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Sunbuddy is Back! And Coconut Oil - not just for smoothies!
26 May 2016

This week's Back to You begins with a reminder that protection is better than problem-solving - so make sure you don't miss out on your sunbuddy applicator - the sponge on a stick brought into the 21st century that sold out very fast on its debut on QVC recently. My sis is back with it, so get yours soon.

I got mine for both my tan accelerator AND my my Ultrasun, which I can't reach the middle of my back with. 

Get it here on QVC!

Coconut oil

And what a brilliant ingredient coconut oil is. i've been loving using it as a mouthwash as well - yes really. But there are so many more uses. It's one of the few saturated fats that don't upset the body's delicate balances. 

Go here to read a full low down about it on a health blog that's got tons of other useful articles, including about apple cider vinegar, which I also swear by. click here


And the Till the Fat Lady Slims testimonials continue apace, including this one on our Facebook group last week - it seems the Louise's are having great success with their jeans!

Louise O - 'NSV. jeans ten weeks ago before I started freedom eating fitted but we're snug today are big to the point I can pull then down without undoing them now. Very big and baggy.'

Louise R - 'It's working!!!! FE, LS and BB. Did my work pants up this morning without having to breathe in!! Big NSV smile on my face x'

and Jan R says - 'Sort of NSV, I've always been a 14 on top because of my large (bust). They've shrunk a lot more than they've ever done before when I've lost weight but according to the place online I bought a dress from I would still need their 14 according to the measurements. Not so, and now my lovely red dress has to go back because it's too big and the next size down is not in stock.  So what's the NSV? I'm tiny and top heavy, who thought I'd look at myself in vintage 50's style and think wow, I look flippin good!'

Am so glad it's helping people!

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  • Comment Link Sandra 26 May 2016 posted by Sandra

    Debbie,i use it all the time try mixing it with Shea butter frankincense and myrrh melt the coconut oil and Shea butter together beat it,put in the fridge to set a little when it's starting too set whisk it until it's nice and creamy then mix in the frankincense and myrrh essential oils (its blissful) use it everyday on body face hair
    Yours sammy

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