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Dear Debbie

I was one of those skinny people who never had to worry about putting on weight, in fact I had trouble keeping my weight up! That was until I hit health problems in my fifties, first of all a bowel obstruction that ended up with a perforated bowel, emergency surgery to save my life and the formation of a permanent colostomy! I then also contracted double pneumonia and pleurisy followed by the onset of Ankylosing Spondylitis (a spine problem that causes extreme pain and limited mobility). Whilst in hospital I lost an awful lot of weight and came out of hospital weighing only 5 and a half stone! I was instructed by my consultant to go home and rest and eat lots of good food. I guess I overdid the eating lots of good food and went way past my previous weight of 9 stone and peaked at 14 stone 6 pounds which for someone who is only 5ft 4in and small framed was way too much and was making my spine problems worse and at annual checkup at my GP I was warned that my weight was causing very high blood pressure and I was on the verge of type 2 diabetes.

I guess that was the wake up call I needed, that and the news that I was going to be a first time granny to twin boys!

I knew you Debbie from QVC but got to know you more on Facebook on the Back to You QVC page. You mentioned Freedom Eating and introduced the Till the Fat Lady Slims books you'd written. It sounded interesting so I bought a copy of book 2.0 for my kindle and started to read it that night. In fact I read it through the night without putting it down! So much of what you wrote made absolute sense.

So mid May this year I decided with nothing to lose but my weight I would give freedom eating a go. It was a bit strange a first, leaving food on my plate ( I was of the generation where you were always expected to clear your plate).

But gradually I learnt to listen to the signals from my body, about when I was hungry, what I really wanted to eat and more importantly when I was full.

It was a revelation that I didn't have to eat until I was bloated and uncomfortable! I discovered a love of vegetables, stopped having sugar in tea and coffee, no more fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits, crisps. I started by not having sugar in tea or coffee, no fruit squash, no fizzy drinks and no tinned soup, sauces or ketchup. It's the hidden sugars you've really got to watch out for so I decided no processed foods at alland now I'm cooking from scratch.

As a result I've just lost 2 stone 1 pound as at October 1st 2016. I still want to lose another 2 stone and – this time –

I know I will do it.

This isn't a diet, this is a way of life now.

I'm no longer taking blood pressure medication and I'm no longer pre diabetic, my skin looks better and I've definitely got more energy.

But unlike any other time in my life, I definitely feel I can do it! All thanks toDebbie, freedom eating and going sugar free. Started this new way of looking at food mid May and now I'm here in October 2 stone lighter, never thought I could lose weight because I do have mobility issues … thanks to you Debbie and TTFLs group!


I'll have a look for a fat picture (eek!) but I became very camera shy.



Thanks so much to June for sharing her testimonial with us and on the TTFLS Facebook group - do come join us! Click here.

It's so inspirational to others too isn't it? Especially others who have disabilities, like June has experienced. But at least, as she says herself, she's avoided being pre-diabetic. Which is particularly important at the moment, given the awful programme on the other night focussing on the nation's diabetes explosion. And with all the sugar people are eating, it's no wonder. There are some scary facts about sugar consumption, diabetics, and the burgeoning costs on the health service. Here's the link to see the show the other night - be prepared for graphic scenes of surgery tho.

Read this scaryy report - truly, go read it - especially if you feel you need sweet stuff every day.

watch the diabetes show Diabetes - the hidden killer - on BBC panorama on iplayer , or on catch up here.

And for those who have no idea where to begin on giving up or cutting back on sugar? Here's my blog I refer people to all the time.

go here to read Aids on cutting back on Sugar.

It's so worth doing - it gets us all, if we're not careful don't worry. But don't think you've failed if you go by the wayside - after all, with TTFLS we say 'the wayside is part of the journey, just don't set up camp there. And with Freedom Eating it will guide you through how to do just as June and countless others have - break free from food Prison - you just have to get the book and begin.

find all my till the Fat lady slims books here.

Have a great week!




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Penni Rowe, my latest fab success story says – “I am intolerant to gluten, but with all that temptation out there, when I go for a meal out or Christmas food I slip and have blips. This can leave me bloated and sometimes feeling not to good, it makes my tummy unwell, some people might relate.
Though I did use to be a Linda (guise of Freedom Eater – see book 3.0 avail online) when I first started the freedom eating, I just couldn't get my head around not feeling full, it was all I ever knew, didn't quite understand that feeling of satisfied. So the first few weeks I did the 5.2 as well as the freedom eating.
Then one day whilst I was sitting alone actually at the table I was eating at tuna salad, it's what my body felt like etc, and I just let out as great big sigh. That was it, that's when it clicked for me, since then it's all come together and I've gone from a size 18 to a size 12 – so glad - woo hoo, a true life changer!”

This is one of the latest updates posted on Facebook on my Till the Fat Lady Slims group (join it here THe above is the snippet I featured on my new QVC blog, but here's the rest.


Hi Debbie,
Hmm were do I start, I would say the one thing I have always been blessed with is my weight when I was younger. Throughout my later teens, 20's, and 30's I have always been able to get away with in hindsight when I look back, eating rubbish and very little exercise. In fact the only exercise involved in my life back then was my day to day life style!
At 20 years of age I was a little bit crazy had moved to the city of Liverpool from a small town called Wigan, hoping for the highlife (plus my job was here working for customs and excise). I was young and slim and never at this age really went past the weight of 8 stone plus a few pounds, diets were everywhere I'd grown up with them having a glamouros mum and an older sister but luckily for me id never tried a diet, then things started to change I got pregnant!
After having a beautiful son Kristian, I was soon unfortunately became a single parent and having experienced this has its positives yet also some negatives. For example money can be tight, time isn't on your side and it can be exghusting. looking back I ate rubbish again, I comfort ate, oven meals filled my fridge and freezer with take aways in between for our treats.
Blimmy what I have learnt now about the food I use to put into my body, but more importantly into my son, I won't feed it to my dogs honestly but I wasn't educated back then.
So my son is now 3 years and I was still the same weight up and down a couple of lbs or 3 like I have always done and then when I was 24 yrs my mum died of breast cancer which spread to her lymph nodes.
I was devastated, I really didn't know how to cope and much of that year I can't seem to remember its all a misty phase, I think our body and mind seems to do things like this to protect us, and I went into a delayed depression of grief after around 9 months.
I soon became physically sick also I had something wrong with my digestive system and couldn't use the toilet, my GP kept telling me it was 'Irritable Bowl' and as I had the weight of the world on my shoulders I just went with it, my heart knew there was more to this.
I was grieving my mum so I didn't want to eat but I was also avoiding using the loo, boy it hurt me so much, did I have cancer too? I was now 7 stone and they found out the problem was a 'fissure' the GP called it, I was only young and scared didn't know what that was. Though straining I'd torn myself and had to go into hospital for a operation to get it sewn up, oh how humiliating! I was devastated lol.
Soon after all this was sorted I was back on my feet again and putting my weight back on pretty quickly, getting back to being a mum and socialising. Bascially eating and drinking lots of sugar, salt, caffine, alcohol, wheat and lactose, all foods I do my best to steer clear of now.
My life was never the same, I longed to have my mum around and somehow found being a single parent harder without her help. I would have ups and downs and when I was down I would self medicate with a nice glass of what ever and lots of savouries like a 7 bags of crips, nuts and a kebab when I could afford it (eww lol) luckily I was never a chocolate girl.
I was now coming to the back end of my twenties and it had been a rocky road since moving to Liverpool, I had also chosen in hindsight unhealthy relationships with men since my mum died as I now think I didn't want to be alone. Then the day before my 30th birthday I had arranged to met up with friends in the city centre, I remember it being cold as it was November but I woke up with that chilly feeling inside. I felt not quite right, quite stiff and ill very light headish. I tried to put it off, it was my birthday the next day I had no time to be sick (again) but it got worse.
Around 3 hours later I was sectioned in a small room all alone in a Liverpool hospital with meningitis, gutted. How did that happen? I was fine yesterday! It was at this stage in my life I felt a sense my physical body and I became detatched. Had I abused it or disrespected it so much it became so sick many times and I hadn't listened. I'd always been 'unconfident' had a low 'self esteem' so never nurtured myself in any way shape or form, never been good to Penni.
 I was in hospital for a week but was to learn that it took over 5 years for my immune system and physical body to completly heal.
From then I had to have a platelet transfusion, as my blood wouldn't clot, lumber punchers (horrid) my hair fell out and grew back curly plus epilepsy and no more children.
So I'm now 34 at home mum, much, much better and still around the same weight still never dieting. Ironically watching Qvc a lot and Alison Young is completely fascinating me, I love all beauty anyway and she inspires me to enrole at college to train as a beauty therapist. Liverpool is full of girls loving their beauty I can do this.
I quicky got into the whole beauty world and that's when my first experience of a diet was 'The Atkins' I wouldn't mind but I wasn't overweight or even 9 stone just got caught up in the crowd mentality I guess. Awful, boring and bland diet and I soon came off it as I got stick in the pub drinking sparkling water, but I did loose weight, only to put it back on as soon as I ate normally. Very unhealthy.
As I finished college and luckily went straight into a great job in the city centre I think I compensated with not working for so long with my ill health and wanted to work long hours. I loved having something that was mine, I now had a sense of belonging a different role other than mum or daughter and no-one could touch me.
This was so important to me, that I didn't realise though I was a very strong woman in some ways I was also vulnerable and sensitive and frightened of loss. For some unknown reason I had fallen into a top spa with famous faces around Liverpool and that self doubt kept creeping in, so I was extremely hard on myself working all hours god sent and hardly ate a healthy meal.
Then one day I started to wake up extremely fatigued, putting down to my job and being a single mum I just carried on. Then it got worse, plus I ached with bad headaches. My fingers started to hurt when I did facials and my back muscles killed with any massage, I refused to stop, how could I let this job go, but I had to it got too bad to work.
I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom M.E, and even then I worked for nearly a further 4 years. I was now suffering physically and mentally as I had depression too.
I finally gave up work and felt as though my life had ended, my whole career gone! I had no help, I went to see a counsellor and he told me he didn't believe in it. A doctor said it was all just in my head and another one said to me, just accept it, this will be your life now! wow amazing the health care had such a negaitive respose to some thing.
This was the biggest battle I ever faced, I had lost so much and was slowly loosing much more too, because I couldn't do daily things or socialise all but one of my friends disappeared. I had no relationship, I couldn't see a future, my body again wasn't my own, we had become detatched. Had I let my physical body down or the other way around? So I just ate an ate then ate some more!
I could on a good day get out of bed, I couldn't go out, maybe travel in the car somewhere. I had to have help washing my hair and I had to bath as a shower was standing and that became too difficult. On really bad days I was bed bound and had to crawl to the loo.
4 years of not working and the CFS getting it claws into me I was now over 11 stone,i had never weighed this much and it was showing everywhere, even my rings didn't fit me anymore.
 I'd had enough of it all, I had tried lots but nothing had worked, and being house bound and in pain you have a tendency to reach for the crips or the chocolate rather than the kale or cottage cheese (they're my new snacks).
I knew I was getting bigger as each year ticked by and I had to keep throwing clothes away in order to fit into the new ones, the size 10 and 12 had gone when I'd stopped working, now 2012 the size 14 were being replaced by size 16 and my tops are a size 18+ as my stomach is extremely bloated I look 9 months pregnant! Plus I had gone from a 34 c bra to a 38 DD, but even that was tight so I'd stick to Ahh bra's instead. So I get even more depressed and eat more.
2013 I decide to fight this battle head on, if the NHS has done all they can then I won't give up. I found a clinic in London, 'The Optimum Health Clinic' they educated me enormously around the illness, learning what is going on inside my anatonmy not just about the symtoms, but I still wasn't free from this.
Then another event in London 'I can do it' completely changed my life. I went there as I am a massive fan of Dr Wayne Dyer's work and he was talking, (it was here I met Debbie and Craig from QVC) though I felt very ill, it did do me the world of good. Then someone I knew nothing about came on the stage Phil Parker, he spoke about 'The Lightning Process' and how it can help people suffering with CFS. Well it does, and it did. It was amazing and for me a miracle.
Though I was free of this horrid illness, I was now left with, muscle waste, weak joints and osteoporosis. Each time I went to visit the gym (as now I was determined to get back to the weight I was, as had a fighter in me), I came home with pain that shouldn't be there. So it was far too soon for that type of exercise, I had to take it slow.
I became very impatient I had lost years of my life and my career and I just needed to live some kind of life again. I had qualified as a CBT therapist so this was my new career, box ticked, but being over weight was out of hand, it was making me unhealthy. It seemed like every time id read a magazine or pop the tv on they were reminding me too in some way shape or form, I have to say it got me down.
Then in 2015 my partner said he would do a diet with me, we started in the feburary and it lasted for 12 weeks, you would detox for 2. Though I learnt a lot about foods and myself I only lost 3 lbs and became even more down especially watching him loose lots of weight and another diet not working for me. I got down to 10 11ibs, but then very soon after I was 11, 4 lbs.
A year on in 2016 i'd bought your book 'Till the fat Lady Slims', now I already had his on kindle, but as I had now joined the wonderful facebook group and followed many peoples success stories and tons of they're hints and tips I figured to buy the paper back as this wold be much better for me to keep referring to when needed, I was right.
I decided to refresh my brain and read the book again, as the first time I'd read it was in Tenerife about 3 years ago. I am not sure why, probably because I was ready and really absorbed the book and didn't give up initially, but everything this time has clicked, fallen into place and I now listen to my body, 'loud and clear'.
In fact its no longer a concious thing it just happens, you know when youre learning to drive, you have to think about every little move do then what comes next. Once you pass it just all flows naturally, you don't need to think about it right. So that's how my eating has become, apart from thinking what do I feel like eating.
Plus and its really hard to explain this unless you've experienced I do feel a sense of freedom. I don't feel locked in that 3 meals a day plan, eat all your plate, or even a full sandwich. It feels fantasic and powerful be able to leave for later.
I drink a pint of water every morning, strangely that's the one thing I really miss if for some reason  I have to do without, yet I struggled with it at the beginning. I often have a cup of boiled lemon water to hand but as im pottering about on my day off or getting ready for work with my clients it can be midday before I'm hungry, my tummy or mind hasn't even spoke to me about food. I have now got out the habit of just having a breakfast because they say you should, it never suited me ever! I've also got out the habit of bingeing. If I get hungry before dinner time after I have drunk my water I will have a smoothie as I feel I can get tons of neutritons included here and they're filling too.
A typical lunch for me would be some cottage cheese or mackerel or even a bowl with tuna and salad, I will eat some then when I experience that sigh of satisfaction i'll stop, but I know I can go back to it anytime im hungry.
Tea time at my house for me is totally different, I no longer have a full plate and even what's on it I don't always finish. I will always have a big glass of water 15mins before my meals, you'll be amazed what a difference this makes, as lots of times your body is thirsty not hungry.
I try to stay away from caffine, sugar, wheat, lactose, red meat, too much salt and too much alcohol. I did cut them all out completely for a few months and don't buy them but now if I'm out or on holiday I will treat myself. Yet there are many times when I do, and my body just is not happy one bit!!
I have most definitely been eating incorrectly all my adult life, if its following a routine, fitting in, stuffing food down me quickly on the go. Eating confiniant rubbish, not chewing, not stopping even when I'm full. Then eating snacks on top of being full!! Comfort eating to supress hurt, I just never listened ever to my physical body, even when I was so ill so many times over.
It is now just over 6 months and I am still loosing weight. I love the famous Tiana b Lace dress and treated myself when we went away at new year 2016 to a size 18, yes I wore it with control underwear as it wouldn't fit over my hips properly if I didn't. Around June 2016 Qvc had a one time only, it was the dress, I knew my size 18 was too big so I quickly ordered a 16, it arrived, but too big!! Luckily they changed it for me, fantastic I now have my favourite dress that fits me in a size 14. September I try it on, you guessed it too big, I now need a size 12!
So NSV I have gone from a size 18 to 12 in just over 6 months. I was very good with the type of foods I ate, still am but now I will treat myself and have clear alcohol when I'm socialising. Though I haven't missed alcohol one bit, loosing this weight is like loosing my baggage and that for me compensates for everything I've cut out my diet, the more problems life threw at me, the more weight I gained.
Freedom eating is really about freedom for me personally, I now choose what I want to eat and the way I eat. I love it this way, and could never go back. I'm not without anything, I'm educated with foods and what suits me personally to maintain my health, as I am healthy now. Plus I still sit at the dinner table with family and eat the same meals, no diet meals for me any more or for a certain amount of time. This is a way of life, my life, so I can maintain my weight loss and stay confident, happy and healthy. I love it.
Thank you Debbie it truly has changed my life x

if you've read my books, available on Amazon HERE, maybe you'd like to join the group, and do let me know your story too.

Penni Rowe made me so proud this week and has done a wonderful testimonial about how it's changed her life. Freedom Eating really works to break you out of food prison - even if you've been in there your whole life! 

Keep me informed!

More on the TTFLS tab above!

best wishes



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NSV’s - Non-Scales Victories Special – TTFLS Strikes Again

It’s been heart-warming to read this week about so many people’s success stories. With my semi-autobiographical weight loss books, one of the principles is not to be ruled by the scales. Weight isn’t such a driving factor and we try to measure successes in other ways – be it belt notches or compliments or movements being easier etc.

So here is a little focus on some of those ‘non-scales-victories’ as we call them. The NSVs were coming through thick and fast this week on our Facebook group of the same name as the books.

In Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet, available on Amazon here in ebook or paperback, we set out six principles for breaking free from food prison and learning to eat like a slim person. This includes how to use the Freedom Eating system alongside any traditional diet – ANY – because it’s not about what you eat so much as WHEN you eat. Plus you can read a slightly abridged version of the original book 1.0 included within it, my own story.

In Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire, available here on amazon, I’ve summarised the main points and added several extra sections bringing it up to date to incorporate my latest take on how the gut bacteria play such an important role in our behaviour around food and how our mental state can affect our diet choices with a look at the Inner Chimp. Plus I’ve identified what I believe to be a first – six different guises of Freedom Eater, how different people use Freedom Eating and the principles of TTFLS to transform their relationship with food. Identifying what type of guise you are has helped a lot of ladies understand themselves and seek comfort in knowing they are not alone as there are many others the same as them on our lovely support system.

Also within book 3.0 there are over 90 Tips and Tales to inspire, covering a lot of the topics that come up regularly from my lovely members on Facebook. You can join the group here. More tips like them can be seen on the sister Facebook PAGE which anyone can see here.

I also have a separate event page called 20lb in 2016 challenge - a year-long umbrella event page 


It’s been a fascinating journey for me. I originally used to be a binge-diet-binge crazy woman, driving myself and everyone around me completely mad over my food rules. Learned rules which never really worked long term. Dieting just didn’t work for me – if someone told me ‘you can’t’ then I wanted to, whatever it was, even if I didn’t want it beforehand. Ironically when I discovered Freedom Eating, it meant telling myself that I could have whatever I wanted as long as I waited till I was hungry enough, when I should give it my full attention, then stop at satisfied. And observe afterwards the effects on my body in order to learn and move on and let go. My initial revelation was ‘you mean I stop at satisfied, not when I can’t breathe any more?!’ My family was one which filled their plates to mountainous proportions and ended up congratulating each other after force-feeding ourselves the whole lot, regardless of our body’s needs. ‘Haven’t you done well,’ my wartime-rationing-affected nan would say to my mum, as they sat bloated after Sunday dinner including pie and custard for ‘afters.’

Now I look back with fondness and dismay at the social conditioning which created this warped way of being around food. Sweets were given as reward, as love, as consolation. And as I grew I got ever further away from the natural way to use food as simple fuel – food was used to combat loneliness, happiness, anger, and every emotion in between. Being the eldest of five I had a scramble to get my ‘share’ when every Thursday (mum and dad got paid on a Thursday) the supermarket goodies would arrive – cakes in boxes of five which in a family of seven meant if you didn’t get yours now you didn’t get it at all. All sorts of other food foibles and weird connections are recounted in TTFLS 2.0 as my own story tumbles out of the pages – like some sort of therapy for me – were my food binges really that bad? And like a recognition of a kindred spirit for those who read my tale – ‘it was like you were writing about me’ people have told me.

Nowadays I devour all the information I can since I know I’m an ‘Elaine’ guise of Freedom Eater and I do full freedom eating rather than being like a ‘Linda’ – who combines TTFLS with a traditional diet or diet club. And for me, information makes principle six, observe, come into its own. It’s led me to realising that to listen to your body properly, you have to get off sugar addiction. So that’s part of the journey to make your way along the highway towards freedom by shaking off the chains that bind you forever to the weight loss-weight gain spiral. Plus we talk about the wayside – veering off course along the wayside is part of the process – just don’t set up camp there.

Here are a selection of the most recent fabulous NSV’s from my lovely gang online. And if you have one you’d like to contribute, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I’d love to hear about it.

Best wishes



Click on the TTFLS tab above for more full info about my system.

Go here to see my TTFLS books on Amazon – ebook or paperback


Louise Robinson
It's working!!!! FE, LS and BB. Did my work pants up this morning without having to breathe in!! Big NSV smile on my face x

Eileen Davies

Quitting sugar alongside the new habit of taking stock, reviewing, finding the lesson to be learnt and continuing in Freedom Eating meant I held on to my new self esteem and respect. I felt no need to self punish and was free of the nasty insidious thoughts that prevailed pre ttfls. The control was real, not the façade of starvation or binging. My mind remained calm free of scale induced panic. Food remained the daily pleasure it should be. All that was needed was an adjustment to recognise level 6 hunger as separate from exhaustion. My learning curves are lessening my curves for ever!


Jill D-W

Jill dowding walker
Just got back from another medical appointment, with good news. I've lost another couple of pounds! Making 35 pounds down so far. And NSV in the bath last night - I usually hold back the water behind me like a dam, but it all drained AROUND me last night!!!

Sara B

I've had a NSV or two today. Went to sell some jeans in eBay that are too large. Was convinced they were a 22 but no when I went to check the label they were a 20. Then after gardening I pulled on an old but clean pair of jeggings that is not worn in ages and they were too big.


Walked for 1/2 hour to our Social Club which is roughly 1 mile away keeping a steady pace with my family, chatting all the way and not out of breath. Burger hotdogs and chips were being giving out at the club but I didn't want any of it and just drank water all night 

Lesley y

now bear with me - because of rain last night we decided not to car boot today, and of course its beautiful so okay.
Washing machine not working - I get paranoid about the laundry - and loo blocked. Blocked loo has caused massive bathroom flood which is cascading into our loung and kitchen in a pretty vigourous way.
Went to shop for cat food. Didn't actually notice the chocolate as it simply wasn't an issue. Fancied a beer, fleetingly, I like Coors and it was on offer, but didn't bother.
Something has changed in me, it really has.


Well done all! Am so proud of my gang!

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Freedom Eating One Month Programme – part three

So how are you doing? If you’ve been following the one month programme, have you felt the tide turning as far as listening to your body? I’ve had some amazing feedback this week on Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group, from our lovely members who are reporting superb results and ‘aha’ moments.

Lisa O - Was awful but I'm loving FE Debbie. I like feeling hungry before I eat (today I couldn't as was on a course so food times out of my control). And I realise how horrible I feel if I over eat. I crave fresh light food too. Thank you xx

Lyn says - Lost another pound this week, still reading the book, makes so much sense. It will take a while for the guilt to go and I had a blip yesterday (and felt physically sick from overeating) but feeling less obsessed about food.
I'm finding it nice to relax around food for a change, normally I'm 'on a diet' which equals deprivation or 'having a break' which equals eating everything I can 'just in case' (in case of what I don't know, but my fat reserves are ready for anything!) 
I'm thinking back to when I was a (skinny) child when I ate when I was hungry and didn't when I wasn't, ate full fat milk and butter and still didn't gain weight, that started when I decided to 'diet' (why? I was size 10) sorry for the essay but feeling really inspired at the moment lol x

We have healthy debates, confessionals, cries for help and sometimes just cries – whether laughter or tears, on the group. Support is vital so you don’t feel you’re the odd one out and you’re on your own. Chances are what you’re going through is exactly what someone else is going through and some good friendships are being made on there too. Don’t forget to join us – here.

Now back to a few more basics for the one month programme – please refer back to the last four weeks’ blogs in the archive bottom left if you are late to the party!


Drink more water.

We all know we should, but some of us have very bad habits which mean we don't drink enough clean water every day. Whatever your views about the recommended daily intake, your body will function better when it is hydrated. So assuming you don't get enough, read on.

I used to work in the bottled water industry and knew a lot about the benefits of hydration for health. The problem is that hunger and thirst are very close in the brain, so we mistake being thirsty for being hungry, and eat out of habit instead of just drinking some water. That is why one of the little guidelines for freedom eating is to drink a glass of water first, if you're not sure you are hungry enough. More importantly, as is the case with me sometimes, if your body keeps giving you signals to eat different foods with no clear choice I know I’m thirsty. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years now and it’s easy once the new habits have been formed. BUT newcomers, baby steps are perfectly allowable and doing it bit by bit is better than staying stuck. Once you know you have drunk a full glass of water, if you are still hungry 15 minutes later, then try again to choose the most ideal food.

Here are some ideas to get more water into you. It may also feel more like a treat if you give yourself these to drink, rather than plain ordinary water


On the facebook group we often ask ourselves ‘is it hunger, thirst, mood or habit?’ (or gut) So what about this habit thing? I personally always drink a cup of tea in the morning with Almond milk. I just like it. My inner chimp loves the routine of it, and the freedom of being able to choose a good cuppa. However I would have already had a glass of water along with my probiotic tablets (mightidophilus 12 or 24, Solaray). They are helping to make a huge difference to my gut, I just feel it, which in turn helps my mood which in turn helps make the right choices ‘cos I’m not feeling down therefore reaching for ‘treats’. Once I have drunk my tea, checked my emails and read the morning paper, and also ideally done my meditation, I will get cracking on the morning must-do-list.

Forming a new habit takes 3 to 4 weeks, then our bodies are in a routine and we like routine. So work hard for 3 to 4 weeks to change your routine, into a more healthy one. My list?

Look at this additional super six. My super six probiotic magic-workers. Every morning I will have most of the following-
- miso soup
- my probiotic tablets
- some kefir (home made fermented drink tastes a bit like beer or soda water OMG I love it!)
- and at some point before I leave the house, my glass of water with a desert spoon of apple cider vinegar, (the best kind, including the 'mother', see more here)
- Every day I will also try to include fermented veg, eg sauerkraut, I had it with my breakfast this morning which was an egg with a veggie sausage and some asparagus! Ha ha! (In salt only, not in vinegar)
- and every day, especially just before I go to bed, I have a spoonful of my probiotic super greens in water.
And you wonder why I’m single. Haha!

As you can see this does include quite a lot of fluid. I should have another two 500 mil bottles of water as well, ‘cos I know that makes my body feel good, and I usually manage at least one, often including a squeeze of fresh lemon juice which makes it more appealing to me (and also makes the water very slightly acidic, which makes the body very slightly more alkaline. It has lots of other health benefits as well, just google it, there are tons of social media articles about it too. Isn't research a wonderful thing!)

I do however like coffee, decaf usually, and I will have a flask on my work journeys. I use Almond milk in it which is very very low sugar compare to ordinary milk, which I can’t have as my body doesn’t like it, including giving me bloating and a bit of asthma. And it is one of my daily treats. If I wanted to follow very strict diet I probably would not have this. However my inner chimp would run riot if it was told you can't. That’s my chimp – others may be different. The paradox of freedom eating is that I have to know I can, otherwise I want tons of it! :-).

So give some thought to your fluid intake. If you are hydrated, you are less likely to 8. At the wrong time. And it's all about timing.

The When diet

As you may know my book 2.0 has the subtitle – the "when "diet. This is because it is all about timing.

We’ve been discussing this this week on the group too – Anne K says she has gone off a bit on the wayside of late, because of partly having been poorly she’s been not getting the timing right, and also because she sometimes eats when she’s not hungry but instead her hubby’s hungry! After the chat Anne realised where she’d been going wrong and also that she finds doing a diet quite effective so will go back to a traditional meal plan for a while, whilst using Freedom Eating – as she is a Linda guise of Freedom Eater – a Linda actually combines Freedom Eating with the discipline of a plan and can stick to a diet. There are six other guises mentioned in book 3.0, the Linda is just one of them.

So – in the interests of this week’s part three of the One Month Programme, the When Diet asks you to wait till you are properly hungry, six on the hunger scale. Wait till you have exactly the right food but your body is crying out for at that moment, and when you can give the mail your full attention and do nothing else. Also stop eating when you are satisfied, not full to bursting, that is crucial. And of course then wait till the next hunger comes along again, ideally eating at six on the hunger scale because that’s when your body will know exactly what it wants. There is a lot more to it than that of course, and it is all in book 2.0.

Eat at Six on the Hunger Scale

One topic that came up on Facebook this week was that someone did not get six on the hunger scale at all. She did not understand 6 or 1 or 10. She was either not hungry or hungry, like, binary. Ffor her she said her scale was a 1,2 or 3. Two others were in the same position, although the cast majority have no problems understanding how to tell ‘six’. So it’s a good point to cover for those lovely ladies who are struggling a bit. My solution to not knowing is this -  do what you need to do, do what is right for yourself, just try not to graze or snack if it’s just out of habit. Only eat when your body is properly hungry – food is fuel, not comfort or a companion or reward or comisseration.

But it is a good point. Some people lose the ability to detect clear hunger signals, they may instead get slightly faint, distracted, or angry. Just experiment and get to know your own body. If you are properly hungry, the food will taste outstanding especially if you picked the right thing. So as a guideline here it is but don't forget it is all in book 2.0 along with much much more information on every one of these topics.
0 - absolutely not hungry, not interested in food
3 - peckish
6 - absolutely ready to eat, possibly hunger pangs. You are laser focussed on finding food.
10 - over hungry, ready to inhale anything, gulp down food and eat too fast, will prob overshoot the satisfied signal too

The amazing thing about being six on the hunger scale is that if you get the food choices right, and stop at six, you get THE most amazing buzz, almost a high – that’s principle five – the bliss point. This helps make redefining your relationship with food and creating a whole new future with long term weight loss, an enjoyable reality and something you can stick to. Often for the first time in your life. Or that’s what the girls say on the group, and what I know too. Hope that helps, but don't forget there is so much more in book 2.0 about this topic.


But get book 2.0 on amazon here

And get book 3.0 here = both in either paperback or ebook

And find all the links for our groups and pages here.


Other news

The Doris Dalton back to you chat from 11th on Facebook is here by the way click here and don’t forget to sign up to Sharon’s Back to You page/blog to get updates on what’s happening when, special offers, reviews and stop press news! Congrats for over 100,000 views on the website too!

Bruce’s Bodyblade shows were fab too – here’s the link to buy it on qvc – and apologies for Bruce not being able to get online fast enough for much of a chat on his Facebook group Bodyblade QVC! Here’s much of what we spoke about on my 7pm show including some fab free videos! Click here (join first).

Here’s a nice comment left on my QVC blog last week –

Clare Harris said – ‘
Hi Debbie I was hoping that you would be able to pass on a HUGE thank you to Bruce the lovely Body Blade man who I believe you’re doing a show with later on at 7pm – after badly and I mean badly breaking my wrist last year (two plates a bone graph and about 10 screws) I started using the body blade again in Jan this year – i had to go very slowly to start with but I use it most days now sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and I’m getting my strength back with the added bonus of tone and sculpting – thanks Bruce 


Full resources list is on part one.

come join us on Facebook!

and keep up the good work



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Countdown to one month Freedom Eating programme

Not long to go now! Have you been helping your body help itself by cutting back on sugar? if not, why not start doing so, as opposed to stuffing as much as you can before the 'diet' begins? Because if that's what you've been doing, you're only punishing yourself! Isn't it time to try breaking free?

Freedom Eating for those who don't know, is the lifestyle system of listening to your body and reclaiming your birthright to be slim. I know it sounds cliched but it's totally true - in my books, Freedom Eating will help you unlearn all the social conditioning that resulted in your current antipathy towards dieting, addiction to sugar and pattern of putting on more weight every single time you diet. For those who want to know more, click on the links below and read the reviews, and the feedback on facebook groups and pages too. Or read the books!

I'm planning a week by week programme guiding newcomers through what to do , step by step, if you love to be led. it will begin the end of March after Easter. If you're going to have sugar, at least do it the freedom eating way. 

Anatomy of a Binge.

This was one of the most controversial chapters in my original book, reproduced in full in Book 2.0. In it, I list all the foods I ate in one 12 hour period - some people would never believe it. Yet others amongst you would say 'is that all?' Read it and see how you compare, if you've ever been - or still are - a binger. It's quite scary really, because getting to satisfied then saving the rest till later is one of the most liberating experiences ever. And it only took me 37 years to discover it. Yes I grew up amongst a family where nanny would sit forcing the rest of her dinner down her, and was from the generation who told each other 'you've done well' if they finished a heaped plate. Mum did some of that too. So it was a total relief to find out it wasn't how we were evolved to be. Stopping at satisfied is about a fistful of food each time - but wait a few hours and you'll be hungry enough again (6 on the hunger scale) to have the rest. There's no 'you can't' only 'listen to your body.' And that's why this system worked for me and so many others, and works where others fail. Because it proves we are human.

Guises of Freedom Eater

Another innovation is acknowledging that there's no one-size fits all. In Book 3.0 (2016) I identify six types of Freedom Eater - many of whom were inspired by the posts I was reading over the last two years on Facebook group 'till the Fat Lady Slims' (come join us). Which will you be? Do let me know.

Preparing for the One Month Freedom Eating Programme

Previous blogs have helped by indicating how gut bacteria may be helping to create problems in your attempts at dieting - do use the archive below left, and catch up. Then do kindly read through at least parts one and two of Book 2.0. If you'd like a teaser before you buy, remember amazon do a free 'look inside'.

Also you can go back over 155 Tips of the Day on the Facebook PAGE - public access. And join me on mmy '20lb in 2016 event page on Facebook if you'd like to be counted and register your intent to take part  just by clicking 'going' here.

More next week.


Webchats –

Lovely Axel Ruth from Flora Mare was our webchat guest doing the Q&A on Back to You QVC facebook group this week on Mondays 8-9pm. Join the group if you haven’t already and read his Q&A here.

Bruce Bodyblade was present again for his on Bodyblade QVC facebook group giving superb advice about this brilliant fitness device. More here (join first).



Other news –

-          Is fermented food a recipe for good gut health ?

The answer is yes! Even the BBC is spreading the word. Yay. Lots of basic info in this article for those who are curious. And don't forget the best thing to do is to listen to your own body as it will tell you what is the most effective. Look at your own ceases and follow the Bristol scale of what looks like A perfect poo. But do you start getting some of this stuff into your body. They should have also mentioned about what not to eat though because nothing will overcome a diet rich in sugars and processed rubbish or someone taking antibiotics over and over again and wondering why they has a dodgy tummy. Good info here thank you Garry X


-          8 anti-inflammatory ingredients to eat now

Another interesting take on why omega three is good for you. It's listed in these ingredients and lovely Joe tells us why :-) anyone tried any recipes with the other things he mentions in detail on this article? X


-          Drinking water could aid weight loss

On average, people who drank between one and three cups of water more than usual consumed 5-18 grams less sugar and decreased their cholesterol consumption by 7-21 grams daily.

Researchers said that it didn't matter whether the water consumed was through a drinking fountain, tap or bottle. It all had the same impact.

Have a great week!

Do look back through the archives if you’d like to see some of the weekly ‘Monday Essay’s I wrote when Back to You first began. From Omega 3 to Miso soup to Shitake Mushrooms to meditation, the topics are many and varied and help get to grips with some of the current scientific thinking about health.




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How proud am I? Look at Sue Stewart, one of our regulars on Facebook group for my semi-autobiographical weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims. Her story is below - but she's keeping it off using Freedom Eating and Bodyblade and looks great!

Get TTFLS 3.0 - tips and tales to inspire - it's on pre-order on Amazon - click here to order yours (publication date 20th Feb, when paperback also on sale).

And of course it's a companion to the main book Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet - use on its own to shake off food demons or use with any trad diet - get it TTFLS 2.0 here. - 65 x 5* reviews.

And find out more about it all on my website TTFLS page here.

Plus read on for - links to this week's webchats. And other news, including more health matters!

Sue Stewart;s Story

"I'm definitely a Linda. I lost my weight with Weight Watchers. I threw away my scales and only weigh once a week or so. But once I got to goal I found support wasn't there for me and I needed something else I my life. That's when I found your TTFLS group and Freedom Eating. It gives me the control of what and when to eat. It's given me more tools to live and lead a healthy lifestyle and not to be afraid of food! The support factor also is there with the group. What a great bunch they are. I'm also now happy to help them along their Freedom Eating journey too.

I'm a Linda eater.  I weighed 11st 4lb or perhaps a little more when I thought enough was enough.   I had looked at holiday photo's and deleted alot of mine.  I'm 5ft tall and basically I was fat.

My daughter was getting re married it was a white wedding and I didn't want to be the 'fat mother of the bride'.  It was my incentive to loose weight.   

All through the year's I had yo yo dieted.  Lost it, gained it.  

My help came from Weight Watchers.  I found a local group with a fabulous leader.  I could never 'point' my food , I just couldn't get my head round it.  All that weighing and pointing. But she helped with Filling & Healthy.  No counting I got to goal weight.  I continued to eat that way, but my weight started to become unsteady, a bit up and down.   I struggled with support, not from my leader, but from WW.  Around this time I found Debbie's TTFLS group and her TTFLS book. Bought the book and got support and tips from the group and have never looked back.  Ditched the bathroom scales.  It had clicked into place. How to freedom eat.  It was my light bulb moment.

My weight has become more stable and I've been let out of food prison.  It's helped me not to become the food police on family and friends and enjoy some of those treats with them.   I still go to WW to weigh and to enjoy the company and new friends I have made.  WW has changed to Smart Points now. I can point now.  But I No Count in other words I Freedom Eat.  

I eat good healthy meals. Cooked from scratch.  My attitude to food has changed.  I eat on the hunger scale and not to the clock. Stopping when 'full'.  Eating the right food. Even my husband has lost weight as he's had to have new clothes too!


I've bought a Bodyblade and joined a fantastic Facebook group of people.   We Bodyblade together and we virtual wobble with one another and virtual walk with one another. Bodyblade and walking has toned me.  It's even made me a much happier person.  Less shy and retiring.

I've learned to accept compliments and not to brush them aside.  I've learned how to give them too!  I've even done some modelling for our town centre.

From the start to today I've gone from 11st 4lb to 8st 2lb.  Dropped from a size 16 to size 8 in clothes, and found out that I even lost weight on my feet - how strange is that!"


Hasn't Sue done amazingly well? Am so proud of her and all my lovely people on my website who have adopted the more natural way to lose weight, which we call Freedom Eating. Let me know what you think of the book too if you get the new one - it's a companion to Book 2.0.


This week's were -

- Liz from Radical - the fabulous skincare brand great for rosacea, returning to QVC this week - click here and read her monday night webchat on Back to you group (or ping a request to join first). And go here to Back to Beauty's blog all about Radical - Sharon Harvay's take on the brand and another cracking read.

- Bruce from Bodyblade - who was in the air on his way to snowy Philadelphia for a QVC US visit, so his chat was spread out but here's his post. Again join up if you can't see it.

Other news -

 - why gut bacteria is so crucial in losing weight - a fascinating insight once again from the israeli doctors studying the result of changing nutrition to alter gut bacteria - it's an intriguing subject - on the back of the newspaper headlines claiming some people can lose weight on unexpected foods, but it's really as a result of less elevated blood sugar levels created by having different gut bacteria to the next person. watch it here.

- the connection between weight loss and getting enough sleep. Sounds obvious but here's more about exactly why. 


Have a great week!




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Well with back to you over for another year, and January finished – hurray we survived – it's time to seriously consider how to get healthy again after the Christmas indulgences, isn't it? We’ve passed Blue Monday – when people usually feel the most depressed. And we’ve probably gone by the wayside a few times, if we’re ‘normal.’ Time to pick ourselves up, and get back on track, but without the benefit of New Year New You energy from early January. Plus there’s a noticeable decline in the miraculous health transformations going on all around us online and in the media

OK so the first thing to do is obviously to examine what we are putting in that big hole in our face every day.

I think there are some things you can do every day that makes such a difference, if your body is like mine. I like to do some regular things picked up from my foray into macrobiotics – miso soup, for one, fermented vegetables another. Greens – yummm. And lots of fresh veg, rather than fruit. So far so good. But what then? With a bombardment of choices of this diet or that diet, counting these smart points or those syns, what’s best? More importantly, what’s best for us individually?

Well I saw this post talking about the DASH diet – it’s interesting. Less for what it says you should eat, (which lists what basically seems to be the norm for most diets which claim to be the best in the world nowadays,) more for the fact that they are recognising a healthy ‘balanced’ diet can solve specific medical conditions.

It says the diet known as ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’ (hypertension is high blood pressure) — better known as the DASH diet — was originally developed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health as a way to lower blood pressure without using medication. The researchers wanted to take the best of vegetarian and Mediterranean diets to create a plan flexible enough to accommodate the food and taste preferences of most Americans.

Because of those strengths, the DASH diet has been researched like no other diet. Not only has following this eating style been found to lower blood pressure as originally intended (in as little as 14 days), it’s also shown to be effective for long-term weight loss and for lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes,strokeheart disease, and some cancers.

Sounds too good to be true? If it does, you may be a stranger to the wealth of info about a bad diet creating illness in our bodies. Maybe you think ‘if it’s so effective, why don’t all doctors know this?’ Good question. Well some do. But many don’t. I got told once that in seven years of training, a traditional GP in the UK got half a day on nutrition. I got told that when I worked in the health food industry in the early to mid 2000s, so I can only hope it’s not the case nowadays, especially as regards sugar. But if it is true, and if GPs get their ongoing ‘training’ from drug companies – is it any wonder they don’t advocate these healthy diets to solve illnesses? With the reliance on ‘peer reviewed, double blind, placebo controlled scientific studies’ is it any wonder there’s a lack of funding for studies on broccoli?

When I went to my very first macrobiotic workshop up in Scotland in 2012, four years ago, (blimey where has time gone) Marlene Watson Tara (lose weight and feel great Nature's Way), opened my eyes to a whole new world of food as medicine.

Food – as medicine.

Not weird roots and shoots but cutting out everyday ‘normal’ food which causes such problems for so many.

So this post about DASH really is no surprise to me – in fact, it’s a surprise that so many people are surprised by this knowledge. Have a read of this article and then think about your own food choices.

So – I do know all of this stuff. The problem is not knowing what to do. It is doing what I know. Are you the same?

For me, that's where Freedom Eating comes in. Why? Because the little twist of psychology in my head bestowed upon me by Freedom Eating means that my brain is freed up from the stupid restrictions and habits and means I lived by for most of my life. Before I discovered Freedom Eating. And started shaking free from the ridiculous credos that social conditioning instilled into my poor mind. Freedom Eating, for those who don’t know, is a set of principles which allow you to listen to your body and choose what is right for you, and you alone, regardless of what the clock or society or your mother or your inner chimp say. If you don’t know the basics, do go to Amazon where you can read the first bit for free, and see most of the super six principles. Go here –

Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet on amazon (ebook or papberback – 65 x 5* reviews)

Some can diet, but I’ve found most can’t, and worse than that, WHEN they can’t, they fail spectacularly. Why? Because of the psychology of dieting. And Freedom Eating helps to sort that out.

You see if I took the DASH diet at face value, and just instructed myself to follow it religiously, I would rebel. It’s true. All my life I’ve done it – if someone tells me I can’t, I want to! If the list of healthy foods was ALL I could have, before long I would be driving myself up the wall craving the things on the forbidden list. Even if I did not want to eat rubbish before!!  I wasn't bothered about crisps, I could say no to chips, I absolutely didn't want cake or biscuits beforehand. BUT as soon as I know they are now off limits, and I am supposed to be following a strict regime, then my brain rebels, and within a day and a half I am feeling depressed, angry, like the future is not bright any more … all those stupid things our brains do to sabotage us when we are supposed to be dieting. Because dieting to most of us, means deprivation and control and it hurts.

When I found out about Freedom Eating in 1999, it was like a light bulb went on. As soon as I tried the six principles, something clicked. Once they were allowed, they stopped being ‘treasure’ and therefore I discovered that the flipside is also true, total freedom means realising I can choose not to be controlled by bad foods. To some people this will sound stupid, and obvious, and in some respects, it is. I do wish that I was always able to just stick with a slim person's mentality and end up being normal around food but social conditioning did not allow this to happen.

The full story of why, including many anecdotes is in my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet book - see if you feel the same way, by reading that book first. It has the whole semi-autobiographical account of what I used to be like, plus the full run down of the super six principles of freedom eating, and other information.

Roll forward to January 2016 and the Facebook group Till the Fat Lady Slims has over 1000 fun participants reporting their progress, their hiccups and being normal.

A big part of my ongoing learning for the last two years since I started writing the update, book 2.0, to the original, has revolved around the Wayside. We now know, the wayside is part of the journey, just don’t set up camp there.

Dealing with the ‘Wayside’ and the various forms of tent, types of pitch and duration of stay, has created a whole new method of confronting the demon Inner Chimp. I discovered some new books, some new philosophies and some fantastic testimonial from the Freedom Eaters in our group. Then I noticed there were several different categories of person, and started to note their behaviours.  It was fascinating to me to see how different people handled Freedom Eating different ways. I already knew from my ex-weight watchers leader sister Linda, that the super six principles can be integrated into any traditional diet – ANY. But now I was seeing other attitudes and reactions and patterns and therefore the ‘six guises of Freedom Eaters’ came to be. With a sprinkle of psychology from a book about the inner chimp – called The Chimp Paradox (I highly recommend it) and a dose of biology from the book called Gut by Giulia Enders (also a revelation especially when it comes to why foods react so differently inside the body,) I formed the plan for book 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire. The cornerstone of book three is also the tale of Dawn Allen – who has lost six and a half stone in the last twelve months, all, she says, down to Till the Fat Lady Slims method and Freedom Eating has changed her life. And much other feedback and advice from those now following the system and recommending it to others.

The book is out on amazon at the end of January and it is designed to be a follow up to book 2.

The best bit about this book for me is that all the profits are going to help Medical Detection Dogs, who are currently raising funds for a new prostate cancer detection dog to be trained – go here to donate and to see a brilliant video from Dr Claire Guest the founder talking about the need to expand their cancer detection department and how the dogs do it. I’m an ambassador and it warms my heart to know I can donate the profits to help provide diabetic alert dogs amongst others and help fund crucial research into early detection of prostate and other cancers, even breast cancer, down the line. All using clever canines. So buying the book will help you, the dogs and the ultimate beneficiaries of the research.

For more about my TTFLS method and books, go to the TTFLS tab above. 

STOP PRESS - HOW TO ORDER A SIGNED COPY OVER THE PHONE! Just call Emily at the Chiswick Bookshop and she will help make it happen. 0208 994 8020)

Of course I'll be donating the profits to my lovely charity Medical Detection Dogs.



Even though Back to You is over for another run, the support continues online though, on Facebook in our many groups - Back to You, Till the Fat Lady Slims etc - go here to get links and come join us!


Webchats -

on our groups this week we had -

Rosa Speyer from yankee candles discussing the joys of true to life fragrances, on TSV day! go here

Bruce Bodyblade with his super advice about his amazing device. go here

my own webchat - the final one on Friday 22nd - go here.


keep in touch and have a great week!



ps dont forget the book signing near Chiswick! if you'd like news on the next TTFLS 3.0, see a preview at Chiswick Bookshop on Thursday 4th February - full info here.


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Back to you – the experts can’t agree – let your body decide

So this week the big headlines that made the front page declared that Red Wine is no longer good for you after all. Despite all the previous studies ‘showing evidence’ that it is, a review of lots of such studies, including all the negative results and not just positive, indicates that it’s far from good. Apart from overweight men and post-menopausal women (kerching!) So how can we take studies seriously?

I have to be honest, since my time in the health food industry when ‘studies’ were the bane of an experienced therapist’s life, I’ve been cynical about studies. Reading the New Scientist each week, I see time and again, a little headline where they’ve tested x on rats, found y, but the reporter extrapolates it into z, taking a massive leap of assumptions that if the same thing happened in humans, we could make a claim that even a layman like me can see is stretching the evidence. One of the worst examples was years ago when I got told that the UK bottled water rules didn’t allow us to drink purified water, because it’s classed as ‘softened’ and ‘drinking softened water has been linked to heart disease’ – which was tenuous at best, and despite a third of the world drinking purified tap water, and the USA top two brands, Dasani and Aqua Fina being exactly that, here in the UK we are forced to drink bottled water with ‘stuff’ in it. But if we purify our own, or a restaurant does it and puts it in its own glass bottles and gives it out on the table for free, that’s ok. Good god.

Well, I know when my body doesn’t like something. It doesn’t like wine, apart from a couple of thimble fulls. Or any other drink, really. It hates dairy, even though I might test negative for lactose intolerance. (I haven’t tested, but I don’t need to, the results in my body are obvious.) It doesn’t like sugar big time and isn’t that fond of white bread.

I found Professor Robert Lustig’s youtube video ‘sugar the bitter truth’ (6.1m views now) a sensation, because it hammered home for me on a screen in a Californian university why my liver had felt so engorged after a depressed Xmas eating crap, mainly sugary treats, and I was still taking sugar in my tea and coffee at that time. I didn’t need ‘published double blind placebo controlled peer-reviewed’ studies to prove to me that it was bad for me. But as the years have gone by, more and more ‘evidence’ has amassed and now suddenly this January our prime minister has contradicted previous claims and may even finally consider a long overdue sugar tax on sugary drinks. Things are changing about sugar. But years ago, in 1971 in fact, a clever scientist called Ludkin already knew all this – and wrote ‘Pure White and Deadly’ – a book that got a lot of attention at the time but was ignored by Ansell Keys who was the unobservant scientist responsible for misreading the reviews about fat leading to the US FDA in 1982 saying ONLY low fat was the solution to metabolic syndrome (encompassing diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol etc etc)

Webchats – our lovely Marie-Francoise’s sis Christianne Wolff was our webchat guest this Monday on Back to You QVC Facebook group, between 9 & 10pm on Monday – click here to see it (or join the group first).

Bruce was on Bodyblade QVC group too – another great chat after his huge influx of members over the New Year visit – click here to read it or join.

BACK TO YOU SHOW – 11TH JANUARY – if you missed it, the whole show can be found here -

Don’t forget to look at my other blogs on this tab, click on ‘back to you’ at the top and you’ll access info about the 20lb in 2016 challenge, and all the facebook support groups you can come join!

Best wishes



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There are several books I used to cope with a tough time, divorce, change of jobs etc. Then there are others which have been illuminating at times when I needed other advice from experts. Here I list as many as I can recall, under relevant headings.

Hope they help!

Best wishes




Wayne Dyer - my guru. Start with Your Erroneous Zones, his original 'don't feel wrong all your life' bestseller. His more recent 'Excuses Begone' is also marvellous. As is his 'Manifest Your Destiny' series, including the meditations. And of course his enigmatic 'I can See Clearly Now' - an autobiography and a fascinating insight into the man.

Louise Hay - her original bestseller 'You Can Heal Your Life' has been cited as many people's saviour.

Bernie Siegel - look up his interview on 'powertalk' by Tony Robbins, my first encounter with Bernie - a fabulous orator.

Deepak Chopra - helping to put the science into self-help, his 'Ageless Body Timeless Mind' (I think) is superb if you want to start undoing old beliefs about ageing and the body.

Tony Robbins' 30 Day CD set 'Personal Power 2' was my first step into this alternative world, but his methods are a bit more contrived, albeit still motivating. His Life Mastery workshops were amazing and truly transformational for me in 2000/2001, when I walked on hot coals at 'unleash the power within' weekend (UPW) in London then went to Hawaii for Life Mastery and to Miami for Date iwth Destiny - both looking at Human behaviour, Robbins style. Take what works for you from his teachings.

Also Shakti Gawain, the Celestine Prophecy, The Power of Now by erkhardt Tolle, 


Nothing has hit home more than the 'Conversations with God' trilogy. I have to admit I was put off for several years by the title, but don't worry it's almost the opposite of a religious doctrine - it's a super philosophy and outlook and way of looking at the world which helped me deal with my dad's death. (As did Sally Morgan's 'Life after Death' which features (on p104 i think) the reading she did in September 2009 in Dorking when my dad came through on the stage. NB my beliefs don't require you to accept this, but for those who are that way inclined it's a nice read.)

In later years I found Anita Moorjani's 'Dying to be Me' - which really truly made me believe there is more to this llife that just this one incarnation. Amazing for helping to feel reassured that your loved one truly is ok.



Please see the Till the Fat Lady Slims page on my website, and go to the Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar section for all the amazing articles and video links that will help your own escape from addiction.

Also insightful - Women, god and Food' = again, not really about God. But a great illuminating read along the same lines as my own books on weight loss - Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 the When Diet and book 3.0 Tips and Tales to inspire (out end January 2016)



'Gut' is my latest find, giving tons of info about a healthy digestive system and how it may affect the brain's functions including depression.

Dr Steve Peters 'The Chimp Paradox' is one of the best books to read if you can't believe your own behaviour sometimes.

'Biology of Belief' - a must read for every new parent, but just about anyone who believes we can't help our own DNA - from a professor of the subject.

'You are What you Feed Them' by my mentor Dr Alex Richardson, the world renowned expert in omega 3 and how food affects behaviour.



The Secret - of course.

'The Cosmic Ordering System' for those who want to dream.

'Ask and it is Given' by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham

'What the Bleep' - brilliant movie - bringing science and manifestation together

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Well Back to You kicked off with a bang this week - links will be added below to the shows if you missed them, as featured on my new QVC blog as of Friday 8th January. 

From Derek the dog sitting on my lap to Glynis Barber appearing with a virtual sell out of her new diet book and DVD, to bodyblading with Bruce, it was a super fun start. Join me Mondays through January, 8-9pm.


Coincidentally, the same time as our webchats on my Back to You Facebook group (click here) and on bodyblade QVC group (click here). Maybe do some 'second screening' as they call it. Apparently everyone's doing it nowadays and I must admit I do too - watch TV and be online on iphone or whatever at same time! lol.

go here to see Bruce's fabulously popular webchat this week - tons of new members after his mini series on air on QVC uk and lots of questions covered.

Then on Wednesday our Back to You facebook group had a super preview of Grace from Studio 10's appearance on my Friday night beauty show with her clever conceal and correct palette. Go here to read what she had to say!

And if you're quick - you can join us for a QVC page webchat too 6pm and enter to win one by leaving a comment - go here.



so here's a fab book which I've been reading on audible. You can get it on Amazon here.


Giulia Enders the author is a German doctor who has studied the relationship between a healthy gut and a healthy mind amongst other things. Did you know what you eat really can cause depression? New research links bowel bacteria (up to 2 kg! of them in our intestines) to depression - yes really. Yet more new research also shows that gut bacteria can play a role in everything from obesity and allergies to cancer and Alzheimer's.

 In 2012 her presentation of Gut won her first prize at the Science Slam in Berlin and went viral on YouTube - watch a video interiew here. And if you can bear to read subtitles, the Slam is here. I'ts realllllly good! 

More importantly she cured her own leg sores and proriasis using her knowledge.

Considering the acidic foods so many of us eat and how little vegetable matter we feast on daily, and how much less fermented veg we consume, it makes for fascinating reading.

Maybe - just maybe - what we eat can make us sick, or well? Duhhhh! Of course it can. But Giulia will hellp to convince the cynics.


Keeping in Touch and joining our support systems.

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Have a great week! And join me on QVC UK for Back to You show 8pm Monday.




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