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23 June 2016

In  the calm and tranquil surroundings of Chez Castillon writing retreat it's a perfect time for reflection. I find at this stage in my llife I can sit back on my laurels and just be content if I want to, since my kids are self-sufficient and 'sorted', and there are no grandchildren yet - just dogs!

Yet I often fill myself with angst over the lack of achievement in my last year of writing. So we've been discussing it, my mentor Julie Cohen and me. And I re-acquaint myself with the fact that every author feels the same. It's the fear. or as Julie describes it... 

The Fear!

Same old same old, every author whether published or unpublished, feels that terror of the fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of not being good enough. So with a lot at stake, this is the week i'm going to pull my socks up and no longer use all my charity work, busy social life or work commitments including blog writing, as excuses.

Being here surrounded by a wonderful supportive environment, including fellow writer types and 'my people' - and Rory the dog - it's easier to shake off the limitations of my regular routine. Limitations which don't allow for shooting for the stars on a regular basis. I've kind of missed shooting for the stars. Hence the pic at the top of this blog.

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you are right, so says Wayne Dyer, the subject of this week's book of the week, Your Erroneous Zones, here. Very appropriate given the storm of limited beliefs being presented as facts in the media leading up to June 23rd in the UK. And if any of that has depressed you, you have no choice but to pick yourself up, get perspective, and get on with it. All of it. And so do I. And not letting the cynics and the nay-sayers haave more control of your own life than you do.

So -

I hereby commit to finishing my ongoing Work in Progress, Try if for the First Time Club, soon.

I hereby commit to embarking on the final stretch with my previous WIP, French or Dutch, by beginning of September.

And I hereby commit to getting my own house in order, health-wise. Regulars will know I'm not too bad where that's concerned and certainly being out here in Bordeaux, as I am this week and most of next, allows me to fully focus on getting back to full Freedom Eating and getting my daily step-count up. In fact, my fitbit is informing me that I am currently already at 5156 steps, and it isn't even midday! Walking Rory the dog down by the Dordogne has kick started that.

Get a supportive environment, too, by the way. Mine is here, for my writing. And on facebook. Yours might be on Facebook too, especially if you're wanting to do Bodyblade for fitness, join the Bodyblade Ohana group or join my Till the Fat Lady Slims group for weightloss and a longer term way of being normal, around food.

It will all help in your ambitions - don't let life get in the way. And if it does, learn whatever lesson it is bringing you, and get back on track. Note to self - practise what you preach! lol.

Hope you have a great week!



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