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CIBS - could it be sepsis? Really important question everyone needs to know - what to watch out for, especially if someone seems to have flu
4 August 2017

This week here on  my Back to You blog, 'CIBS - could it be sepsis' - the important questions everyone needs to know about.

Why? Cos one of my close family - my sis -  was in intensive care recently and it shocked us to the core that it could happen so fast. one minute she's a bit poorly, sleeping a lot and feeling fluey. The next, she's having convulsions, her heart rate is 166 per minute, and her lips are turning blue.

Sepsis comes on really fast, and timing is everything. The doctor in the High Dependency Unit, where she went first, said we got there in the right window for treatment. in other words, any later and it could have been very different.

 Sadly several stories from others who responded when I posted online about it, feature victims who were not so lucky. The Facebook post and their stories is here - add to it if you want - 

go here to read the Facebook post with others' scary stories of suffering at the hands of sepsis.

And here is the article I posted - a horrible story of a swift demise of a healthy person.

plus loads of links to more info.

go here to read the scary article all about how fast sepsis takes over - and what to watch out for.

Please read it, please share, and always ask the important questions so many people still don't even know they don't know - #couldItBeSepsis. If your share helps save even one person from the agony so many go through when they find out if they'd only got there sooner things could have been different, it's worth the share. Isn't it?

And especially please read my sister Linda's story - she has done a Facebook post about it now - go here and share share share -

linda bignell's story - sepsis

best wishes#debs

ps do post your stories on the facebook post above so i dont' miss any. Or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

other links -

UK Sepsis Trust

1,000 children a year were dying from it in the UK.

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