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To Supplement or not, that is the question...
3 June 2016

Some Fab discussions going on on healthy eating on the ttfls group atm following the healthy eating fiona philips programme and the benefits of certain specific supplements. Do listen to the Patrick Holford chat to help balance out why some people do benefit from it, specially Omega 3 - it crops up over and again in eg topics like alzheimers too. Some great info out there. Choose what is right for you. Who was it who said they felt a lot more switched in and had better markers of health after high dose EPA? 

Eileen Davies and i went to an insightful chat by the oxford professor studying the direct impact of getting enough omega 3 eg from supplements when needed, on immune system, cognitive functions, behaviour, depression etc, didnt we.
Nb if you eat a perfect diet then that's ideal - theres no substitute for healthy eating. But its a great insurance policy to supplement, the evidence out there is overwhelming. If patrick holford had been the presenter of the healthy eating prog it would have pointed out some people benefit greatly - even if they ate lots of veg. Eg shown more detailed info about how supplementation of some specific nutrients is vital fir certain individuals. My daughter lauren gets eczema if she doesnt get enough omega 3 and 1500mg EPA a day is ideal - sometimes from fish (but it can be hard due to worries about pcbs, dioxins in deep sea fish. And also she avoids SLS. )
Unprocessed whole foods with tons of plants are best for sure, with no or tiny amounts of processed sugar. Anything that helps promote that is a good move eg fiona philips show. (But its a generalisation to say no supplements are needed for anyone.)
Anyone get a wonderful health rush when u eat only healthy foods? (And the opposite?)
My hand joints are stiffer the morning after i eat any added sugar foods, as my body's so not used to it now. You? X

Listen to Patrick Holford talking about doctor food. Food as medicine:-



Are you a super sniffer? Jo Malone the famous perfumier and candle maker is apparently one of the 5% or so of  humans who can detect smells more acutely than most humans. Maybe because she has synaesthesia which is a condition which confuses the senses and mixes them up a bit. She could even smell a Parkinsons-like illness on her husband. Go here to read more about it.


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