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Lying to yourself? Eating in private saying 'start again tomorrow?' Read this. Plus Ohana dressage and do Friends make you Fat?
25 August 2016

Did you ever or do you still , lie to yourself - and others - about what and when you eat? On my Facebook Group for Till the Fat Lady Slims this week, (see tab at top) Eileen my cohort said this -

"A researcher into what makes a good liar was talking about young children and how and when lying is used.  She set up an experiment where a group were asked to say a lie about themselves.  The children laughed at each other, but when asked how they felt one said hungry in her tummy.
The conversation then turned to adults lying, and the strategies used.  Fleetingly they returned to the hungry feeling and adults living with lies in family relationships, partner relationships, feigning happiness at work, feigning religious observance etc. It struck a chord with me. 
I hadn't understood why the child me ate. The confusion of being  labelled too sensitive being given neither the skills nor the support to deal with older siblings bullying.  I became an efficient liar to dodge opportunities to be bullied, a skill I carried into my diet life and endless rounds of secret starve/binge dieting.  Now I can put it to bed, the vagus nerve gives even young children mood hungry."

What good points. Are you one of those people for whom it still strikes a chord? There are no rights or wrongs, you have to do what's right for your own body, and everyone's different. BUT overall, Freedom Eating could really make a difference. Why don't you try it? Keep me informed.

ps - look at bottom of this blog for some of the comments from the girls on the Facebook group - it's certainly struck a chord with some of them!


September Squeeze

OK so we're all knuckling down to some more serious keep fit in September - for me, it's mainly because I have my annual medical end of Sept! ANd I've got some challenges - to be less in weight than last year and to lose an inch off my waist. A set back in FRance in June means I need a good push in September - so what do you say? Are you up for it? More here (public page/event). And of course on our Facebook groups!

Chimp Paradox Workshop

If you're a fan of the Chimp Paradox, like I am (an amazing psychology book by Prof Steve Peters about why our inner chimp sometimes sabotages our own behaviour - eg diets.) then you may be interested in his upcoming October workshop weekend 'up north' - go here for more info! It looks fascinating - not sure I've got enough days off to go myself, as it's a busy time of year,, but let me know if you do go and don't forget to read the book - it's life-changing!

Gut Update

So it seems lots more people are at last taking notice of what your gut bacteria can do to affect your body - your health and your mind. Finally! Food Unwrapped had several of my favourite topics in one show - Super-slimmers share the secrets of their dieting success, while Jimmy, Kate and Matt check out miso soup, the apple cider vinegar diet, gut bacteria and more. Go here.


Tracie's dressage deserves more than just a gold medal in our Bodyblade group 'olympics' - see what you think in one of the funniest videos I've seen all year! go here.

Diet Drinks

Do diet drinks MAKE you hungry? Worth a read if you think they might produce the very thing you're trying to avoid - go here.

And of course, do friends make you fat?

An interesting article in the Telegraph - very thought provoking. Don't you think? Do they? Let me know - leave a comment below! go here.

Have a great week and do come join us in our social media groups!




ps all my social media links to all the groups and twitter etc are here - do come join.

pps - Louise R said - on the topic of lying to yourself -

"Oh yes! I've lied to myself. I've binged in private. Started again on so many tomorrow's I've lost count. Cried myself to sleep in a state of self hatred many a night. I can honestly say that I no longer hide food to devour in private. I don't binge until my stomach feels like it's going to explode. I don't bury my emotions in food. Freedom eating has helped me cope with so much more than 'food prison'. I'm much kinder to myself. Suffer from much less anxiety and depression. I'm enjoying my life so much more!!!! Breaking a self destruction cycle isn't easy but well worth the effort Xx"

Lesley Y said -

"I didn't just lie to myself. I used to go into my local Thornton's shop and buy my sicilian lemon ones, my hubby's viennese truffles and something for the kids I don't have any kids and at that time I wasn't married either!!!"

On the topic of do friends make you fat, Dawn A said -

"Luckily my lovely friends on here, & my hubby & family r really supportive of what I've done, but yes people can have a real negative effect on u, if I'd never listened to my brother telling me every day how fat I was, I'd of never started dieting & ended up fat, that a very sad story Mari, xxxs"

And Dorota said -

"In regards to friends making us fat or slim :) my work friends inspired me to lose weight as they were asking the right questions! And lost themselves over 12kgs+ so we all cut down on sweets/ snacks at work we now eat fruits instead and I started to reduce sugar in my diet, reduced my portions using food diary and 2,5 months later I am 10kg lighter "

how amazing a difference a support group makes - our Facebook group does that job so well. Go here to click join.



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