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A new Month, a new Concept. Join me on the Break the Habit Challenge, February Onwards, with party in June.
3 February 2014

Before Before

WEEK 1 of 18 - countdown to June.

Hello one and all!

If you're a regular on my Back to You QVC Group on facebook (go join if you're not) you'll know all about my new challenge. It's all explained in the long letter at the bottom. I'd love you to join me - just go leave a message on the facebook group and take it from there. The question 'which habit would you like to break' doesn't have to be concerning eating habits, weight loss, or fitness, even though mine are. And if you want to also send me a 'before' pic , like the one I've posted below, then it doesn't have to be in a bikini top and shorts like mine is! Unelss you want to! Just in normal clothing if you prefer. And if you're too shy to post at all, but you'd like to be part of it all, or you can't get on facebook, just email me your pic to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and state whether it's for my eyes only or it can be shared. Plus leave me a comment below - it's be lovely to have you join in on this new journey, now that Back to You each Monday on QVC has ended its January run.

Before pic

Debbie Flint January 2014 - before TFLS Challenge


As you can probably tell, I'm aiming to tone up and shape up. And I'm sure QVC regulars will agree it's amazing what slimming pants and empire lines can do to make the best of a figure like mine on air! lol! (NB this pic is for the purposes of sharing and 'disclosure' with the ladies on the Back to You QVC Group on QVC, it's not for any other purpose, so any random males with predictable comments should take it that I thank them formally for their comment but I won't be replying! Hah! ) So anyway, it'll be interesting to see how I look by June, but not by following  a 'diet' - rather, by following the principles which helped me lose 35lb a decade ago and mostly keep it off for many years. So who's with me on this challenge? We'll reassess weekly, on here, and with a big Monday update on the facebook group. Then in June, to coincide with the launch party of my next romance novel, Hawaiian Retreat, I will be inviting successful participants of this challenge to the informal charity garden party in Surrey. If you can't post, or can't come, don't worry - it'd be great if you can still join in by doing whatever aspect of the challenge you can do.


Break the Habit Challenge

So what would yours be? Many are joining me in eating habits and exercise. Zoe Robins wants to meditate more (hear hear), for Jill Dowding-Walker it's all about mental health and being more spiritual, and Jo Brown wants to get a better work/life balance (amen to that too). See below for my looooooong post giving you all the info about my own challenge, based around the principles in my Till the Fat Lady Slims book - hence the TFLS Challenge! If you do that with me, cool! If not, choose your own habit to break between now and JUNE. And we'll all be taking part together in this Break the Habit Challenge 2014.


The links to my own books are below if anyone wants to use them but if not, don't worry as I'll have a free mini-version of TFLS next week, for those who can't buy the original off amazon and really want to find out more. In the mini book, it's just the basics, not the whole raison d'etre, or semi-autobiographical bit, but worth a look for a more full run down of how Freedom Eating works. See the list below too. If nothing else has worked and you'd like to change your eating habits forever -or for longer than just January - do this!


Marlene Watson Tara - Nutrition and Health

In April 2012 I went on a week's course learning about health and nutrition with a lovely lady who makes the tastiest healthy recipes and runs her own youtube channel. Marlene Watson Tara, and her hubby Bill Tara, are my gurus, and speak such sense - you can find tons of answers, mostly linking nutrition to solving our health problems, on her fab website including more like the following post which she kindly put on our facebook group this week. Watch out also for her insiders' info on fat burning simplified - a real eye opener.

Marlene says  - " Insulin is a fat storing and fat blocking hormone. To burn your own fat reserves requires a negative stimulus of an insulin deficiency. Easy... don't stimulate an increase in your blood sugar. The worldwide spike in type 2 diabetes in recent decades has paralleled a shift in diets away from staple foods rich in whole grains to highly refined carbohydrates such as white rice and refined flours."

and - "Short grain brown rice is digested more slowly, it doesn't cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and has the broadest spectrum of nutrients across all whole grain. I have been using delicious nutritious grain for over 30 years and teaching workshops around the world . Dieting is Out - Healthy Eating is In.......Get on board, remove all the refined grain products from your diet and eat a wholegrain plant based diet for optimum health, vitality and longevity. The longest living healthiest people in the world live in the 4 'blue zone areas and I will be visiting and interviewing them for a Marlene T.V. Series., they eat a wholefoods plant based diet. Slow the absorption of glucose and help prevent diabetes and a host of other illnesses by adopting the principles outlined on my website, you tube clips, or blogs. There is so much research and science done across the world now by my peers that shows what people like myself have been teaching for decades is the way forward for health for humans and the environment. Enjoy this delicious and wonderful way of living."

To read more like this do visit Marlene's website, books and weight loss nature's way products - click here. More next week.

 Debbie Flint and Marlene Watson Tara, April 2012


 That's miso soup in the picture, and a very bloated-faced Debbie. I lost a stone pretty soon after that week, and have mostly stuck to healthier plant-based foods since, apart from a stressful time before xmas when I had too much choc and chips (not together) (LOL) - hence the jelly belly in the 'before' bikini top pic above.

So off we go then - here's to success, stickability, forgiving ourselves if we slip off the wagon (if we do, wait three hours and get it right the next mealtime - there are no disasters, only lessons) and a lot of fun along the way to our new selves, circa June 2014!

Best wishes




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Till the Fat Lady Slims is my 2002 weight loss book all about eating like slim people do, following Food Freedom technique.


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Dear Back to You QVC group.

Here is an important announcement (said in Siri type voice over). (But don’t get too excited!)

As promised, following the enormous success of the Monday show on QVC, this support group will not only continue, but I have a challenge for you, and I want you to not only join me, I want you – if you can commit – to do it alongside me till June. In June, ready for beach reading, I will have a summer launch party to which any participants of this challenge can come. You will be invited, and it’ll be here in Surrey date tbc in June. It’ll tie in with the quite separate launch of ‘Hawaiian Retreat’, my third book in the trilogy of novels I’ve written, but it’s a good date to aim for.

So –

I’m hereby launching the Break the Habit Challenge.



Mine is this – and if you can do it too, you need to state yours on this post by leaving a comment below, so I know who’s taking part. I hereby commit to follow distinct eating principles as listed below, and – shockingly – to reveal every Monday a bikini shot (or bikini-ish) showing exactly why I need your help to make me stick to the programme.

You don’t have to do a bikini shot, but I would be very grateful for a before shot of you now, for my Back to You Page on There, EACH MONDAY, I will do a weekly update, and feature weekly news from you guys.



Because January is over, and many of us stuck to our ‘thing’ for longer this year due to Back to You. I want this to continue, making the new habits become our normality. That way we can keep up the impetus and momentum through till the summer. But it takes commitment, and this is the best way I know to keep committed. Or face public humiliation. Or perhaps do that anyway with the bikini pics! Eeek!



I promise to follow the Food Freedom principles listed below. You can choose whatever your own Break the Habit challenge is, but if NOTHING ELSE, join me on my one. Note I am not saying ‘I will lose x pounds’ – I’m not asking that of anybody. The CRUCIAL DIFFERENCE is that it’s a challenge to break a habit, not to aim for something no new year’s resolution has yet achieved. If it’s weight loss that eludes you, instead just do what I do and see what happens. Commit by joining the challenge, then it’s public and we’re all in it together. Many have done well so far in January - but others haven’t - and you’re all – ALL - welcome.  I just want to continue the massive support group through till the summer. So join me, OR make up your own, but kindly join by stating your aim by posting below, and off we go!



If you’ve read my semi-autobiographical weight loss book ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ (amazon), you’ll have read about these basic principles. This is what I aim to do – a more detailed explanation will be published next week as a freebie on amazon (TFLS mini-book).

-          Eat only when sufficiently hungry

-          Choose the food my BODY wants most – not my mind.

-          By really choosing carefully what appeals to my palate most, getting my mind – and bad habits – out of the way

-          Bear in mind what I’ve learned about nutrition in order to choose,

-          But not making something forbidden if it leads to disastrous ‘start again tomorrow, eat the fridge today’ habits

-          Give the food my full attention, doing nothing else whilst eating

-          STOP WHEN SATISFIED not when just past it, and definitely not when full

-          Keep anything left until later, when I can have it again, when 6 / 10 on hunger scale once more.

-          Ignore all criticisms around me and stand by these principles as that’s how slim people eat

-          Exercise - Move my body every day, even if it’s only a one minute bodyblade or leg master (I personally will do my dog walk and yoga as well as use exercise devices)

And this is my promise to you all, until June 2014. And beyond.

We will mark the occasion with a special ‘Summer Launch Party’ to tie in with the publishing of my next novel, actual June date of party in Surrey to be decided.



As promised, this group will continue, and posts will be headed ‘Break the Habit Challenge’ (or #BHC), or TFLS Challenge (or #TFLSC) to distinguish from general posts, so we can all track our progress.

Each Monday I will post a new update on my website debbieflint .com where you will see new weekly pics of me – (gulp) – in bikini (or equivalent). So that ultimately I can get ‘Back to You’ – to the me that was slimmer and looked like I did in that pic of me with daughter Lauren in 2000 in Ibiza, with the abs!


WHO’S IN? So that’s the announcement. I know the bikini bit may be a bit shocking – and you don’t have to do that bit too, don’t worry! But now I’ve said it, it begins.

Do check out Till the Fat Lady Slims book if you want to read the whole story of how Freedom Eating works, and how I did it the first time, when I was 13 stone and lost 35lbs and kept it off for a very long time. I haven’t binged since, just chosen wrongly through stressful times, and bad habits. Macrobiotic eating helps me too, and the knowledge of what food does in my body helps me choose what my BODY wants, not what my brain wants. Or thinks it wants. So I can fine-tune the healthier eating I’ve been doing, but just be a bit more disciplined, like the old days.


The end result of this TFLS challenge is ALWAYS that if you love your food, you’ll love meal times even more. IT WON’T WORK FOR EVERYBODY and I’m not expecting everybody to join in with this. Just to observe me and the others doing it and keep us going! Or choose another habit you’d like to break and stick to your own list of principles till June, in your own Break the Habit Challenge (BHC). I repeat – my choice WONT WORK FOR EVERYBODY – so choose what works for you.  And DON’T WORRY – you’re not going to be judged, whichever choice you make.


But what you may find if you do it with me  is that you are able to stop the endless spiral of feeling down about not being able to ‘stick’ to good or bad foods, ‘cos if you stop when satisfied, and make the right choices for your body each time, and wait till hungry, the rest often sorts itself out and the weight adjusts once your body knows that your mind isn’t going to get in the way any more. In the way of how you would have eaten naturally if you’d never unlearned our body’s natural way of eating, of how to use food as fuel, not as comfort. Remember, it’s all about listening to your body and doing what’s best for it, and allowing the mind to stop the habits of a lifetime.

So – are you up for Break the Habit Challenge? Who’s with me?






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  • Comment Link chris Jopp 24 February 2014 posted by chris Jopp

    Hi Deb, great blog and inspirational. Just finishing reading Till the Fat Lady Slims and trying to stick to the ethos of it.

  • Comment Link Kevin Brigden 3 February 2014 posted by Kevin Brigden

    Hi there,

    One of those comments from a random male :)

    Just wanted to say for 50 odd and children you are still in great shape..

    I don't personally think you need to do anything, but if it's going to make you happy, go for it!

    Wishing you all the best with your new endeavor and looking forward to an "after" pic if you post one.

    Later gorgeous

  • Comment Link Susanne Erskine 3 February 2014 posted by Susanne Erskine

    Absolute inspiration Debs, we're not alone and we can do this together. Thank you for the education and commitment, here's to the new you and me! xxx

  • Comment Link *Debbie Bunn 3 February 2014 posted by *Debbie Bunn

    *im determined to eat more heathly , I would love any tips on excercise for the disabled there has to be many ladies like me out there .. great idea Debbie....

  • Comment Link Arline Jackson 3 February 2014 posted by Arline Jackson

    i'm definitely in! My promise to myself (and all of you) is that I will only eat chicken once a week, plant based for the rest of the week. I have cut out sugar over the past 2 weeks so am nearly on top of that! My downfall is not sweet things but more cheese, which i love, that is the hard one for me, but i have found a spread called Tofutti, from Holland and Barret which I actually prefer to dairy spreads so that is a bonus!! I will be 60 this month so this is a big turning point for me. Here's to the next 6 months, bring it on!!!! :-)

  • Comment Link Elaine Zena Feather 3 February 2014 posted by Elaine Zena Feather

    Really looking forward to this latest challenge & feeling positive :). Good luck to each & every one of us :) xxxxx

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