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Get Ready for the August TTFLS Push!
28 July 2016

Ok so it’s that time of year again. Either post-holiday tubby tummy (me after too much French stick, on my hol in France last month!) or pre-holiday tummy woes. Or just time of the year/month/life bulge.

So the girls (and guys – there are a couple!) on the Till the Fat lady Slims Facebook group (here – come join us) have decided, in conjunction with the Bodyblade gang, to have a solid push during August at shedding bad habits and picking ourselves up off the Wayside and getting back on track for the rest of the year.

Regulars will know all about my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, TTFLS 2.0 and the companion book, TTFLS 3.0, where I write all about Freedom Eating and a better way to be around food, permanently, for the rest of your life. If not, do read the books and come join us.

We will be focussing on getting back to listening to the body’s signals.

Years ago, when I first began Freedom Eating, after meeting the ‘Seven secrets of Slim People’ girls, Vicky and Shawn on QVC, I couldn’t believe it could be so easy and natural to unlearn the bad habits I’d accumulated all my life, that were keeping me overweight. Soon I lost 35lb and have pretty much never binged again. I just couldn’t do it nowadays. I do eat a little too much of the wrong thing, or at the wrong time, as we nearly all go by the wayside from time to time. But a big part of Freedom Eating is not to beat yourself up afterwards, declare ‘I’ll start again tomorrow/onMonday/after so-and-so’s birthday/when I’ve finished this packet of biscuits and a tub of ice cream,’  and eat the cupboards bare, thinking tomorrow will be different. It never is. Freedom Eating breaks the awful self-flaggelatory patterns (ok that might not be a word, but it should be, it bloody well should be) and allows us to recognise that we are normal, that loads of people do what we do, and that as long as we are getting along following the rules most of the time, then that’s just fine.

In the companion, Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire, I introduce the six guises of Freedom Eaters – I give each type of dieter a name and most people find they identify with one or the other, mostly.  It’s the ‘mostly’ bit that counts. Do read it – you may be surprised!

Currently, I’m doing what I call ‘full Freedom Eating’ or ‘accurate’ Freedom Eating. It involved the six main principles – listed clearly in the books – and feeling like I’m in control again. Feeling like I’m me again. And feeling more happy since Food is no longer governing my day.

So are you up for it?

UPDATED 4th August. -

So we said we would all have a jolly good go at making August the month we get back on track. Who's game?
Update below, of the principles to follow this week, inc first film/video to watch!

So this week (till Monday 8th) I thought it would be good to do this -

- work on focussing only on your food, during meals and whilst eating. Give the food your full attention. Eat slowly.
- examine really carefully what your body feels like as u eat , to detect the signals from your tummy, and try to stop at satisfied. For newcomers, or re-starters, note how little that means you need each meal. NB, don't be scared to leave some as soon as it stops hitting the spot, or when u take your deep breath.

Any examples of how you've surprised yourself and done that? Broken a long term habit?

- re-reading : 
- book 2.0, purple, part 1, six principles, p 20
- sugar prison from p37
- for beginners, in the world of fat from p55
And p63-66 ( in the world of the slim). And p78- remember, ignore the scales.
- summary / reminder for all - ch 13, in a nutshell. P121 onwards.
- total attention, & listen for satisfied p148-149

Book 3.0- the six guises of freedom eaters, p41-48
Which guise are you? X

And by the weekend, let's all watch the free video on YouTube called 'super juice me by Jason Vale.' (NB I'm not advocating a juice fast, I just want newcomers and regulars who haven't seen it, to ponder the effects of ex and good nutrition on the state of the eight (?) people's bodies, featured in this film length docu.)

And/or watch the excellent sugar reminder/introduction video called Sugar Crash, by RTE.

For those who have seen them, if u don't want to watch them again, how about finding a really good Dr David Perlmutter video? I love his a rainmaker chats where he is interviewed about his book Brainmaker.

Any other recommendations, just comment below, and we can add them to our list for August.

Shall we have Film Friday? Where by Friday we've watched them, and we begin our weekend discussions about the topics raised by the films?


ps here is the actual post on the Facebook group (join first) if you'd like to see what others commented. some very useful pointers there...

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Don’t forget to ‘like’ my Facebook PAGE (DebbieFlintAuthorQVC) where you will find the event page for the 20lb in 2016 challenge, where I will also post about this.

And don’t forget you are not alone, there are many others like you – and you can do it – little by little, baby step by baby step. You just have to start.

Best wishes



Ps more soon.

pps the pic is of all my 'robiotic/gut-friendly' foods and drinks and supplements with which I intend to get my own gut bacteria back on track - more about all that is in Book 3.0 too! You don't hve to do the same as me - in fact it's more important you do what's right for YOU, but if you want to, you can.

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