only had 5 minutes to do my make-up... What would I put on...? It would be a quick foundation, Brows, Brown Eye liner, mascara and a great lippie... I think they are the most essential pieces....xoxo

Q) Sam-lee Taylor
Hi Doris Dalton love your range has wonderful coverage but I find with all make up it doesn't last more than two hours any tips or is there anything I could try. Have your foundation conceal it concealer and bb drops xx

A) Doris Dalton
Hi Sam-lee Taylor..... I think everyone naturally gets a bit oily in the T zone... If you are excessively oily and you are experiencing make up melt down within 2 hours, try only moisturizing your skin at night. Don't put a heavy moisturizer on in the AM... Sometimes your moisturizers compete with your foundation and this can cause "make up meltdown" have you tried BB Drops? They are clinically proven to keep your foundation on longer... That might be an option. I also personally, dust a bit of finishing powder over my foundation in the T zone area to lock it in place... Hope that helps... xoxoxoxo

A) ZOE : I wish you had sample packs Doris Dalton, :-)would love to try your eye colours, - I have another brand set but pigments quite loose and colours - although variety, don't love any, whats your views on shiny eye colours too, the set has shiny and matt? (Thanks Doris Dalton) x

Q) Zoe - hi Doris, what skincare do you use? And what do you do to relax?
A) HI Zoe Robins As for skin care, I love Dr Denese... Not sure if you have it there in the UK. .. I like Philosophy Purity as a face wash as well. I’m not a big person for relaxation... I wish I did a bit more... I do play words with friends before I go to bed at night... and watch the real house wives, but don't tell anyone... LOl

Q) Doris Dalton; what a beauty and what an inspiration... I don't wear makeup (well much!) but love watching your shows! You are hilarious too! I did ask last week for the guest’s guilty pleasures but no one was that forthcoming... Imagine you have a few Doris?! Xx

A) Hi Michael James Hamlyn You are a Doll!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments...You are the Best... I love to have fun with the shows... It’s make up and it should be fun... (I do love to laugh though...) xoxoxoxxoHey Michael James Hamlyn Now... You know... No one is going to tell you what their real guilty pleasures are... but I can tell I love stick toffee Pudding... I love to eat and try new Great food...

Q) Would love to try the foundation next Doris any idea when the medium will be back in stock
A) Hi Sue Foley the medium foundation is shipping in a week. I am back November 1st... You can put your name in for wait list and you get it before it goes to air... Hope that helps... xoxoxoxo

Q) Hi Doris, I love your eye shadow compact and lipsticks. I am hoping for a doll10 TSV in the future. Is there anything in the pipeline? Please say yes!! I think you are an inspiration, and love watching your shows. Please stay longer next time. Xx

A) Hi Nicki Bailey Thank you so much!!!! I would love to bring a TSV for you guys. We are working with the buyers to create a fab one... I don't think it will be till Fall though... I would stay as long as I could... I love the UK... PS... Your accents are just the best ever!!!! I could listen to it all day xoxox

Thank you all my lovely Dolls... I so loved chatting with all of you... Please excuse all my spelling errors... and my slow typing... But thank you all for your awesome questions... I loved every single minute of it and am honoured by all of your wonderful comments... xx


Back To You QVC live webchat – JUSTINE 6th October 2014

Q) Does GTECH do a carpet washer?

A) Jill Dowding-Walker - I'm afraid GTECH don't do carpet washers - I use Vex for that!!

Q) Love GTECH.  I have two of their products.  When I had a problem with a brush head a very nice lady called Jill help me.  Really professional company.  Both items were TSV'S from Q.

A) Sue Stewart so glad you love GTECH - which products do you have?  I can't live without my AirRam and Multi (cordless vacuum and handheld cordless vacuum)

Q) I got the GTECH on the last TSV but having changed the filter for washing found them quite difficult to fit, also there was no lavender smell with the original ones.

A) Trudi Lee - I'm sorry to hear that, the filters are a tight fit, they are meant to be, it makes them more efficient.  The lavender scent gets stronger when the vacuum is in use as the filters heat up

Q) Hello Justine and thank you so much for joining us can I just say your voice is absolutely beautiful

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Bodyblade Bruce's two minute challenge goes awry!

- Find out The Egoscue Method for helping deal with chronic pain in the Monday Essay

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Final Back to You QVC Show

It was a fabulous run of four shows on Mondays in September and I hope to bring this clever well being series to you again in January. That's the plan anyway - and there's a little bird discussing with me the option of selling on QVC the hardback version of 'Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet - collectors' edition at some stage. That'd be nice! I will post the full show video clip here soon.

Bruce did his best, bless him, to explain about our favourite exercise device in the couple of minutes allocated to it during this final show - then we attempted a supersix workout summary live, with Bruce on the phone from America - how funny was it, given the time lag! If you missed it I will post the link!

Bruce’s bodyblade two minute challenge mix up! Lol!

If you also missed the VT’s of vox pops (videos of interviews with people on the street – ‘da da dee da deet’ ) I’m going to post them on this Friday’s QVC blog and the link will be here then. Lots of different views about what people do to get Back to You on different topics! It was fun doing them. And if you feel really strongly that you’d love this series back on QVC, do email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let them know your thoughts!

Thanks everyone for joining in and making it so worthwhile – I may not say it often, but it really matters to me that so many of you are finding what I do such a help and being inspired. It’s my absolute pleasure and long may it continue!.

Ps - the winner of the big September competition was Cathy Richardson from Kent who said

"How to get back to the 18 year old me... I'm a full-time working mum with 2 teenagers and my life revolves around making them happy with sleepovers, gadgets, cinema and football matches - ie 'mum's hotel and taxi service!' Keeping fit? I saw a sign on a school gate about badminton once a week - not a fancy sports hall or gym (where you have to ring at exactly the right time or you can't book a court - that's why i gave up years ago!) I told my friend about it and she said I'll join you. Wow, one phone call later, we are set to go and that 18 year old fitness memory is about to be real again and come back to me!" Well done Cathy! 


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Is the Lady Still Slimming?

Er, yeh! So I went to my brother Derek's wedding and met up with Chloe (my nephew Dean's girlfriend.) She and I were both a whole lot happier with the pics being taken of us - makes a change! And what a difference it makes to feel trimmer. For me, to feel less conspicuous if my arms are out, is a godsend and it's all been thanks to TTFLS and Bodyblade toning. It was lovely to look at pics and see a gap under my arms next to my ribcage where there used to be just belly - obviously the dress makes a massive contribution, but I'm definitely feeling it in my upper arms, shoulders, neck etc. Leg master's also making my hips and thighs more trim too. (And dog walking and yoga stretch help.)  

What do I do? So many people have asked me what is my routine, what supplements I take etc, that I'm going to do a whole blog about it - watch out for it coming soon - just in case you want to follow what I do. Just in case. Obviously the idea is to be free to follow what your own body says and follow your own instincts, that is if you're doing full Freedom Eating! But if you're someone who likes more structure and guidelines, it'll be available for you soon.

Meanwhile, Chloe's now lost four stone and got herself in a size 12 and this everyone at the wedding was like 'Chloe! You look fantastic! You look so slim!' Aren't they words we all wish to hear, if we've struggled with a weight problem for so long?! So get TTFLS 2 - the new one is updated with more info about freeing yourself from sugar addiction first, about how to incorporate the basic principles - the 'When' Diet - into any traditional diet. In fact, you can discover the 'SuperSix' principles which (inspired by Bodyblade!) define in the clearest way I've ever written them, how to follow Freedom Eating. Also links to more resources - including some on this website - just go to the TTFLS tab above to find out more. The link for the new book - eBook - is here (and coming soon - paperback.)

Let me know your story about Freedom eating and using Till the Fat Lady Slims as a life changer - it'd be great to get your feedback and maybe you could be one of my before and afters! x

Also below, the Monday Essay - this week it's all about The Egoscue Technique – helping people recover from all sorts of joint and body issues using small but regular exercises – like how a brace works on the teeth! Only without the brace… Or the teeth... :- )

Other News –

-       FAB Research: October event special, dealing with stress, depression and anxiety with nutrition from our favourite research organisation into Food and Behavour. More here.


-       Marlene’s magic broth -  and since it was asked about on Facebook this week, and mentioned in my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book, here’s Marlene Watson Tara’s super sweet vegetable tea, to help battle sugar cravings. And find out about how fat burning works in the body here.


-       Seven Things Healthy People Do Every Morning  - which do you do? From Mind Body Green, click here. She’s also doing a residential macrobiotic course in Glasgow in October, info on her site.


See below for The Monday Essay – how The Egoscue Method combats chronic pain! And then the transcripts from Monday  29th’s Monday Webchat on facebook - summaries from Renee Greenstein (Attitudes by Renee) and Decleor’s Fiona!

Next week – the latest testimonials from the ever growing band of happy Bodyblade and TTFLS users, and Doris from Doll 10 cosmetics takes the stage on the ongoing live webchat (Mon 6th  8-9pm Back to You QVC group – see below to join.)

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 before - 2010



Years ago I began my journey of self-discovery (self-help / motivational audiobooks etc) with the Tony Robbins ‘Personal Power’ set I got from QVC. I interviewed him in QVC US, broadcast back live to QVC UK, when he used to appear regularly on shopping telly. And followed his 30 day programme – it’s very inspirational. After that I signed up for one of the best things I’ve ever done – Life Mastery – a three seminar course, featuring seminars in Miami and also in Hawaii. At the latter, they featured many things that make a huge difference to health and it opened my eyes to ‘what I didn’t know I didn’t know,’ and now that I knew it, I had to do it. One of them was better hydration (and so began the Penta water story) and one of them was the Egoscue Technique.

Pete Egoscue is an inspirational practitioner who invented a system for making your body fix itself using small but regular positional exercises. I wish I’d kept mine up, for a slightly dipped shoulder. But it was happening just as my life turned upside down and my kids and three job changes needed more attention. But this week I saw it mentioned again in an article by one of my favourite book bloggers, Jane Friedman.

How I Recovered From 3 Years of Chronic Back Pain by Jane Friedman

She says “I was given a daily 20-minute passive stretching routine that was primarily based on the Egoscue Method. Every 2-4 weeks, I would see the therapist again so she could evaluate progress and give me a new set of exercises to help me further advance. The pain began to lessen.” She also used other resources too – it’s an interesting article. And even more so for me, since I was there fourteen years ago listening to him talk at a lecture and meeting some of his therapists.

You can listen to some of Pete Egoscue’s podcasts at

Explore his website and google what others say about him. It won’t be for everybody, but I have had first hand knowledge of people for whom it’s been a life-changer. And since that’s the kind of thing I try to introduce you to with these Monday Essays, it’s a worthy subject. If you do use it, it’s not cheap, but if it works it may be the best thing you ever do for chronic pain. Keep me informed, and good luck.

NEXT WEEK – the power of Belief and how it can actually control your body, including ‘did you know a schizophrenic can have blue eyes in one personality then they change to brown in another? That they can be allergic to cats in one, and play happily in another?’ I know, riiight?! Don’t miss it.



Included the fabulous fashionista herself, Renee Greenstein and lovely Decleor guest Fiona Brackenbury – see below for a transcript of their live chat!



Back To You live webchat - FIONA 29/9/14

Q) Hi Fiona , loving decleor . Please the best way for ageing skin ,face and neck seems to be at a standstill . Thankyou x

A)Hi Julie Hoyle, what are you using at the moment for the face and neck area? Fiona x

Q) Welcome Fiona Thank you so much for joining us. My first question is has the Decléor Harmonie Calm been discontinued ? I've been looking on QVC for it for a while now and can't seen to find it xx P.s your skin always looks amazing & your such a joy to watch x

A) Hi Dawn Robinson, QVC dont stock it sadly, even though i keep asking the buyers. i will try again for you Fiona x

Q) Fiona thank you so much for taking part this evening, I am always tempted by everything hahaha - what are your must have products?

A) Hi Sharon, thank you so much for having me my must have products are Serum Hydrotonseur the eye serum, the 2 in 1 dark circle wrinkle eraser, Micellar Oil, Micellar water and Aromessence Marjolaine. Fiona

Q) when is the next tsv ?? have I missed it ??? X

A) Hi Julie Hoyle, next TSV is the xmas TSV 8th November. Its amazing aswell Fiona

Q) what can u recommend for slackened skin round mouth after having several teeth extraction DESPERATE thank you

A) Hi Claire Louise, have you tried Gel Prolagene its brilliant, also have you tried facial and jaw excerises (although you do need to do them in the privacy of your own home as you will get strange looks) Fiona x

Q)Your skin is amazing and glowing please let us into your secret skincare routine x

A) Hi Julie Kaye, I am obsessed with skincare l love cleansing with either the Micellar Water or the oil and i am loving the New Aromessence Marjolaine. I think my secret is "you only have one skin" i told the carphone warehouse team this when i was on Mary Portas Queen of shops. They said they sell phones with 18 month contracts its more complicated and difficult when i was teaching them customer service and i said you only have one skin and its for life. Fiona x

Q) Hi Fiona. We met in Selfridges many many years ago and you put me on the right track with my skin care xxx

A) Hi Andie Stephany, so pleased your still loving the results. Fiona x

Q) Do you use anything but Decleor?

A) Hi Zoe Robins, i try everything all
new launches from all the main brands so i can look into what they have used and see if it delivered the results. I am a product junkie. i dont necessarily stay on the products as i am wanting to see how quickly it delivers results. I am a also judge in the industry so often being sent products to try. Fiona x

Q) What would you say are you top 3 favourite Decleor products ? x

A) Hi Dawn Robinson, tricky one i would have to sayat the moment Serum Hydrotonseur, 2 in 1 Dark Circle wrinkle eraser and Micellar Oil. Although i have to say ask me next week and i will be doing something different to my skin and i will be loving the results. I constantly change my skincare rountine every month so i am ahead of my skin and it never gets bored. Fiona x

Q) Hi Fiona - love love love decleor - use foaming face wash, faves also neroli oil, prologene lift moisturiser and just discovered the neck concentrate - wow !

A) Hi Linda Ingram, wow great routine and good choices i love the hydra radiance cleansing mousse too. Fiona x

Q) Hi Fiona Brackenbury just want to say thank you for joining us tonight first of all, i value your tips & knowledge about products u have really helped me with my skin. I have a couple of questions and a request, first question i have combination skin and find that the texture on my cheeks feels uneven and can be reddish, ive tried various products but they dont seem to have made a difference or i havent used them long enough and also i seem to perspire easily over my facial area even in winter. Question 2 what do u like to do away from being at QVC and in your trainng role for Decleor? My request is can we have a kit of 400ml Alguaromes, 400ml Micellar Water, 150ml Micellar Oil, Neroil, Hydra Floral, Phytopeel & Flash Mask please... also i wud luv a facial from u and wud be more than happy to do it live on air at QVC.

A) Hi Chris Calvert, thank you so much i am loving being here i feel very honoured to have been asked. Do you take any supplements? Also strange question do you ever let your skin balance itself at night? Its just sometines your skin needs time to balance its one of the most cleverest organsin the body and we forget its can function everyday and will repair at night time so just once a month try going to bed with nothing on your skin!!!!! Fiona x

Q) What is the micellar range for what type of skin ?? Would this help me x

A) Hi Julie Hoyle, Micellar is a type of cleanser that cleanses the skin, its so clever its really deep cleanses and respects the skins fragility. It comes in a water and an oil both are brilliant. Fiona

Q) Hi Fiona, welcome. I am using prolagene gel all over as I am having rapid weight loss. Are there any other body products that would help with slackening skin? Thank you. Xxx

A) Hi Melissa Lane, i would also recommend Aromessence Sculpt under the Gel Proalgene its brilliant for firming and tightening the skin on the body. Fiona x

Q) Hi Fiona!!! I wont ask a skincare concern as you are so generous with your time on your pages you've answered countless questions for me in the past. Thanks for joining us here too!
I'd just like to know a 'non-product' beauty tip (And I'll make it harder - you cant say drinking water!) AND a guilty pleasure xxx
Thanks again xx

A) Hi Michael James Hamlyn, this may shock you ice cubes over the skin amazing!!! sleep and massaging your skin. Fiona x

The November TSv has all three Aromessence Iris, Balm Iris and Gel Prolegene. Fiona x



Back to you live web chat  - Renee Greenstein 29/9/14

Q) Hi Renee any news on a tall range yet your clothes .I'm in Spain at the moment for 11 days with only carry on!!!! Certainly works for me xx

A)  Renee Greenstein
Tracey I am working on those Talls STAY TUNED!!

Q) HI Renee Greenstein thank you for joining us for this chat! We love how you are always thinking of your Wardrobe Warriors and updating us with your travels and sharing amazing photos with us. My questions is.... How do you fit everything into such a busy life....and make it all look so Fabulous  xx

A) Sharon I thrive on multi tasking! and I love to hear from my Wardrobe Warriors all over the world!

Q) Hello Renee and thank you so much for joining us  I know im not ment to know this but my Daughter has ordered me the large printed scarf for Christmas (( with the red phone boxes )) i cant wait ! I absolutely love seeing items that stand out in the crowd and all of your beautiful garments do this xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Dawn Robinson you will certainly have a wonderful Christmas!!

Q) That's fantastic Renee! What would you say are the must have everyday essentials every woman needs in their wardrobe? x

A) Renee Greenstein
Sharon I would say every woman needs a boot cut pant, a great fitting tee shirt and great of course great shoes!

Q) Kathie Neighbour
Hello Renee I am also waiting for the tall range.
Love your dresses, can't wait to try the leggings. Xxxx

A) Kathie, the leggings are wonderful. Even my tall ladies are wearing the regular length with heels and boots!

Q) Happy new year Renee, thank you for being so lovely & bringing us fab stuff xxx

A) Renee Greenstein
Stacey Thank you so much! I love bringing beautiful things to my Wardrobe Warriors!

Q) Hi Renee love your clothes the tunics are my favourite when are you back ? Xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Linda I will be back in the UK November 5th and 6th . Cant wait to bring you my new collection!

Q) For first date what clothes do you recommend x
A) Jacqueline, on your first date, you should always look sophisticated and chic. A great pair of black leggings, a fabulous long tee shirt, a great scarf or if you have pearls.. Keep them guessing!!

Q) Hi Renee Greenstein great to see you on here - I got two of your last tsv tunics - olive and black - and the long olive/choc maxi dress - love them ! Also have several pairs of women with control trousers - most comfortable things invented x

A) Renee Greenstein
Linda great to hear from you! you sound like a real Wardrobe Warrior! I love the tunics!!

Q) Renee, what have you been working on for 2015? We are so excited! X
A) Renee Greenstein
Ahhh Stay my Facebook page as i tend to leave teases!

Q) Renee my youngest is getting married in February what do you suggest to wear I'm a young 50 6ft tall size 18.??? Any ideas please xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Tracey have you looked at the Wardrobe Warriors Attitudes by Renee sets? Always elegant!

Q) What a lovely picture. You look SMOKING!!!!!!! Thank you for all your fantastic designs, of which I have many & love( when I wear your clothes, people often comment & then I have to order one for them to, but I know to wear them with ATTITUDE.) Love you and all your clothes, and WELCOME to this Fantastic Club. xxx

A) Renee Greenstein
Jacqui thank you for your lovely note! I am thrilled to join you wonderful ladies!

Q) I loved hearing about your meal recently, do you like cooking?

A) Renee Greenstein
Zoe i love to cook especially for my family and friends

Q) Hi Renee. Thank you for joining us. You're always so poised. And look very calm. You have the most beautiful little girl.
Your clothes are really classy. And I love the bright colours.
Can i kindly request you do more pale yellow shades. I love it and would love to wear it with browns too.

A) Renee Greenstein
Tiger thank you I am enjoying being part of this. Aya is my precious granddaughter who as you know is the most special little girl in my life!

Q) Your jewellery accessories always look beautiful too, Who is your favourite designer ? xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Dawn my favorite Jewelry designer is Cartier . Who is yours?

Q) Wow Cartier is beautiful ! I like Diamonique QVC  xx

A) Renee Greenstein
Dawn I agree Daimonique make beautiful jewellery!

Q) When are you back in the UK Renee can't wait x

A) Renee Greenstein
Jean I will be back on November 5th and November 6th. I can not wait to bring you new pieces from my collection!

Renee Greenstein
Before our time ends, I would like to thank all of your for inviting me into your club. It has been a pleasure!



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That's the question I've had several times this week, following the first Back to You show returning to QVC UK on Monday night (9pm weekly.) So in my latest B2U Monday Update blog, I've given the bullet points of what I'm doing - will you do it too?

There's also a link to the video of the whole show. Plus what advice did Tom from Alpha H give about pigmentation and Susie from Northern Nights about her spiritual life, and Alison Keenan about her fave moments at QVC?

Plus full info of how to take part in the £430 prize competition. OMG it's so good! over £300 of skincare plus a bodyblade plus a copy of my weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims.

So - who's up for the 'Slam it September' Challenge?...

click here for more!

Have a great week!



ps also a funny blooper on my Friday QVC blog - you'll find the link on my website too.

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OMG how exciting is this! As Back to You comes to our screens every Monday in September (except 15th, Beauty Day) we launch my biggest competition ever!

All you have to do to answer is to go enter using the terms of entry on my new QVC Blog specially for this show! (link will be added once the comp goes live on monday night.)

The closing date is 29th September and the winner will be announced on that night's show. Enter now – you never know your luck!

Meanwhile, do join us on air at 9pm each Monday, and if you are on Facebook, join the supporting group – see below.

Weekly themes are these –

  1. What is your skin care routine to help recover from the summer
  2. How do you keep yourself fit, to prepare for the party season
  3. What do you own that means a lot to you, eg jewellery
  4. And how do you make sure you get a good night’s sleep

It’ll be fabulous to begin the shows again – Bruce and his Bodyblade are lined up for the second week (8th) – would you like to be a live caller or give me a written testimonial and a pic? If so, let me know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tweet or Facebook us on the night. Or if you’d like to tell me what your answers are for questions 1-4 above, just leave a comment below!

And don’t forget just before every show, at 8-9pm on our Facebook group we have a weekly live chat. All you need to do is to join our open group (see below for the link to the group or search ‘Back to You QVC’ once you’re on Facebook) – just ping a request! We had over 1500 members as the series kicked off – it’d be lovely to get to 2000 by the end of September! Live chat guests being lined up include the lovely Tova, Bare Minerals girls, and Fiona from Decleor to name just a few. A full list of the upcoming live chat guests at time of press are –

1st September – Tom Ogden from Alpha H will be on live chat on facebook just before the show, along with Susie from Northern Nights and our very own Alison Keenan!

8th – Alexis from L’Occitane, just before her next TSV, plus new QVC guest but well known telly face Peter Sherlock who has a new fragrance show (Lalique, premieres 3rd Sept)

15th – Lee Hohbein

Also tbc -

Nails inc,

Stacey Schieffelin, ybf,

Carla Laszlo

Leighton Denny

James Murden

Bare Minerals


Recent guests include Laura Geller, Marie-Francoise from Kipling and Keeley from Elemis and a summary of their chats can be found on my regular Back to You blog – just look at the archives to the left.

Plus go here to see more about our well being show, plus info about the Freedom Eating plan that helps you eat like a slim person and for me, lose weight and feel a lot happier around food. It seems like only yesterday I first discovered the system and wrote about it in Till the Fat Lady Slims book (like the title? Lol) but it was 12 years ago now! Well, since the last series of Back to You in January, there have been so many lovely success stories I’m writing a new updated version (eBook out in September too – info on my website about it, and about how to get original for just 99p,) along with other links to interesting sites and articles which we talk about on the Facebook group.


Join in with the live Show!

And after you’ve participated in our live chat on Facebook each week, you can participate in our show, by tweeting me, or maybe sending me pics if you too have been feeling great this year – maybe you love your Bodyblade… Perhaps you’ve got a special recipe you’d like to share… There could be something that has really changed in your life since January and you’d love to tell us about it.  There will be lots of ways to join in – just watch the show live at 9pm on QVC Live on Mondays 1st, 8th, 22nd, and 29th September. I look forward to your company!

Best wishes



To read PREVIOUS QVC blogs go here

To find out more about Debbie Flint go here

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'Back to You QVC Facebook open group' is here, just ping a request to join and visit every Monday 8-9pm for live chat, just before live Back to You show on QVC through September 2014

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What a hot week again! Coming back from Devon last week, was torture – find out why on my new Back to You blog on my website – click here to read it and to see pics from when I was growing up. It’s a weird thing to have, ‘cos no one can actually see much – but I describe what it’s like, and the three things that help curb the sun’s harmful effects in the summer…

Plus Monday's Back to You live online chat – the B2U hub, 8-9pm - continues on our Facebook Back to You group (join here in advance of the hub) – and on 21st (tonight if you're reading this in time!) we’re joined by Gill Gauntlett, lovely QVC guest, with a few secrets about her lifestyle and Xmas in July event on QVC! News of other guests coming in next few weeks is also on the new Back to You blog - click on link above or go to the tab.

Book-wise, I’m still working on the upload of the paperback of Hawaiian Retreat, but the eBook is available if you’re off on hols, and don’t forget the others are currently reduced too! Go here to see them all and to read the first bit on Amazon for free!

There’s some freebie romance though, if you like short stories, with Mary Jane Hallowell’s titles – go here - free till 22nd. She’s a great pal and inspired me this week to do some more spooky story writing – find out about that and also see some sneaky peeks of upcoming bargains, including a pic of Liz Earle’s next TSV (26th) – all on my latest QVC Blog (click here to read it) which also features a funny blooper from Lisa Snowdon! Actually Craig and I are off to Isle of Wight on Friday to see the team and learn about their island hideaway! More in next week’s blog.

Plus a little advance warning – I’m going to be starting an audio book in the run up to Xmas – with extracts each week for free on my website. Do let your friends know and get them also to sign up for these regular newsletters!

Hope you’re ok and surviving the hot weather and storms!

Best wishes



ps do sign up for regular updates on my books!


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What a lovely sunny week it’s been! Which has made me think it’s time to explain what I mean when I say I’ve got photosensitive skin – we’ve all got something, right? And mine’s just a way of life, not a whinge or a ‘feel sorry for me’ plea, but something I’ve been promising to explain for a while now, so see the Monday Essay below – life with photosensitive skin!

Back to You live hub launch!

Monday’s 8-9pm till September we are asking everyone on Back to You to come log in on facebook and join us for a live online chat – the Back to You Live hub! It’s just a nice bit of banter – and last week the lovely and knowledgeable Marlene Watson Tara joined us to chat about ‘food the problem, food the cure’ – and very good it was too! I asked how Back to You had helped people and here are some of the replies! See the bottom of this blog for links to the groups.

How back to you has helped people - Results of Monday hub 

Sam Green The group has kept me thinking healthy even if not achieved it yet. Most yrs I give up my change of lifestyle by March lol but this year I'm still thinking it, and who knows - could be nearer the change I want. Always someone to advise, support or just listen. It's so special x

Margo Rimmer I am more happy that if I have a bad time I can pick myself up, dust myself off and start over. Before I would just carry on eating rubbish and give up xx

Cath Purple Oh yes, it helps! I don't contribute a lot, but read all the inspiring posts. There were some people who had managed to achieve so much and I thought if they can do it so can I! Xx  ps I also got some amazing support from some Facebook friends! X

Elizabeth Gray Lost the weight without thinking about food - when following diets I tend to obsess about food. Now I find if I stick to the motto ‘eat what I want when I want when I am hungry,’ it works – ie Freedom Eating as in Till the Fat Lady Slims book.

Monday 21st – Gill Gauntlett joining in

Monday 28th – Bruce Bodyblade tbc

Monday 4th August – Craig Rowe and Keeley from Elemis tbc

Join us tonight!


Other news –

-       Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Preparation Included a Plant Based Diet Well, there’s a turn up! Marlene discussed on last Monday’s hub how a ‘plant based, whole food’ diet is the best – now it’s made a wedding menu! Good – the more the merrier! Click here to read about it.

-       Rheumatoid Arthritis – David Gillespie’s take on how to avoid it and help stop your kids getting it too – click here to read more.

-       USA 2nd biggest cigarette producer to pay widow of chain smoker $13.8billion.- I wonder if one day we’ll start to see companies suing the sugar producers too? Check back in thirty years’ time…! Click here to see the article.

 Ps If anyone reading this column for the first time, has not yet come across all the amazing info about how nutrition can change your health, your illness, & your future, then do take a look at all the archive Back to You blogs, at the left on this page. There you’ll see regular articles explaining why it’s imperative for most people (according to the World Health Organisation) - to examine your nutrition first and foremost, if you’re poorly. Much more info and many links from members are also regularly posted on our facebook groups – do go join up!

Till then I’ll continue on my little campaign, and if you can pass on the word too – especially about sugar being toxic, all well and good.


Joining In

-          Don’t forget if you’re a member of Back to You QVC Group or of the closed group Break the Habit BTU, to give us your Monday update on facebook and join in with our weekly live online chat session on facebook on the Back to You QVC group, 8-9pm till September, (when Back to You show returns to QVC on 4 Mondays too!)

-          Go here to read the Back to You QVC Group updates and to join.

-          Go here to request to join the sister group – it’s a CLOSED group - Break the Habit – BTU.

-          And for more info about Freedom Eating – click here for Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) on Amazon. !



This week I thought I'd enlighten those of you who wondered, about what it means to have photosensitive skin. OK, you could probably guess some of the headings, but with this recent sunny weather and following my recent holiday, I came up against my old adversary once more, so thought I'd mention it.

For those who have it, for whatever reason, you'll know what I mean. For those who have never had a problem in the sun at all, this may seem alien. 

My family don't have this issue at all. As the eldest of five, I spent family holidays tucked away out of the sun, whilst everyone else had fun together. When I was about one and a half, mum said I was found standing on the steps at Margate beach crying saying my skin hurt.

Deb aged about 18 months

After that summers were a bit fraught for me – and included everything from getting full blown sunstroke on my first every adult hol in the Med in Corfu, to having to have a ring cut off my swollen fingers after a severe swelling reaction one summer when I was working in Manchester in my early 20’s having stupidly  gone on a couple of sunbeds (well, we didn’t know back then did we?!). When I went on a skiing hol with my husband-to-be, the bit around the eyes not covered up by the balaclava got sun exposure and swelled up so I looked really weird.  And for most of my adult life, sunshine has meant a whole set of challenges which don’t even occur to those who have no problem in the sun.

When I did some self-analysis in the early 2000's, the theme of separation came up, being different from the rest etc. and it traced back to those early years. One summer aged about 11, I remember being left behind in somebody's tent, whilst the others went out, as my skin had 'started' and I couldn't face the sun. Sullen and resentful, I was left with a pile of comics, and found myself seeking some sort of cool surface to put my burning hot hands on - the metal tent poles eventually bringing the best solace. I spoke about this - briefly - with mum, whilst on the recent cruise hol - and her memories were that I was absolutely fine therefore it was ok to leave me. ‘You were all right,’ she said. And yes, I was – because I had no choice - and therefore I always made the best of it. No summer sun holiday ever included an activity where Debbie’s interests were put first – the family just got on with it, I just got left out, and I learned that my interests were secondary but that I could opt out of things if I needed to – or rather, find another way to amuse myself. Or find a nice bit of shade to sit in or hide in.

hiding behind a deckchair on the beach, Hastings c1973

Hence every sun hol has to have some solitary time for me, now – it’s kind of ingrained. Hard for those close to me to get used to – in fact only last week, I had a debate with daughter Lauren about why I was sitting in the shade and wouldn’t – couldn’t – go with her and her boyfriend in 27 degree heat for a walk in a nearby village.

I don't ever recall having an argument about being left out when I was young, it was just assumed that Debbie would sit it out. It wasn’t like I didn’t get involved with everything else, sure I did - and there are other pics of me on the beach with the others, even if that night I ended up in agony with burning up skin on my hands, feet and face. They only had Uvistat spf 4 or 8 in those days - how antiquated! I tried to stay out of the sun when I could, but in the days before factor 30 or 50, once the sun shone hard, I acted differently to everyone else. Perhaps in some small way as a direct result of this, not being scared to be different is what has helped me to become the person I am today - I have no doubt that it is, actually - so every cloud, and all that.

However, I'm only telling you this now, because it came up recently - I never usually talk about it because I don't need to - in my mind I'm the same as everyone else. But at the same time, I've always had a sense of being different. But, in the last six months on Back to You group on Facebook, and Break the Habit sister group (links below) we have ended up discussing many topics including various illnesses and conditions which some people have to endure - some are far worse than others. In general, every single one is what I consider to be 'worse' than mine. But we all have something, and that's my point. It’s how we deal with it that defines us, not the illness itself and it’s sad that some people are drowned by their condition. I don’t mean serious conditions that you cannot possibly avoid, and I’m not saying you can think yourself out of an illness. Far from it. BUT to hear day after day from others in far worse positions than I am, putting a brave face on their situation and coming across cheery and as positive as can be in the circumstances, well it’s a humbling experience and makes you realise how lucky you are, really. A person who's had an awful childhood may still be healthy, may choose to make their brain as strong as possible and therefore end up winning through adversity, whilst another in an almost identical position may spend the rest of their life under the cloud of that experience, letting it define them and unable - or unequipped - to rise above it.

I take my hat off to the many ladies I've met who rise way above it - who continue with their lives as best they can, determined to battle through and not to be needy or perpetually talking about their 'condition/illness/situation/life.' It's difficult to have anything but sympathy for those who don't, too, mind you - there but for the grace of god, go I. But I admire and hold in highest esteem, the ones who fight, battle, remain determined and - even though they have their down periods (don't we all) they're willing to change, to take charge and to not go under. Nor to be a pain in the neck to those around them. That's their own disposition, and sure some people just can't - or are too ill to fight. As I said, I feel for those people - but it would be a fabulous world if everyone refused to give in and be defined by their illness or situation.

I don't usually moan about mine. There's always someone worse off, right? But this week after a long drive to Devon, my hands had been in the windscreen sun for many more hours than they could stand and had it had taken its toll – my skin had 'started.' Now this means if I then go back in the sun it feels like stinging nettles. Often my skin puffs up like michelin man. My hands, for instance, don't visually show redness or sunburn - but it feels like that underneath. Everything is heightened, so after that hot is boiling, cold is freezing, a knock feels like a hammer blow, and it takes about three days of staying out of the sun for it to completely disappear again. Once it starts, nothing – NOTHING – takes it away. I can only put soothing creams and things on it and stay in a breeze to keep it cool. In the waning periods, when it’s on its way out again, I get the itches, nightmarishly irritating - like prickly heat I guess, if I knew for certain what that felt like.

It's something genetic - something's missing from my skin, that is in other people's skin. Or something is in my skin which others don’t have. Happily I'm not too extreme and there are others far more affected than I am – I’m not a vampire, altho I’ve always been a night owl! I CAN go in the sun somewhat and in fact, I love gentle sunshine. And I can sunbathe, with full protection. The problems come with over exposure.

So what's full protection?

Nowadays I use Ultrasun's wonderful once a day protection factor 50 in brightest sun or when my skin has started a little bit. I feel the difference when wearing that as when I step outside, there are no stinging nettles jabbing at my hands or feet. ( Plus I use their spf30Face on the back of my hands nearly every day from early spring to late Autumn).

Second, I use tan accelerators - just look at the ones on the QVC website ( - Gatineau, Decleor, Elemis, Leighton Denny etc - and read the reviews for some idea as to why these pre-sun exposure preparation lotions work - but basically, it's to do with preparing the melanin in your skin to better deal with the sun when it comes, using tyrosinine, a derivative of L-Tyrosine, which is a naturally occuring amino acid. Perhaps that's what my skin is missing?

Finally, with that in mind, I also now take L-Tyrosine tablets daily for most of the year - google it and you'll find out how it helps – you can find it in Tan Tablets but I prefer the purer form – from Holland & Barrett believe it or not. I explain the tablets’ action as though they are doing 'from the inside out' what tan accelerators do 'from the outside in.' But still, having done all of that this year, even that routine wasn’t enough for my hands after three hours under the windscreen. There's clearly something else missing as well - or perhaps it's that something in my skin that is changed by something I eat.

The reason I say that it might be diet-related, is because there was one sun holiday, summer 2001, it didn't happen. It was after I'd been vegan following a Tony Robbins seminar challenge in the preceding autumn/winter, and then continued to eat mostly veggie after that. And for the very first time, I was able to play with my kids in the swimming pool in 32 degree heat, having never ever been able to do that before - Bradley was 14 and Lauren was 11. I'd not long got divorced and we were all in Cyprus for my brother's wedding, and I recall that time with amazement and wonder that for the first time in my life I was ok in the sun. I took a jubilant pic of me and my two in the pool.

 me Brad and Lauren, Cyprus 2001 - rare occasion

BUT it didn't last. A couple of years later the sensitivity was noticeable again. What was it that made the difference? I don't know. Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any ideas, but please note NOTHING topical has ever made a massive difference over and above what I've mentioned above.

So when mum wanted to go swimming in the sea on day 4 of our cruise, earlier this month - on a beach in Bourgas, Bulgaria, ten minutes walk from the ship - I sat there watching her disappear into the waves, her pet heaven, and I shuddered from the safety of my big umbrella. Memories of being up in the caves on the beach at Brixham, aged 11, watching the others go out to the floating platform, playing around the rocks, having lots of fun together whilst I was in the cool reading comics, came flooding back. Funny huh? Or having to go to the harbour and being less than pleased about it as it meant traipsing along out in the sun, covering up my hands as best I could.

Brixham Bay, c1972

Brixham Bay, c1972, me second from left. NB those old fashioned cameras! Dad didn't know poor little Del-boy was cut off at the bottom! lol!


At that time my nose used to scab over every summer - funny how that ingrained memory has just returned - I'd forgotten that bit! Maybe in the sun it itched so I scratched it and took the skin off, who knows. But the last thing I could do now for pleasure, would be swim in the sea! It would be my idea of hell! I think next time we go on a cruise, we'll go with someone who loves the sun as much as mum so she doesn't miss out. 

My sister Linda is a sun worshipper, my brothers Glenn and David have similar tough, olive skin, as my son Bradley does. My other brother Derek is a bit more like me, but doesn’t have what I have, Dad didn't either, and my daughter Lauren is lighter skinned still, but can tan no problem.

I'd like to waterski, properly, I'd like to scuba dive, ride elephants in Thailand and go on safari but all these places require being out in an exposed place possibly without any shade handy nearby to which I can escape when I need to. Walking anywhere is a pain once my skin has 'started' as I hop from tree shadow to wall shadow, and even last week, my journey home from Devon included holding my arm bowed as I drove, so that my hand and lower arm stayed mainly in the shade of the strut at the edge of the windscreen. White gloves and hat, mum always used to say - and probably that's the answer! Or an SPF brolly!

However, for all the reasons above, it's made me who I am today, benefits and disadvantages, and it's just me, it's who I am and what I do. Like so many people (many with worse ailments) who just accept it and deal with it, cheerily, and keeping the agony of it to themselves most of the time. And it shouldn’t really affect me, either – I never really talk about it – in fact, this is the first time I’ve discussed it in this depth. So, as long as I don't get (another) sun worshipper as my next husband (eternally optimistic that I'll find someone eh!) and the person understands that if I get a bit tetchy it’s because of the brilliant 25+ degree heat, no-one ever need know there's something missing in my skin that makes me different from most other people.

And it could be a hell of a lot worse! I don’t get hay-fever and Glenn and Linda and David do, like mum does - weird eh? I know what I'd rather have - especially since staying out of the ageing rays all my life has meant my skin has stayed pretty good! No-one usually thinks I'm anywhere near my 52 years! And my idea of 'sanctuary' - like in those meditations you have to do sometimes - is a place high up somewhere with a cool breeze. Probably why Mykonos was my favourite part of the recent trip - hot but with a beautiful, life-saving breeze! It was a fab holiday and of course with a cruise, I was never more than ten paces away from shade. So I think I've found my favourite type of holiday. Ever! lol.

One day maybe they'll discover what it is that makes it happen, what's missing, or what I can take/do/rub in that will make a difference but for now, that’s me. There you go, now you know - life with photosensitive skin. And the source of my separation anxiety, abandonment issues and pioneering spirit that has helped me achieve everything I've achieved in my life so far. Roll on the next 52 years! 



ps if you have any comments, do email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or you can leave a comment below - you need to be signed in to do so - sign up for regular newsletters (including news about my steamy novels) too.

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Fed Up It’s a big week in the world of anti-rubbish-food campaigners this week – with the advent of Fed Up the film that’s rocking the food industry the same way ‘Supersize Me’ did a few years ago. If you’re not yet up to speed, you’re just in time! High profile US host, Katie Couric has been publicising it and has a challenge for us starting May 12th (today), – I think we should do it – what do you reckon?

-          Go here to read all about the new film in this week’s Mail Online article – click here.

-          Watch the Fed Up trailer here. The movie the food industry doesn't want you to see.


-           Katy Couric’s 10 day Fed Up sugar challenge info is here. Ten days, no added sugar – up for it?

-          Here’s a taster, so to speak, of what some people are up against – what happens to sugar in the body and why it's addictive like cocaine.  


-          Dr Robert Lustig (my hero!) is also supporting the challenge, as you’ll see from his tweets recently on @robertlustigMD and @ResponsibleFood.

-          And if you want an easy-read introduction as to Dr Lustig’s power-packed advice, read his New York Times interview - Learning to Cut the Sugar – click here.

-          Follow FedUpMovie on facebook.



Food Matters Hot on the heels of Fed Up comes ‘Food Matters’ – another explosive new film uncovering the sickness industry – here’s the official trailer – click here . All I can say is that the contents may be contentious but they make perfect sense to me. If it galvanizes just one person into saving their own lives via better nutrition – before it’s too late – then great.

Don’t forget my previous links to two of the original videos firing people up in the anti-sugar campaign –

-          Dr Robert Lustig’s Sugar the Bitter Truth – 90 mins long but utterly fascinating – click here.


-          And the CNN US News Show Sixty Minutes’ report ‘Is Sugar Toxic’ – this one is only 14 mins long. Click here. Including why the brain reacts to sugar in a similar way as to cocaine.





I’ve mentioned this before, but my fellow presenter at QVC, Craigy, gives the most amazing hugs! He and I went to dinner this week – see my current QVC Blog Go here. If you’re single like me, thank goodness for friends and family hugs eh? But if you can’t get those, it’s worth either joining an organisation of some kind where hugs are common place, or getting a pet! I totally relax when I’m in physical contact with the pogs – or the grandpog Baloo. Who chose to get in between me and my writing again this week! Bless her. She’s so adorable. I’ll miss her – and Lauren and her BF – when they get their own house in the autumn. Get some hugs in your life – if you can – it’s so worth it for the physical effect you get when you connect with another living being. Or sniff some flowers regularly and get back to nature – and no, I’m not suggesting hug trees! Then again… lol!


More lovely updates from the girlies this week, on our facebook groups! It’s always nice to get new people’s comments and am so pleased that some people are noticing health changes following their new regimes. For those who are quite new, many of us are now adding fresh lemon in water every day – half to two litres daily of a weak fresh lemon juice solution. Plus more exercise – many of us use the Bodyblade (see incl a video demo on how to use it – click here).

Here’s another little update which made me smile – read more on our group pages every Monday.

Linda Shaw says – “since January 2014, on your Monday evening shows, with my new love the Bodyblade. Now with the amazing Facebook page "Break the Habit" I am now drinking 2.5 litres of lemon water, walking between 2-4 miles and of course doing at least 6 minutes on my Bodyblade every day. I only started on the water & walking in the last week & feeling totally amazing. "Ageing is a fact of Life. Looking your age IS NOT." I have a new lease of life thanks to you Debbie and the facebook groups.”

Also below - the Monday essay – green powder drinks – my life-saver over the last ten years!


Other News – from

-          8 Things I Say Most Often To My Therapy Clients an interesting article giving some ideas if your own thoughts are driving you mad! Click here.

-          10 Things I Tell Every Woman Who Wants To Look & Feel Younger some excellent food for thought – and it’s not all about food. Feel rough? Read this – click here.

-          7 Ways to be Good to Yourself, Even when Stressed and Overworked! It’s most of us, but some more than others. – click here.


Don’t forget on my QVC Blog from Friday 9th there’s always a little more Back to You - including the amazing 98 yr old fitness instructor called Mrs Gigl! Go here. This week including the enormous value of being positive and controlling what you focus on all day long. 

See below for – how to join our Facebook group, Back to You QVC, about how to take part in our challenge and lots more in the run up to my Back to You show returning to QVC weekly in September.

Next week’s Monday Update – advance warning – news of a fab new way of feeling part of the gang through the summer, starting in July. Hugs till next time! And don’t forget the Monday Essay below – on one of my desert island health products – Green Drinks.

Hugs and best wishes



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-          And for more info about Freedom Eating – click here for Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) on Amazon. !


THE MONDAY ESSAY – The Amazing Effect of Green Drinks – my Desert Island Health Products

Around fourteen years ago I discovered Green drinks. I was in Hawaii at a health convention (sound familiar if you’ve read Hawaiian Affair?!) at a Tony Robbins workshop, and they were selling a Dr Robert O Young green drink. It had a weird ‘iron filings’ type clinging effect to the edge of the spoon when I used a teaspoon every day in a half bottle of water. Since then I’ve found other versions and am currently using one I get from a pal who brings it back for me from the USA- Barleans Greens. It’s fab. All I can say is that when I use it the night before, I wake up the morning after feeling nowhere near as tired or poorly. It’s not a miracle, and some people can’t stand it, but I think it’s superb. One of my true desert island products. Along with manuka honey and fresh lemon in water and omega 3 EPA high dose, it’s a mainstay in my kitchen cupboard. You’ll have to google for more about it and there are some on sale in this country – just do your research and test different ones out on your own body. The simple laymans’ explanation I was given years ago is below – it made sense to me, especially since I’d seen kirlian photography. I think energetic measurements of food is the way forward, in years to come, when I suspect we’ll be being given green drinks as a way to get better, officially. Whatever you think about them, I always recommend them to anyone wanting to give their daily intake a boost. If you do too, leave me a comment below! NB fresh green and veg juices are also amazing, this is a more convenient way of doing it. My current green drink is here (US only, but for your info).

More next week – L-Tyrosine tablets for my skin pre exposure to the sun.



‘When you eat food you get a certain bio-resonating frequency measured in electron volts. It’s that which a kirlian photograph picks up – the ‘life force’ of the food. Microwaved food has none, canned a little, frozen a bit more but fresh has the most, and it retains some of it if it’s steamed and cooked on a hob or oven. EXAMPLE – it takes 70 mhz (or whatever the measurement units are – I can’t recall exactly!) to eat a big burger in bun, but you only get 12 mhz FROM the food. So your body has to go steal extra energy to digest it from elsewhere in your tissues. So junk food really can deplete your reserves if this is true. An apple may be 120mhz. But a teaspoonful of green drinks (depending on brand) GIVES YOU 250mhz . So the excess can be used to go repair and fix and heal. Therefore it really matters what live energy foods you take into your body and how you cook it.’

(unofficial story first told to me in 2000 in Hawaii. I like it, whether it’s true or not! But it sounds fascinating to me.) 


Published in Back to You

This week, post Easter guilt fest? If you’re one of the many having a ‘start again tomorrow’ weekend, due to all the easter eggs around, have a look at some of the Info below – it’s so interesting, including how we self-sabotage when it comes to weight loss.

Plus the Monday Essay is a big extract from my book Till the Fat Lady Slims, hopefully giving you an insight into a possible rescuer for anyone who’s fallen, post-Easter.

And there’s a link all about the valuable job that spirulina may do – is it the new coffee!?

Plus how about that whole looking back thing? Several of our girls on Facebook Groups focus on their progress so far – what’s yours?

And the new film – yes, film – being released in May in the US which hopefully will make its way round the world like ‘Supersize Me’ did – featuring my hero Dr Robert Lustig, Gary Taubes, Katy Couric and more – can’t wait for this to be out so I can start asking people who want to understand more about the damage sugar does, to watch this film, as well as Lustig’s ‘youtube sensation’ Sugar the Bitter Truth.

Watch this trailer for new movie ‘Fed Up – a documentary and make up your own minds. And thanks to another of our Back to You Ambassadors Vanda Hopkin, for her consistently brilliant links to fascinating articles.



This is what I asked this week on Facebook, and these were just some of the replies I got. I ust say my own story is falling back in love with Freedom Eating – OMG it’s so powerful being able to have control over the food, not it controlling me! I’ve included a little sample of my book TTFLS at the bottom, below the Monday Essay, if you’d like to see a little of what it’s all about. But the lovely ladies who swear by Till the Fat Lady Slims are the best examples of why you should give it a go if you haven’t already and – specially after Easter – you are needing a little help!

Here are some of the updates so far, since our inception in January – thanks girls! –

- Suzi Bear – ‘A stone off yay’ 

- Jane Dunkley – ‘I gave up sugar and sweetener at New Year. This week I started Slimming World and have my first weigh in tomorrow. I had a sneaky peek on my scales and it's looking promising. I've booked on to Marlene Day in June …so that I am as well as I can be for our trip to NY and New England in October for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary and for my 60th birthday next May. Onwards and upwards!’

- Debbie Sinclair Bunn - ‘I’m as enthusiastic now as I was when I began this journey .. it has changed my life .. a dramatic statement , yep I agree but its the truth ....’

- Geraldine Hartigan - ‘14lb so far, looking forward to the next 3 months to see what I can lose x’

- Lin Brereton - ‘I was more focussed on exercise…with the blade and leg magic... So love this group - so motivational’.

 - Sue Forrest – ‘Unconditional support can always be found here in this group no strings or blame attached just 100% support from like-minded Fruitloops

- Jo Brown – ‘work/life balance much better and more consistent.... did my first Park run in 5 months yesterday after months of physio/rehab so definitely getting there’ 

- Elizabeth Pirie – ‘I've lost 12lb since January, dropped a dress size and gained loads of confidence but most importantly gained loads of friends with this supportive BTH group  xx’

Do join in with your Monday Update if you haven’t already, on the Facebook Groups or on here – comments are at the very bottom of this page! Just log in to this site first, using link, if you are having trouble with it letting you leave a comment. I do love hearing from you all!


Your Brain On Sugar

So you’ve tried and failed this weekend to keep the choc cravings at bay? You won’t be alone – many others will have had the same problems – but what do you do about it? Personally, I did have some Cadbury’s this weekend – it was a remedy to a dairy-free egg I got given which left a funny taste in my mouth – literally not metaphorically! Hehe! BUT I stopped there, and didn’t binge on everything else I could find until I felt sick, thinking – stupidly – ‘I’ll be good tomorrow, it’ll all be fine then so I’ll get as much junk down my neck as I can now to make the ‘breaking the diet’ worth it’. If that’s you then pleeeez get TTFLS and start reading about freedom eating. However, it may be that the sugar is an actual medical addiction – read the article below and have a closer look at this pic – one of the slides featured there – and be kind to yourself – it’s not just about will power and failure. Most importantly – don’t give up. As Chief Fruit Loop on the Break the Habit group, Debbie Sinclair Bunn says, rather than having one or two good days and all the rest were rubbish ones, she now has mostly good days, and the bad ones don’t make her panic and undo all the good. But if you’re actually addicted, read on for more info.  Read more here.




-          Spirulina – the new coffee? What do you think? Some say it is, and swear by it, Others list all kinds of benefits. I think WebMD puts it cleverly – read more here.


-          w&h Eating Smart Magazine - Woman And Home how fabulous! Everything we’ve all been talking about online, now in a magazine! Looks like one I’ll be adding to my list. Read more Here.


- - 3 Ways We Sabotage Ourselves + How To Stop

Looks good – this site is also a good one BTW – Vanda is often posting links from here. This article really does take a look at why we get in our own way. Read more here.


-          5 Things You Need To Avoid If You Want Radiant, Youthful Skin

OK so regulars will know most of these – but it’s nice to be agreed with! Read more here.


-          And don’t forget on my QVC Blog there’s always a little Back to You update too and some funnies! Go here.


Lots below about getting on our Facebook group, Back to You QVC, about how to take part in our challenge, and don’t forget to add your own update! Plus the new series will be beginning again weekly on QVC UK in September.

Next week’s Monday Update – more extracts from Till the Fat Lady Slims! (link below if you’d like to read it!)

Hugs till next time!



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-         Our Challenge Party date is Sunday 29th June, (in Surrey) it’s still not too late to share your own precious ‘before pics’. Do come join us! And if you’ve got a ShareStory you’d like to feature on here and you’re not on facebook, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the links to the groups are below.

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-         And for more info about Freedom Eating – click here for Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) on Amazon. !



Till the Fat Lady Slims book – Freedom Eating sets you free

Here’s an extract as promised from my book, Till the Fat Lady Slims, the 2002 semi-autobiographical weight loss book on Amazon eBook or paperback and used by many on their Break the Habit challenges.




Imagine your own food prison. You're in a big cage. No one knows it's there except you. The bars of this cage are the barriers that keep you from ever feeling 'normal' around food. You've been in this cage for so long, you think there is no key. Your daily life is conducted from within its confines; your every decision surrounding meals and snacks is made by your brain - not by your body. Occasionally there'll be a visitor to your prison, an emotion, an occasion, a brief respite in a busy period when you forget you have a food problem. Bringing a reason - an excuse - not to have to set limits on your intake - not to have to restrict yourself to the sparse, depriving choices your brain would usually make as a result of so many years of teaching yourself rules. The rules that keep you inside this prison. Do these still govern your life?


- "You must finish your plate."


- "You must have your vegetables even if you don't want them."


- "You must have your dinner first if you want some pudding."


- "You're too slow - eat faster."


- "You can't have cheese on top - it's fattening."


- "Don't eat that - you'll get fat."


- "Look at your bum - it's cos of all those sweets you keep eating."


-"Don't have more bread - you won't eat your main course. "


And so, so many more.


These rules help keep you in this prison. They are the bars through which you view the world and make your decisions surrounding every scrap of food that passes your lips. Now imagine someone comes along one day; a white knight on a charger, and declares that all these rules, which you've lived by for so long, inherited or made up for yourself, just… don't count. They aren't true, and you can ignore them. He unlocks the key to your prison and lets you out. Oh my God. So this is where the slim people live!


Everything looks and feels different out here. The sun is shining, the air smells fresher, and the day seems rosy and bright. There are no clouds, they've always been a part of your skyline in the view from your prison, but now they're just - gone. All of a sudden, there is no good or bad, no right or wrong way to eat, no should's and shouldn'ts - all those foods you always wanted, well, you can have them. You can have them now, and you can always have them, for the rest of your life. And the funny thing is, once someone says that, and you start to believe that, a weird thing happens - they're not so coveted any more.


You always want what you can't have, right? Well, conversely, you don't crave what you know you can have anytime. Want cream cakes? Have one. Want battered fish and chips? Have it.


Want all those things you've been depriving yourself of for so long, all those things that skinnies have all the time - have them.


However, this is the crucial thing - the one condition - you only have it if your body really wants it.


This is easier to ascertain if the restrictions are removed and everything's fair game. And Food Freedom gives you all the clues you need to work this one out. Also, it's actually fun learning the process and getting to know your body, your best friend, all over again.


Like some long lost lover who'd fallen by the wayside because everyone around you was saying he couldn't be trusted, your body will welcome you back with open arms -just as soon as you start putting some faith in it. You really will start being able to turn down offers of 'bad' food, not because you know you should, making it feel like punishment, but because you know you don't actually want it - and you know what? It feels like heaven to do that. It equally feels like heaven to say ‘yes’ to it -  but you're only saying yes to eating that one food, right there, right then, for as long as it feels good (not to a blow out cos you ate one biscuit too many!).


Or you might change your mind half way through and stop, because you can.


But what you're not doing is saying yes to losing control for the rest of the day, and opening the doors to a tidal wave of overeating because you've stepped outside the prison and all its rules. So eat it - without judgement - if you want it and that's the next crucial pointer. You only eat it for so long as your body wants it.


You stop when your body is satisfied, not when you can't breathe anymore. Not when you're full up. Just doing what the body would do naturally if your mind, and society, had never interfered. The body is magic, it knows these things. The body feels set free when you stop practising deprivation and control over food and eating. You just have to re-learn what you were born knowing. Like the rules that have been drummed into you since childhood. Make a break for freedom! And, hey, guess what! Surprise, surprise! jackpot! Don't have to finish everything just because you've started it! Well, I never! Do you mean I can actually leave that half of a chocolate eclair, even if we paid over the odds for it at that fancy restaurant? Or the cheese and biscuits, just because it's included in the price? Or the mints at the end just because they're there? Really? Yes, leave them. There is no rationing – want more later? Well you can buy more anytime you want it. Don't like waste? Take it home with you ... or not. Save it for later. .. or if it's not an issue of waste for you, just let it go - throw it away.


'Value for money' doesn't just mean getting as much on your plate as you can and eating as much as you can possibly fit in through your mouth. A restaurant should be looked upon as a special environment to eat a nicely cooked meal with good company and with someone else to clear up afterwards. The ambience, the atmosphere, the experience.


And what a relief it is once you acknowledge that.


And what about all those times you "fill-up on vegetables." Well you don't have to, you know. Eat too much of any food and you'll put on weight. Eat when you're not hungry, and your body will just put it into storage and convert it to fat. Eat loads of 'healthy' rice and vegetables all day long, then go to sleep and you can become a Sumo wrestler! Why do so many dieters feel they have to fill themselves up by overeating vegetables? They may be only vegetables, but why overeat them?


There is an important point to be noted here, and that is that there are many people who trust themselves so little, that the mere thought of listening to the body to make food choices brings them out in a slight panic. If you're a serial dieter or if you just don't believe true food freedom can work for you, don't worry.


I'm not going to be judgmental about you, and tell you that you have to do things in a certain way. You do that enough to yourself. However, if you feel safe around 'dieting', and want to ease yourself into all this freedom stuff gradually, then don't worry, you can. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and happy with it, and if you're too scared to go the whole hog immediately, then introduce it step by step - as recommended later in this book. But do it, if you can, even if you stay at step one for a year, because long term, it will be better for you than what's been happening in your life so far. Otherwise, why would you be reading this book? Don't be frightened. Yes, unlearning the beliefs you've had for donkeys’ years will be a little scary at first. So give yourself permission to try it stage by stage, and enjoy the process. There are so many little exciting discoveries that make it all worthwhile. You just have to understand what they are.


For instance, do you know what?


Ever noticed when half way through a meal, it suddenly doesn't taste quite so drop-dead fantastic anymore? That 'Oh my God' reaction has gone? Well that’s the crucial point to look out for, the point to stop eating. That's the turning point. Ever found yourself taking a big breath, a sigh, almost around the same time? My daughter now says ‘I’ve had my deep breath’ rather than ‘I’ve had enough’.

Those are two of the main signals when you can stop, because you've reached satisfaction.


You can stop before it’s all gone. It's allowed.


Oh my god - stop? You mean stop eating when there's food still left on the plate? You mean people actually do that and don't feel like criminals? ‘I've never done it - I couldn't possibly….’  Tut tut tut, the habits of a lifetime. You learned how to override your body's signals, now all you're doing is relearning them.  And anyway, what do you mean you can't? Don't forget that ‘can't’ means you ‘must’. Do it - go on, leave just a little - just that extra potato and those onion rings to start with. They don't taste as good as when you first starting eating anyway, and d'you know, the roast chicken and the veggies were the taste explosion this time, so maybe if the food loses it’s flavour half way through, your body's telling you something. It's saying, stop, or canyon, if you still feel hungry, but just leave it a while - fifteen minutes is good, before you start eating again. If you're still hungry then, eat some more. But what you don’t have to do anymore for the rest of your life, is carry on eating just because it's on your plate. Because, well I never! Listen to your body and you may find you never really wanted it in the first place, and it feels quite nice to act like a skinny for the first time in your life. Throw off those shackles and come out of the prison, your rescuer is here!


Copyright Debbie Flint 2002

extract from Till the Fat Lady Slims

Published in Back to You

In this week’s Monday update – sharp reminder why health has to be top priority, Devon Yoga teacher explains ten different types of Yoga and Dating dilemmas – part one.


First -

Till the Fat Lady Slims Update – was well chuffed to see a strand on our closed Facebook Group ‘Break the Habit BTU’ this week extolling the virtues of how well the Freedom Eating system has worked for so many of you – thanks girls! Many are using my semi-autobiographical weight loss book TTFLS in order to get eating behaviour under control and there is a new version out in Autumn but meanwhile, 2002 version is on eBook on Amazon. The latest review is from Margaret McKenna and she’s over the moon! -

This is very easy to understand and written as if you are listening to your friend talking. Since I have read this I am much more at peace with myself and crave very little (if anything). I am able to say "no” to lots of things that would have tempted me before when they were "forbidden" and no longer buy in sweets or chocolates just in case I might "need" them... I honestly only eat if I am hungry now and not dictated to by the cook. Already I am much leaner and happier... I do listen to my body now and my body seems happy to have ME back :)” Amazon review, April 2014


Belfie And well done Zoe Muggeson Heath, featured recently on our Back to You Facebook group with her before and after – well now, she’s done us a ‘belfie’ too, wearing the super stretch Diane Gilman jeans from QVC. Am thinking that maybe when time comes, I will do one too! But not just yet! Was bad enough me sharing my own ‘bottom selfie’ (selfie is taking pic of self, belfie is taking pic of own bum! Lol!) wearing the high waisted shape wear last week, with just the closed group! Will leave it till nearer end of June I think, to post one to the public – after a bit more Leg Master and Body Blade, when we all get together to discuss the results of our five month Break the Habit Challenges!



Health is everything – without health, ‘everything’ is nothing, so says Marlene Watson Tara and I think she’s right. Two things happened over this last year which have wiped me out from normal activities – both periods of illness, They made me feel a) so glad to be healthy again afterwards, and b) grateful to be free from anything majorly wrong with me - usually. Unless you count migraines (one of the two things that happened.) On Tuesday at my yoga/writing retreat in Devon I was proper wiped out - sickness and headache and needing to lie in a dark room all afternoon. Shame ‘cos it meant I lost a day’s writing, but at least it’s been years since I had one that bad. The other thing that happened was a kidney infection last Easter, when I was staying in a yurt! Eeeeek! Midnight trips across the wet grass were not my idea of a luxury holiday. That’s more or less it, but it made me think – both were when I was away. They say the body steels itself to ‘keep calm and carry on’ until a time when it knows it can have the luxury of allowing dis-ease to run its course. Ever been ill on first day of holiday? Yes, there we go. But it all just made me remember why I got on to healthy eating in the first place and ‘turning macrobiotic’ by attending one of Marlene’s week-long workshops – because I didn’t want to live my life as an ill person and one of those who accepts niggles and breakdowns of part of the body’s functioning, just because of how many birthdays I’ve had. Nowadays, I KNOW I have to eat fresh, whole foods to avoid things like aching hands (cake or heavy processed foods give me a bit of arthritis in my fingers joints) or a complete energy crash (anything sugary – half an hour after, I’m up, then two hours later I’m crashing down to a state where it feels like I’m underwater, I feel so heavy and lethargic) or breathless/asthmatic (dairy – especially milk, creamy products, custard and soft cheeses.) I know what makes me feel better – NOT fruit – rather, green leafy veg, miso soup, fish oils, good protein like beans, hummus, salads… you get the picture. And stretching – yoga and walking in the fresh air. Meditation also (see two weeks ago on this blog).

I need to lose weight, but a recent health check came up glowing, with excellent measurements for several of the main markers. Hopefully that will continue. I know more and more of you are thinking the same – possibly why you’re reading this in the first place. And I do hope that our little Facebook Groups and the QVC Back to You show (returning in September weekly) are supporting you in that aim too.

However, it does make it a little problematic if I meet someone who doesn’t even acknowledge, let alone share my own beliefs in our own abilities to help ourselves stay healthy. And not everyone wants spring greens and hummus for breakfast. Lol.

I am, as you may know, going to be ‘doing something’ about meeting the right man this year, and to that end, I’ve found a great book called ‘Love in 90 Days’ – do see the Monday Essay below for more about Dating! And whatever you choose, however you do it, do commence the changes you know will be worth it – the ones you may need to live a bit longer in a healthy state – as Marlene says, ‘your new body is awaiting you’!



-        Stop Press! Talking of getting ‘Back to You’ – how about pics that look ten years younger! If you’re fast, Today’s special Value today (14th) is a fab Fuji camera – which takes photos like this! This is Mat Trim (the guest)’s wife Pamela, and there are only a couple of seconds, and no other changes apart from a camera setting, between these two shots. (In stock at special pricing today only. But even if it’s not the TSV still, it’s worth knowing that there are cameras like this about! This one’s the Fuji S1, 50x zoom.) Thought I’d include it just in case you’re determined to look good on photos as well as real life! Read more here.


-          Top Five Contenders for the worst things to eat OMG. Wow, did they get some things WRONG! How many do you still believe?   Read more here.


-          The Bluffers’ Guide to Yoga classes Don’t know your Ashtanga from your Iyengar? As mentioned, (main QVC blog), last week’s writing retreat with Arvon Foundation, was a Yoga retreat. The Yoga tutor, the lovely Lucy Greeves, studies different types and has blogged about them on her website – interesting viewing! Click here for more.


-          And don’t forget on my QVC Blog there’s always a little Back to You update too and some funnies! Go here.


Lots below about getting on our Facebook group, Back to You QVC, about how to take part in our challenge, and don’t forget to add your own update! Plus the new series will be beginning again weekly on QVC UK in September.

Next week’s Monday Update – as I frantically finish and upload ‘Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter’ to be out at Easter, I’m enjoying a new funny beauty blog from Caroline Hirons – more next week! Keep healthy!




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-         And for more info about Freedom Eating – click here for Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) on Amazon. You'll also find my other novels there - beware, some are steamy!!


THE MONDAY ESSAY – ‘Love in 90 Days’ – a dating-dilemma solution.

Dating Dilemmas – part one.

Well, if you read my QVC blog regularly – or if you know me – you’ll be aware that I’m not on any dating sites, despite some dingbat stealing my pics and usng them on a fake profile with the name 'sherry'. Anyway the profiles have apparently gone now, thank god! If you spot any others let me know! However, it's true I am currently not in a relationship, but do aim to be, so it’s back on the dating game for me this year. However, the big question is eternally HOW! To that end I’ve found a fab book – I’m listening to it on audiobook in the car, from Audible, and it’s called Love in 90 Days by Dr Diana Kirschner. I absolutely love chapter 2 – where she talks about our Deadly Dating Patterns – where we go wrong with guys, separated into categories - I think I’m most of them!

I love ‘Dating 3’ - that she says we should date three men at once, as it avoids getting too hung up on one to early on! And yes, I did think, chance would be a fine thing to find the first one, at first, so if you did too, you’re in good company.

Diana has basically helped thousands of women find long lasting love. And this book is a bit of a workshop as well as a ‘good talking to,’ in case you need it.

Get it, and tell me what you think of Love in 90 Days!




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