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21 July 2016

i have loooooved what i've been reading on my TTFLS Facebook group this week - here's a cross section!

Eileen sums it up perfectly!

This is a group for life long dieters, yoyo dieters, or others with food issues. We recognise our weight gains are due to using food differently to the way our bodies want us too. There's no dieting, no rules, no banned foods, no must eat foods. And yet we have a bunch of impressive permanent weight losses. This fb page is all about support and celebration. Your Bible is TTFLS by Debbie Flint. You need to read the book, and then the companion book and start listening to your body and learn from your habits. It works....

For those of you who have propelled, guided, redirected, navigated and generally bumped along the route to food Freedom with me, I thank you all. The key points to food Freedom 13 and 14  (read about it in part three of book 2.0) have had the biggest impact on my knowing that I will never ever diet again. Don't let others, or your own thoughts, get you down. And stand guard at the door of your mind. I followed the signposting in the book and read widely on thoughts, behaviours and gratitudes, and over the summer I am going to share a positive thought as a roll call most days. Please log in, say hi, post a tsv, raise a query. My plan is to shine a light on how TTFLS differs from dieting,.... When I first read the purple book it excited me as I just knew it was what I needed to do.



Tracey C on the Facebook group has found the most amazing NSVs (non scales victories) via adopting Freedom Eating and the six principles set out in Till the Fat Lady Slims books - (links here)

Recent NSVs for me, quite a few. Chap at work yesterday, not known for his kind comments to others, looked me up and down and said "Wow, you look lovely - new shoes?" :v Skirt I wore yesterday for work, now pulls right up under my boobs with room to spare, the belt is on the last hole and is still a couple of inches too big, my watch is on the last hole. The skirt I put on after work, which used to strangle my belly, now falls down to my hips. I am happy about this, but sad about the skirt as I love it, might have to use safety pins. When I wash my face I can feel there's less of it, if you get me, my cheekbones are the widest point of my face again for the first time since my mid to late forties.

I'm eating what I like, just like I used to, just not all day long. I eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm not, I realise I won't die if I don't clear my plate (I still do usually), I can save some for later. Freedom eating works a treat and I don't feel deprived in any way.

Thank you so much Debbie Flint and the rest of you for the inspiration.

Anne KeatingThe postman brought my copy; I took it to the bathroom and ran a bath. I had to top the bath up three times. I was reading a book about me. Someone had been spying on me throughout my dieting hell! And was now offering a solution that made so much sense! I was hooked - and wrinkly!

Dawn Allen -  it's just so true it works, putting that over a stone on with HRT would normally of sent me into total panic diet mode, not now, & yes it might not all fall off over night, but it's coming off now & im just eating when hungry which is normally only 2 times a day now instead of constantly being hungry all day. x

J - Just been looking back at my Fitbit history only to realise I have lost 1stone 8lbs in the last year!
Slowly but surely ladies slowly but surel

Love you girls! 

For newcomers, do read the books, 2.0 then 3.0 and come tell us your story on our

other news - 

- Giulia Enders on how the gut works there's been more and more info and research surrounding the gut and the bacteria - the latest being that gut bacteria may be connected to MS and the treatment thereof. ascinating. i've had my own gut bacteria analysis sent off - will report back in the future! Here meanwhile is Giulia Enders, the best selling author of the book Gut - read more here. And how Gluten can affect gut bacteria here.

Why there's no one size fits all miracle diet  another endorsement of TTFLS principles, and i bet differing gut bacteria are a lot to do with it as well!


have a great week!

see all the groups here and come join us!



ps more about TTFLs on the tab above.




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