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9 June 2016

Do attend the FAB research seminar in Brighton if you can - it's absolutely fantastic value for just £15. It's on Tuesday next week and when I went to the one in Bristol a couple of months ago, it was so enlightening to hear about how omega 3's are helping so many people's health and mental health in particular.

If you just google it, and maybe look at some of the Youtube videos done by experts and doctors who have been recognising some of the huge impacts of sufficient omega 3 - mainly from fish oils - you'll be amazed at what effect food has on your health.

For instance, here is the speaker, Dr Alex Richardson, talking about how low omega 3 levels are connected with low levels of learning and worse behaviour - click here. 

If you didn't know already, doctors don't get trained on nutrition very much at all when they do their years of training. According to this BBC report on the sad lack of nutrition training amongst UK doctors, 

"Nutrition is a core element in the first year of a junior doctor course, but it is not a mandatory part of medical school curriculums or many specialist training courses in the latter part of the junior doctor training programme.

Dr Neild said as a gastroenterologist she had to deal with the consequences of severe malnutrition which requires tube-feeding to be introduced.

"The problem is that doctors do not recognise it and if it is not picked up the patients cannot be passed on to dieticians to address the problem.

"Doctors are taught a lot about medical interventions, but not how to assess and manage poor nutrition."

The other problem is that scientific studies are almost impossible to conduct, when the human element is involved - which is almost always. The mediterranean diet has long been lauded as the healthiest diet, and scientists tried to analyse it and came up with a summary of food groups and what they eat. Oily fish is identified as one of the most important factors, along with eating low amounts of rubbish food, processed crap full of chemicals and tons of sugar. Avoid the awful food, we all know that, but as an insurance policy, eat oily fish - and you may prefer to boost that with supplements like I do. I take 1500mg of EPA per day in two capsules which makes it easy. There are minimum levels of EPA per day for hearth health - 500mg - and minimum levels of DHA, a longer chain fatty acid made in the body from EPA in the right circumstances but it's not an efficient process, therefore the only way average people can get it  in enough quantity is from taking it in via food.

Go to this talk, or find out more via the website where you can look up past talks if you subscribe. So worth it.


The FAB evening seminar season continues in Brighton on 14 June

Feeding Better Behaviour, Learning and Mood.

This latest FAB seminar reveals how a change in our diets can revolutionise mental health and wellbeing. Our speakers will be countering stark nutritional facts with simple dietary solutions. It's eye-opening and mind-expanding stuff. Tickets available in advance or on the door. FAB Associate members get to attend one seminar for free. Registration from 5pm, presentations 6 to 8.30pm.

info is here - click here

Till the Fat Lady Slims Update

The Facebook support continues for our lovely ladies and some gents, who take part in some very pertinent topics regarding weight loss and how Freedom Eating, the principles used in my Till the Fat Lady Slims book series, gives such an amazing framework to use to change your whole relationship around food on a weight loss journey that is unlike any other ever tried before. It warms my heart to read the feedback and the superb NSVs (non scales victories) coming through on there. Do come join us there if my books have intrigued you - click here and join up, then read a little, then maybe start posting yourself. click here.

Here's one such example recently - go further down and read it and the replies about it!

I love my groups!




Jackqeline J says -

"I'm claiming an NSV. Drove home from work in the most horrendous thunderstorm despite the met office app telling me how dry and sunny it was NOT!, the wipers were working overtime and my window screen blurred over every time the wipers passed across. I just could not see the road or any white lines at all and I was scared out of my witts. Now according to hubby he's hasn't put anything untoward in the screenwash and he's says he hasn't cleaned the window screen with anything you shouldn't (everything and anything gets cleaned by him with spray car shine at our house) so I arrived home totally stressed and would normally eat a lot of junk to make me feel better but I realised it was just mood and so thought carefully and decided on some natural fromage frais with a tsp of local honey in it. Creamy, naturally sweetened and just right. I thank you and I'm here all week lol x

Sue S - I bet that was well stressy. I hate driving in really heavy rain. But well done on not coming home and feeding your face with lots of stuff you don't want to eat. Local honey is so good for you. Stops all those hayfever things. I'm lucky I have free honey as my brother keeps bee's

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