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And the Survey Said...

So regulars will know what's been happening with my Back to You group on Facebook - but here's a bit more info. From Tuesday 27th October, the status was changed to members-only/closed and immediately the activity tripled! Sharon Harvay our lovelly admin, and my mate who does it all voluntarily whilst being a busy mum and beauty blogger, and I were so happy to see all the lurkers' come out and start joining in more than ever before. And our membership has gone up to over 4200 now too. 


The survey asked members for their opinions and whilst we had a few non-members take part (it was easy to pick out who they were by the way) the vast vast majority of participants had voted for it to become obscured to their friends and family who could previously see their posts and comments about QVC and their purchases, beauty problems, well-being topics etc, when the group had an 'open/public' status. Since it was no longer open, it ended the endorsement from QVC for on air mentions but in return the group has burgeoned! Secondly we asked for your thoughts on how to improve the group. One of the suggestions was to expand the topics allowed on the group, eg where to get QVC brands apart from on QVC, eg products not shown on air. Also if anyone had swaps of odd products in their collections. Well the great news is there will be a new element launching this weekend, to help do all that! Go to my home page on this website for Sunday's newsletter post, for full info.


Guests are clamouring to be lined up to give their ever popular webchats - this Monday's (2nd Nov, 8pm) is Fiona from Decleor, ahead of her new Today's Special Value on Saturday 7th on QVC UK. Join us and start posting your comments, it'll be more buzzing than ever given that from this week onwards, all posts will be kept private, an don't show up on people's newsfeeds so no one will know what you are doing! Next week it'll be Linda Magistris and another big brand! (NB Monday's webchat was a chat between my ambassadet posse for my charity Medical Detection Dogs - Gill Marie-Francoise and myself all joiining in with MC and Quizmaster Patrick Hoy's online ;virtual pub quiz' which was great fun! Go here to test yourself in retrospect. And look out for monthly quizzes from December onwards! 

Bruce Bodyblade's webchats will be filed on the Bodyblade group from now on - join here.

So tell your friends to search 'Back to You QVC' group on Facebook and come join us, or click here.


Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar - Updated

As many of you will know, my TTFLS tab above is for my weight loss group - based around my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet book on Amazon in eBook or paperback. Well part of the process is to listen to your body and part of being able to do that properly is to cut back on sugar. For those who find that obtaining more information makes it easier to make the right decisions, I created the 'aids to cutting back on sugar' blog. I've just updated it to include this brand new info from Professor Robert Lustig - showing the amazing results of a mere ten day trial replacing added sugar foods with other carb foods - not even other healthy stuff - on obese kids.

go here to read the whole report in a nutshell  - cutting back on sugar improves childrens' health in just ten days

Hopefully it'll help you or someone you know, cut back a bit. And check out the other videos and articles and book recommendations on my cut back sugar blog here. You can't listen to a body that's addicted - and this blog is designed to help kick that situation into touch. 


Future Back to You blogs

Will be less about the group and more about well-being, in the run up to my new series of 'Back to You' starting on QVC Uk in January! Come back each week here for a health topic!

best wishes






Published in Back to You

An interesting topic was raised this week, which continued on Back to You QVC facebook group - about whether or not to convert the now-4000 strong group into a closed group.

The distinctions are clear - if it's open, anything you post or comment on appears in your newsfeed and all your friends can see it just as if you posted an update on your own page. If it's a closed group, anyone can find it to ping a request to join but only members can see and post. 

When we began the group it was in support of my on-air show, called Back to You, which ran more frequently than it does now. Plus this group has metamorphosised somewhat and maybe needs to keep up with the changing face of the group - and its needs - and its members' wishes?

Anyway - in the PS at the bottom, is what I posted about it, in the earnest hope of learning what most people wanted from 'their' group.

Join in the debate - and let me know.


Doggy charity as you'll know if you've seen the announcement - we've set up a Just Giving page for a virtual online 'pub quiz' event on Monday 26th at 8-9pm (same slot as webchats) It's very exciting! We'll be asking for donations in return for taking part and hoping to help raise some funds to pay for the specialist freezers needed to aid the three year scientific cancer detection studies. Do read more and donate - 

more here - please click


This week's webchats are as below - Philosophy's corinne talks about the new TSV on Satruday (17th) on QVC UK - great for gifting! And Judith Williams nd as usual lovely Bodyblade Bruce. 

Next week, it's all about Quacker - Patrick Hoy is in the hot seat! And we'll be really promoting the virtual quiz the week after.

have a great week!

best wishes



ps - this was what I posted in the Back to You group about a possible revamp, following on from discussions about the group and its relationship to QVC and being a closed group -



Around 97% so far have voted for the group to be converted to a closed group. This would tie in with removing the 'officially endorsed unofficial group' because QVC insisted the group be an open one initially when I first launched it, to tie in with my on air shows. We will continue the debate - make sure your voice is heard! NB it is not a QVC group, and is not controlled by QVC social media team and never has been; it's run by a group of experienced admins who know how to create a great environment but they are voluntary.

"Ok the message is coming through loud and clear from the vast majority! Interesting reading girls isn't it. For those who don't know, Qvc required it to be an open group for the on-air endorsement I was given, in association with my b2u show. But times do change and the group has become so much more than the original purpose for sure. It's hardly mentioned on air now so converting to closed and therefore not being endorsed would not have so much impact. If it was truly independent I could leave the admin role too. And true independence would bring a rejigger of the pinned post , more exciting freedom too. Hmmm. Plus, Webchats would continue as before - they would of course not be affected as guests are keen to come on here to reach you guys - most are happily posting on many Facebook outlets now, their marketing people know it makes sense to actively promote - the more the better, inc here and our fab Qpage. Btw - Behind the scenes, following the recent success of my Webchats and other developments, I have just been asked to consider doing more on the official pages (on top of what I do here, not instead of), more for additional channels too, and also to come up with a proposal for some exciting web-only footage, or blog-only footage which I can share all over my social media as I do now, including here. What do admins think? What do others on here think? If I continue to share the content of eg Webchats, as I do now, elsewhere eg on my own Facebook page (which is completely open even to non-Facebook people!), no one would miss out on reading it. And almost anyone who wanted to join this group could continue to do so. (See my * on this below). Plus I have contributed towards bringing MORE content to the main qpage, of late, and as many of u may have noticed there is a stricter policy nowadays regarding control of trouble there. (Thank u social media team) So..."

let me know what you think - go to the Facebook group and make your thoughts known. Thanks! Go here.

 but - Join in the debate - 






Sharon Harvay Thank you for joining us Corinne! We are so excited to Welcome you for your first Q&A session here! Looking forward to the Philosophy TSV! X

Like · Reply · October 11 at 11:04am

Marie Irwin A few years ago l bought a set of Philosophy items from Qvc, while l liked all l adored one product can't remember what it was called but it was an exfoliating lip product, it was magic but l haven't seen it since, can you get it for us please Pretty please

Like · Reply · October 11 at 11:14am

Karyl James Matthews

Karyl James Matthews Hi ladies . I'd love to know when you will be airing/selling Inner Grace EDT again ? My absolute favourite , but never seems to be offered anymore x

Like · Reply · October 11 at 8:20pm

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson i love your face skincare products,so can we pls have a tsv with lots of face products in pls xx

Like · Reply · October 11 at 8:25pm

Ceri Jackson

Ceri Jackson hi corrine please can we have some discovery kits as i used to love seeing them and getting them when they used

Like · Reply · 1 · October 11 at 8:32pm

Tracy Mitchell

Tracy Mitchell Hi Corrine is there any chance of bringing back Inner Grace please.... I can't believe it got discontinued  x

Like · Reply · October 11 at 8:33pm

Ceri Jackson

Ceri Jackson hi corrine please can we have some discovery kits eg.face and fragrance as i used to love seeing them and getting them when they used to be on years ago x

Like · Reply · 1 · October 11 at 8:33pm

Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint Yay for lovely Corinne! Had a super show with u recently, was fun! Hope u enjoy the Webchat! X

Like · Reply · 2 · October 11 at 11:55pm

Margaret O'Brien

Margaret O'Brien I love the "Falling in Love" fragrance. It's still available on QVCUS. Will you ever bring it back to QVCUK? Mx

Sharon Harvay Tonight 8pm! Post your questions here! X

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 8:59am

Karyl James Matthews

Karyl James Matthews Have posted mine above wink emoticon . Plus , I'd also love to see the skincare back , such good effective products xx

Sharon Harvay Corinne Koolmon xx

Like · Reply · 16 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Please may i respectfully reminded all group members and participants not to friend request our Qvc Guests personal Facebook page( unless otherwise permitted ) These pages have either been set up to participate in the Monday evening live chats, or to Tag them into a post and may not be hosted or are personal, private, family accounts. You are welcome to Like and follow their company or Qvc pages, thank you x

Like · Reply · 1 · 16 hrs

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Hello Corinne, I've been reading about some of the beautiful Philosophy products today on Sharon's blog ! I really like the sound of the body salt scrub & the whipped body creme.....I love my skin to be silky soft so this is definitely going on my wish list for Christmas xx

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 15 hrs

Jacqui Lake

Jacqui Lake I love Philosphy, and have lots of body products in Grace and Amazing Grace. But agree with Sarah, would love a TSV with facial products. Also would love a seperate collection of body products and facial products in smaller sizes to take on holiday (last for approx 2 week) x

Like · Reply · 1 · 15 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay not long to go yay x

Sharon Harvay can everyone please post in COMMENTS and not in Reply...thank you xx

Like · Reply · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Marie Irwin Yes philosophy have done a few lip scrubs in the past- they are truly divine. They currently do a fresh cream formulation in the US. I am going to try and get this over here in the US- thank you for reminding me about this amazing lip product, keep checking our facebook page for info on when this will be on air!

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Hi everyone- so excited to answer all of your questions- ill type as fast as I can smile emoticon

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Hi Corinne, Thank you for joining us x

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Karyl James Matthews I was also a HUGE inner grace fan- I have a trickle left in my edp! However, we launched "live joyously" EDP is year and I can honestly say that it is very very similar to inner grace. I am sure you would love it, as I do! It has the depth and warmth of inner, which the longevity of an EDP. I hope this helps

Unlike · Reply · 4 · 14 hrs

Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint Welcome corinne! Have a fabulous webchat with our lovely group! And good luck with the tsv Saturday! X

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Sarah Thompson Hi Sarah, although we do not have a skincare TSV planned, we do have a VERY exciting collection due to launch at the end of Jan- which is a mix of fragrance and skincare, and features a brand new skincare launch that will only be available at QVC in the UK.

Unlike · Reply · 6 · 14 hrs


Sarah Thompson replied · 1 Reply

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay oooooooh thats sounds gorgeous.... Live Joyously...

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs

Anne-Marie Mason

Anne-Marie Mason Hi Corinne, I've had a mad year healthwise and I'm now lucky enough to have that silly keratosis pilaris (or something like that!) all over my body now. I'm not asking medical help but just wondered if your microdelivery wash can be used on the body as well as the face please? Also, have I understood it right that Q will be becoming the only UK supplier of Philosophy? x

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Ceri Jackson Hi- I love hearing our philosophy customers wish lists- and I think that a "travel" set is a great idea. This will probably launch in the springtime- what products would you ideally like in the collection?

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 14 hrs


Ceri Jackson replied · 1 Reply

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Margaret O'Brien I am so excited to announce that we have an incredible "falling in love" collection featuring in our 12th Anniversary shows in November- check our facebook page nearer the time for more details!

Unlike · Reply · 4 · 14 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Fantastic Ceri!! x

Like · Reply · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Jacqui Lake I think you are going to love the TSV coming up on Saturday- there is a new formulation hot salt scrub that is divine! But yes leave it with me on the skincare and travel collection smile emoticon

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson What is one of your favourite products in the Philosophy collection Corinne ? xx

Like · Reply · 14 hrs

Jacqui Lake

Jacqui Lake I like the sound of Hot Salt Scrub smile emoticon x

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Anne-Marie Mason I am so sorry to hear that you have had health problems! And I would always have to say that you should always contact your doctor in cases like this. But yes you can absolutely use microdelivery wash on your body- as well as purity. Speak to your doctor to make sure, but please give this a try, as all of our products are formulated for sensitive skin. Take care smile emoticon

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Dawn Robinson Oooh such a hard question!! I find it hard to pick one. But I would probably have to say that is I was stuck on a desert island, I would need to have a GIANT microdelivery peel to keep my skin glowing (we have a supersize of this launching on saturday). And if I could choose another, I would choose "live joyously" fragrance...

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 14 hrs

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Gosh that sounds lovely i would like to try that x

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Fantastic!!!! x

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Jacqui Lake It really is as good as it sounds- and leaves you smelling gorgeous too!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay The Hot Salt Scrub is an absolute must have!! especially at this time of the year followed by the whipped body cream...divine!

Like · Reply · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Debbie Flint Thanks Debbie! We are all very excited at philosophy HQ for this TSV- I know Lee is also excited!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs

Melissa Lane

Melissa Lane Hi Corinne. Have we some Christmassy smelling bath products to look forward to? Xxx

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Jacqui Lake

Jacqui Lake I was going to be good, as a Purchased the salon size 3-in-1 shower/bath/hair please body cream in Pure Grace & Amazing Grace, earlier this year wink emoticon But the Hot Salt Scrub is calling wink emoticon

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Melissa Lane Yes we absolutely do! We have some incredible festive shower gel collections, as well as my personal favourite- a xmas ornament collection- which is a mixture of skincare and both/body/fragrance- I cant wait for xmas already!

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 14 hrs

Melissa Lane

Melissa Lane I cannot wait!! Thank you, Corinne xxx

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Jacqui Lake For the price- I would really encourage you to stock up- or you could be a very popular friend and give some away as gifts? Although I know how hard it is to give these great products away! smile emoticon

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 14 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay sounds amazing!!! Corinne you have a wonderful job! How long have you worked with Philosophy?x

Like · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Sharon Harvay I have worked for the brand directly for just over 3 years, but prior to that I was lucky enough to work in the beauty buying team at QVC, and I must say I always had a huge soft spot for philosophy!

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 14 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Wow! Dream job! What is a day-in-the-life-of-TSV at Qvc? How do you keep going with so little sleep? x

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Well after the launch we usually head back to the hotel for some sleep- which is sometimes hard as we are so excited and full of adrenaline! Then we head back over to QVC HQ for around 7am. The day usually goes so fast, as we are so so frequently throughout the day. I must say we have a great time back stage with our amazing team and models on the day. By around 8pm however, we do tend to be slightly delirious! xx

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 13 hrs

Michael James Hamlyn

Michael James Hamlyn Hi Corinne, great to have you here smile emoticon

I'm such a beauty junkie I'm forever trying out new things but I love coming back to Philosophy!

Would absolutely love to try the range specifically for oily/breakout skin... I forget it's name but it sounded idea...See More

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Michael James Hamlyn Hi Michael- We do have a great range called "take a deep breath" which is available in the states, but not here yet that is formulated for oilier skins. However we do have "renewed hope" for oily skin, which addresses- hydration, texture and glow, but has a mattifying formulation which sounds perfect for you! I hope you can tune in on Saturday! smile emoticon

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Margaret O'Brien

Margaret O'Brien That's brilliant Corrine, thankyou. More Philosophy lip glosses would b nice too. Thankyou for answering my question. Mx

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Michael James Hamlyn

Michael James Hamlyn Oh fab! Just had a sneak peak on the app and I see 'Help me' is back on Q too! Booked my TV spot at 11 to join you xx

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Michael James Hamlyn Yes all of the skincare favourites are all back online- we are thrilled! x

Like · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Sharon Harvay


Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs · Edited

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Corinne tell us a little about you. How do you relax ( aside from pampering with Philosophy products) hahaha

Like · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Your friends must get excited when it's their Birthdays hoping for a special bottle of Philosophy xx

Like · Reply · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Sharon Harvay when im not working, I relax by spending as much time as possible with family and friends- enjoying a glass of wine, going to the gym (although I havent been very good at this over the past few weeks). And of course- nothing beats lighting a beautiful candle and enjoying a fragrant philosophy soak in the bath smile emoticon

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs · Edited

Karyl James Matthews

Karyl James Matthews Thank you so much Corrine , I also still have a little Inner left , put myself on rations wink emoticon , but now I feel a purchase coming on , I may just unration myself and use a little of my Inner for going to work tomorrow . Sad that it has gone , but am now excited by its replacement . Thanks again grin emoticon

Like · Reply · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Karyl James Matthews I honestly feel your pain, but I know you wont be disappointed with "live joyously". Everyone who smells it falls in love with the fragrance- let me know what you think! x

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay speaking of which Corinne are there going to be any candles?

Like · Reply · 13 hrs

Karyl James Matthews

Karyl James Matthews I will , can't wait to get it now x

Debbie Flint Corinne also tell everyone why it's vital to snap up the Xmas stocks whilst on offer? X

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Sharon Harvay Hmmm that would be gorgeous wouldn't it- imagine an amazing grace candle! I haven't heard any plans for this, but I can always feed back to the team in the US and suggest it! Lovely idea

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Claire Louise

Claire Louise We need much much more philosophy on QVC we more new products please

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Debbie Flint Yes if I were watching, I would snap up the offers as soon as possible. When it comes to offers like the TSV and "xmas" collections- we only make a limited quantity, so when they are gone they really are gone. I would hate for anyone to miss out- get in there early!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Please do!!!! I love amazing grace and am smothered in it now! Xx

Like · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Claire Louise I agree! We really do have some amazing collections/products planned for you over the next few months. If you are a skincare fan make sure you check out our big January collection which has a brand new product from our "when hope is not enough" range- so excited!!

Unlike · Reply · 4 · 13 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay I love this too.... I use this so sparingly and have had it forever hahaha! Summer Grace x

Sharon Harvay's photo.

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Oh that's a lovely range!!! I just love the "philosophy's" on the jars! So inspiring and uplifting x

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Sharon Harvay Oh I absolutely LOVE summer grace- epitomises everything we love about summer! We have a gorgeous new summer fragrance launching next July. Ill keep you all posted on facebook on this exciting new fragrance launch (and we will be launching a shimmering dry oil in the same fragrance to complete your fragrance layering for summer)

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Omg!!!!!!! Roll on Summer!! Hahaha x

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Xx 5 minutes left wow! Xx

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Karyl James Matthews

Karyl James Matthews Oooopppps , something just fell into my shopping basket tongue emoticon grin emoticon

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon Karyl James Matthews Im so excited for you!! xx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Karyl James Matthews

Karyl James Matthews Thank you ... me too smile emoticon x

Sharon Harvay Hahaha xx

Corinne Koolmon

Corinne Koolmon I cant believe how quickly that hour went by! Thanks so much for your fab questions/feedback and ideas- all greatly appreciated! I hope you can all tune in on Saturday to catch Lee and I throughout the day! Cxx

Unlike · Reply · 5 · 13 hrs

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Back To You Qvc - Please join me in thanking gorgeous Corinne Koolmon for joining us this evening! Corinne you have been amazing, such a wonderful web chat, thank you so much for your time! We are so looking forward to the amazing TSV this weekend!!

Unlike · Reply · 5 · 13 hrs

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Thank you Corinne & Sharon I've really enjoyed this evening xxx

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 13 hrs

Anne-Marie Mason Thank you Corinne, sorry, I couldn't get back online until now. My doc thinks it's the least thing I should be bothering about but for me it's visible so does stress me out. I'm going to give it a good try out! Thanks girls for another fab chat. x




Sharon Harvay Hi Sara! How are you? Thank you so much for joining us! So looking forward to the TSV!


Marjorie Yates Do we know what's in the TSV just used the last of my future skin....

Marjorie Yates LLB it could be

Lorri Vick

Lorri Vick I am working but will try to get home for half. Is there another tsv before xmas? Xx

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 1:38pm

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay X

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 5:29pm

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart Hi Sara thank you for joining us on our Monday fb chat. Just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of Life Long Beauty range it's perfect for my skin during the winter months. Using my Rose Oil on top. I'm finding the smell so relaxing at night when I go to bed. Have excellent shows this week. Can't wait for the TSV x

Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 6:29pm

Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint Nice feedback Sue! X

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 hrs

Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint Sara would you give us some case stories of how LLb specifically, has helped certain skins? X

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Please may i respectfully reminded all group members and participants not to friend request our Qvc Guests personal Facebook page( unless otherwise permitted ) These pages have either been set up to participate in the Monday evening live chats, or to Tag them into a post and may not be hosted or are personal, private, family accounts. You are welcome to Like and follow their company or Qvc pages, thank you x

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Hello Sara x Like many thousands i'm really looking forward to the TSV.....this set will take me through the winter cold months protecting my skin. I always like to add a pump of the Rose Oil to my neck & décolleté cream for that added protection xx

Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs

Rebecca Warren

Rebecca Warren Hi Sarah Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams can you advise me regarding best neck and eye products for my 43 year old sensitive combination skin, with slackening due to weight loss, please. Tia

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Everyone, I'm here.....really looking forward to receiving your questions tonight. My fingers are hot hot hot! Don't forget there's a prize of a TSV set to one of you.... xxx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Marjorie Yates, yes it’s Life Long Beauty, and contains our ‘Hero’ products from the range. It is without doubt the best value TSV we’ve ever done, and is a MUST to keep your skin hydrated and beautiful this Autumn. xx

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Lorri Vick, hope you get back in time, this is the last TSV before Christmas…!

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Hi Sara! Thank you for joining us xx

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart Do we know if it will be on EP Sara x

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Can everyone please answer in "comments" and not using the reply function, thank you x

Like · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sharon, lovely to be here.....

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sue Stewart, so lovely of you to join us, I’m glad you love LLB – you’ll be in heaven with the TSV!!!! I love the Rose Oil too, it seems to take years off me before I go to bed. (Might be because I’ve taken my lenses out…..?) hahaha x Not sure about EZ Pay. I'd doubt it, because the value is so incredible as it is.....x

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint Welcome sara! Have a good one! Hope tsv goes well! About time we had a lifelong beauty one! Luv to judith and the team x

Like · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Debbie Flint has suggested I tell you about people who love LLB.My friend Jane gets very pink cheeks, the cold weather, and central heating makes it worse…she also has very fine lines around her eyes, cheeks and mouth due to her lovely but very fine skin. This range has hydrated and moisturized her skin so beautifully, and soothed the redness. She now has a typical English Rose complexion, soft and beautiful. She’s thrilled! (Hope you don’t mind me sharing that with everyone, Jane!).Unlike · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams And to you Debbie Flint maybe see you on Thursday??? xxx

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Also Debbie Flint suggestions of personal experiences....Also, my own neck!!! If ONLY I’d found this LLB Neck & Decollete Cream 20 years ago!!! It’s sooo improved the skin on my neck and décolleté since I’ve been using it.

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Dawn. Yes me too…and it clearly works….your skin is beautiful Dawn! I also have taken to applying the Day Cream in little dabs all over my face (like a spotty dog), then I massage it in. That way I get an even amount of cream over my face. Try it. Xx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Jacqueline Jackson

Jacqueline Jackson Evening Sara welcome. I wonder if you could advise. My skin is looking a bit dull and lifeless at the moment ( peri menopause I think), what would you suggest I use to give it a bit of a boost please? x

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Rebecca Warren, I would recommend for your sensitive combination skin, presuming it’s a little oily in parts, the Future Skin Range. It’s lightweight, and really calming for sensitive skin, and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles dramatically thanks to the Plant Stem Cell technology. The 4 piece set has the Neck & Decollete Fluid in it, which is brilliant for your neck. If you really want to see a difference in your lines/wrinkles, get the Cell Booster too (for day time, use the Night Cell Shot in the set at night), that is the real wrinkle buster! Hope that helps....let me know how you get on. Xx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Sara i am totally addicted to the Vit C Range!!! wow the clarity and brightness in my skin is amazing. From the TSV it has to be the Micellar Rose Cleansing water, the Rose Oil, the neck cream.....hahahahahahahaha please thank Judith for us x

Like · Reply · 1 hr · Edited

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Jacqueline Jackson, well the Vitamin C range is a real 'brightener', and is a lovely range...if your skin is a little dry definitely go for the LLB TSV coming up, or if you want a wrinkle buster go for Future Skin 4 piece set plus the Cell Booster. They will all brighten your skin and give it a lovely Autumn radiance. Hope that helps....xx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson That's a great tip thank you Sara i will try that later ! Dab dab

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I will Sharon Harvay I love all those too!!! What did I do before Judith Williams???? hahahaha xx

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes we can all sing it as we do it dab dab dab....I like it. xx

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 1 hr

Jacqueline Jackson

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Sara x

Sharon Harvay hahahahahaha

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I think I'll do a tap dance too, my feet are freezing! Its got so cold all of a sudden hasn't it, or is it just me???

Like · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart As our feet are now back in boots ( well mine are anyway ) I use the Rose Oil on my heels at night as well. Do you think we will ever get a foot cream. Or is there one I have missed x

Like · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Jacqueline Jackson

Jacqueline Jackson Ooh nice idea Sue. x

Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Very good thought Sue Stewart, knowing Judith she has probably already done a foot cream but we haven't had it in the UK. I like the rose oil on my heels and round my toes too, then I put on socks. It does make your feet lovely and smooth doesn't it. x

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 1 hr

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart It does Sara. It's a multi tasking product x

Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Also, I always rub some round my cuticles, just to use it up after massaging it into my face. My nails are the best they've been for ages!

Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson It's freezing and the central heating definitely affects my skin it instantly goes dry ! So I keep turning it off my hubby says its very selfish of me lol xx

Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart I add it to my LLB handcream as well

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes, elbows, knees, and hair. Well you know how curly my hair is, it does calm it down a bit!

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Do you? I like that idea!

Like · Reply · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I'll try that!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hahahaha Dawn, while you're turning the heating off, I'm turning ours on. I'd rather put on more Rose Oil than be cold....

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams The central heating does dry out your skin, so it needs to be hydrated during the winter, if anyone gets dry skin this time of year, you'll love the TSV there's everything in it you need for soft comfortable skin.

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Also, anyone sitting in front of a computer screen all day?

Like · Reply · 59 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay yep x

Like · Reply · 59 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Well so long as you're not wearing make up, try topping up the hydration levels with a little slurp of rose oil half way through the day. It makes such a difference. The computer screen just draws the moisture from your skin. x

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 57 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Im definitely staying up for this TSV with my bag of scratchings & a glass of babycham x x

Like · Reply · 3 · 56 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Dawn hahahahahahahaha

Like · Reply · 2 · 56 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Nice one Dawn you're a classy bird!

Like · Reply · 1 · 55 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Sara any other sets we should look out for this visit? will Judith be back again before Christmas? x

Like · Reply · 55 mins

Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn Stewart So 70's Dawn, I love itXxx

Like · Reply · 1 · 55 mins

Rebecca Warren

Rebecca Warren Thank you Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams for the advice, much appreciated

Like · Reply · 54 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Actually, when my husband proposed to me over 30 years ago, we celebrated in a pub just outside Salisbury with Babycham. That I think was the last time I had it. Sweet, but very memorable!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 54 mins

Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn Stewart What a lovely story and memory Sara X

Like · Reply · 1 · 54 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay awwwwww......another Classy bird hahahahahahaha wink emoticon

Like · Reply · 2 · 52 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Not 'arf.....

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 52 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Didn't have any scratchings though.....

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 51 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Gosh i bet all your friends and family get really excited when it's Christmas or Birthdays hoping to get some lovely Judith Williams goodies xx

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 51 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes Judith I believe will be back before Christmas. We've got some shows in November and December....xx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 50 mins

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart Sara will you adopt me in time for Christmas as Dawn says lol

Like · Reply · 3 · 50 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Fantastic! This is the last TSV though? So great for gift giving too?

Like · Reply · 50 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Dawn, yes they do actually. They all love it, most of them order the good value sets when I tip them the wink, like the TSV coming up...they've seen my skin.....seriously!

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 49 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hahahaha Sue Stewart, ok, so long as I don't have to do your washing too!

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 48 mins

Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn Stewart Oh Sara she's very high maintenance! Lol xxxx

Like · Reply · 48 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes Sharon Harvay the last TSV before Christmas. Great for a gift, if you can part with it....x

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 48 mins

Sue Foley

Sue Foley hi sara can i ask do you need to use a toner after using the rose micellar water x

Like · Reply · 47 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Kathryn....I had a feeling she might be! hahaha

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 47 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sue Foley I use the Toner after cleansing with anything. Its worth it to make sure you get all the hydration and balance possible. The Future Skin Toner also very gently exfoliates. I must admit I'm hooked on toner now, wouldn't leave it out of my regime for anything. x

Like · Reply · 46 mins

Sharon Harvay


Like · Reply · 45 mins

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart I'm not Kathryn and Sara I'll do my own washing and ironing lol x

Like · Reply · 1 · 45 mins

Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn Stewart But Sara we love Sue! Xxx

Like · Reply · 1 · 45 mins

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart Xxxxx Kathryn

Like · Reply · 44 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Oh alright Sue Stewart! Yes we love you. x

Like · Reply · 2 · 44 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I love all of you!!!!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 44 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay oh Sara, i know what i wanted to ask, how was your recent visit to the Beauty Institute? i bet it smells amazing in there!!

Like · Reply · 42 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I've even got my Mum using the Future Skin toner (she ordered 2 bottles), and she has never used a toner in her life (84 years), she loves it. Her skin is looking lovely too....she's thrilled with the results.

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 42 mins

Sue Foley

Sue Foley thanks sara toner added to my list smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 41 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams You know Sharon, it DOES! There's a beautiful bathroom on the 2nd floor where we have our meeting, and there are about 6 of Judiths products in there, and they all smell gorgeous. They virtually have to drag me out of there to get back to work, I'm trying everything out!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 40 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson It's beautiful Sue i love mine x

Like · Reply · 40 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay hahahaahahahahahaa Dawn and i would NEVER leave....we would hide in the fridge or somewhere hahahahahahahaha

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 39 mins

Katie Prentice

Katie Prentice Hi Sara! Could you recommend a product that is good for illness and medication affected skin please? Thank you! xx

Like · Reply · 38 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Oh and also i just want to say i am still using the 2 step Beauty Institute Glycolic pads twice a week and am thrilled with the results. Hope others are enjoying these too. x

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 37 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams It's very stylish there...... all white, lovely smells, and the most beautiful old wooden floorboards.

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 37 mins

Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint Sara you had your meeting in a big bathroom...? Lol x

Like · Reply · 2 · 37 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Katie Prentice is that for you?

Like · Reply · 1 · 37 mins

Sue Foley

Sue Foley ooh not seen the glycolic pads sharon must see if theres a video up

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 36 mins

Katie Prentice

Katie Prentice Yes, I've been ill for a while and I'm keen to give my skin the best to minimise further damage xx

Like · Reply · 35 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hahaha thanks Debbie Flint it was a toss up between the hand cleanser and the croissants......

Like · Reply · 2 · 35 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Sue Foley the Glycolic Pads are BRILLIANT!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 35 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Aww Katie Prentice I'm so sorry. You want something soft and nurturing, the TSV on Thursday might well be a lovely treat for your skin, it's certainly very soothing with the Rose Oil, and will keep it comfortable and moisturised. Give it a try. Hope you're back to your old self soon my darling. xxxx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 33 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay They are amazing! Sue check out my blog and look up Beauty Institute! I am seriously reordering these again! My skin is amazing! X


Back To You Beauty


Like · Reply · Remove Preview · 1 · 32 mins

Sue Foley

Sue Foley thanks sharon x

Like · Reply · 32 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Katie, if it helps, I take lots of harsh medication and have never had a problem with the range. Wishing you well xx

Like · Reply · 1 · 31 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Sharon Harvay your blogs are so good, and your photos recently have been beautiful.

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 31 mins

Sue Foley

Sue Foley any hint of the price of the tsv sara smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 1 · 30 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Oh Sara!  thank you so much xx

Like · Reply · 29 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson I agree Sharons blogs are amazing x

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 29 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I'm afraid Sue I've been sworn to secrecy, be assured though it is a silly price I seriously don't know how we do it!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 29 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Where has the time gone? less than 10 mins to go.....

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 28 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Are you on our screens on TSV DAY Sara? X

Like · Reply · 27 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Anyone got any Judith Williams skincare stories?

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 27 mins

Katie Prentice

Katie Prentice Aw, thank you Sara. Such a lovely message, I will definitely be tuning in to find out more! I have used Judith's serums in the past and they felt really lovely on the skin! Sadly I have a long term illness but I am not giving up hope of improvement, little steps! xxx

Like · Reply · 1 · 27 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes Sharon, I'll be presenting it at 9am and 3pm. Judith will be having full hours at midnight obviously, then during the day.

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 27 mins

Lorri Vick

Lorri Vick Late finish from work, so have missed it all xx

Like · Reply · 26 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes Katie, little steps.....loads of love to you. x

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 26 mins

Sue Foley

Sue Foley looking forward to the shows smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 26 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Lorri Vick better late than never. We've had a good laugh.....!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 25 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes I'm looking forward to the shows too, always lovely to present a real cracker!

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 25 mins

Lorri Vick

Lorri Vick Hi Sara - I will grab a coffee and have a read smile emoticon xx

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 24 mins · Edited

Katie Prentice

Katie Prentice Thank you Sara  xx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 23 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Love & hugs to you Katie xx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 22 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Such a fabulous chat with a fabulous lady for a fantastic TSV X

Like · Reply · 22 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Well ladies with just a few moments to go, the winner of the prize, being the first person (after 8pm) to comment goes to........

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 22 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams goes to...

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 21 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams ...............(drum roll)

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 21 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Sue Stewart

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 21 mins

Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn Stewart I don't believe it! Sue should buy a lottery ticket! Well done Sue! Xxx

Like · Reply · 1 · 20 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Yay congratulations Sue Stewart xx please pm Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams your details xx

Like · Reply · 1 · 20 mins

Stacey Gardiner

Stacey Gardiner Oh I got here way too late

Like · Reply · 20 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Well done Sue Stewart you're the winner of the TSV set. I'll message you details of how we can get it to you. xxxx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 19 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Fantastic congratulations Sue !!! I'm so happy for you xx

Like · Reply · 1 · 19 mins

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart Oh thank you Sara x

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 19 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Pleasure my darling, hope you love it. Let us know how you get on. x

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 19 mins

Lorri Vick

Lorri Vick Yay!!congratulations Sue smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 18 mins

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams You know what ladies, this has been the best chat back yet. I really feel as if I know you all, and I've had a great laugh!!!!! Thanks everyone. xxxx

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 18 mins

Lorri Vick

Lorri Vick Sara - why do you have your meetings in the bathroom at the BI wink emoticon lol

Like · Reply · 18 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Back To You Qvc PLease join me in thanking Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams for another fantastic webchat. Sara we are sooo super excited for the Tsv on Wednesday evening (midnight). thank you again xx

Like · Reply · 17 mins

Katie Prentice

Katie Prentice Thanks Dawn! xx

Like · Reply · 1 · 16 mins

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart It's been great send our love to you and Judith. This will be a great TSV . Thank you for your time Sara x

Like · Reply · 16 mins

Lorri Vick

Lorri Vick Thank you Sara (even thoughmisted 99% of it) xx

Like · Reply · 16 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson You certainly have a LOT of new friends

Like · Reply · 16 mins

Katie Prentice

Katie Prentice Congratulations Sue! xx

Like · Reply · 16 mins

Sharon Harvay

Sharon Harvay Please join us next monday for a live webchat with Patrick Hoy! xx

Like · Reply · 3 · 15 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson Thank you Sara & Sharon it's made my night xx

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 15 mins

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart Definitely made mine Dawn x

Like · Reply · 1 · 12 mins

Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson How exciting Sue ! I'm so glad you won enjoy xxx

Sharon Harvay Thanks everyone!



Bruce Hymanson

12 October at 19:41

Good evening Bodyblade Ohana!! I can not believe all the wonderful posts this week. Some showing how great your kids are doing, moms, sitting in a chair, great before and after photos (keep up the great work) and so much more. I can't believe we are almost 3,000 members strong (all thanks to you!!!). Tonight, I wanted to talk about practice and practice drills. Whether you are a professional actor, athlete, educator and so many more, you have to practice to become better at what you do. Let's talk about how to do what you are already doing well, even better. See you in about 20 minutes. As always, please post here so I can keep up with you.

Top of Form

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You, Sharon HarvayAnne KeatingChris Jopp and 76 others like this.



Anne Keating Hi Bruce. It's been a good week! xx

Unlike · Reply · 4 · 12 October at 19:46


Sara Brown Evening, had great fun taking my blade into my beauticians. Whilst demonstrating the guys in the martial arts studio opposite were spotted laughing and then stopped and started watching with interest.

Like · Reply · 7 · 12 October at 19:48


Maureen Bamford Hello Bruce re my husbands Giuliani barre syndrome. He has been using the body blade for a few mins every other day and he says he can feel his core a little bit happy days 
My arm that had the broken humerus is still very painful I am using the bob but are there any exercises that would help to get my shoulder moving more and any that would help to make my arm go up my back again I hope you can help thank you

Like · Reply · 4 · 12 October at 19:52


Carol Whitfield Hi Bruce so excited by the bodyblade as I have spina bifida and it's an Excercise I can do! I'm getting results too. It's the hip and thigh I find tricky. Can you help?

Like · Reply · 7 · 12 October at 19:57


Tracie Wright Hi Bruce , lovely to have you continuing to help and advise. We really do have an awesome Bodyblade family .

Like · Reply · 6 · 12 October at 19:58


Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, I agree, such a lot of inspirational posts and challenges set. We are all very excited to work towards our goals! Thank you so much for your time and inventing an exceptional piece of equipment.

Like · Reply · 4 · 12 October at 19:59


Wende Arundale Been a bit lax over the weekend cos been away but back on it by today. Already feeling the benefit, after using it regularly for the past week. almost too good to be true!!

Like · Reply · 4 · 12 October at 20:01


Sue Stewart #JulieBrown this is the Monday night chat with Bruce himself. If you have any questions please post here for Bruce to answer.

Like · Reply · 5 · 12 October at 20:01


Jacqui Stephenson hi bruce

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 October at 20:01


Tracey Cox Evening Bruce, I've been spreading the word far and wide and ordered Dad a Bodyblade of his own at the weekend and a good friend ordered one last night. If I had my way I would have everyone Bodyblading, it's brilliant and even better is all the support on here and from you.

Like · Reply · 7 · 12 October at 20:01


Jacqui Stephenson im noticing the difference now especially when im going up and down the stairs all day at work

Like · Reply · 4 · 12 October at 20:02


Kathryn Stewart Evening Bruce. I have joined Rosalind's Christmas challenge. We need encouragement! Kx

Like · Reply · 7 · 12 October at 20:02



Jacqui Stephenson replied · 1 Reply



Mirka Marri Mayra Gallegos welcome, here is where you come and can ask Bruce questions, so glad you joined us!

Like · Reply · 4 · 12 October at 20:04


Deborah Platt Hi Bruce. I haven't used my BB for a couple of weeks as I strained my lower back and it has been quite painful. If I start to reintroduce my BB are there any of the SS I should avoid and will any in particular help please?

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 October at 20:05


Brett Payne best group ever so helpful and friendly, body blade is working well

Like · Reply · 5 · 12 October at 20:05


Debbie Flint Good evening boss man! X

Like · Reply · 8 · 12 October at 20:06


Bruce Hymanson Good evening to all. So many wonderful posts from just the past hour. I hope to answer everyone's questions and more

Like · Reply · 8 · 12 October at 20:06


Brett Payne you talking to me debbie lol

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 October at 20:06



Brett Payne replied · 2 Replies



Debbie Flint Have a great with chat everybody, and don't forget at the same time over on back to you group it is the turn of philosophy and Judith Williams, both have TSVs this week!

Like · Reply · 6 · 12 October at 20:50 · Edited


Emma Cobb Hi Bruce just done my exercises ..... Booom x

Unlike · Reply · 5 · 12 October at 20:07


Kathryn Stewart losee??x

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 October at 20:07



Kathryn Stewart replied · 2 Replies



Bruce Hymanson Congrats on Rosalind's Christmas challenge. Day by day and the results will come!!

Unlike · Reply · 10 · 12 October at 20:08


Sue Stewart Debbie Flint do you have typing problems tonight? Or what is a Losee

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 October at 20:11 · Edited



Debbie Flint replied · 1 Reply



Bruce Hymanson Haha, Hi Debs, hope you are well.

Unlike · Reply · 4 · 12 October at 20:08


Bruce Hymanson Hard to believe I was just in London. Wouldn't it be great if we all met around Buckingham Palace or something like that for a meet and greet plus workout?

Unlike · Reply · 16 · 12 October at 20:09


Maureen Bamford Fab idea Bruce

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 October at 20:10


Janet Taylor Hi Bruce. I have dyspraxia my BB is fairly easy to use with practice the super"6 for coordination, core stability & muscle tone. Not tried the power 10 balancing pilates type excecises. I suspect they will be more of a challenge.

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 October at 20:10


Kathryn Stewart It's Losee!! No idea Sue! X

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 October at 20:10



Debbie Flint replied · 1 Reply



Sue Stewart That would have been great Bruce. Perhaps the Queen could have joined us. 

Like · Reply · 7 · 12 October at 20:11


Brett Payne just hope she has high ceilings lol

Unlike · Reply · 7 · 12 October at 20:11


Sue Stewart Amended my spelling Kathryn. Thank you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 October at 20:12


Janet Taylor I'm safe I have a paper lampshade lol.

Unlike · Reply · 3 · 12 October at 20:12


Kathryn Stewart Bruce, why London, please come up North we would give you a great Scottish Welcome! Edinburgh is beautiful! Xx

Like · Reply · 5 · 12 October at 20:12


Kathryn Stewart Was Debbie! Still no idea Sue! Xxx

Like · Reply · 1 · 12 October at 20:13


Bruce Hymanson Maureen- Glad to hear that your husband is having success. Keep up the good work there. For your healing humerus, try to continue with exercise on the other arm until you are fit and given the OK by your MD to begin training the other arm. The Jab exercise is really good for the single arm as you can do int down by your side, out to the side or moving through a range of motion. It's kind of like the universal exercise because you can move through just about any range of motion to challenge or simply get started after a period of recovery.

Like · Reply · 5 · 12 October at 20:14


Angie Lee Haines Good evening g to you .I bought the body blade some 3 months ago and can see a vast difference in inch loss and them terrible bingo wings which are GOING .xx

Unlike · Reply · 7 · 12 October at 20:14


Bruce Hymanson For all we know, the Queen already loves Bodyblade but just hasn't given out her secret!!

Unlike · Reply · 13 · 12 October at 20:15



Anne Keating replied · 2 Replies



Maureen Bamford Thank you Bruce

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 October at 20:15


Bruce Hymanson Angie, great to hear from you and congrats on the progress. If you feel like posting B&A photos with the group, we love to see and encourage each other

Like · Reply · 4 · 12 October at 20:16


Angie Lee Haines I may just do that for you x

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 October at 20:16


Elaine Hewitt Hi Bruce, my brother laughed at me when I first got my BodyBlade saying it was just another one of my useless gadgets that I would hide away in the loft. Well, having seen the difference it's made to me in just 4 weeks, he came round this evening and asked to have a go at it ... then he asked me to order him one! Reeeeesssult !!

Unlike · Reply · 16 · 12 October at 20:17



Debbie Flint replied · 1 Reply



Julie Brown Bruce i have sciatica will using the body blade help me with this ? Im only 2weeks in and love it

Published in Back to You



The full lowdown on misleading reports regarding how to tell a good UVA product… Bruce’s tips for a better bottom (!) … and That Sugar Book.

This week we saw our groups on Facebook grow hugely following a really successful visit last weekend – it makes me so proud! And Abi Cleeve is back with Ultrasun on Wednesday – the final Today’s Special Value in planning for this year. So is Davina! More below. And how to get That Sugar Film, in a book…

But first, the phones at Ultrasun UK were hot this week, and not just because of the heatwave…



Do read the full blog on Sharon Harvey’s updated blog about Ultrasun, click here -  updated following the recent BBC report regarding UVA protection within sun creams. (end June 2015)

BBC report is here. where reporter Adam Brimalow correctly states that the SPF factor implies protection against UVB rays, which are the main cause of sunburn BUT wrongly implies that the only way to ascertain UVA rating is by a star rating system – his report seemed to say that ALL sunscreens have a star rating for UVA – in fact, only Boots use this system and require their vendors to put it on their bottles, to be sold in Boots.

Abi Cleeve, tonight’s guest on our webchat and head of Ultrasun UK says –

“Ultrasun is not sold in Boots. The EU working party on sun care (Cosmetics Europe) are the official governing body and they ask us to stick to their guidelines. We surpass this on all Ultrasun formulas and this gives us the UVA in a circle sign which is regulated and not set by one commercial organisation. The BBC reported as though the star rating was the only and definitive measurement - it most certainly is not and unfortunately many products with this rating have gone on to fail tests by independent bodies such as Which? (see the BBC report from May 2015 here.) We are controlled and regulated and like it that way!”

So what are UVA rays?

“UVA are the more penetrative rays that break down our DNA. They are doing invisible cell damage with no immediate obvious sign. If you spoke to as many people with serious skin cancer as I do on a daily basis you would PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT! That’s why so many people use Ultrasun all year round and certainly on holidays abroad.”

Do read the info below regarding the way Ultrasun protects. It is below, following Abi’s fab webchat on this week’s Back to You Q&A.

Next week – Tom and Michelle from Alpha H – Michelle’s first time in the hot seat! Find out her key issues and how Alpha H sorted out her own problems many years ago. PLUS – June our lovely makeup artist extraordinaire who helps behind the scenes via her company Makeup Junkies, with several of our brands – on how to apply makeup and answering your cosmetics problems that don’t relate to a specific brand!

Meanwhile – membership of Back to You QVC and of Bodyblade QVC and of Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook groups ramp up, following recent on air sessions! Do come join us (links all below) and be part of a growing band of support and a superb online community!

Other news –

-          That Sugar Film  continues to make headlines – thank goodness! Here’s just one clip. And watch out for it coming to iTunes soon. Click here.

-          That Sugar Book is available now though, here’s the amazon link – you can read the first bit free. Click here.

-          The facts behind the headlines - ditch the sugary drinks. – the Sun and other papers headlined with it, but here’s the publication behind the latest back up for dropping the sugar. One day it’ll be taxed like tobacco – believe me. Whether we live to see it will depend on lots of things… including possibly how much of it we continue eating! Lol Go here.

-           TTFLS hardback makes it to Amazon for £19.99!! I know it's sold out, but hey, 200% pricing?! In any case, there's a fabulous first review on just that hardback already - below. Thanks so much, it always warms my cockles to read five star reviews like this one!

"Wouldn't part with this book for anything!

By Lawonline on 26 May 2015
I recently bought this book as had heard such good reviews on how it had quite literally changed peoples lives for the better - big time! Wasn't sure at the time that it would be for me, but thought worth giving it a try. OMG! Is it ever, I have read and owned lots of books on the subject and have managed to get bits of information from each which have made sense, but this book by Debbie Flint is the whole thing. Found it very hard to put down as so incredibly interesting, informative, absolute and total common sense (which unfortunately most of us don't put into practice) and written so well you just have to keep going. Also you have Debbie's story of how a change was desperately needed in her life and the amazing change it has made, not only her story but also others who are now living a healthier and slimmer life because of this book. If you are sick (in more ways than one) of yet another 'diet' that makes you lose a few pounds for as long as you can stick to it, then end up putting all the weight back on again., this book is without a shadow of a doubt for you, this is not a 'diet' it's a way of eating for life - a good healthy and happy life, and here's the thing - It's easy, it's enjoyable and you are in charge, there is no 'you must do this' or 'you can't do that'. It's changed my life (not to mention my shape and weight and feeling of wellbeing, and know my Husband and I will never want to do any differently - It works so why would we!! Cannot recommend this highly enough." Get the paperback or eBook on amazon here.


STOP PRESS – Join us on air on Wednesday 8th for Davina McCall’s Debut with her new 7 minutes to fitness DVD, appearing on QVC for the first time, at 9, 12, 1pm and with me for a whole hour at 9pm. See it here if you can’t wait! And read all about it on Q Community Davina blog here.

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Bruce Bodyblade – live webchat 6th July 2015 on Bodyblade QVC Facebook group 8-9pm

Will follow Abi’s.


Abi Cleeve – Ultrasun live Web Chat 6th July 2015 on Back to You QVC Facebook group 8-9pm


June M Ward Love all your information regarding safe sunbathing. I buy Ultrasun for all my family. Thanks Abi Cleeve x

Aisha London Me and my family are going Marrakesh in August to a aqua park. How and when should I reapply my ultrasun 30 to my 5 year old daughter. I just cant get over the once a day thing .Its not what I have been used to for the last 30 years I was slapping the spf on every hour before please could you advice and reassure . xxx

Chris Jopp Marrakesh is going to be really hot in August so I'd go up to SPF50, take plenty of shade breaks and lots of water and if you think its needed re-apply, especially to your 5 year old! My daughter went to Tunisia in August last year and used SPF50 on her two children and didn't need to re-apply but they did stay in the shade quite a bit as it was up around 38-40°C+!

Susan Hancock Aisha London i have just been on holiday with my 2 grandsons used ultrasun factor 50+ on them first 3 days i put it on 2 or 3 times a day then after that just once a day they did not burn at all and got a really nice tan would not use anything else but ultrasun it's the best hope that helps you x

Jill Dowding-Walker Aisha, I hope you have a fab holiday. With a 5 year old, I would recommend applying SPF50+ for sensitive skin thoroughly to the whole bare body 15 minutes before you go out. Keep covered with a hat most of the time - even when in the water. Take shade breaks and cool water sipping breaks every hour. Reapply SPF 50+ every time towels are used after being in the water. It is so easy to rub protection off with towels, so I really would reapply then. Try to keep in the shade between 11am and 3pm too. x x x


June Kelly-Bain Abi I bought the tinted Spf 50 for my mum. She loves it she's in Portugal a lot but also plays a lot of golf in Ireland. I was at home in Ireland visiting at the weekend so stole abit on her to wear as the weather was so hot and I felt my regular foundation was to heavy ! Hello Love it and I had the protection for the sun. Double perfect. I am getting it for myself now . It's perfect for this ridiculously amazing Weather we're having in London . #makeup #musthave says #june at #makeupjunkies


Jo Brown 1) are any Ultrasun ingredients, or finished products, tested on animals?

2) is any of the Ultrasun range suitable for vegans? Sorry for repeating the question but I've never managed to get an answer when I've tried to find out before. Thanks


Cheryl Williams Can I use the face factor 30 over eye lids

Cherish Thomas how much alcohol is in the product, if any?

Dawn Robinson Hello Abi , I always enjoy it when your on QVC, Can i leave my question with you : At what age is it ok to swap the factor 50 down to 30 ? I still get my Son (16) to wear 50 , Thank you xxx

Aisha London I will go get the spf50 then thank you everyone. Thats what I mean some of you say that you reapplied 2 or 3 times a day its a expensive suncream. Ultrasun says once a day I cant get my head around it, They cant say it if it isn't true but, I can't adjust my mind setting and I'm to scared to give the once a day theory a go. I do however have a big stock pile of it.

Pauline Daniel Can we get the item number for the TSV pretty please? I'm dreading missing it!!

Nicole Louise Ansell I'm ready for the family holiday on Friday with my Ultrasun, Thanks Abi Cleeve

Sharon Harvay Can I have a bucket load of family 30 please? Like super duper SUPER SIZE  x

Claire Kelly Oh yes Sharon! I'm in for that one!

Aisha London Do you know if it is on easy pay or do we need to wait for the day x

Abi Cleeve Hello everybody - lovely to be here - feels like coming home to my family! xxxx Hope you are all well and have survived the heatwave last week! xxx

Claire Kelly Evening Abi

Abi Cleeve Yes Aisha London I do agree with the team - really it should be the 50+ - a good generous coating in the morning and a top up on shoulders, faces and tops of feet at lunchtime. I know it can take a while to feel confident but just make sure you apply at least 20 mins before you all go out xxx

Jacqui Lake Looking forward to the TSV, so I can re-stock wink emoticon Is there any chance of a trio of sports spray in 20, 30 & 50 ??

Abi Cleeve Hi June Kelly-Bain – so happy to hear that you like it – you of all people! A celeb make-up artist – get us! Makes us feel famous!!!


Abi Cleeve Hi Jo Brown all ultrasun is vegan except the ultralip (beeswax) there is lecithin but it’s soya based (not egg) so all good. We do not test on animals. There was very big discussions re: China but this project has been shelved as a result of the issues concerned and the way we feel about animal testing. xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi Cheryl Williams Yes you can use the face formula on eyelids but if you are hyper sensitive – ultralip is a very sensitive alternative. Even smoothes out fine lines as well!

Aisha London I will definitely get the spf50 thanks for letting me know. how often should I reapply when in water.


Christine Grochowina Hi Abi use Ultrasun but find the tinted face one very thick and unflattering. What is the best way to thin this down and with what . Also think someone said it can be used on legs is this right? Thanks.


Abi Cleeve Hi Cherish Thomas - right then Alcohol – the alcohol we use in the sensitive formulas (glimmer 20, family 30 and extreme 50+) is denatured so not an irritant. These are aqua based so lower levels as well. There is more alcohol in the sports formula (20, 30 and 50) as you would expect as they dry on the skin so quickly. xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi lovely Dawn Robinson Choosing the right factor is not necessarily about age – more skin tone and where you are going. Maybe move him to the sports 50 – so much easier 203755. Still once a day but a light spray gel. Very popular with teenagers!

Abi Cleeve Hi Pauline Daniel the TSV item no is 207279 – not up yet but maybe tomorrow night….There is a bargain duo of sports 30 NEW gel formula which I know a lot of you are loving – it’s 208123 and there’s a new 7 pce travel kit with a bag (!!!) which is

Debbie Flint Hi everyone! Welcome again to our weekly webchats! Enjoy the info from abi! If you'd like the full low down on UVA versus UVB and how the BBC report fell short, do look at Sharon Harvay 's Back to Beauty blog. I will put a summary too, on my b2U blog which follows each weekly Webchat and includes transcripts of the Q & A's.

Enjoy! X

Pauline Daniel Abi Cleeve., is the hair protector once a day? do we need to reapply after swimming? Thanks for the item number xx

Abi Cleeve yes Sharon Harvay - there is quarter of a litter in wednesday's TSV just for you my love.

Sharon Harvay yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abi Cleeve Here are the options...250ml Family 30100ml face 50+ (double size)150ml UV hair and scalp protector100ml Aftersun UltralipOR 250ml Glimmer 20100ml face 30 (double size)150ml UV hair and scalp protector100ml Aftersun Ultralip

H'aitchy Robertson What's the difference Abi between new and old sports gel formula? Is it slightly thicker ?

Abi Cleeve Did you all know that Switzerland ran out of the full sized face formulas? We have twisted their arms (and legs) and got the double size for the same price making it EVEN better value. I was very very cheeky! xxx

Aisha London I love the fact it lasts two years or others go off in 6 to 12 months. Is it still 2 years unopened. or two years opened

Abi Cleeve Hi Claire Kelly xxx

Pauline Daniel That sort of cheek we love Abi Cleeve!!

Abi Cleeve Right Aisha London I don't think its on easy pay - I have begged as we have never had a TSV on EP! I really did beg (quite embarrassing) but I do not know for definite - it is "under consideration" It is 2 years AFTER OPENING - 5 years unopened xxx


Sue Stewart Hi Abi I use Ultra Sun Glimmer 20 and face 30. I must say that I have never burnt using it and for that I'm grateful. But I went to Calafornia and Hawaii last year and came back as pasty white as I went! Also went to Hampton Court Palace flower show last Tuesday on the hottest day of the year and didn't colour at all. Personally I would like a bit of a tan. Any suggestions please xx

Carol Adcock Hello. ...I can never get the ultrasun to laSt as long as it is meant to. I don't seem to put it on thickly but if I try to use less it just doesn't cover all the skin. I'm paranoid about my children burning in the sun but end up using about 25 ms a day on each of them which is much more than you recommend. Any tips pls?

Abi Cleeve Hi Pauline Daniel - glad you appreciate my cheek! They all looked very sombre at both Switzerland

Aisha London Wow 5 years unopened I definitely will be getting the tsv.

Abi Cleeve Sorry hadn't finished - I meant they all looked very sombre IN switzerland but I held out - was NOT going to bring you a TSV that doesn't feel really special - especially as it is the LAST ONE of the year!!! xxx

Pauline Daniel We appreciate it!! xx

Abi Cleeve Pauline Daniel hair protector needs re applying after water but it is equally effective on wet hair. Spray liberally on to partings and any bald patches (that's the boys of course) we all have thick luscious princess hair! xxx

Nicole Louise Ansell Stocking up for later in the year then, thanks for the tips.

Abi Cleeve Yes Jacqui Lake trying to work on trios - I think they may be nervous as the price goes up but I do know us QVC shoppers are a savvy bunch and we know a good deal! xxx

Abi Cleeve Just read that I put a quarter of a "litter" in my reply Sharon Harvay - now that's a TSV I'd buy - with a quarter of a litter! but of what? kittens Im guessing! xxx


Chris Jopp Hi Abi, I've got a big stash of ultrasun but I'm definitely getting the tsv! Have been shouting the praises of ultrasun to everyone on the holiday groups I'm on and on trip advisor too!

Jo Brown Great Abi, thanks very much. I really like the idea of the sports gel, which will be great for long runs, even though I tend to be fairly covered up!

Aisha London oh yes Abi Cleeve, we definitely know our bargains. I love the deals you get us on qvc

Pauline Daniel Thanks Abi Cleeve - I too shall stock up. I'm a nanny and recommend Ultrasun to not only the families I work for but all the other mums too 0 def the best suncare product out there - I've staked my reputation on it many a time!

Abi Cleeve Hi Sue Stewart Oh I am sorry my love - maybe try the pre sun tan accelerator? If you have left overs from previous TSVs (we all have them don't we!) use the aftersun the night before you go out in the sun. It really stimulates the melanin in your skin xxx

Sharon Harvay a quarter of a litter (bin) of full Ultrasun Bottles that have accidently been mislabelled and therefore cannot be sold for full price so are sold for 10p?

Claire Kelly Dream on Sharon lol!! X

Claire Kelly Be fab though





Abi Cleeve Hi Carol Adcock you are being very generous but I get it. You want to make sure they are well covered and Ultrasun seems to go in quite fast so people do over use it sometimes. Honestly too much is better than too little - just need to help you budget with spectacular TSVs!!! By the way everyone - I took all your tips on TSVs forward for next year so you should see a little less face and a little less aftersun and a LOT more protection! xxx

Sue Stewart Pre sun tried Abi without success but I will try the after sun x

Chris Calvert Thank you Abi for your passion and all the deals u bring us to QVC, will we be seeing more of the overnight serum either in a duo or in a collection? also are u a tennis fan have u been watching Wimbledon at all?

Abi Cleeve Hi Christine Grochowina if you find tinted is a bit unflattering for you mix it with the untinted face 30. There is a duo that combines these two for best value. And it's me that uses it on my legs when I go on air so you lovely people aren't dazzled by my whiteness! xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi H'aitchy (beautiful name) yes the new gel is slightly more like a gel than a liquid and higher UVA and UVB protection - there's a duo on Wednesday much better value. xxx

Christine Grochowina Thanks is the duo on the next show


Abi Cleeve Hi Chris - overnight serum (mask) might just be popping up in an OTO coming soon xxx

Christine Grochowina Thanks will look out

Chris Calvert Fantastic yet to try that product yet and temperatures are going to be getting hotter i think its a must have from the ingredients listed to treat the skin

Abi Cleeve Now Tennis - OK I'm gonna say it…I don't really get it…sorry - years ago I got really into it but now I seem to miss all the good bits HOWEVER watching our girls get to third place in the football world cup? Pure magic for me…oh and don't get me started on the six nations…and F1 xxxx

Denise Large Love the tinted can I mix it with the anti pigmentation face, at the minute I mix it with normal face one


Sharon Harvay Hi Abi, I love all Ultrasun products and my family and friends have been converts for years. Thank you for always bringing the sunshine and explaining about Sun protection so expertly but also in a way that we can understand, take it on board and share your knowledge easily with others. Ultrasun products, in my opinion, are easy to use, have something for every member, in every situation and are amazing value for money.x


Aisha London I don't understand tennis either your not the only one. Football any day.


Sharon Harvay Overnight Mask is amazing!!1

Sharon Harvay what.......???//// YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!! how can you not like tennis wink emoticon

Abi Cleeve Thanks Pauline Daniel for your faith in us - we won't let you down. And Chris Jopp you know I would have you knighted for services to sun care if I could xxx


Chris Calvert Awe Abi how can't u like tennis can just sit and watch the hunky guys getting hot and sweaty haha


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Abi. Can we have a larger size of the anti pigmentation face pretty please. I use it every day it's fab x


Abi Cleeve Now just in case you see anything out there about Infra red rays and protecting from them - I wanted you to know we have been looking after you on that one for years. Infra red rays are around us at all times. Although not as damaging as UV, due to the length of time we are exposed they are known to be damaging. The answer is ANTI OXIDANTS! We need to bump up the anti oxidants in our system to give our skin the ability to recover. We already do this with Ultrasun especially concentrated in the face formulas. We are currently undergoing additional testing so that we may make this statement on our packaging as well. Watch this space! xxx

Aisha London I cant stand looking at Andy murrays miserable face and all the grunting.


Abi Cleeve Yes Christine Grochowina the new duo launches at midnight on weds (as in tues night - you know what I mean!) xxx


Karen Hunt Hi Abi, can you take the overnight mask over the eyes. Also this product is sooooo good do I only have to use if when I've been out in the sun?


Chris Calvert Fantastic news abi great to have the testing for the anti antioxidants effects on infra rays


Abi Cleeve Uh-oh Ive upset Sharon Harvay ignore me sharon - I must have been drinking - I love tennis (OK I don't but please still like me!) xxxx


Jill Dowding-Walker I'd love a pair of products - a supersize of Anti-pigmentation with a supersize Overnight Mask! heart emoticon


Sharon Harvay erm.........

Sharon Harvay im thinking......


Sharon Harvay Ok then

Abi Cleeve Now just in case you saw the BBC piece on the breakfast news the other day about UVA. While it is fab that someone (other than me zzzz) is highlighting the damage from UVA it was a bit confusing as they only talked about star rating….UVA is measured as a % of UVA rays absorbed. The Boots star rating (their own system used mainly by brands sold in Boots (we are not)) measures a ration of UVA to UVB. This can be misleading as you can have very low SPFs with 5 stars that are really not fit for purpose but give the impression that they are. We are also aware that this is a system employed by a commercial organisation not an independent body. These tests are often questioned by results from independents such as Which? And Watchdog.We use the Cosmetice Europe guidelines as these are the European standard and completely independent. I am delighted to say that we exceed these guidelines on every single formula of Ultrasun.


Jill Dowding-Walker Don't you worry Sharon - I love watching Wiimbledon too (the only sport I really watch)! smile emoticon


Abi Cleeve Jill Dowding-Walker you are psychic!!! That is the OTO!!! Have you been listening at the door? xxxx


Denise Large Abi did you see my question

Abi Cleeve Hi Karen Hunt yes it's fine right across the eye area - that's why no perfumes, oils etc. It does smell a bit "raw" when you first put it on but that's because we haven't filled it with extras that you just don't need. It is the second most important thing (after protection) that you can do for your skin after any sun exposure (one hr and upwards) xxx


Aisha London I need to go look at the european guidelines then . It sounds very interesting.


Jill Dowding-Walker Hahaha! grin emoticon x


Abi Cleeve Yes the link is on the Ultrasun fb page - do "like" us if you can xxx


Abi Cleeve Hi Denise Large so sorry I missed it but gotcha now. Yes you can - depending on the proportions you will get somewhere between the two levels of protection but at least 30 (if 50/50 would get an SPF 40) xxx



Sue Stewart Fab Web chat.


Denise Large Thank you Abi , thought I had become invisible, lol x


Chris Jopp I use the tinted face without any extra of the non tinted now and if I've sort of over done it and have a bit left on my hands I put it on my arms and sometimes if I've got my legs out I do a quick pump on my legs! Gives a lovely colour wink emoticon


Abi Cleeve So relieved that I am (almost) back in Sharon Harvay s good books. I like strawberries if that helps? xxx


Jill Dowding-Walker I am loving my garden strawberries, fresh from picking!


Sharon Harvay Denise that is a great Question. Abi Cleeve, i have just been sent a does it work if you put factor 30 on then, glimmer 20 on top? What would the factor be classed as...? #noquestionisasillyquestion


Abi Cleeve Yes it does Chris Jopp especially good if you have any white strap marks and are wearing a strapless or tiny stroppy dress and want to mask those marks! xxx So blend able. Also I can't really faux tan as I am often applying 20 layers a day in demonstrations - some faux tans just wouldn't cope with that and I might go blotchy and truth be told I am really bad at fake tan - since my duo-tan days of being 14 with an oompah loompa look! xxx


Abi Cleeve So sorry Denise Large - you are not invisible and very important! Just kept scrolling too quick! xxx


Denise Large Was only joking Abi, lol. Xx


Anne Keating Hi Abi. Nothing to say really. I'm using all your products and more than happy with them especially the Aftersun which is a multi tasking product! Worked wonders last Wednesday to cool me down trying to sleep in that heat. Especially good on the back of my (and hubby's) neck. He was well pleased! xx


Sharon Harvay Yes Chris any residue ALWAYS goes on the back of my hands. I am currently trialling ( as in, for my own benefit ) the Anti- pigmentation, due to some new marks that have popped up...So i never waste a drop anywhwere x


Abi Cleeve Hi Sharon Harvay You would still have SPF 30 - the glimmer wouldn't add any extra protection but if you love to sparkle - there are higher glimmers being worked on 30 and 50+ for us sparkly princesses that need a bit more protection xxx


Chris Jopp that sounds good Abi Cleeve, I love a bit of glimmer too wink emoticon


Abi Cleeve Oooh anti-pigmentation - the duo only has a few hundred left and we can't re stock it (at that price anyway!) It is 208121 only a fiver more that buying one. Why not team up if you haven't tried it and secure that deal - it is on on wednesday in midnight, 4pm and 10pm (if any left!) xxx


Sharon Harvay Thanks Abi will pass that on!! Yes, i am now known as Shimmer Sharon! Cannot wait for 30 shimmer thank you...and gradual tan glimmer shimmer to shake my shimmy.. hahahahha


Lesley Fletcher Hi Abi and thanks for all the great products you bring us and all the excellent info you pass on. Think someone else might have mentioned earlier, but would love to see a trio of 20, 30 and 50 sprays. Have tried all the lotions and have some gel, yet unopened, but don't have any of the sprays.


Abi Cleeve Just wanted you all to know that this is the last TSV this year!!!! Eeeek! No auto delivery so do stock up! We have tried to prioritise protection over everything in this one face, body, hair, head and lips and just a little bit of aftersun to keep us all cool. xxx


Anne-Marie Mason Hi Abi, I'm always bombarding you with work questions so thought while you're on here I'd ask how you unwind. You must be so busy I bet you don't get much down time at all? Aisha, the sun account info is on all the boxes inside and has also been posted on here and ultrasun's own page. It should help you check how long you're covered for. x


Aisha London Abi Cleeve sorry to be a pain in the tush.could you give us a link for skin types and how long you can stay in the sun with diffrent spfs etc


Sharon Harvay i am deffo stocking up loads thank you x





Abi Cleeve I am so pleased you found the aftersun so cooling Anne Keating - it is brilliant for that. Sharon Harvay and I were both getting our boys to sleep by cooling them down with aftersun on that crazy hot night! xxx My kids always used to call it the magic cooling sleepy cream….but then I only told them about the tooth fairy last year…oh and Polly made me write to the easter bunny to apologise for denouncing him one year (she was 11 I thought it was time!) xxx


Carol Adcock I bet this info is somewhere else but I haven't seen it yet so I will ask. . Do you know the item number and price of the tsv pls?


Natalie Jarrett Hi Abi. Don't know if this has already been asked. I don't usually bother with Tan products but I'm getting older (lol) What is the best product for Afro Caribbean skin tone please? Thanks in advance wink emoticon


Denise Large Bought the duo anti pigmentation, yay


Sharon Harvay What.......theres no Easter bunny? frown emoticon


Abi Cleeve Sharon Harvay have you got that link for Aisha London - I will probably bring down the power supply if I try what with my lack of technological skill. Otherwise I will post on here tomorrow (when I can ask someone in my office to help me!) xxx


Aisha London Thank you Sharon Harvay

Abi Cleeve It's OK Sharon Harvay of course there is - that's why I had to write the letter xxx


Anne Keating I don't think I can stay on here any longer - the next thing you're going to tell me is that there is no Father Christmas! xx


Aisha London how long does it take the skin to get used to the sun so i can understnad the table better


Abi Cleeve Hi Anne-Marie Mason I do run (was up at 6 this morning) not far though - half marathons are my limit not like crazy BM Lee and Margaret Dabbs who are proper runners. I love hanging out with my crazy kids (they are 13 next week so won't want to hang out with me much longer - I bribe them though!) I am truly blessed with great great friends and there is nothing I like better than being with a group or a one to one for a real catch up…maybe over a sauvignon (or 20!) I am camping this year with my best friend and her boys and I know we will laugh tip we cry! xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi Natalie Jarrett - go for the sports formulas - you skin will glow and shine my love - I'd say sports 20 would be great for you 223418 xxx


Anne Keating My sort of friend! xx


Abi Cleeve Don't worry Anne Keating he's real - we visited last year in lapland -35 yes I did have face 30 and ultra lip on xxx


Debi-Lea Barker Abi any advice what to do with my stinging eyes once I start perspiring in the heat? I use either your face 50 or 30 but if I get beads of sweat running in to my eyes while hot and bothered, the cream makes my eyes smart really badly. I don't go in the sun to sunbathe much but when I do it happens every time. Sorry I'm Last Minute Lil with my question! x


Anne-Marie Mason Aw, that sounds great Abi, I'm glad you get to relax after being mithered by us lot, ha ha. Your kids will want you as a taxi for the next couple of years but will then be your besties again after that, don't worry. x


Lesley Fletcher Just further to my previous post, if a trio isn't possible then maybe a choice of duo of perhaps a 20 + 30 or a 30 + 50? Would be handy to have a higher factor for the first half of a holiday or if 2 people need different spf's due to their colouring.


Abi Cleeve Hi Carol Adcock TSV item no is 207279 – not up yet but maybe tomorrow night xxx


Anna Tidmarsh Any offers on the aftersun please Abi Cleeve? I've been using it as a body lotion and using it on my little boy before bed every night. Love it! Thank you xxx


Sharon Harvay Cannot wait for the TSV ITEM : 207279 a choice of either Glimmer or Family plus SUPERSIZE face x


Claire Kelly That's a good idea Lesley

Abi Cleeve Hi Debi-Lea Barker - yes use the ultra lip around your eyes - it will really help xxx


Anne Keating That happens to me too Debi-Lea especially when I swim! xx


Abi Cleeve I'm on it Lesley Fletcher xxxx

Sharon Harvay Please join me in thanking Abi Cleeve for a brilliantly informative Web chat! Abi, as always you have been fab and we really appreciate you joining us this evening. Thank you for all your hard work and for putting together such amazing TSV'S....Cannot wait!!! Thank you everyone xx Midnight tomorrow xx


Abi Cleeve Hi Anna Tidmarsh have a look online as there are some great kits with it in. It is in the TSV but if you don't need everything what about plotting it with a friend? xxx


Lesley Fletcher Thanks Abi Cleeve  x


Aisha London Thank you Abi Cleeve ever so much for all you advice . Really looking forward to your shows thanks again.


Denise Large Thank you


Anne Keating Thanks Abi. xx


Claire Kelly Thanks Abi x

Abi Cleeve Thank you all so very very much. I could hang out with you girls all night - but I do have to go and pick up a little mermaid! Lots of love to you all - stay safe and spread the word. I appreciate all your questions and warmth xxxx special thank you to tennis crazed Sharon Harvay xxxx


Chris Jopp Thanks Abi Cleeve, great chat as usual. xxx


Sharon Harvay Balls!

Sharon Harvay Tennis Balls!!! hahahaha x


Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you all, Abi and Sharon! A fun chat with plenty of Ultrasun deals to look forward to!


Anne-Marie Mason Thanks Abi & Sharon, love all of our chats on here. x


Sharon Harvay Thank you everyone! That was fab! i do love Abi, shes a little crazy....


Pauline Daniel Thanks Abi Cleeve xx


Sue Stewart Thanks Abi xx


Sue Stewart Thanks Sharon. X


Denise Large Suns gone to her head Sharon Harvay lol


Anna Tidmarsh Thank you Abi   xx


Christine Grochowina Thanks Abi


Anne-Marie Mason Just a last minute thought about camping for Abi and anyone else thinking about going. Please don't be tempted to put your barbecue in the tent with you after you have used it, you'd be much better off buying a throw away one and leaving it outside the tent. Even if you think it is fully cold & extinguished it can still give off carbon monoxide fumes and has lead to fatalities. Stay safe peeps! X





1.   SKIN CANCER IS ON THE RISE: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates continue to rise. Around 13,300 cases of malignant melanoma were diagnosed in the UK in 2011, that’s 37 people every day. Over the last thirty years, rates of malignant melanoma in the UK have risen faster than any of the current top ten cancers. Sun exposure is the main cause. Cheap flights and last minute deals have made sun breaks the norm and increased UV ray exposure and its frequency.



2.   UVB & UVA – THEY’RE DIFFERENT: You need protection from both. UVB (burning) & UVA (ageing & cell damage) filters are vital. Protection from both is key in preventing skin cancer long term. Ultrasun products give super sensitive, broad spectrum protection from harmful UV rays, and crucially filter a very high proportion of UVA rays much higher than the  EU requirement of 33%.  


3.   DAMAGE STARTS EARLY: We know it’s important to protect the kids in the sun, but doing that properly is the key to preventing the damage that causes issues in the future. According to Cancer Research a history of sunburn doubles the risk of malignant melanoma and also increases the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer. Children need high protection broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection at all times.



4.   SUN CREAM: IT’S ALL IN THE FORMULA: To work, a sun cream needs to be applied properly and it needs to stay put. Ultrasun’s  patented liposome technology gives photo stability – it stays on and stays working, even after repeated water exposure – yes for once all day really means all day! Jusy check out your sun account which explains how long you should expose for and don’t go over this amount of sun in one day.


 5.    Developed by Swiss formulation experts, Ultrasun sinks straight in, absorbing easily to guarantee no-fuss protection. In addition, especially with kids, check for a solid “free from” list. Ultrasun products are hypo-allergenic with no emulsifiers, perfume or parabens. This can drastically reduce incidences of prickly heat whilst still allowing a natural tan to develop. Protection that won’t rub off with sweat, swimming or showering.



6.   SHELF LIFE- CHOOSE WISELY: How long a sun cream lasts isn’t just about value, it’s about effectiveness. Selecting products that last more than the average not only means you CAN potentially pack it twice , but it means that the ingredients set to protect still do their job for longer after opening.   Ultrasun products have a shelf life once opened of 2 years (against an average for sun creams of 6-12 months) allowing for multi-use and “cocktailing” different products for different body parts, home and away.


 7.   HOW YOU APPLY SUN CREAM MATTERS: Do it first thing, do it indoors and apply enough. Regardless of brand chosen, any application in direct sunlight (IE when you’re already on the sun lounger) increases evaporation before it’s had a chance to bond with the skin, reducing its power to protect.  As Ultrasun products are all once a day application,  doing this first thing keeps everyone protected and free to get on with the holiday. Apply liberally to all exposed, or potentially exposed, parts of the body. The official guidelines given by Colipa (Association of European Cosmetic Industry) are 2mg/cm2 – this approximately corresponds to one teaspoon worth for the face. As a rule of thumb, use a teaspoon of sunscreen for each arm, leg, front, back and face (including neck and ears).


 Most common questions about UVA.


  Why does Ultrasun not have the star rating?


The star rating is a Boots system and used predominantly for products sold in Boots stores. Ultrasun is not sold in Boots. The EU working party on sun care (Cosmetics Europe) are the official governing body and they ask us to stick to their guidelines. We surpass this on all Ultrasun formulas and this gives us the UVA in a circle sign which is regulated and not set by one commercial organisation. The BBC reported as though the star rating was the only and definitive measurement - it most certainly is not and unfortunately many products with this rating have gone on to fail tests by independent bodies such as Which? We are controlled and regulated and like it that way!


What are UVA rays?


UVA are the more penetrative rays that break down our DNA. They are doing invisible cell damage with no immediate obvious sign. If you spoke to as many people with serious skin cancer as I do on a daily basis you would PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT!


Bruce Hymanson – Bodyblade Q&A – Monday webchat 6th July 2015 8-9pm, Bodyblade QVC fbk gp

Bruce Hymanson
 feeling fabulous

7 hrs

Hello Bodyblade Ohana! In just about 30 minutes, I will be joining you for our 8pm web chat. We have many new people to welcome to the group and I thought I would review technique, permahabits and the importance of what Bodyblade represents for you, your body and your mind. A review for many but always good to think about. All questions welcome as always. Please answer to this post so I can keep track of everyone's questions today. See you soon!!
P.S. People ask me how I make Bodyblade look so easy on T.V. The answer is mine is battery operated

Like · Comment


Bruce Hymanson Kidding of course!!!! no batteries smile emoticon

7 hrs · Like · 10

Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, that will be great! I love the BB, thank you great idea!

7 hrs · Like · 2

Denise Large Oh Bruce Hymanson, that's funny

7 hrs · Like · 4

Mirka Marri Bruce Hymanson can I ask how many years have you been exercising with the BB and do you do any other form of exercise to keep fit?

7 hrs · Like · 2

Libby Murdoch Hi Bruce. There are some days I could do with those batteries. LOL

7 hrs · Like · 3

Wendy Lawrence Hi Bruce, hope you're well could I have a battery please for mine!

7 hrs · Like · 3

Sandra Murray Bruce will the bb help with mild sciatica?? Any tips on how to improve this with using the bb. X

7 hrs · Like · 2

Jacqueline Jackson Lol Bruce.

7 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart You sure Bruce. I bet they are AA batteries lol. You've started something now. You know what the English are like once we get a hold of something 
wink emoticon wink emoticon

7 hrs · Like · 7

Libby Murdoch I'm not English!!

7 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart #susanmcpoland just drop in and comment 'hi'

7 hrs · Like

Janie Smith Hi Bruce , thanks gor such a gab time last sunday.

7 hrs · Like · 2

Janie Smith Fab not gab

7 hrs · Like · 2

Tracie Wright Hi Bruce, lovely to have you back with us on chat and question time. xx i was wondering today ,when i do the hip and thigh exercise i tend to always have my dominant right hand above my left when i hold it to drive the blade , but it occured to me today if i alternate with putting my left hand above right instead would that give an extra work out to my left arm to improve its cordination and strength or would it make no differance as would my right hand still be more of a driving force to get the blade wobbling ? Hope you understand what i mean lol xx

7 hrs · Like · 3

Lindsey Sweet Hi Bruce, hope you are good?

7 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart There's always one Libby Murdoch what nationality are you? I'm sure we can include you lol xx

7 hrs · Like · 1

Libby Murdoch I'm a Scot.

7 hrs · Like · 3

Sue Stewart Ok Bruce Hymanson you know what us British are like when we find something funny xx

7 hrs · Like · 4

Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce hope you are well.

7 hrs · Like · 1

Sandie Nutter Hi Bruce Hymanson can you suggest how I can add strength to my knee as had surgery in March and still struggle going down stairs. Thanks

7 hrs · Like · 1

Lindsey Chadwick Hi Bruce, I've had my BB for 2 weeks now and am totally addicted. I would like to ask what I can do to make my right arm bat wings firm up more. I have had lymph nodes removed from that side and it doesn't seem to be toning up as well as left side. I am so addicted I do the exercises twice a day.

7 hrs · Like · 1

Petra May Hi Bruce. I recently had a bone scan which shows I have significant bone loss for my age in my spine. ( Borderline osteoporosis). I took up Bodyblade 2 weeks ago to start getting fitter. Various other health problems rule out running or weight lifting to help maintain bone density. My question is, will using the Bodyblade help me with my spine. And are there any specific exercises I should be doing? x

7 hrs · Like · 1

Louise Taylor Hi Bruce. Had my BB for a week now and really feeling the difference but not seen anything visible changes yet. If i squat lower rather than having just soft knees will this up the intensity and how long until I start seeing results? Xx

7 hrs · Edited · Like · 1

Anne Keating Hi Bruce. I'd appreciate one like yours please - battery operated! xx

6 hrs · Like · 7

Sue Stewart He's started it now Anne lol x

6 hrs · Like · 3

Rachel Rowett Hi Bruce. could you please advise about the 21 days permahabit. is it 21 days one after another? x

6 hrs · Like · 2

Janie Smith Behave yourself Anne!!!!

6 hrs · Like · 3

Debbie Flint Hi all! Welcome to our Weekly regulars and if anyone hasn't yet seen it, do you look out for our Chiswick stretch and flow new video! Full info via the pinned post. Enjoy the web chat with Bruce and don't forget Abi Cleeve is over on back to you group doing the same until 9 PM - enjoy X

6 hrs · Like · 8

Janie Smith Is there anybody out there? 

6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Hi Gang! soo many questions. I've been reading through them and will try to summarize and answer. Be patient with me this evening!!

6 hrs · Like · 4

Susan Mc Poland I am

6 hrs · Like · 3

Brenda Corbishley Hi Bruce. Is it ok if it feels like various areas are tensed up during a wobble, or should you aim to be as relaxed as possible? Thanks.

6 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart Debbie Flint I'm multi tasking huni x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Wendy Lawrence I'm here Janie!

6 hrs · Like · 2

Janie Smith Hey Wendy! XSee Translation

6 hrs · Like · 1

Sue Stewart Hi Wendy x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Hard to believe a week has passed since I was in the U.K. We have a wonderful group and growing every day.

6 hrs · Like · 9

Wendy Lawrence Hi Janie, Hi Sue, hi John boy! xx

6 hrs · Like · 4

Mirka Marri Bruce Hymanson that is down to your brilliant exercise product

6 hrs · Like · 1

Janie Smith Night Jim Bob

6 hrs · Like · 4

Wendy Lawrence Night Mary Ellen

6 hrs · Like · 3

Bruce Hymanson I have been asked many times if I do other forms of training and the answer is yes and no. I do not lift weights or do any other exercise with machines, pullies, dumbbells etc. I do body weight exercise (squats, pull ups, push ups) which simply use my body as the resistance machine along with Bodyblade (much the same as our Bodyblade HIIT workouts in the DVDs). The other thing I like to do is row. I love to get on the water when I can but I also have an erg at home. The majority of my training is Bodyblade and body weight training or High Intensity Interval Training (same as you do).

6 hrs · Like · 7

Jacqueline Jackson Denise Denise Widdows over here. x

6 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart Now girls let's not take over Bruce's post. Anyway Anne will be onto us and we're be put in the naughty corner lol x

6 hrs · Like · 3

Chris Jopp Hi everyone. Hadn't done any BB for a week because of a painful shoulder but did 2 lots of Super 6 today but 30 secs each and it was great to get back to it.

6 hrs · Like · 3

Denise Widdows Ha ha bonkers, you're all bonkers smile emoticon x

6 hrs · Like · 4

Wendy Lawrence That's good news Chris xx

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Hi Sandra. Sciatica is symptom referring to a bulge in a disc or possibly a tight piriformus muscle pressing on the sciatic nerve. Bodyblade can help to alleviate the symptoms of sciatica by improving back strength, posture and flexibility. There is no one thing that will eliminate the problems associated with Sciatica but, certainly Bodyblade will help. Having said that, please make sure you consult with your MD or Physio regarding your symptoms and treatment

6 hrs · Like · 3

Jacqueline Jackson Bodyblade has helped my sciatica Bruce.

6 hrs · Like · 6

Tracie Wright When are you due back in the uk Bruce x

6 hrs · Like

Bruce Hymanson Hi Tracie. Instead of putting one hand on top of the other or switching which hand is on top when doing the Hip & Thigh Sculptor, try the lace grip which is symmetrical and requires equal work from both arms.

6 hrs · Like · 6

Christine Grochowina Hi all

6 hrs · Like · 3

Janie Smith Its def inproved my upper body strength. I am proud of my shoulders- two years ago i couldnt carry thi gs in my left hand or raise my arm abive my head following an injury. Now i can do this and have got arms and shoulders in full working order! X

6 hrs · Like · 6

Wendy Lawrence You forgot to mention Janie, arms to die for! xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Jacky Butters Hi Bruce, just started using body blade today, is it best to do it on alternate days or everyday?

6 hrs · Like · 1

Janie Smith Thank you Wendy. Not bad for an old girl!

6 hrs · Like · 1

Denise Widdows Hi Bruce. I bought the bb after learning that you developed it for patients who suffered with neck and shoulder issues. Recently I have had pain in my shoulder and found the Bb helps temporarily but the pain comes back after a few hours. I was wondering if continual use of the bb will eventually leave me pain free?

6 hrs · Like · 1

Mirka Marri Bruce I see in the States that there are BB classes, do you think that they will start here?

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Sandie and others, regarding the question of strengthening the knees.....One of the best exercises you can do (not just for the knees) is squats. We partially squat when we do Bodyblade exercises and I've discussed how we should all take a soft posture when doing all exercises. Never simply stand up straight. But, whether or not you have a Bodyblade in hand, do squats every other day (at least) to strengthen not just the knees but the entire lower body. Here is a good way to begin. Place a couple of pillows in a chair. Get into position like you were going to sit. When you feel your Butt touch the pillow, stand up. Repeat 10 times and do 3 sets of those. As you become stronger, remove the pillows one at a time until you are simply sitting and standing from the chair by touch and up. Then, remove the chair and do standing squats. I've demonstrated this many times on video and DVDs so hopefully this helps

6 hrs · Like · 10

Sandra Murray Thank you so much Bruce. Xx

6 hrs · Like · 1

Wendy Lawrence Just telling it like it is Janie don't forget any time you want to swap, I'm your girl! xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Janie Smith Lol Wendy x

6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Hi Petra and all who have asked the question about bone loss and will Bodyblade help. No official study completed to objectify the answer is yes, but, we know from clinical reports that Bodyblade does tend to help strengthen the bones. Anytime you stress the muscle and the tendons pull on the bones, you are creating a need to maintain the strength of that connection. My personal feeling is yes, Bodyblade exercise will help strengthen your bones

6 hrs · Like · 6

Chris Jopp I find the exercises much easier with soft knees, it helps me balance and I feel my core working.

6 hrs · Like · 5

Denise Widdows Me too Chris x

6 hrs · Like · 2

Lorena Storey Hi Bruce. I'm interested in the body blade HIIT workouts you mentioned above - what DVD are they on please? Is it available in the UK?

6 hrs · Edited · Like · 1

Sue Stewart It will Chris. It strengths your core using a soft knee x

6 hrs · Like · 3

Sue Stewart Bruce when are we getting the new dvd please x

6 hrs · Like · 4

Petra May Thank you Bruce x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Permahabits and 21 days. It takes a 21 day period (on average with human behavior) to make something a habit you will stick with. Doing Bodyblade training 3-4 times a week for three weeks will have that effect on you. This doesn't mean you have to Bodyblade every day (although you can if you like) it simply means that making it part of your regular routine will become habitual and once that happens, you are there!!

6 hrs · Like · 13

Bruce Hymanson Janie, thanks for sharing your success in strength and flexibility. That's what I'm talking about!!!!

6 hrs · Like · 6

Jacky Butters Thank you Bruce x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Rachel Rowett Thank you Bruce. I have a tutor for self help courses & he said takes 21 days one after another to break or make a habit. so glad you have cleared that up x

6 hrs · Like · 4

Kathryn Stewart Hi Bruce. Thought we were getting the DVD this week? X

6 hrs · Like · 1

Sue Stewart Perma habit. Nuff said x




6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Hi Denise. I'm happy to hear Bodyblade is helping to relieve your pain. Doing more is not necessarily better. Stick to the 3 to 4 times a week training. As your arms and shoulders improve, the balance of muscle activity will also promote better mobility and use of the shoulders functionally. While this is going on, hopefully, tissue is also healing and over time, you will feel a dramatic difference

6 hrs · Like · 5

Wendy Lawrence Hope you feel happier now Rachel xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Susan Mc Poland I've only been using the BB for a week but I absolutely love it!
You don't think you would break a sweat, but you do!!!
The hip and thigh is torture but I'm hoping to master it soon!!...See More

6 hrs · Like · 5

Anne Keating Even better than what I said about permahabits - I thought it was doing the SS 21 times over 3-4 weeks! xx

6 hrs · Like · 4

Denise Widdows Thanks so much Bruce. That's reassuring to know smile emoticon x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Hi Lorena, the Bodyblade HIIT workouts are on the Super6/Power10 DVD and all the videos you see on our pinned posts.

6 hrs · Like · 3

Bruce Hymanson We are working on getting more classes scheduled at major health clubs and smaller studios in the U.K. will take time to get them to be more popular but we will get there.

6 hrs · Like · 9

Sue Stewart And the DVD?

6 hrs · Like · 1

Chris Jopp Would definitely go to one if you had one in our local area!

6 hrs · Like · 2

Lorena Storey Thank you Bruce. I have that DVD but was focussing on the power 6 and must have missed the HIIT. I'll look again!

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson I have a question for all of you. How would you like to be "community teachers/coaches" and conduct classes much like we do when I visit the U.K.? If you are interested, we can discuss further

6 hrs · Like · 6

Rachel Rowett Yeah I am going to have tonight off, now I understood permahabits lol

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson How do you all like the Chiswick House Stretch & Flow workout? We had a blast making it and I hope you all enjoy it.

6 hrs · Like · 10

Chris Jopp Loved watching it Bruce and its the routine I'm going to do on Wednesday, tomorrow is belly blaster wink emoticon

6 hrs · Like · 3

Susan Mc Poland I haven't tried those yet Bruce but will do. X

6 hrs · Like · 1

Mirka Marri I am very new to this but really like the idea

6 hrs · Like · 2

Christine Grochowina Loved it looks like you all had fun doing the workout

6 hrs · Like · 1

Rachel Rowett when I master more than super 6 I wouldn't mind being a community teacher/coach. it is first exercise that isn't a chore (if that makes sense,) think because it is fun especially the hip & thigh makes me giggle

6 hrs · Like · 5

Kathryn Stewart It was FABULOUS! Wasn't it Wendy Lawrence? Xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Wendy Lawrence Love it Bruce, if only I could stop laughing at Back and shoulder reach, sure you know what I mean! It's classic.

6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Remember everyone, make Bodyblade training a regular routine in your life. Set aside time to do the workouts. Allow your body to become stronger, have better muscle memory, better strength, better endurance and better balance, coordination, stability. This will ultimately improve your life which is a good thing!!!! Yes!!?

6 hrs · Like · 15

Kathryn Stewart Forever keeper! Lol xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Wendy Lawrence FABULOUS underlined and in bold Kathryn, still cant do with falling about though xx

6 hrs · Like · 4

Libby Murdoch Bruce the BB has changed my life for the better. Thank you.

5 hrs · Like · 4

Sue Stewart Behave Wendy Lawrence and Kathryn Stewart xx

5 hrs · Like · 3

Anne Keating Bruce - that's a definite yes from me! It's improved my life already. xx

5 hrs · Like · 4

Kathryn Stewart Boo hiss!

Published in Back to You

Have you ever had a bit of an ‘aha’ moment where all of a sudden what you’ve thought for years suddenly comes into question? Well I had that this week, all because of a book called The Chimp Paradox.

It’s all about the primal instincts that made us chimps versus the human parts of the brain capable of more logical thoughts and action – and control. The author, Professor Steve Peters, explains it all himself on the audio book (my fave!) and it’s had over 1000 reviews on Amazon, and gets a whopping 4.5 average mark.

I think the main thrust of it is so important, I’ve made it this week’s Monday Essay. If you can, do go read the ‘look inside’ on Amazon – the free sample bit which you get to if you go to and click on the photo of the book on the left. If it’s available it should have a little ‘look inside’ flash too.

I think it’s honestly one of those game-changers – just like ‘Fat Chance – the bitter Truth about Sugar’ and ‘Biology of Belief,’ or ‘Manifest your Destiny’ – all brilliant books and highly recommended if you fancy filling up your kindle this Christmas! (or Kobo or nook or Hudl etc!

See bottom of this blog for full Monday Essay.

And in the run up to the ‘big day’ – just remember the few basic principles of Freedom Eating to rescue you if you panic! They’re summarised below!


Back to You Update – two weeks and counting!

With the new run of Back to You on QVC starting again on 5th January, we’ve just done our final guest blog for 2014 with the lovely Tom from Alpha H – see below to find out what his own skin is like and his fave Christmassy stuff. And also aa a last one with me! What DO I like to do in my spare time and what was the answer to ‘your top three beauty products?’ Book your place in front of the remote 8-9pm webchat then 9-10pm live show on QVC, every Monday in January. Tons of fabulous products to help your feeling of well being – that’s what the group is all about! Again, facebook group links are below.

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Meanwhile, another amazingly wonderful and rewarding post on Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group from another lovely Freedom Eating fan. Anne says –

“Another pound and a half off this week - I'm really pleased with that with all the festivities before Christmas. That's three and half pounds this month. And I'm eating food I haven't eaten for years 'cos it's fattening'! And I think the Bodyblade workout is helping”’ Anne Keating, TTFLS page.

(join Till the Fat Lady Slims group and ‘like’ the page for regular ‘tip of the day’ updates to help you on your way.)

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Other News –

-          Ruby Wax talks About her Depression. Having suffered myself at one point in the past I’m a lot more understanding than I ever could have been of people suffering from this debilitating illness. Here Ruby Wax tried to help you see what it’s like. Read more here.


-          Breast Cancer and Natural Treatment – Diet Changes worth a look – it’s an interview by a foremost authority with a lady talking about nutrition – listen to what her diet consisted of previously and if you know someone you’d like to pass this on to, please do. more here.


-          Does a new partner boost your sex life? Well that’s what a new book is saying! In a society where women average 8 and men 12 sexual partners, and a fifth of women and a sixth of men (roughly) saying they had only one, maybe a little fantasy or variety is desired. Don’t comment, it’s just for fun! Lol. Read the info about it here.


Don’t forget to read below for webchats Tom from Alpha H skincare (he has a TSV bargain on QVC on Jan 4th btw) and also bodyblade Bruce did  a Monday chat too – see bottom of this blog!

Next week – It’s all about you guys! Our Back to You’ers have an open forum to post their own messages of yuletide or of good intentions or of reports on how this year has changed for them. Last one of 2014 so don’t miss it!

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Have a great week!



Ps in case you missed me saying, on New Year’s Eve I’m on the Charlie Bears show at 8pm, plus the 9pm then off to my pal Shyama’s to see in the new year. Julia is on with a new pilates offer at the stroke of midnight – so get ready to join us if you’re not a party animal, to see in 2015, with a keep fit Today’s Special Value. And once you’ve joined our groups, you can keep going on, not just start!




The Chimp Paradox

By Professor Steve Peters


What an amazing book and how fabulous it’s narrated by the author, the top psychiatrist who’s helped top athletes and sportsmen and women overcome their mental blocks to achieve their best. This is the blurb –

Do you sabotage your own happiness and success? Are you struggling to make sense of yourself? Do your emotions sometimes dictate your life?

The Chimp Paradox is an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person. Dr Steve Peters explains the struggle that takes place within your mind and then shows how to apply this understanding to every area of your life so you can:

- Recognise how your mind is working

- Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts

- Manage yourself and become the person you would like to be

The Chimp Mind Management Model is based on scientific facts and principles, which have been simplified into a workable model for easy use. It will help you to develop yourself and give you the skills, for example, to remove anxiety, have confidence and choose your emotions. The book will do this by giving you an understanding of the way in which your mind works and how you can manage it. It will also help you to identify what is holding you back or preventing you from having a happier and more successful life”

Chris Evans the DJ said he was obsessed by this book and after listening just to the start I can see why. Funnily enough it’s already helped me deal with a couple of situations by recognising what part of my brain I’m in when the emotions come flooding out and what I can best do to solve it. And if it helps just one person crack the mental minefield of self-sabotage when losing weight, then great!

Go here to find the book on Amazon, and the free sample, and the many hundreds of five star reviews.

The Chimp paradox on amazon -  click here

 Let me know what you think of it too – on Facebook – or tweet me @debbieflint – or sign up for my newsletters with latest updates incl about my novels on or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Next week – cracking the nightmare of ‘end-of-year-itis!’ And some of your best ‘shares’ from the Monday 29th webchat! Have a really super duper xmas and new year!





Tom Ogden from Alpha H – Webchat Q&A – Dec 22nd

BACK TO YOU QVC Facebook Group - LIVE CHAT 8-9pm.


Kelly Davidson

I do have a question . I am purchasing some Liquid Gold now I am in my mid thirties. How often is it ok to use?

Jacqueline Jackson

Hi Tom, Please could you advise. I have a teenager with acne that is being treated with antibiotics ( over a year now) and I wondered if you could recommend some products that might help please. At the moment they just use dermalogica clay cleanser and a antibiotic prescribed gel ( as well as oral antibiotics) and nothing else so I'm sure there's room for some improvement and Alpha H might be the solution. Thank you x


Jill Dowding-Walker

Hi Kelly! Liquid Gold every other night - cleanse, dry, swipe with Liquid Gold, then go to bed. Simplest skin care ever!


Kelly Davidson

I thought it was a toner so you moisturise after?


Jill Dowding-Walker

No moisturiser required after it. It is not a toner - more of a treatment. If your skin is exceptionally dry, wait for an hour then apply it if you really need


Kelly Davidson

Thanks Jill


Dawn Robinson

Hello Tom :))) Are you ready for Christmas ? x



Tom Ogden

Hi Jacqueline. I'm very sorry to hear your teenager is having problems with acne. Hopefully it is just a short term issue relating to the hormonal changes we all experience during puberty. Once they've finished their Dermalogica product, I would recommend our Triple Action Cleanser (204311), which is a very gentle, but thorough (detergent-free) gel face wash with the powerful antibacterial properties of Thyme Extract. I would also recommend our Balancing & Pore Refining Mask (204159) which can be used a couple of times a week to draw out impurities. It can also be used locally on spots each night to help to quell the inflammation. When it comes to acne it is always worth looking at diet and lifestyle as well. There are some links between acne and eating foods containing high levels of refined sugars; ditto also dairy products. I would also advise to try not to pick or squeeze any of the spots as this can spread bacteria, cause further inflammation and potentially cause scarring. Do let me know if you need any further advice. You can always email our therapist customer care team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Have a lovely Christmas! Tx


Tom Ogden

Thank you Jill! You're my "Santa's Little Skincare Helper"


Cathy Winsall

Hi Tom, hope you’re not tiddly! Well, I’ve been using the Laser concentrate for a while now and love it but want to try the radiance and vitamin serum too. How do I put these into my routine please


Louise Taylor

Hi. Im 35 and my skin has gone combination. Spotty forehead and chin yet dry cheeks. Occasional breakouts when 'hormonal' and dark circles. I currently use an spf50 on my face and cleanse etc twice daily but now looking to change my routine. I have slight redness on my cheeks. What can you suggest please xx


Jacqueline Jackson

Thank you Tom for your advice. I'll definitely get the products that you've suggested. I'm sure that diet is a factor too so will try and get them to eat better in the New year. Many thanks and Happy Christmas. x


Tom Ogden

Hi Cathy! Always lovely to hear from you…and I haven't forgotten the promise I made some time back about meeting you! With regard to the products you've mentioned, I would recommend trying our Vitamin C Serum. You would apply about 3-4 drops of this onto clean skin each morning - before you apply your Protection Plus SPF 50. Vitamin C is a wonderful skin brightener and helps improve the elasticity of the skin whilst also protecting us from the many pollutants in the air (yuck!)  I think if you're using the Liquid Laser Concentrate Serum then you don't really need the Liquid Gold Radiance as well. Liquid Laser has plenty of skin brightening ingredients. But watch out for a brand new Liquid Laser product which is launching very soon…


Shirley Paule

I just love alpha H, a product that ACTUALLY works for me


Tom Ogden

PS Cathy, I promise I'm not tiddly. I'm sipping a cup of good ole Yorkshire Tea (my fave!) X


Cathy Winsall

That’s fantastic Tom thankyou. I will get the Vitamin C and as I’m nearly out of the laser… can I ask if the new one will be in the TSV or should I be gagged here!


Tom Ogden

Hi Louise. We have very similar skin  I would suggest looking at your cleansing routine to try and bring the skin back into a more comfortable balance of water/oil. Balancing Cleanser would be great for you (plus it's a darn good make-up remover and you won't need to use a separate toner so it's a far less fussy routine). Our Liquid Gold treatment would also be beneficial - particularly when it comes to the breakouts! Finally, the Absolute Eye Complex is very highly regarded when it comes to improving the look of dark circles (but don't take my word for it, ask Ali Young  ) Hope that helps and have a lovely Christmas!! Tom


Shaz Brown

Hi Tom Ogden, Ive recently discovered Alpha h, my skin loves it especially liquid gold  When can we expect another TSV ? xx


Tom Ogden

Hi Dawn! I am sooooo ready for Christmas, most definitely! Everything is wrapped and I can't wait to see my family! Haven't seen much of them recently…in fact they moan that I spend more time on QVC than with them hehe! How about you? Are you all set for the big day?? X


Louise Taylor

Thank you Tom. I have some liquid gold and will invest in the cleanser and eye complex. Have a lovely christmas and hopefully see you at the beauty bash x



Tom Ogden

Thank you Shirley! It's always wonderful to hear that someone loves the products and that we are delivering good results and making your skin look tip top  Tx


Tom Ogden

By the way ladies…some of the products I've mentioned above might be in a TSV quite soon…


Debbie Flint

have a good chat to Tom and good luck with the TSV launch on 4th Tom Ogden !! mwah to everyone! NB Next Monday night at 8-9pm it's all about you guys - and what's happened to you over the last year and how Back to You group and shows have helped! x ps am off to answer my own B&A now! See you on the other post! x


Tom Ogden

Before I do head off for Christmas Dawn, there's the small matter of an Alpha-H show tomorrow night at 23.00 (plug plug!!)  Txx


Amirah Valu

Hi Tom, I'm finding my skin getting really dry, although i tend to have oily/blemish skin most of the time! Anyway to hydrate it and keep the oil at bay?


Jan Lee Burgess

Hi Tom, a big thanks for recommending me to try Alpha H, absolutely brilliant, my skin care for life xx


Cathy Winsall

Will we see the new laser in the TSV in January please Tom?


Tom Ogden

Louise! Please come and introduce yourself at Beauty Bash!! We will be offering Alpha-H treatments too so I'd love you to have a facial and answer any questions you have about your routine, but if you fancy a facial please come to the stand early as it gets so darn busy 


Tom Ogden

Hi Shaz! I'm delighted to hear you're a Liquid Gold convert! I'm 8 and a half years into my Liquid Gold love affair! You'll be glad to hear that we have a TSV very soon…in fact it's on January 4th! I'll have barely finished singing "auld lang syne"!!! Hope you can tune in! Have a great Christmas! Tx



Tom Ogden

Who else is coming to Beauty Bash??


Cathy Winsall



Tom Ogden

OMG! Cathy!! That's fantastic! Which day???


Sarah Stables

Hi Tom i suffer with Fibromyalgia and have noticed my skin can get dry and itchy once i've taken my makeup off but oily when i have makeup on also i don't have acne but i get spots and redness and they take forever to disappear, what can you recommend?


Cathy Winsall

Jan 20th in the afternoon.


Cathy Winsall

Tom you have amazing skin, what is your day routine?


Tom Ogden

Hi Sarah. I have had other clients with Fibromyalgia and their skin was also very easily stimulated. I think it's best to go with a very simple routine and avoid using too many different products. I don't know if you've tried Alpha-H, but our Balancing Cleanser would be great for your skin as it really helps to restore the correct balance of oil and water in the Epidermis whilst normalising the pH. I would also recommend our Essential Hydration Cream, which is very hydrating but has a completely matte finish. It also contains Arnica, Malt and Barley extracts which calm the skin and reduce redness. Look out for a duo of these very products in my show tomorrow or during our TSV hours on January 4th. Please let me know how you get on and if you need more detailed advice you can always email our therapist customer service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Have a lovely Christmas! Tx

Alpha - H - Glycolic based skincare | Alpha-H - Concentrated Skincare -


Tom Ogden

Hi Jan Lee Burgess! I'm so glad you tried the brand and that it's made such a difference to your skin! Welcome to the Alpha-Holics  Txxx


Sarah Stables

Tom thanks for your advice i've got your show set to record tomorrow, i have never tried your products before and unfortunately my QVC addict beauty expert mum past away this year. So having to try things and learn to look after myself. I shall also look out for the TSV thankyou. Have a lovely Christmas to you too. x


Tom Ogden

Hi Amirah! It's probably the time of year that's contributed to your skin feeling more dry all of a sudden. You might find you need to use a slightly milder cleanser during the colder months. I'd also recommend our Essential Hydration Cream as it will top up your moisture levels without leaving your skin feeling greasy! Hope that helps  Tx


Kelly Davidson

Caroline Hirons raves about your products, will keep a keen eye on the TSV and give them a try  Tom


Tom Ogden

Very excited to meet you on the 20th Cathy! I'd better shine my shoes and clean behind my ears hadn't I?;) Tx


Tom Ogden

Thank you for the lovely compliment about my skin Cathy  I absolutely love my Balancing Cleanser, Gentle Daily Exfoliant, Protection Plus Daily SPF 50, Absolute Eye Complex and Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum. Oh and I use something called Liquid Gold too… Don't know if you've heard of it…


Cathy Winsall

No you can clean behind mine Tom. An Alpha H facial would make my new year!



Tom Ogden

Hello Nikki! And thank you


Sharon Harvey

You go Cathy! Xx whoop whoop! X


Cathy Winsall

I sure would be whooping if I'm lucky enough Sharon


Tom Ogden

Btw everyone… it's Liquid Gold 15th Anniversary in 2015 and we will be celebrating all year with lots of special items. Can't wait for you to see them all  It's going to be a Liquid Gold Love Affair


Tom Ogden

Hi Kelly! Yes indeed - the lovely Caroline Hirons is a bit partial to ye olde Liquid Gold. Who knows…maybe one day we'll get her to come on air with us…stranger things have happened…


Tom Ogden

Haha! Cathy! Your therapist awaits! Xx


Cathy Winsall

OMG I would be in heaven!


Taylor Nikki

Tom I'm coming to BB as a customer this year so may have a go on your facial bed ! Cathy I'm going weds morning so lets hook up and say hi xxxx


Taylor Nikki

Cathy Winsall the liquid laser is amazing - have you tried it ?


Tom Ogden

Very sorry to hear about your mum Sarah. Hope we can make a difference to your skin. Take care. Tx


Cathy Winsall

Oh no Nikki...I thought you were going to try to make both days? I will be there on the 20th which is the Tuesday. I am soooo disappointed I wont see you


Tom Ogden

I hope I haven't missed anyone's question… My eyes are spinning


Taylor Nikki

Oh no Cathy - day before - ill try and come up with a plan x


Cathy Winsall

Yes you missed mine Tom..will the new laser be in the TSV in Jan please?


Louisa Doyle

Good evening tom could you use liquid gold on teenagers with acne scaring the balancing cleanser has bought them under control but she has been left with scarring x


Sharon Harvey

So Tom.... favourite Christmas....Song, Game & Tipple?


Cathy Winsall

I do hope so Nikki x


Tom Ogden

For those who love the new Liquid Laser Serum, we are launching two new Liquid Laser products in 2015… One on January 4th and the other in March when it will be our 10th Anniversary on Le Q! (TEN years!! Where does the time go??)


Taylor Nikki

Can't wait to hear more about these new products x

Cathy Winsall

Fab..I will go and get the Vitamin C now and wait til Jan for the new laser...because Im nearly at the end of my laser now


Sharon Harvey

Oh how fantastic! The new products sound amazing!!!! X


Tom Ogden

Hi Louisa. It's OK to use Liquid Gold on teenagers, but only on the areas of scarring and I would only use it a couple of times a week. You don't want to over-stimulate as a teenage skin is stimulated enough already (thanks to those pesky hormones!!) Our Balancing & Pore Refining Mask is also great to use on the youngsters  Tx


Louisa Doyle

Thanks tom merry Christmas


Louise Taylor

What salon are you based at? Would love to come for a facial x


Sharon Harvey

Sounds like a plan...x


Sharon Harvey

 Final questions! 10 minutes of web chat left


Tom Ogden

Haha! Sharon! Let's see… 'Last Christmas' by Wham is my favourite Xmas song (showing my age!) Favourite tipple would be a nice glass of Port (though my nan used to mix a mean Snowball!) and favourite game…mmm…probably seeing the whole family try ski-jumping on the Wii!!! My sister never managed to actually get off the end without turning into a rolling snowball! Hilarious


Taylor Nikki

What's the best product for firming the jawline please Tom x


Sharon Harvey

Hahahahaha! I love a snowball!!! Both in the Glass and on the Wii Christmas just wouldn't be right without Wham


Tom Ogden

Hi Louise! I'm more of a rover these days, but I am bringing two lovely therapists to Beauty Bash so maybe we'll be able to get you onto the beauty bed there  Tx


Tom Ogden

Nikki, I'd have to say the Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum. The combination of Matrixyl-6 and Niacinamide has a great lifting effect Tx


Tom Ogden

You're my kinda girl Sharon


Tom Ogden

Yep Debbie! Michelle and I will be waiting for you at 19.00. You can sell it out while we have a lie down


Michael James Hamlyn

Eeek, sorry to have missed tonight's chat... Been visiting my neighbour with her pressies xxx If it's not to late Tom, I'd love to know a bit more the difference between the Triple cleanser and Balancing cleanser? Micro cleanse is my essential and want to add one of those to my routine xx


Cathy Winsall

I am still using the liquid gold night serum from August. Two pumps when Im not using liquid about economic!


Tom Ogden

Hi Michael! Bet you had a sneaky sherry with the neighbour


Taylor Nikki

Thanks Tom will pop it on my list x


Tom Ogden

Re. the difference between the cleansers Michael, the Triple Action is better for a slightly more normal-oily skin. It's gel based (though still non-detergent) and just leaves the skin a bit more squeaky clean. It's also great to shave with. I have quite a lot of clients who switch to Triple Action in the warmer months OR who use it in the morning with the Balancing Cleanser at night  Hope that helps and have a lovely Chrimbo!


Tom Ogden

Waste not want not Cathy!


Tom Ogden

I think I turn into a pumpkin in three minutes. Any final questions??


Jan Penn

Tom, what can we expect in the tsv Hun??


Cathy Winsall

Have a great Christmas Tom and a very happy new year and look forward to meeting you...go and have a port now with a snowball on the side x


Sharon Harvey

Hahaha x


Tom Ogden

Just want to let you know that I have a great One Time Only tomorrow night at 23.00 so tune in if you can


Tom Ogden

Hi Jan… Expect some favourites…and two Supersizes…



Tom Ogden

You have a great Christmas too Cathy! And roll on Beauty Bash! Cant wait to meet you! Txxx


Sharon Harvey

Please join me in saying a big thank you to our amazing guest and speedy typist Tom Ogden From Alpha H. Thank you so much for your time it has been a really fun, informative chat ,a real pleasure, and you are always welcome back! We look forward to seeing You on Qvc Tomorrow evening at 11pm. We hope you have a fantastic Christmas & New year and look forward to the Fabulous Alpha H TSV 4th Janxx


Members the live chat is finished but please free to continue reading and posting to the page! Next weeks guests.... ARE YOU!!!


Jan Penn

Thanks Tom, merry Crimbo xx


Jacqueline Jackson

Thanks Tom Happy Christmas x


Tom Ogden

Thank you everyone! It's always very humbling to hear your feedback and great results and fun to catch up too!! Big thank you to Sharon for having me back. Have a fantastic Christmas everybody and a super duper New Year! TomXXX


Michael James Hamlyn

As always thank you Tom x Merry Christmas and a fab 2015... (There goes my early night for Tues though!!!)


Cathy Winsall

Come back Soon !!!!!!! x


Dawn Robinson

Thank you Tom & Sharon xx


Back to You webchat Q&A with Debbie Flint 22nd December 2014



Debbie how are you? Here's my question... Considering you work at QVC and have the most stunning brands available to friends and family struggle knowing what to buy you for Christmas?

Sonia Morley - What will you be having for Christmas dinner ? Would love to know, I am trying to follow your example and be dairy free to free me from my asthma attacks . Have a wonderful day whatever you do xxx


Claire Louise - Looking forward to back to you returning what's the chance of receipe to share and also Jill franks to some exercise programme s in January x x


Amy Wall - Debbie when you get some REAL time out of your busy schedule what do you enjoy doing other than writing your fab novels and supporting us all on our journeys. That is if there is any time left!!!!!!!! xx


Debbie Flint - am here! Ok who's  first...


Joan Scott - Hello Debbie, just wanted to thank you for all your hints, tips and advice you have given us over the last year. What are your 3 desert island beauty products? X

Debbie Flint - Sharon - bless ya! ok, yes they do. Big Time - in fact just tonight my pal said exactly that as she gave me a little bag of my pressies she'd bought 'in stages whenever she saw something unusual!' My son got me helicopter flying voucher from groupon - lol! It's that sort of thing nowadays which i'm more interested in really - experiences and so forth. Always good fodder for the TiFFT club lol (try it for the first time club) x


Debbie Flint - hahah Sonia Morley! good question! Well we did an early xmas dinner with my daughter's veggie BF doing the food and he cooked the most amazing nut roast together with a mushroom wellington. BUT i do like lots of veg - i'm having a brussels phase atm - lolol - good job i live alone! x haha x




Debbie Flint - Sonia - has being dairy free helped so far? I really have to look out for what sauces and soups are cooked in now too - i had something the other day and started wheezing about half an hour later! lol x

Dawn Robinson - Hello Debbie xx do you have any special plans for 2015  xx


Nicki Bailey - Hi Debbie!! Loved your novels. Must say you are looking fab!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Love all your hints tips and advice! Xx


Jacqueline Jackson - Evening all. Hi Debbie I really love your hair and just wondered if you've always worn it long? I had mine long for years and cut it short a few months ago and now really regret it. Am trying to grow it again. Thank goodness for Ken paves and his Hairdo range! Stops me looking like a scarecrow lol. x


Sue Stewart - Sprouts are my twin granddaughter's favourite veg at the moment. They are 8 years old. In fact 9 on the 30th December. Imagine my poor daughter with two of them eating them.


Debbie Flint - Claire - I am looking forward to the new run of shows too hon - very much! I know so many people have been asking about when Bodyblade is back on air and also about when my book will ever be on air. Bruce is back on 12th Jan I can tell you that much atm! ANd as for exercises, not sure what you'd like Jill to do? But Marie Marie-Françoise Wolff 's sis Christianne Wolff is going to be our guest on webchat early Jan but it wont be a Monday as she teaches, we will keep you informed! THere will be other exercise based items, news and products too! A very exciting series is being lined up! x


Gemma Drake - Debbie Flint! Which brand of fish oils do you take ? Your book has really interested me.....


Amy Wall - I love sprouts so much can't get enough. Fortunately I've only got my pooch who has to put up with the outcome and she doesn't mind haha!!!!


Debbie Flint - Joan!" Arrrghj! Cant do three! That's torture! But i can tell you what's in my handbag right now - ok, liplift - I think that's always going to be number one, to be honest. Best thing ever for my occasional cracked lips and for plumping - have used it for nearly 14 years since Alison Young told me to try that on my corners of my mouth and i think it's helped the lack of lines around my top lip too. Then - ooo - hard one - in handbag is loccitane cherry handcream (some sort of handcream is essential of course) and abc tea tree stick - there! x


Christine Perry - Hi Debbie you are looking so........ slim are you using a product from QVC?


Amy Wall - I agree Debbie about lip lift. I have thin lips and can't believe after all these years I have finally found something that not only keeps them moist but also plumps them up. Great product x

Debbie Flint - Dawn - ooooo yessss!!!! One trip I just can't say anything about right now but it's unlike anything i've ever done, It's work related but which work...?!! hahaaa! Plus i'm sooo excited about the launch of my first bookshops book via ;'my' publisher Choc Lit - lots more writing too. ANd another trip to LA - i loved it there so much! ARE you? Anyone going anywhere really unusual in 2015? x


Claire Morley - I love lip lift. Can't be without it!!


Debbie Flint - Nicki - oooo so glad Nick - which one did you like best? one of the Hawaiian steamy romances? Or Diary of a Wannabe? And am very pleased all the tips are working - which do you like most? x


Debbie Flint - Jacqueline - Oh I SO agree! Both about the hairpieces and about having short hair! I had it just shorter than shoulder length once in the mid 2000's but hated hated hated it! Just been to my hairdresser Kay in Dare, Dorking high st today as it happens - she does the most amazing colour! If my hair's not right I don't feel right. But I also swear by dry shampoos - our Percy and Reed one is what i bought when we no longer stocked the amazing Ojon one - still trialling! x


Sharon Harvey - I LOVE Percy n Reed dry shampoo! It's amazing for adding volume when styling

Debbie Flint - Awwww bless, Sue - your granddaughters sound very switched on! Or your daughter does, she must cook the sprouts really nicely for the girls to like eating them! It wasn't always the case for us and they only ever appeared at Christmas in the old days didn't they? Along with satsumas, and cox's apples if i remember right? Anyone else got memories of xmas foods from years gone by which only surfaced at yuletide? x


Debbie Flint - Gemma - OMG they are a panacea IMO, and also in the opinion of Dr Alex Richardson - she's my guru - the Oxford professor who did the original Durham School trials that began the whole omega 'thing' - do go to her website 'Food and behaviour research ' -= or - to read up on it all - she's amazing. x And so are EPA and DHA fish oils! (or equivalent if you're a veggie) x


Christine Perry - Turkey dripping on toast in the days before we knew fat was so bad for you lol


Sonia Morley - Hello Debbie lovely to have you chatting to us tonight and thank you for answering my question  yes I do think dairy free is making a difference I have felt better lost weight as well , I never thought I had a problem with dairy but when Marlene mentioned it for my asthma I remembered you saying about cheese and latte in your book and thought could that be me, for years I have wondered why I wake up in the morning really bad but why I haven't been out ! It hasn't happened since I cut the milk, cheese yoghurt I am getting more and more used to it but it is initially a shock ! But thank you so much if this is a big trigger for me you will have changed my life with your book and back to you group

Debbie Flint - Gemma - sorry hon didn't answer which ones - any with at least 750mg per tablet of EPA (actual EPA - check label) otherwise there are good liquid oils too. Ideal Omega is what i get x

Jacqueline Jackson - Happy Christmas Debbie to you and your family. Looking forward to the new Back to you shows. x

Amy Wall - Have I missed your reply Debbie. It was about the third ? X


Debbie Flint - Christine Perry -= you betcha!! leg master one min a day for bum lifting, and bodyblade for everything else - it's amaaaaazing! Plus of course my Freedom eAting system as in Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet, on amazon in eBook or paperback (but anyone wanting it pls read the free sample first! |Or more info about all this on my website


Dawn Robinson - What colour do you use on your hair ? I keep looking in boots but nothing looks as nice xx


Debbie Flint - Amy - not just me then! I literally cant be without it and have some dotted around the house/car/work/bags! x


Debbie Flint - Claire - haha - great minds!! x


Debbie Flint - Sharon - yes! Dry shampoos are also fab for floppy fringes too! x


Christine Perry - Thanks for your reply. It has been good to chat. Hope you have a merry Xmas + look forward to the next chat .

Debbie Flint - turkey dripping, Christine! I remember all the chickens always having the giblets inside in little bags - where have they gone to nowadays? lol x


Debbie Flint - ps not that i ate them - well mum, cooked chicken livers but the rest got cooked, picked then given to dogs! x


Claire Morley - Apart from the Bodyblade shows, do have any real favourite shows to do?


Debbie Flint -  Aw Sonia it means so much to hear you say that. Listen, other people;s advice has changed my life, and that of my kids, over the years, so why not pass it on and share the love! lol x My pleasure. Now it's getting used to permahabits right? making all the tweaks and changes regular behaviour and par for the course! x

Amy Wall - Debs I meant the question at the beginning of the chat about spare time x


Debbie Flint - Sorry Amy - am on work pc - forgot my laptop cord - this screen needs to be refreshed so anyone spotting a missed question, do remind me!


Debbie Flint - ok amy so in my 'spare' time I just do the usual stuff and see loads of family and friends and try to do new things i've never done before - the Try it For The First Time club or TiFFT - has been an eye opener for me! This year I've done a walk on on a hit musical (happy Days), indoor skydiving, got a publishing deal and so so much more! Am doing a end of year blog about it all! Apart from that er.... you prob know the rest as I post and blog about it so much! lol x


Joan Scott - A HUGE thank you Debbie for being such a great cyber friend. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2015 brings you much joy and happiness, xxxxxxx

Debbie Flint - Dawn - sori Dawn it's a hairdresser colour - [email protected] always pointing people towards Dare hairdressers in Dorking high st - ask for Kay and she happily gives people the info they need to give their hairdressers! x


Sharon Harvey

















Claire Morley - Don't know where you get the energy from Debbie lol xx

Sonia Morley - Thank you Debbie you are so good, yes I am going to keep at it, I am already a vegetarian as is one daughter and poor hubby goes along with it all ! My daughter is also thinking of going dairy free so it's nice to have her support


Dawn Hart - Just a quick hello & Merry Christmas Debbie xxxx


Debbie Flint - Christine thanks hon! Me too! and happy xmas to you too and to all of you for helping to make this year such a special one. |I can tell you that next monday's 8-9pm webchat - it's all about you guys! We'll be opening the group up to anything you want to tell us about your xmasses and any products you got as presents that have gone down well! And what's happened in this last year courtesy of back to you shows and facebook group to make it such a fab time! Thanks all! xx


Amy Wall - Wow you're inspirational to us all. Such a busy lady but always manage to look so good. Love the latest hair colour by the way. Here's to 2015 and hoping to look as good as you by the end of it. Thanks for chat Debs really enjoyed it xx

Dawn Hart - Well said Amy Wall xx


Debbie Flint - Claire - i like to do a variety of shows of course - with my fave people. If i havent done hi tech for a while i miss it and want to do it. If i don't get a kim and co i miss that, etc - you get the idea! I suppose my ideal shifts are with people who are our regulars - as it's like banter with friends! Hope it comes across that way! x


Debbie Flint - Joan - thanks so much! It's a pleasure to have you as a cyber pal too! x


Michael James Hamlyn - Aww Debbie xxx Sorry to not be joining in tonight, visiting our neighbour with her Christmas pressies x

What a fab year with inspiring us all - Here's to an even better 2015 x

Lots of love you and yours and a very merry Christmas to all on Back to you xxx


Sonia Morley - Yes it doesx


Debbie Flint - Claire - i try not to eat rubbish food! Lol! To be honest i used to get a proper afternoon lull but if i have enough sleep and don't eat sugary things, i can more or less keep going all day and well into the night! sleep and water and fresh veg is the order of my day! hehe! And of course a vitality driven from wanting to make things happen! Am very proud of what's been achieved this year - including on this group - much of which is down to you guys - and lovely Sharon of course! x

Sue Poole - Hi Debbie merry Christmas and a happy new year. You are an inspiration to us all, thank you for all the time you give us. This group is brilliant, and all credit to you and your lovely helpers xx

Sonia Morley - a very happy christmas to you Debbie , hope it's a good one for you and your family , a big woof to your lovely doggies x

Debbie Flint - Sonia - my daughter's just gone gluten free too - it creates tummy problems for her - she's much better of without it! Love to your clan. Keep me informed about how you get on with it all! x

Sonia Morley - Well said Sue x


Debbie Flint - Dawwwwwn H! How are yoU? Ta for lovely card and your letter - was just reading it last night! Card on its way back to you too hon at some point soon i hope! (just sent, sorry for delay anyone else too!) x


Claire Morley - Merry Christmas Debbie and to everyone else at QVC and everyone in this lovely group xx

Debbie Flint - Amy - pleasure - you too! ANd i love all your updates to do keep doing them! ANd everyone else who does it too - without you what would this group and my other groups and my page, be?! x


Debbie Flint-  Michael James Hamlyn - you're a complete star as always - admin of bruce's bodyblade group too! Thanks back to you for being brilliant. x


Debbie Flint - Sue P - so glad this group is an inspiration - thanks so much for your lovely feedback! It's what we are here for! x


Sharon Harvey - Thank you Debbie Flint for a fantastic Facebook group and for being so generous with your time! Thank you for the sneaky peeks you share in your twitter page @debbieflint and in your blogs! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx


Amy Wall - Ah but where would we all be without the groups eh?????????? X

Sonia Morley - I will let you know , I hope I've got the answer at last

Jill Dowding-Walker - Do me bit, whenever and however I can. Sorry missed tonight mostly. Trouble at t'mill...

Dawn Robinson - Thank you Debbie & Sharon xx

Debbie Flint - hugs jill x

Amy Wall - Anyone seen the film Descendants?

Debbie Flint - good night all! AM off to meet up with Ginetta now - she has her veronese show at 11pm i believe?! And don’t forget tom ogden live on QVC tomorrow night 11pm then TSV on 4th Jan! much love to all! x

Jill Dowding-Walker - Much appreciated hun! x


Dawn Hart - Hi Debbie yep not too bad at mo just getting over lurgy glad you got card & letter please don't worry about delay you are a busy lady I luv reading all your blogs books etc will catch up in new year preparing for sister in laws wedding on the 27th take care loved seeing chessington nursery the other day brought back memories xxx

Dawn Hart - Of course not forgetting the fabulous Sharon Sharon Harvey, thank you for all you do hope you have a wonderful Christmas xxxx

Sharon Harvey Awwwww thank you Dawn Hart you too

Jacqueline Jackson - Thanks Debbie and thank you Sharon Harvey. Happy Christmas x


 Bodyblade Bruce Webchat Mon 22nd December 2014!


Hello Bodyblade Ohana! I thought I heard Santa saying HO HO HO but when I listened more closely....he said Perma-habits Perma-habits Perma-habits!! We are in the final stretch before Christmas and I want to hear how you are doing tonight.

Sue Stewart Mele Kalikimaka Bruce. The perma habit has come along quite nicely thank you very much. I am bodyblading 3 times a week now. I love the beach one with you and Debbie Flint. It makes me smile while I'm doing the excersing. I feel that I'm letting myself down if I don't do it. Xx

9 hrs · Like


Arline Jackson - Just got mine, so first little session today !

Sharon Harvey fantastic! Thanks Bruce xx

Bruce Hymanson Hello all. Happy Christmas to you!

Bruce Hymanson We are in the home stretch for the year. Lots of yummy food but when you keep up with exercise and staying fit, it all seems to fall in place doesn't it?

Sharon Harvey Happy Christmas Bruce! Isnt Cristmas wonderful x

Debbie Flint enjoy Bruce! Welcome and happoy christmas!! HAve a good chat - i'm over on the facebook group 'Back to You QVC' Tom Ogden from Alpha H skincare so do come join us till 9 everyone once you've chatted with lovely Bruce about Bodyblade! x

Bruce Hymanson The weather today in L.A. is a comfortable 70 degrees, perfect for a beach workout. Are you all doing our MDR beach workout?

Sue Stewart Yes 3 times a week. Love these type of short bursts of excersing.

Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Still happily Bodyblading. My coordination in my non dominant arm has vastly improved just as you said it would and I now also do the stretches in between each exercise which I love. It really is great fun so thanks again for being such a genius! x

Bruce Hymanson More and more studies are coming out to document the value of short workouts to boost your metabolism, increase cardiovascular fitness and lubricate the joints. Best of all, this also helps decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease.


Bruce Hymanson Any questions this evening on the workout, driving technique, stance, anything at all

Sue Stewart You need to make another short burst video so we can have a choice

Sharon Harvey HI it possible to overuse the Bodyblade in one session? How long is the optimum amount of time we should spend? x

Bruce Hymanson Hi Sue, that sounds like a good idea. I will think about the next workout to post for everyone.

Sue Stewart That sounds great Bruce.

Bruce Hymanson You can not overuse the Bodyblade because you have to keep up with the rapid change in direction (4.5 times per second.) once you begin to fatigue, you lose your ability to coordinate and you automatically stop.


Bruce Hymanson I know this was an incredibly short chat this evening. We are all very busy running around, shopping and getting ready for the holiday with our families. I think it is important to remember why it's so important to take care of ourselves. To live a healthy long life for our loved ones. Children, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters and our dear friends. It starts with you first. Just a little attention to your health and wellness will pay huge dividends throughout the year. I want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and healthy new year. I look forward to our next chat and being in the U.K. for Jan visit. Bye for now!


Sharon Harvey We look forward to welcoming you back Bruce! Thank you for joining us this evening! Wishing you and your wonderful family a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy & Happy New Year xx

Susan Buckland I'am so sorry I missed bruce to night a merry Christmas Bruce and family and a happy new year too.


Next week – open forum – members' turns to share!

Published in Back to You

I was feeling quite flat-belly today, so got my pal, the mode Goody to take these pics in our presenters’ lounge. Nice Tiana B dress (size 12!) - am v proud my August Challenge is going well. One min leg master and a couple of one min Bodyblade exercises plus a dog walk each day. (I feel most trim on the days I do longer walk. ) doc at last health check said do longer walks, don't eat carbs late, and it's working, all under the freedom eating umbrella, naturally (Till the Fat Lady Slims book). 

By the way that's my mike pack on my back! But compare this to September 2010 - four years ago, before I gave up sugar and started on the health campaign. This was me with my daughter Lauren at her 21st birthday party. I got knocked straight off the pugil-sticks inflatable game we had that day, I wonder why!


Hope there are some more updates on the Break the Habit group? And hope you've been enjoying the new Monday hub on b2u?

After another fun and fabulous live online chat we had tonight, straight after I came off air off the Pecksniffs fragrance show. Antthony, Will Gowing and Marie Francoise joined us! The Monday Live B2U Hub on our Facebook Group (see below to join and to read what happened) just goes from strength to strength.

If you’re a Decleor fan, there’s a chance to win £150 of goodies at salon prices, on my QVCUK blog – go here to enter (easy – just leave a comment there). And read about the Wedding last weekend. Even then, Freedom Eating kept me on the straight and narrow!

PLUS – see the Monday Essay below - tech expert and musical genius, LJ Rich, and her fascinating insight into living with synaesthesia – the crazy condition where the senses get mixed up. Below that is the precis of this week’s Live Monday Hub on Back to You QVC Facebook group – hear from fashion expert Antthony about his sacred space, Marie-Francoise (Kipling bags) about her recent glamorous film shoot in LA and what it’s like working with Alison Young all the time, from Will ‘I.T.’ Gowing.

Next week – what happened when Mat Trim and (possibly Laura Geller – tbc) joined us on the Monday Hub.


Have a good week!



Other News

-          What French Kids Eat For School Lunch (It Puts Americans To Shame!) And why they don’t get fat – they wouldn’t need TTFLS, and it all starts at junior school… read more here.


-          Can getting more sun help protect against dementia?  Dr Briffa's Blog  He’s one of the best health bloggers around. This week, he reported that a study just out has found that lower levels of vitamin D are associated with much-elevated risk of dementia (including Alzheimer's disease) over time.  Ina blog post this week he explains why this sort of evidence cannot be used to infer that vitamin D actually helps protect against dementia, but also cites some other evidence which suggests it might. More here

-          Is your Omega-3 fish oil supplement any good - or a load of old codswallop? Mail Online report If you’re a veggie there may be other options, if you eat lots of healthy food and you can create your own from food sources. BUT in this article, Prof Alex Richardson – one of the country’s leading experts in HUFA’s – explains the vital facts Read this if you suffer from depression, ADHD, eczema, blood pressure or cholesterol problems, heart trouble, immune system issues, eye and sleep conditions etc, and lots lots more? Find out here.

FootnoteI take Ideal Omega tablets, 750mg per cap EPA. Seek out the best deals – tons online all the time in lots of brands, including MorEPA, Seven Seas and H&B.


Ps First timer? Check out the archive If anyone reading this column for the first time, has not yet come across all the amazing info about how nutrition can change your health, your illness, & your future, then do take a look at all the archive Back to You blogs, at the left on this page. There you’ll see regular articles explaining why it’s imperative for most people (according to the World Health Organisation) - to examine your nutrition - first and foremost, if you’re poorly. Much more info and many links from members are also regularly posted on our facebook groups – do go join up!

Joining In   Don’t forget if you’re a member of Back to You QVC Group or of the closed group Break the Habit BTU, to give us your Monday update on Facebook. And join in with our weekly live online chat session – the B2U Monday Hub - on Facebook on the Back to You QVC group, 8-9pm weekly till September, (when Back to You show returns to QVC for 4 Mondays too!)

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Incidentally, there will be a new updated Till the Fat Lady Slims book coming in September 2014, 12 years after the first one, incorporating the new 'When diet.'

THE MONDAY ESSAY – Living With Synaesthesia by LJ Rich

One of my best pals in the world – tech expert and musical genius, LJ Rich, blogged recently about her fascinating insight into living with synaesthesia – the crazy condition where the senses are all mixed up – find out what banana fritters sound like as a musical piece and xxx.

It’s an incredible world she lives in. The other day she took me round the streets of London using an ipad app she’d built, and two sets of earphones, and with the help of a clever delay/echo, gave me some idea of the musical interpretation her brain makes of everyday sounds, like repeated phrases or car horns, which become lyrical with enough repetition. It was pretty mind-blowing. She describes it here, where you’ll also find the link to the video clip of my awesome pal giving her TEDx talk in Tokyo, using live examples on the piano of what pedestrians and buildings sound like to her. Yes really – told you, she’s awesome!


Do click here for her blog, which gives us just a little insight into her own version of this fascinating condition.

-          How the green landscape on the train from Gothenburg sounds on a piano

-          How the microwave is in the same key as the washing machine

-          How sushi tastes like power chords on an acoustic guitar

-          Click here to read it. LJ Rich – Living with Perfect Pitch and Synaesthesia

And do catch her on BBC Click, where she now works. She’s a genius. We are not worthy! ;-)  her website - 




As described above, here is a summary of this week’s Facebook Live Monday Hub!



Q1) DEBBIE: Can u tell us about LA and how u stay healthy? X

A) Ha! Best bit about LA? The ocean- beach life- surfing- amazing people- opportunities. I made some great friends out there. I was in a movie with Smith from Sex in the City, playing a British stylist- it was hilarious. I also met the head of Universal and got invited to his July 4th Party. Sat next to Dicaprio and Downey Jr it was wonderful and surreal. Xo stay healthy I try and drink loads of water and eat salads most days. I'm working on trying to cut back on sugar as I find it totally addictive. Eating protein with every meals fills me up. Try and avoid crisps as I love them too!

 Q2) JOY PADLEY: And how do you manage with all that travelling to eat healthy and eat properly x

A) Joy...In LA most people are very into health so luckily there are loads of amazing restaurants to choose yummy healthy good.


Q3) JILL DOWDING WALKER:Hi! What is your favourite colour for bags? For years I only used a black one - until Kipling!

A)  Jill- chuffed you love Kipling. I really love turquoise/purple/pink and then tan and black tones in the leather collection.


Q4) MICHAEL JAMES HAMLYN:Ahhh the gorgeous Marie-Françoise! xxx

My Robbie works in women's accessories and handbags in John Lewis and we both love watching you! Him for the product info, me for the amazing bags!

Please bring us a 'man bag'! Would love a guy friendly Kipling xx

A) Michael- I've requested a man bag collection. Let's see what Kipling do! Thank you! Glad you enjoy watching the shows :



Q5) JILL DOWDING WALKER: My husband suffers from Bulging Jeans Pocket Syndrome - I'm sure it is an illness! Can there be a very manly body bag made that he MIGHT wear?

A) Jill! That's made me laugh out loud I'm gonna suggest this syndrome to Kipling and see what they come up with ;)These ones could pass for the guys...


Will Gowing bought Azura the other day! Xxx


Q6) PAULA JANE BAKER PRICE:Hi, you must have a dream job with Kipling, you lucky thing! How many Kipling bags do you own, what is your favourite and what do you enjoy most about the job? x

A) Paula... I do love Kipling. It's a truly global brand and meeting the entire company in different locations around the world to see the preview of our new colletions it very fun. The Kipling company are fun people and there is a real family feel. I have an entire wardrobe of Kipling bags & x4 cabin size cases x3 medium cases! Many accessories! Scarfs/purses/I organise my make up and toiletries with Kipling pouches. My family and friends are addicted too so I end up giving them things too! My favourite bags? I love the one I designed ;) Marie-Françoise bag. I am using the Helena tote in tan for smarter business meetings. Right now I have a cute Kipling cool bag lunch box bag & a small leather x body. I adore Kipling leather bags too! Love working at QVC - the only thing is when I am on air sometimes- live in the studio and the producer ordirector are telling jokes in my ear. Can be hard to keep a straight face (doesn't happen often ;)) it's mainly jokes about our- often funny colour names...'sky grey' when it's a cream bag and so on!


Q7) DONNA MARIE WILLIAMS:Hi Marie-Françoise Wolff what is your desert island beauty product?

A) Donna I'm a Liz Earle fan! Love cleanse and polish & moisturiser xx


Q8) RACHEL DOWNS:Hello. I was just wondering if there will be any more pixi wallets available soon? Thank you.xx

A) Yes Rachel pixi is soo popular you will see it back but not for next 3 months we have some lovely ones coming in! tops/brownie/isaura/Uzario/trix/uki all in exclusive colours/print and also the global tones for fall x


Q9) JOY PADLEY:Hi Marie-Françoise I too like the leather bags but what lets them down is using material straps instead of leather.  The Helena bags had leather which made them look more classy x

A) Joy Kipling listened and for Fall they have the leather strap!



Q10) DOnna MARIE WILLIAMS:Hi how many Kipling bags do you own?

A) Ha! I honestly don't count Donna! I feel embarrassed! I went to ikea and got the fabric shelves that hang down (like 4) so I have all my Kiplings in a huge wardrobe. I've got a shelf for small x body bags/one for back packs/one for medium Kiplings/ one for Kip leather bags/ one for purses! Addicted ;) my female friends and family tend to rummage through them and I'm a sucker for giving them bags too so I'm always updating the collection!


 Q11) DEBBIE:MF how do u survive qvc long days? X

A) Coffee I know I shouldn't but I love it I also try and get some fresh air! Coconut water too!


Q12) CAROLINE BROOKING:Hello Marie-Françoise! Am looking forward to seeing the Gracie get some new colours and prints? Nobody else is reading this but any ideas if and when that might happen? I won't tell a soul!!

A) Caroline ! I can't see Gracie being reordered  I need to check but lots of newness is coming in for Fall and over next 3 months!



XxxxLots of pictures posted by MFXXXXXX


Q14) DEBBIE:MF what would be your dream role? X

A) Debbie I would like to be in the biggest love story of all time! Bridges over Madison County style. Or I'd like to play a strong crazy woman- like Lady Macbeth (Judi Dench Ian McKellen tv version is amazing)  ;)


Q15) DEBORAH FITFLOP HICK: drat missed my opportunity to ask about scarves!

A) Deborah! Scarf coming to QvC in MM Plum/animal skin pink & animal skin prp see the colours in pic above


We have Kipling shows this Thursday 10pm 2 hour as part of the Autumn Catwalk Collection. Shows on Friday 11am and 8pm. 24th Aug 10am, 1pm, 9pm. Then 7th Sept 10am and 3pm! XFYI Kipling have a TSV coming up in 23rd Sept ;)





Q1: carol Ann Johnson asks : Antthony If there was one woman  that inspired your

designs or you would absolutely love to design for, who would it be?  Oh yes the

capsule wardrobe for those of us fashionably challenged is a great idea.

A) I love Eydie Gorme but also Liz Taylor


Q2: ANDIE STEPHANY ASKS : Antt - more tunics like the last TSV please - and an

inch or two longer on the tush please xx

A) You got it Andie


Q3: DEBBIE FLINT ASKS : Hey my lovely friend! Welcome to our group! So lovely to

see you on here! You travel a lot, what's your spiritual home?! X

A) My spiritual home is Vaison La Romaine  when I retire I want to live there,

when I was a student in Paris, Yves Saint Laurent sent me there for two months

to design sweaters and I fell in love with the people and the village


Q4: KAREN GLAISTER ASKS : Hi Antthony. I like to make clothes for myself in my

spare time. What are your top tips? The fit and colours on your items is fab. I

especially loved the vibrant green snake print items you did.

A) Karen Glaister a good sewing machine and a good cutting table to lay

everything out... I have a 200 foot cutting table in my office and it saves many

a crazy day

I also find fabric shopping good for ideas... if you like to make things for

yourself go to your local fabric mall and play with bolts of fabric put them up

to your face.. twirl with them and that will help you create the perfect look

for you


Q5: NILE BOURNE ASKS : Anthony - I ditto Dolores request - a heavier duster coat

perhaps in the winter collection Preatty please.

A) Nile Bourne I will offer it to the buying team I had one last season and it

did fair so they decided it wasn't a customer want and need but you know timing

is everything xoxo <3


Q6: JOY PADLEY ASKS : Do you get inspiration for your designs from the fabric?

A) I love silk chiffon and silk crepes if I could I would only use mid weight

jerseys... I love the ease and the way they capture color. I was in a fantastic

little fabric shop in Santa Barbara and they had the most imperial chiffon you

have ever seen with motifs from heaven...blues and bottle greens in a

swirl...all from Asia like soft watercolors... I do love viscose its does the

same when the fabric is handled properly


Q7: JILL DOWDING WALKER ASKS : I like narrow v-neck designs to minimise my

'girls', and a lower waist (or no waist) as I have a long body which is not

comfortable in 'empire' waists. Will any of your tunics and dresses have these


A) Hi Jill Dowding-Walker I have a massive line but the buyers can only bring in

so many styles I wish we could bring all of them in ...The way it works is they

go by sell thru so if something does great they ask me to revisit it... I know

what you mean when you have a enlogated body you need less empire but more of a

side dart look..I will make sure we include those tops as well..are you  a solid

or print gal?

A) Usually solid, but like some prints too! x


Q8: NILE BOURNE SAYS : Anthony did you ever visit the Yves Saint Laurent

house/garden in Marrakesh???

A) Nile Bourne I was really blessed to have a front row seat at YSL..l the

family was really lovely with me and Madame Saint Laurent, Yves mom was like so

sweet. she spoke English and she demanded I take short trips on the

was an amazing time for me


Q10: Dolores MCSHANE ASKS : Hello Antthony,you are such a joy to watch, please

come and visit Scotland it's a beautiful place but the weather is terrible,would

love an Antthony coat.

A) Dolores Mcshane  I have Scotland on my October trip bucket.. I hope it all

comes true!!!!


Q11: DONNA MARIA WILLIAMS : Antthony I love your persona because you are just so

happy and enthusiastic, which comes across in your designs. What is your secret

for such a bright and breezy outlook?

A) Donna Maria Williams I surround myself with cool uplifting objects.. I wake

up to bunny rabbits and ships... and I have the best friends who text me

affirmations and I do the same for them...I try not to deny myself anything

within reason and I pray and meditate a ton.. I learned the hard way me time is

not a bad thing...everyone needs to back off and find their inner voice and

writing in my journal and having a little personal place that is all yours that

no one can go to is very important...







Q1) SHARON ASKS : what is the most important thing you have learned about

skincare since joining QVC?

A) Hi Sharon, I've known Alison Young for nearly 15 years so I've learnt quite a

lot from her over that time, as for the most important I'd probably say

moisturising/hydration. I use different moisturisers at different times of the

year and as I mentioned to Dawn above facial oils have become a big part of my

routine now, I LOVE them, they're so versatile. Will Gowing TV :) x


Q2) Wow! No wonder you have such fabulous skin! Gorgeous! Can I tie you down to

a desert island product?x

A) If I could only have one product to take with me to an actual desert island

Sharon it would be Ultrasun, if it was just one product for everyday use at home

I'd go for SBC Collagen Gel as I can use it over the eyes as well as the face,

as a mask and all over the body, it's a great afersun product too! :) x


Q3) JILL DOWDING WALKER ASKS : Hello Everyone! Hi Will! What did you do before

becoming AY's right hand man?

A) Hi Jill, a few things, my first job in tv was at QVC in 1999, I worked there

for 5 years, then left to work for the BBC & ITV on different shows (Blue Peter,

Crimewatch, Top of the Pops). I then began presenting on the radio, after that I

presented the travel news on ITV London during GMTV every weekday morning (lots

of 3am alarm calls) and then moved back to QVC to present technology and then to

the job I do now - phew!! :) Will Gowing TV x


Q4) CAROL ANN JOHNSON: Can you talk to my husband am sure he would benefit but

ignores me! Unfortunately that generation of men have not taken this skin

business on board. Sure there are lots of qvc women that know what I mean. I

will keep trying!

A) Hey Carol! Yes I do know what you mean, I hear it a lot at the Beauty Bash ;)

My advice would be to start small on things he will actually want to use, don't

buy an entire routine in one go if he's a soap & water kind of guy. A good face

wash or moisturiser to begin with sometimes does the trick - I stress

sometimes!! ;) Will Gowing TV x


Q5) DONNA MARIE WILLIAMS : Hi Will you are always so bubbly on screen and I love

you and Alison together. What would your daily mantra be?

A) Hi Donna!! I try to remember how lucky I am as often as possible, it's

difficult for all of us to do at times, especially when you've had a stressful

day or are having troubles, it doesn't always work but I try not to let myself

forget it! ;) Will Gowing TV x

Q6) DEBBIE FLINT ASKS: Hey will! Want to say the funniest show you've ever

worked on?! Xx

A) Hey Debbie! It would probably have to be the Saturday Night Show, that green

room is a lot of fun when you've got some fizz and a funny group of people in

it, sometimes too much fun! ;) x


Q7) PAULA JANE BAKER-PRICE : Hi Will, what do you like best about working on


A) Hi Paula!! The people, in fact if you asked that question to all staff at QVC

the majority would say "the people", it's almost become a cleché (but a good

cliché). I mentioned above that QVC was my first job in telly in 1999, I worked

there for 5 years for leaving to spread my wings elsewhere and to this day the

majority of my best friends (and my fiancee) I met at QVC, the people are

awesome! Will Gowing TV :) x


Q8) BEVERLY BACK ASKS : Hi Will! What does your job entail when not on air? I'd

imagine lots of research on products... X

A) Hey Beverley, great question!! I'm asked a lot "what is it that you actually

do" my on air work at QVC makes up for only about 20% of the work I do for QVC.

The rest of my time is spent connecting with vendors, filming the majority of

the videos you see on the QVC website (TSV previews especially), I edit the

videos too & plan the shoots i.e travel, locations, times etc. I also have a lot

to do with organising the interactive element of shows such as Alison Young's

Beauty Fix, Saturday Night Show, Breast Cancer Care show, Gardening etc etc Will

Gowing TV :) x


Q9) DEBBIE FLINT :Will what's the longest hours you've done on a shift and how

do u survive? X

A) Oooooh good question Debbie, longest shift hmmmmm - do you know what I think

the longest shift I have ever done for QVC would be back in my Floor Manager

days, I did an early (6am - 4pm in those days) and then went straight into a

late shift until the early hours of the morning. #Dedication ;) xx


Q10) DONNA MARIE WILLIAMS ASKS : Hi Will what product from Qvc could you not

live without?

A) Hi Donna, it would probably have to be skincare related & I'll say SBC

Collagen Gel, I also love my Bose Wave System!! ;) Will Gowing TV x


Q11) PAULA JANE BAKER PRICE: It's lovely to work in a friendly place where

everyone gets on as you spend such a long time in work x

A) Thank you Paula and yes I completely agree, it is lovely to enjoy the place

you work, makes a huge difference, I've worked on the opposite side of the fence

a few times before ;) Will Gowing TV x


Q12) MICHAEL JAMES HAMLYN ASKS : I just love your chemistry with Alison, the

banter is priceless. How is the wedding preparation going?

A) Hi Michael, Ali is a very good sport, a lovely person to work with, very

generous! Wedding prep is going sort of well, we could probably be a bit more

organised, we get a lot of phone calls from our mothers put it that way!! ;)

Will Gowing TV x


Q13) SHARON ASKS : So Will... Which guests that have visited Qvc have you been

"starstruck" by? X

A) I tend to get more starstruck by people I watch on tv rather than music peeps

or big stars, I remember Lesley Joseph came into the studio once and all I kept

thinking was "I'm talking to Dorien!". I interviewed Pauline Quirke too, she was

the loveliest lady. I just need to meet Linda Robson now! ;) x


Q14) JO BROWN ASKS : we've heard Molton Brown are coming back....any other

brands returning to QVC, or any new ones coming in?

A) Yes Jo, Molton Brown are coming back, special show on the 25th August, I

can't wait, I'm hopefully filming with them soon! I haven't heard of any other

returning brands as yet, Will Gowing TV :) x


Q15) JO BROWN : out of all the QVC guests who would make up your dream dinner


A) Ooooooh Jo that is cruel!! Ok, here goes... Lee Hohbein (he'd bring the

wine), Keeley from Elemis (she'd have the products to help us all after drinking

Lee's wine), Gill Gauntlett (because she makes me laugh without fail), errrrrrr

and SJ from bareMinerals (as if we need even more help after the wine she can

sort us out). Great question!!! :) Will Gowing TV x


Q16) JOY PADLEY ASKS: Hi Will, if you could choose what would your ideal TSV be?

A) Hi Joy! For beauty? My ideal TSV would be... SBC Collagen Gel, Ultrasun Face

50, Ultrasun Sport 30, a facial oil & ABC Skin Wash... oh and Elemis Cleansing

Balm... I could probably make 100 TSV suggestions, I like too many things or I

could make seasonal beauty TSV suggestions ;) Will Gowing TV x


Q17) JILL DOWDING WALKER: I'm a big Alpha-H fan! Say hi to Tom for me?

A) I will do Jill, I love Alpha H too, their Micro Cleanse is amazing, probably

my top exfoliator at the moment. Will Gowing TV x


Q18) KAREN GLAISTER: So excited to see molton brown back, first tried them

through QVC! Always have their eucalyptus shower gel in stock! Alongside my abc!

A) Hi Karen Glaister, I was thinking about their Eucalyptus Shower Gel the other

day, I hope we're getting that in a collection, it's lurrrrvly!! I love their

black pepper too, so does my Dad. Will Gowing TV x :)


Q19) JO BROWN SAYS: I'd like to see some new brands (I've already told Ali!) Raw

Gaia and SpaRituals :-)

A) Hi Jo, I agree, it's always nice to keep things fresh with new brands and I

promise these suggestions go to our buying department, Ali gets a lot of

feedback at events (as we all do) and it's all fed back afterwards! Will Gowing

TV x :)


Q20) DONNA MARIE WILLIAMS: Hi Will just to say that I always enjoy your video

previews of the up coming TSV's

A) thanks so much Donna, I absolutely LOVE making them!!! Will Gowing TV x :)


Q21) PAULA JANE BAKER PRICE ASKS: How do you get to attend the beauty events! x

A) Hi Paula, the Beauty Bash is the main beauty event and these tickets are

given away in a number of ways... 1) Radom selection of customers 2) QVC website

competition (look out for this on the homepage early Jan) 3) Social media

competitions (Alison Young usually gives away tickets on her twitter page). This

year there was also an option to buy tickets in association with You magazine, I

haven't heard whether or not we are doing that in 2015 yet, so watch this space!

Will Gowing TV :) x


WILLS POST : Just shout if you have any more questions everyone! In the

meantime, here's a little taster of some of the QCam preview videos I'll be

filming soon... Tomorrow I'm filming the Alpha H TSV with Tom O, Wednesday I'm

filming with the Emu team at their showroom, Thursday I'm filming with Perricone

as well as doing Alison Young's Beauty Fix & on Friday I'm filming behind the

scenes on the Quacker Factory promo shoot! All the videos will be on my Will

Gowing TV page over the next few weeks. ALSO I've just finished editing the

September Elemis TSV QCam preview, I can't put that up yet though, if I do I'll

never be seen again ;) Will x


To come in next few weeks on our live facebook chat, the Monday B2U Hub – Marjolein Brugmann from Pilates and supplements hours… Susie Adams from Northern Nights… and possibly Lee Hohbein, IT expert on 1st September, #Loccitane Alexis possibly on 8th.… Tova…

Next week – mat Trim and tbc – Laura Geller…


Don’t forget to leave me a comment below!


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Am writing this just after one of the most interactive sessions we’ve had so far with the stalwart of our Back to You shows on QVC – Bodyblade Bruce. Bruce Hymanson got himself especially ‘up to speed on Facebook’ just so he could join in on our current run of Monday 8-9pm live chat sessions – the B2U Live Monday Hub. Well done Bruce! It was an amazingly detailed session and well received by our B2U regulars! At the bottom of this page you’ll see the key questions asked and his answers.

What a pleasure it was to have him as our guest, on the day the Daily Express announced ‘2 minutes exercise will stop you ageing – experts say short bursts is key to staying young.’ Because of course, that’s exactly what Bodyblade does – short, sharp bursts.

The Express article picks up on the current trend for High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. The front page feature, click here for more info, goes into further detail, but here’s the gist –

‘… this latest research has now tested High Intensity Training (HIT) on older people aged 60 to 73 who were divided into two groups, with one acting as a control and the other required to take part in two sessions of exercise a week.

Each session consisted of six-second all-out sprints on an exercise bike with each participant fitted with a heart rate monitor throughout.

The number of sprints in each session was progressively increased over the course of the trial from six to 10 sets of six-second sprints.

A minimum of one minute recovery time was allowed between each sprint, and participants were not allowed to start sprinting again until their heart rate had gone back down to below 120 beats per minute. Dr Babraj, a lecturer in exercise physiology, whose study is published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, said: “When it comes to the sprints, you don’t have to go at the speed of someone like Usain Bolt.”’


Again it underlines the current spreading word about HIIT which has been documented by the Doctor who kicked off the fasting trend with the Horizon programme, Michael Mosley in his book ‘Fast Exercise’ – worth a look. Particularly if you want to get fitter, but find it hard.


Health Check

In case you missed it, Friday’s blog discussed my medical check-up last week at Nuffield in Byfleet, where I had two and a half hours of pretty rigorous testing. Very minor things came up, plus of course the biggie: my BMI is too high and I have to lose at least a stone. Knew that – doing it – hopefully with the help of Freedom Eating! Go here to see the QVC blog or click on the ‘QVC Blog’ tab at the top.


Freedom Eating out in Force – AUGUST CHALLENGE

So – in August, I hereby do commit that I will do my Bodyblade workout every day, plus my one minute on the leg master (it’s genius for thighs and butt) plus my usual dog walk. And I will begin my experiment into totally accurate Freedom Eating, as listed in Till the Fat Lady Slims. There will be a regular video update too, to say how it’s going. Then in September when Back to You returns on QVC (for 4 Mondays in Sept) I will be able to record how it’s gone, in the new updated version of TTFLS. If you’d like to join me, please do! I’ll announce it next week on the Hub!



Meanwhile, here’s what Bev French has to say about Freedom Eating –

“All my adult life I was caught up in a cycle of dieting and overeating. Each year was divided up into the months when I was dieting (and feeling positive & confident) and the months when I was overeating (and feeling guilty & depressed). At the end of last year I was into the overeating phase, my clothes were getting too tight and I was really unhappy. Something had to change, time for yet another diet. Then I discovered the 'Break the Habit' group on facebook and through that heard about Debbie Flint's book 'Till the Fat Lady Slims'. I downloaded a copy and reading it has truly changed my life! 
Freedom eating helped me to gain control of my appetite for the first time, no more dieting just healthy eating. I learnt how to recognise the signals my body sends me, to recognise the difference between true hunger and thirst. Now I only eat when I'm hungry and stop eating when I begin to feel satisfied. I no longer eat for emotional reasons or to change my mood. 
Seven months later I've never felt better or healthier. Those clothes still don't fit me though....they're too big!
'Till the Fat Lady Slims' changed my life. Thank you Debbie!”


If you’ve got a testimonial for me about how Freedom Eating has helped you, please let me know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  And don’t forget the Book is available here – on amazon – click here.

 Till the Fat Lady Slims book - on amazon

Next week on the Back to You Live hub, we’ll be starting a little earlier as I’m on air at 8pm! But the rest of the gang will be chatting live, to our special guests, Craig Rowe and Keeley from Elemis! (tbc).



Other News –

-          13 Signs You Need To Do More Self-Work – if emotional eating is the bane of your life, maybe self-help books can work? Check this list by clicking here to find out if that’s you. In which case, try ‘What are you Hungry for?’ by Deepak Chopra and any of Wayne Dyer’s books.

-          SLS trouble. Liz Earle’s Today’s Special Value on Sunday brought SLS back to our lips – sodium laureth sulphate – which my daughter Lauren is allergic to – it gives her eczema. Coupled with using non-SLS shower products like Liz’s Orange Body Wash and taking high dose EPA fish oils, (omega 3 but a longer chain one only found ready made in oily fish – she takes at least 1000mg a day and usually 1500mg) she no longer gets this problem. So here’s a quick reminder from me – just in case your kids are going through the same – do spread the word. Also use a non-allergic washing powder – Lauren changed hers recently as she’d started getting redness and itching again, and just by reverting to the Eco Egg (google it) it meant she was able to avoid the root of the problem. Just shows you what knowledge can do, eh?

-          Creamy Summer Ice Lollies - Deliciously Ella lovely idea – using coconut oil – am a big fan atm, especially having discovered co-yo coconut oil yogurt – no dairy , no sugar etc! Well this recipe appeals big time! Check it out! Summer creamy ice lollies – without the cream!

-          Live Dirty, Eat Clean! Why The Microbiome Is The Future Of Medicine – this came through on a Mind Body Green email recently – and echoes what our guru Marlene Watson Tara has been saying about the internal gut bacteria and why looking after it is so vital. Find out more by watching the video of expert Dr Robynne Chutkan discussing it – easy to follow, watch it here.

Enjoy your week! Remember next Monday night on facebook it’s Elemis-chat time including with one of my best mates, Craigy!

Best wishes




Ps First timer? Check out the archive If anyone reading this column for the first time, has not yet come across all the amazing info about how nutrition can change your health, your illness, & your future, then do take a look at all the archive Back to You blogs, at the left on this page. There you’ll see regular articles explaining why it’s imperative for most people (according to the World Health Organisation) - to examine your nutrition - first and foremost, if you’re poorly. Much more info and many links from members are also regularly posted on our facebook groups – do go join up!

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-          Go here to request to join the sister group – it’s a CLOSED group - Break the Habit – BTU.

-          And for more info about Freedom Eating – click here for Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) on Amazon. !




Here are some of the key questions covered, plus at the bottom, video links to watch him in action on Youtube showing tons of tips, including a routine for sitting down. it's certainly been loved by our Back to You members.


 bodyblade comments


Q1. Jill asks - How do you get into and stay in rhythm?
A: Hi Jill, matching the rhythm is difficult for some and in a few exercise positions in particular. The key is to use a light grip (like holding onto a baby's wrist or a raw egg) I always like to say that the person who looks like they are doing the least, is doing the best. Using Bodyblade is not about bruit strength but more about coordination. I will talk more about this in a bit.

Q2. Lynn - Good Evening Bruce.  I have the body blade but am finding it difficult to do for more than 10secs at a time at present.  Also do I pull in my stomach muscles as I do it?
A: Hi Lynn, Body blade training will adjust to the level of your fitness. 10-15 seconds of exercise can be very challenging for some. This just means that your muscles are slowly gaining in endurance. Continue training 3-4 times per week and try adding 5-10 seconds each exercise each session. Hope that answers? No need to pull your stomach muscles in. Simply using Bodyblade will ask your body to do the right thing communicating between brain to muscle automatically.

Q3. Donna: Hi Bruce I love my Body Blade but still find some of the exercises difficult. Is it ok to do more of one type of exercise to compensate for not being able to do another?
A: Hi Donna, The Hip & Thigh Sculptor is usually the exercise most people have difficulty mastering. This is because rotational exercises and what I call "narrow side" exercises require more stability and quickness through the core. So, yes, do what you can do and keep doing them. As you get stronger, faster, quicker, you will be able to do more of those you find difficult to master now. BTW, some of the best athletes in the world have trouble with some of the exercises. Sounds like you are doing great!!

Q4. Zoe asks : is it as good to break the exercises down in shorter bursts or is it better to get through the difficult ones, do u get as good results in short bursts?
A: Zoe, you can break the exercises down to shorter bursts. Interval training is always a good way to train the body. Remember, the amount of flex in the blade is what determines the amount of resistance you will receive. So, for example, 30 seconds with a small or minimal flex in the blade will be easier to do. Now in the same exercise position, drive the blade with greater force, producing greater flex in the blade and you may only be able to do 10-15 seconds before you fatigue. You are in control of the "intensity" of the workout. I call this "Flex Intensity"

Q5: question posted by Pat - The behind the back move - which way should the blade be held? narrow side to shake or long side?
A: Hi Pat, great question. The grip when using the Bodyblade in front of your body in the "Wide Side" in the exercise we call Chest Press is the same grip we use for the Tricep Push, behind the back. You should feel the ridge along the center of the handle between your thumb and fore finger in the wide side. Drive the Bodyblade toward the corner of the room. This is a challenging exercise at times because the brain is turned around. You have to feel it more than muscle it . Hope that answers


Q6: Dawn Robinson asks does this just tone your arm muscles? How can it help with tummy roll? 
A: Dawn, Great question. Body blade will address the entire body during training. The exercises will build your body from the deep core muscles out into all four extremities. Your arms will definitely tone up.
To answer the question about the tummy roll. There is no way to "spot reduce" which means that no exercise will eliminate fat from a specific region. The exercises will help to tone and strengthen those abdominal muscles which will flatten your Tummy. Combine that with a sound nutritional program and you will see results

Q7. Michael asks Bruce I'm naturally very slim and struggle to put on weight - I know ultimately weight training at the gym will be the most effective way to 'bulk up' but I don't really have the time (or inclination!)
Could the Body Blade help me?

A: Hi Michael, If you are lean (which is a good thing) I know adding mass to your body can be a challenge. Even if you did weight training, it would be difficult to pack on the pounds of muscle. Eating foods to help gain weight or taking supps to gain weight may put on a few pounds but not the right pounds. Hate to see you add fat to your body just to be heavier. Bodyblade training will give you great definition but especially if you are lean, I don't see you adding mass like weight training. Having a stronger body and a well-defined body will certainly be a better trade off!!

Q8. By Jill Dowding-Walker - I suffer from pain in my right shoulder (repetitive rotator cuff injury). What moves will help me?
A: For Jill, who asked the question about her shoulder. I originally created Bodyblade for my shoulder and spinal patients. Bodyblade trains the deep muscles in the shoulder automatically and contracts those muscles with just the right amount of force. Since I can't see you, please take your blade to your MD or Physio to make sure they approve of your exercises. Hope this helps?!

Q9. Question from ZOE - Are there any plans to bring the cardio blades to the UK? I like the idea of 2!
A: Hi Zoe, at the moment, no plans to bring back the Cardio units. We have had the best success with our clients and patients using three Bodyblade sizes. The Pro is the largest, the Classic (we sell on QVC and the smaller CxT which is larger than the Cardio units. I think the Classic is perfect for most women

Q10. Amanda says: Tell us about what you eat?  Do you have a plan you  follow?
A: I try to eat low fat, a balance of protein and complex carbohydrates (fruits and veggies) nuts (love to eat almonds and cashews) and never fried foods (if I can avoid it). I love bread but restrict the amount I eat :(

Q11 Posted earlier by Collette Gillingham : No questions, just THANKYOU Bruce. x
A: Hi Collette, thank you for joining the Bodyblade club!!!

Q12: Zoe asks will it take longer to see more result with smaller movement? is it best to do less and flex more with the bb?
A: The amount of flex, always determines the amount of force you feel. Remember, the more flex, the harder your body works. The more endurance is required and the more calories you burn!!!

Q12: from pat Thanks again Bruce. As a Post-Polio Syndrome it is important that I find exercises I can do without over straining. Also, I am finding it helps with my balance. xx

Q13: Karen Mullen : Hi I suffer with back and neck problems will this help me strengthen myself
A:  xxxx tbc


I would like to just add a few comments about using Bodyblade. It is always most important to maintain a light grip. match the rhythm and remember that less is more. You don't have to muscle Bodyblade to challenge your body. Bodyblade is merely the vehicle to activate your body as the exercise machine. Once you match that rhythm, you have to start, stop, change directions of your body which is why you will always get the max workout based on your size and mass. The Bodyblade is pure science, physics and vibration.
We talked about wide side and narrow side training tonight. I hope that was helpful.
Remember when you train your body, you always want to try and do a little more each time. That's not to say you must. You can take it as slowly as you like and reap the benefits on your own terms.

BTW, for everyone,  Wide side exercises are easier to do for most people. Example of Wide side exercise is usually push pull or up down exercises. Chest Press, Back and Shoulder reach, Tricep Push are examples of a wide side exercise. "Narrow Side" exercises are when you are looking at the narrow side of the blade during exercise. Hip & Thigh Sculptor (most challenging) moves from side to side. So remember, 99% of the time, any wide side exercise will be easier to control and less fatiguing to begin.

I hope I haven't left anyone's question unanswered.
Thank you everyone!!! I hope there was something for everyone this evening. Look forward to the next time!! Good night all.

BODYBLADE returns to QVC live on the new run of Back to You shows, 2nd week, 8th September (mon, 9pm) and also on 9th.

Buy it here from QVC  UK -

See Bruce demonstrate the bodyblade, including sitting down exercises on youtube clip here –

and Bruce explains common errors – here -

How to hold it -

Bodyblade exercises on video -

The hard one – tricep push behind your back -

The hardest one – HIP AND THIGH – vertically in front of you - it gets Debbie’s heart beat up to 160 beats per minute in ONE MINUTE! –

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It’s this sundayyyy! Whooop! With only a week to go several of the Back to You Facebook group/Break the Habit BTU group are getting all prepared to meet up – some on the Saturday too with lovely and her brilliant food cure workshops.

Personally will I get ‘back to you’ with the little picture I put up back in February of the tighter abs? Well I’m not as flat as that for sure! Need to lose another stone to be more defined for that to happen. But am doing leg master and body blade plus longer dog walks each day and finding it’s really helping. What about you?

And in any case, this is now only a little stopping off point in our journey as we have two more things to look forward to – one is the start of our Monday B2U Live Chat on Facebook group Back to You, and the other is the return in September of the actual show itself on Monday nights on QVC UK. Where it all began – coming full circle! Considering we now have over 1100 members on the main group (160 on the closed health issues sister group Break the Habit BTU) it’d be lovely if we can hit the magic 1500 by time we go live again in September.

So if you’re not coming this Sunday to the Dorking do, 1-5 in the afternoon, or 2-4 if you’re there for the book launch, (RH56QQ Wotton Village Hall behind Wotton Hatch pub) then do put Mondays in your diary from mid July onwards – once I get back from my cruise with mummy! Gonna try to do strict Freedom Eating – which is just about listening to my body completely, in the hope that I don’t come back with too much weight back on!

Anyway – it’s been  long old six months to get to this stage, and my book, steamy romance Hawaiian Retreat, is about to be published on Amazon the same day (hence joint book launch) – and it’ll be really lovely to have got all that under my belt so I can totally relax on the cruise – my first ever!

Saturday Chat Don’t forget that the day before our get together, this Saturday 28th, Marlene Watson Tara will be giving a cooking demonstration, featuring lunch and handouts, also at Wotton Hall, near Dorking, Surrey for £75, 10-4pm. More info from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do join us – one more space!


Latest Back to You group comments!

More fab updates from our Back to You and Break the Habit girls – yay! Sooo glad it’s been a great support system for everyone!


Join the groups via the links below – everyone’s welcome, even if you only read and don’t post much!

Other news –

Walking for weightloss – is there a science behind it? Notes on duration and how, with an expert called, ironically Wendy Bumgardner


Business Barbie  – thought this was funny -


Another 5 Ways Fructose will mess you up | David Gillespie b2u


Don’t forget on my QVC Blog from Friday 20th   for a little more including a fab recommendation for my book Till the Fat Lady Slims from Bev French, and chat about how walking can help you!

See below to join our Facebook group, ‘Back to You QVC,’ before my month long run of Back to You shows returns to QVC weekly in September. And also see below for info about our weekly online live event as of mid-July!

Next week’s Monday Update - the final week!

Hugs and best wishes for a marvellous week in the (current) sunshine! Long may it last!



Ps If anyone reading this column for the first time, has not yet come across all the amazing info about how nutrition can change your health, your illness, & your future, then do take a look at all the archive Back to You blogs, at the left on this page. There you’ll see regular articles explaining why it’s imperative for most people (according to the World Health Organisation) - to examine your nutrition first and foremost, if you’re poorly. Much more info and many links from members are also regularly posted on our facebook groups – do go join up!

Till then I’ll continue on my little campaign, and if you can pass on the word too – especially about sugar being toxic, all well and good.


Joining In

-          Our Challenge Party date is Sunday 29th June, (in Surrey) it’s still not too late to tell me you’d like to come along! If you’re not on facebook, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the links to the groups are below.

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-          And for more info about Freedom Eating – click here for Till the Fat Lady Slims (2002) on Amazon. !


THE MONDAY ESSAY – Cabbages, Kings and Umami

If you’re a regular you’ll have heard about the micro-biome and how your body’s bacteria, microscopic fungi and the like all help it work properly – in synergy with how we were meant to? Well eating probiotics is something we should all be doing – but I’m NOT talking about expensive supplements or drinks. I’m talking about fermented vegetables – the type of thing we were probably evolved to eat. Therefore it makes sense that we need it today, to help maintain our gut flora and the like.

 You can make your own – Marlene Watson Tara’s page is fab for that – we’ve featured that before. And you can get the lactobacilli from EasiYo yogurt if you’re a yogurt and dairy fan (see two weeks ago for why I can’t be one.)

But how about good old picked cabbage? How about sauerkraut? How about beetroot? Umami is one of the tastes the tongue can detect, via the 2000-5000 taste buds each containing 50-100 taste receptor cells. They are in five basic categories - sweetnesssournesssaltinessbitterness, and umami. And yes, umami is one. Officially recognised only in 1985 which is why it may sound unfamiliar to those whose schooling preceded it, it was first identified and names by a Japanese professor in 1908, when he noticed the taste of kombu seaweed broth was very palatable but distinct from sweet, sour, bitter or salty and named it umami. It can be described as a pleasant "brothy" or "meaty" taste with a long lasting, mouthwatering and coating sensation over the tongue. Its found in meats, vegetables, green tea, and in fermented and aged products, and believe it or not, in breast milk. There are more complicated sub divisions but I’ll resist the geek in me as I’m not writing a thesis! Lol. If you want to read more on wiki go here.

Personally – as Marlene says – I love it when a meal feels complete by satisfying that extra taste. So I add beetroot or sauerkraut or this morning, pickled cabbage with pilchards on gluten free toast (yes that really was my brunch!). And don’t ignore it – it’s one of the most important things you can do to get your body in balance. Miso soup every day too – that was one of my first Monday Essays in February. See archive for more. These are some of the kings of fermented veg.

Considering many of us destroy our biome with anti-biotics, which can destroy much of our biome not just (thank god) the infection it’s supposed to target, it’ vital to get it back after. Google it to find out more And here’s an excellent article from wellnessmama explaining more. Research, make these simple tweaks in your diet and you never know the benefits it may bring.

I’m sure we’ll be discussing this amongst other things in this weekend’s workshop with Marlene!

Will report back next week.

Best wishes



Next week – chats from our girls about their recommendations, as it happens on Sunday 29th get together!

Ps – all my books available here on Amazon!

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Another week, another Monday and some more reminders of what’s happened to some of our gang since this quest began!

How scary that we’re only less than two weeks away from our long awaited get together on June 29th (plus joint book launch for my new steamy novel). Time’s gone by so fast – and I do hope there may be some of you who just turn up on the day – info below. It’s all about the things we do every day, or most often, rather than the cramming-dieting that means fast weight loss but it’s not permanent. There’s some fascinating science out there about all that stuff – just a few minutes on Google is enough to give you lots of articles from revered bloggers, official health sites etc. So anything you wonder about, don’t take it for granted, find out more online!

Sugar, Fat, Food & Addiction Talk One such topic is coming up soon – on 10th July. Several top speakers at an all day health event in London – run by Food and Behaviour Research. None other than Dr Robert Lustig will be there. I’m going, are you? How great if you let me know and we can grab a coffee at some point!

The event will consist of 7 or 8 speakers throughout the day, focussing on some of the latest science covering how food makes you ill, or better. Prof Alex Richardson and her counterpart and world renowned expert in nutritional neurosciences, Cpt Joseph Hibbeln MD will also be speaking and subjects cover Sugar, Fat, Food and Addiction. More info and booking is here – but email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of how to get a special rate, if they’re still available. It’s 10th July, 9am-430pm, Royal College of Surgeons, WC2.

Plus, talking of courses, and one day workshops (which we were, kind of!) don’t forget that the day before our get together, on Saturday 28th, Marlene Watson Tara will be giving a cooking demonstration, featuring lunch and handouts, also at Wotton Hall, near Dorking, Surrey for £75, 10-4pm. More info from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do join us – one more space!


Latest Back to You group comments!

Only just under two weeks to go till our get together on 29th in Surrey, it’s great to see these Monday updates coming through!

Well done to the girls in the pic at the top – keep up the good work!

Join the groups via the links below – everyone’s welcome, even if you only read and don’t post much!

Other news –

-          How drinking three litres of water a day took ten years off my face – via the Mail Online – interesting results for one journalist. Click here for more.


-          Cancer-Fighting Diet – from TIME mag – six diet guidelines for preventing cancer – many might not be able to do all of these, but even one or two might be useful click here for more.


-          Ten surprising ‘health benefits of sex Well since I’ve been editing some of my steamy romance this week, as it’s due to be published on Amazon on June 29th, this seemed a good one to feature! But what I want to know is – what if you don’t have a partner to get all these ‘benefit’s with? Second thoughts – don’t answer that! lol Find out more here.


Don’t forget on my QVC Blog from Friday 14th  for a little more including the dating guide as Book of the Week, ‘Love in 90 Days.’ See below to join our Facebook group, ‘Back to You QVC,’ before my month long run of Back to You shows returns to QVC weekly in September. And also see below for info about our weekly online live event as of mid-July!

Next week’s Monday Update - the final week!

Hugs and best wishes for a marvellous week in the (current) sunshine! Long may it last!



Ps If anyone reading this column for the first time, has not yet come across all the amazing info about how nutrition can change your health, your illness, & your future, then do take a look at all the archive Back to You blogs, at the left on this page. There you’ll see regular articles explaining why it’s imperative for most people (according to the World Health Organisation) - to examine your nutrition first and foremost, if you’re poorly. Much more info and many links from members are also regularly posted on our facebook groups – do go join up!

Till then I’ll continue on my little campaign, and if you can pass on the word too – especially about sugar being toxic, all well and good.


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THE MONDAY ESSAY – Acid/Alkaline

In keeping with the macrobiotic topic above, here’s some interesting info about keeping your body in an alkaline state…

There are a lot of conflicting articles online – some quite dismissive, and some fascinating ones about how so many illnesses can be affected by your acid or alkaline levels. Basic theory, as far as I understand it, is that alkaline foods (veggies, salads) make your body more alkaline, but so do very weak dilutions of acid DRINKS  like fresh lemon in water – one of the reasons why we think our lemonistas are doing so well in not getting the awful cravings by drinking several glasses a day.

Well whatever you believe, it’s a good thing to try it, and I personally know many cases where it’s definitely helped. The article above in Other News about a cancer-fighting diet will largely be an alkaline diet. And most of us don’t eat enough veg and salad (note I don’t say enough fruit and veg since fruit is so full of fructose, it’s not good in large quantities ‘cos fructose is still fructose).

So do your googling – below are a few to start off with – and see what YOU think – particularly if you can actually try it too.

Would love your feedback if so.

Good luck!

Best wishes



Next week –

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Well how has your ‘personal manifesto’ been going?!

Last week I mentioned what I wanted to try to do each day, but as Yoda says ‘do or not do, there is no try.’ So here’s my weekly update – in keeping with the last 20 weeks of updates (where HAS the time gone!) and then… a confession - I had a little boo boo. And I don’t mean the blooper I did last week on QVC! (See my blog to watch it – OMG!). BTW - don't you love the above pic? Genius or what? Or actually, not a genius at all... But you get my meaning!

So –

Yes to the check list – about 80%. Meditate, supplements, green drink, energetic dog walk, bodyblade and yoga each day, better sleep (almost) (don’t count today – the birds are already singing and it serves me right for staying behind at QVC after my midnight finish having a catch up with Goody in the green room till 1.30am! lol). And of course the food – have definitely been benefitting from the Freedom Eating swing of things.

And I’ve started getting the ‘you’re looking good, have you lost weight’ comments again. ~Which is handy ‘cos – confession time – I did put on a little weight when in Spain! Eeek! Sitting on me bum writing for hours has got a lot to answer for! So don’t lose heart if it happens to you. Btw one of our Back to You girls has begun posting daily about her Diet Chef story – always nice to follow regular updates eh? And am determined that as soon as daughter and bf move back out again into their first house and I get two rooms back, I will DEFINTELY get one of those cool ‘treadmill desks!’

Anyway, I’m enjoying having no carbs – or fewer carbs. In my journal I read that this time exactly two years ago, I was well on the way to a much lower weight, having learned about macrobiotics only two months before and lost a stone. Well Marlene Watson Tara - as you know if you’re a regular - is my erstwhile guru, who not only is running a one day intro to macrobiotic-style eating to get healthy and help deal with illness, on June 28th (info from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – ask her for full details – it’s also in Surrey,) but she also has a brilliant post on her blog about fat burning simplified. It helped me understand how the insulin/glucagon switch is affected by eating simple carbs – including white breads, fruits, white rice (and obviously sweets and cakes etc). And therefore why people often report losing belly fat more easily with a low carb diet. Go here for more if your attempts to lose weight don’t seem to be getting anywhere but you don’t know why.

And for now I’ll continue my journey without adding chips or crisps or bread to meals. I actually have been feeling like green soups a lot lately. #bodyKnowsBest. Made a lovely one the other day with freshly squeezed ginger in, and toasted almond flakes to garnish – yumm!

Whatever happens, I promise that, on 29th June I will post that all important ‘after’ pic, in the hope that there’s been some change to my six pack. And not just that I’ve , er, drunk it! Lol.


Latest Back to You group comments!

Considering we’re in the final month till our get together on 29th in Surrey, it’s great to see these Monday updates coming through!

Jane Dunkley: I gave up sugar and sweetener at New Year and joined Slimming World a few weeks ago. I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apneoa recently and am trying to get to grips with a CPAP machine hoping that it will give me some energy as I am constantly very tired. I have lost nearly a stone though.“

Well done Jane – keep up the good work!

Join the groups via the links below – everyone’s welcome, even if you only read and don’t post much!

Other news –

-          Sugar - 12 Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings For Good if you read this blog regularly you’ll know how vital it is to get off the white stuff! Click here for more tips if you’re finding it hard!


-          BBC News - Offer vegetables early and often to fussy toddlers, study says – makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Find out more here.


-          Partner problems? Like – haven’t got one?! Lol. If you’re like me, things like this catch your eye – thought I’d include it for a giggle! A 12-Point Guide To Attract The Partner Of Your Dreams

Ps – Book of the Week in this coming Friday’s QVC Blog – ‘Love in 90 Days’ – a how-to guide! Hehe!

Don’t forget on my QVC Blog from Friday 6th  for a little more Back to You – incl what to do if you or one of your family gets itchy skin… and a 1950’s ad you won’t believe!

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Next week’s Monday Update - the acid or alkaline balance

Hugs and best wishes for a marvellous week in the (current) sunshine! Long may it last!



Ps If anyone reading this column for the first time, has not yet come across all the amazing info about how nutrition can change your health, your illness, & your future, then do take a look at all the archive Back to You blogs, at the left on this page. There you’ll see regular articles explaining why it’s imperative for most people (according to the World Health Organisation) - to examine your nutrition first and foremost, if you’re poorly. Much more info and many links from members are also regularly posted on our facebook groups – do go join up!

Till then I’ll continue on my little campaign, and if you can pass on the word too – especially about sugar being toxic, all well and good.


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-          Our Challenge Party date is Sunday 29th June, (in Surrey) it’s still not too late to tell me you’d like to come along! If you’re not on facebook, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the links to the groups are below.

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Which of us were really evolved to eat dairy? It may surprise you…

This week’s topic has been inspired by my own intolerance - one of the things I discovered on Marlene’s workshop is by abstaining from dairy, Missus ‘eat a whole pot of clotted cream’ here, could banish that horrible feeling of breathlessness and awful bloating after eating milk or custard (*sigh*) or (gulp) ice cream. (boo!). And with most cheese, I get that awful mucus and coughing next morning!  Bleurgh! But health is more important so I’ve stuck to that very keenly ever since.

But why does it happen? Seems some of us evolved a gene and some didn’t.

Here’s a really interesting university article about evolving to become lactose tolerant and how much of the world isn’t. In fact in the majority of non-European populations, fresh milk is considered an unpleasant substance to be consumed only as a last resort.  It is now clear that lactose tolerant Europeans and East Africans are not typical for humanity and for the entire animal kingdom.

Some people get it mixed up of course, as you can see in this feature from the Daily Mail discussing if you’re allergic or intolerant to dairy or lactose.

But it’s pretty widespread – although a fair amount of Europeans may be lactose tolerant via evolution in the last several thousand years. I’ll be one of the ones that aren’t then! Read it here.

Plus you never know what’s in dairy – good if you know your own source, but did you know there’s a rule about allowing a maximum level of pus particles in milk, from the cow’s udders? ie there will be some in it? Eurgh! Let alone the whole debate about hormones and antibiotics in some milk. Talking of which, my own reaction may have been brought about via my increased use of antibiotics over the years when I was growing up and through early adulthood – I’d have three times a year some cough and chest infection or other, and have the resulting antibiotics prescribed for the green phlegm (sorry if you’re eating whilst reading this.) (Mind you, if you’ve read Till the Fat Lady Slims, you shouldn’t be doing anything else whilst eating! Lol). But if they killed off the wrong bacteria in my biome (read here for more about biome) then it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s one of the reasons why I now can’t have milk. Many can, and that’s fine – do what you have to do. But I can’t.

I use Almond milk, which is excellent – much better for me than soya milk – but that’s another story.

Anyway, if in doubt, get checked out, have some tests done or better still – do an abstention test and be your own scientist!

Let me know if you’re the same as me by leaving me a comment below.

Best wishes



Next week – acid or alkaline balance

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A funny thing happened to me at QVC this week. No, I don’t mean Ingrid Tarrant on the Yong Kim fashion show – which was mayhem as usual! (Check out this link to see what I mean!) I meant in the green room, when talking to a few of the models and guests after my shift. The subject turned to health topics, and amongst other things, one of the girls whom I shall call Ann (not real name for obvious reasons) said she’d gone to the doc for reasons of tiredness, always exhausted, listless, needed to keep eating sweets to keep herself going (can you guess where I’m going with this yet?) And her doctor’s reaction? Did he ask about what she ate and nutrition? Even the slightest? Nope. Straight off for tests, and low thyroid medicine prescribed. ‘but’ we said, how much sugar do you eat? Ooh quite a lot, she said. And drinks? I never drink water, she said, but I do drink tons of cola. And lots of coffee with sugar in.

Oh dear.

Now she may well need the other medicine too. BUT don’t you think it’s about time doctors start asking about nutrition first, as the most fundamental step? Do the other stuff too, to be sure everything’s covered off and nothing’s missed. BUT surely – surely – after all the publicity this year about how sugar is toxic and the awful effects on the body – surely, our GP’s are more aware now and think to find out first what’s going in the gas tank before asking why the car engine’s not performing well enough?

Well maybe not. Have any of you come across a doctor who does? Who has basically educated themselves to know about such things, since apparently doctor’s training across seven years covers only a minuscule amount about nutrition. I know Dr Tom Gilhooly – a Glasgow based GP and nutritional therapist, whom I interviewed when I worked in the health industry – always asks about diet first, and moreover, sometimes ‘prescribes’ better food, and exercise, on a post-it note! - instead of a pill for every ill - when patients come to his surgery. If only the whole country was like that eh?

Have you also heard about the Chinese system, where the doc is paid to keep people well, so they focus more on prevention rather than waiting for sickness to appear and treating the symptoms rather than the cause?

If anyone reading this column for the first time, like the lady in the green room at QVC, has not yet read all the amazing info about how nutrition can change your health, your illness, your future, then do take a look at all the archive Back to You blogs, at the left on this page, where you’ll see regular articles explaining why it’s imperitive - for most people (according to the World Health Organisation) - to examine your nutrition first and foremost, if you’re poorly. Much more info and many links from members is also regularly posted on our facebook groups – do go join up!

Till then I’ll continue on my little campaign, and if you can pass on the word too – especially about sugar being toxic, all well and good. To that end, see below for more info in ‘other news.’


Personally I’m back on the healthy wagon with a manifesto to do the following –

-          Meditate each day

-          Take my supplements and green drink and miso and spring greens and eat mostly veggies and salads each day

-          Consistently exercise incl regular bodyblade and legmaster, and if poss urban rebounder too (pilates machine is tucked in under stairs cupboard since daughter moved back in with BF)

-          Get better sleep!

-          Do accurate Freedom Eating!

There you go. What’s yours?


Latest Back to You group comments!

Considering we’re in the final month, it’s great to see these Monday updates coming through!

Carol Ann Johnson Hi Debbie I am still loving the Easy shaper resistance bar and very motivated at the moment. I am more aware of portion size. Now it’s just me and hubbie at home learning to cook less has been quite hard, so I am freezing half or putting in fridge for the next day, and not piling it on the plate. Also I have brought a rather nice dress to wear to various summer events and have it hanging in view... x

Join the groups via the links below – everyone’s welcome, even if you only read and don’t post much!

Other news –

-          Sarah ‘I Quit Sugar’ Wilson talks to Dr Robert Lustig. The world famous endocrinologist talks to several experts, including the author who’s helping to proliferate the anti-sugar message around the world with her quit plan. He is my hero, she is many people’s hero too – here is their chat, in audio form, click this to listen, with a linked text version if you can’t hear it (it drops out a couple of times) or need the links.

-          Is sugar making you depressed? yes really - click here to read more, especially if you are depressed and you eat a lot of sugary things

-          Dr Mark Hyman explains about hungry fat cells – can’t lose weight? Can’t stop eating? It really is your fat making you fat – go here to read a fascinating article about it. That may encourage you to change to healthier eating.

-          So what to have instead? How about gluten free chocolate cashew protein balls?! Lol! – click here for more


Don’t forget on my QVC Blog from Friday 30th  for a little more Back to You – incl Alpro’s ‘coconut original’ – a new milk alternative, and a fab TTFLS testimonial from Elizabeth via Facebook group. By the way, there’s another extract from TTFLS at bottom of this page!

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Next week’s Monday Update – the truth about dairy intolerance! Hugs till next time! And don’t forget the Monday Essay below on coconut oil – back in favour now we know sat fats are not the demon they once thought!

Hugs and best wishes



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THE MONDAY ESSAY – the latest buzzword – COCONUT OIL

As you can see from the header photo on this blog, there are a multitude of different uses for this seemingly innocuous substance, which many are now turning to instead of other fats, for cooking etc.

Apparently Coconut oil in all its different forms (many different brand names and sizes) is making a comeback, having been demonised in the 70’s due to its high saturated fat content. Well now as we know from the news headlines earlier this year, that saturated fat alone is not responsible for heart disease, high cholesterol etc, it seems it’s being recommended for all sorts of reasons. Too many to go into here, but would you click a few links to find out more?

This article is a good one for general info about coconut oil and all its medicinal properties as well as how the body converts it and uses it for hair care, skin care, the heart, immunity, digestion and a whole lot more.

At year, incredibly, the Daily Mail reported here on how coconut oil had seemingly helped with patients who had Alzheimer’s. Very interesting article.

As featured last week, 17 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil –here’s the wonderfood coming into its own for beauty – click here for more


And of course, the old adage about coconut oil being good for weight loss abounds – this is a fab article explaining how.

I just love all this science, at least, attempts at explaining it anyway. Looks like that’s another thing to add to the shopping basket each week!




Next week’s Monday Essay – Dairy – which of us were really evolved to eat dairy? It may surprise you…




Another extract from Till the Fat Lady Slims. This week, let’s begin at the beginning -

Chapter One


In The World of the Fat


How long have you lived like this? Were you as bad as me?


Surely someone who gets up in the middle of the night to rake the bin for leftovers can't be normal...


Fifteen years ago, it was. The Spag Bol wasn't so tempting, but skinny Jackie's barely touched jacket potato; still squashy with melted butter was calling my name, loud. So as usual I replied, fished it out of the bin, and had a couple of minutes of heaven, alone and in the dark. No one would know, no one would see, so it would all be ok, except that it was never ok, and it was never enough. Afterwards, there was always that empty hole inside still waiting to be filled - a hole that not even the congealed, cold, spaghetti bolognaise could touch. But I had to find out, just in case. After all, this time was the very last time wasn't it? The diet starts again tomorrow, and this time I'll stick to it. Sound familiar?


Yup, fifteen years ago. And for all that time, and for most of the ten before that, I considered myself to have a weight problem. But I didn't, not at the start anyway. I was just a normal kid with a few podgy bits. But no one convinced me that I didn't need to think I had this weight problem. So it became a food problem. Which became a big problem once I got into my own house, living all on my own, and could do what I wanted, when I wanted, with whom I wanted, and eat all the leftovers the morning after. And all the while I'd be going on every diet under the sun to try to lose the weight. The F-plan diet, the cabbage diet, the fasting diet, the hi-carb diet, the low-carb diet, the high protein diet, the detox diet, the Beverly Hills diet, and the seafood diet. Yes, some nights even Terry the Jolly Lodger was in danger if he sat still too long. Each one worked at the start, and then didn't. With every new fad, or 'technique', my search for that instant solution was running out of options and none of them worked permanently. In fact, the only thing I achieved was a weight loss yo-yo that damaged my self-esteem, annihilated my self-image, and set in motion a downward spiral of abstaining and bingeing punctuated by the 'lose a few, gain a few more' pattern we all know so well, plus a long-running series of dreams about missing out on food. How was I to know it would take another fifteen years before I came across a solution so powerful, it has literally transformed people's lives?


Nowadays, I look back on those times with mixed emotions. Independence brings with it a greater cost than many a trainee grown-up realises. I paid my dues in comfort eating. The thing is, the comfort only lasted as long as each mouthful, and on and off, I've gone through life dipping in and out of that safe habit place whenever the occasion arose, without quite knowing why I was there, or how to get back out again. Until this year when it all became clear.


At the time I wrote this, I was a happily married busy career-type thirty-something. Two pregnancies later, I'm a mother of two great kids, so now the fat's underneath a floppy belly and stretch marks. I'm a happy soul - most of the time, the food problem is always played down, right? Apart from the occasional domestic crisis, or when there was too much month left at the end of the money again. Just like with everyone else, overdraft-one, savings zero. Funny how each overdraft crisis was somehow temporarily cured with a chocolate biscuit or a bag of crisps. Still I sort of managed to get back down to a good weight for me - lOst 5lb - positively slim for me. Because - ah - let me recall. I was busy with my beloved, short-lived ideal job on BSB in 1990. Full timetable, empty belly, happy bunny.


But all good things come to an end (thanks Rupert), and the redundancies came, mine and my husband's, and then my Dad died, and then the new shopping channel job started. Shift work, perpetual mother's guilt, something missing at home, never-ending treadmill, not enough love. I was a bit of a nervous wreck one Christmas but, I pulled my socks up, went back to the grindstone at work, suffered more mother's guilt, and had one too many all-inclusive holidays. Then came a BBC show, major house move, no help from the man - he was busy having his own traumas setting up a new radio station in Essex. So I buried myself in as much extra work as I could get to pay for the move, including the business trips abroad. Grandma moved in to help rescue us, all time-high mother's guilt, but I did up the new house as if I was a single, not a couple. Had twenty three people staying for Christmas, severe stress, burn out, and Kaboom!


I was ill for a month, my marriage reached breaking point but we survived it, (thank God), and I realised I had some major rethinking to do in all aspects of my life - so did the man - and we both started doing something about it. His doing something about it came in the form of leaving the job (because of which we'd moved eighty miles incidentally), and starting up on his own, doing what he knew best, whilst getting his brain in order. My quest for the solution turned a major milestone when I came across the programme called Freedom Eating - The Seven Secrets of Slim People - and I haven't looked back since.


When the student is ready


Little did people realise it, but by the spring of 1999, I topped the scales at nearly thirteen stone - over 180lbs, and at 5'4"- that is not good. The scales don't lie. They hate you, but you can't ignore their self-righteous proclamation that you've been a gut-bucket. You know it anyway of course. I knew I'd been gaining at the rate or three or four lbs, every six months since I had my 'bit of a wreck' thing roughly four years before. I blame the man, but that's another story and we're alright now, so he's sorry and it's all ok, we're healing, we're healing. Quite an impressive feat, to hide the lot beneath designer clothes. Ever bigger ones, admittedly. Holiday shopping at Easter and I couldn't even get into size sixteen white pedal pushers - oh bugger. My first size eighteens.


A fitted, tailored TV wardrobe had always made it too easy to hide the extra inches. Slip into a tailored jacket as well as, thank you God, Lycra bootleg trousers, and voila! The acceptable shape of TV shopping - just. I swear if I wasn't constantly 'on-show', I'd have been a size twenty eight by that point. Acceptable until those keep-fit hours started to become less of a challenge and more of an occasion to get totally stressed out. I really was well and truly overweight by now. In an hour of selling stuff, I'd do a few exercises, then get off and let the guest instructor 'show us all how you do the next bit'. Then one day I just couldn't push myself up on the incline-bench-pulley thing, made a joke out of it with lots of grunting and heaving and joking and laughing. Ha-ha, funny fat lady. But I felt bloody frustrated, and didn't my fellow presenter make a meal out of it as only a skinny can! What could I do but join in? So they just did it more.


Fatty jokes had become a regular part of my repertoire, and I must say - the 10lb bars of chocolate we were selling, or the set of two rich, moist, fruit-cakes-in-a-tin, or the vertical roaster hours were crying out to be 'Debbie-fied'. Other show hosts mentioned my name in the same sentence as delicious food a little too often, and I began to truly start seeing myself as a 'fat person'.


-“I have to go easy with the butt toner - it takes three minutes for my backside to stop wobbling."


- “I'm just saving this crispy chicken skin for Debbie - I know she likes that."


- "Now, to demonstrate this cleaner I've just made a big chocolatey mess on the carpet, good job Debbie's not around - she'd want to eat it."


You know the routine, and I'll tell you more later. I must admit it was getting me down big time, and I knew I had to do something about it. But I love food - always have, and me and diets just never got on. I'd go on a diet, then come off a diet. I don't drink, smoke, gamble or a whole lot else and food was my panacea. The answer to everything. A crutch in good times and bad. You're lonely, you eat, you're angry, you eat, you're happy, let's go have a meal at the 'all-you-can eat' carvery and celebrate. "It's a special occasion, you eat, you can always go back on the diet tomorrow." "Yes," I'd think, "I might as well make the most of it tonight and stuff myself because tomorrow all this will be once more out of bounds." We've all done that, haven't we? I'd had more last suppers than normal dinners.



"It's a birthday, I've brought in cream cakes, go on, just have one," but one was never enough. The times I've 'saved' some for later, acting like an animal whose been let off the leash, being allowed to 'be bad' for a short time, thinking I'd better get as much as I can now or it'll all be gone again later. That has its roots in my childhood, I know it, and so does the accompanying fear of deprivation, fear of being hungry, panic at being hungry, instead of just realising that it's a normal part of the body's signal that it's time to eat. But what did it matter what my body said? My brain told me it was time to eat. Lunchtime, break-time, anytime it was 'special' food, or 'free'. That's why the diets never worked. I already looked at food in a totally unnatural way anyway.


My mind chose limited, rationed and denied mode. I was constantly in deprivation and control


No chance my body would win through that lot. Let alone all those years of giving out messages of famine to my body by crash dieting, by always looking for the quick fix, making it lower my metabolism year on year with each diet. One of the most amazing facts discovered during learning Food Freedom for me was the study involving adults with normal appetites who were forced to go on diets. They actually automatically put on weight long-term as a result of consistently denying the body what it needed. Their metabolic rate had slowed down to accommodate this new situation of food sparseness, and they all had eating problems thereafter. The others who were given more food than they usually ate actually found their metabolisms also adjusted after a substantial time, and coped with all the extra food, and stayed higher thereafter.1  


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