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NSV’s - Non-Scales Victories Special – TTFLS Strikes Again
19 May 2016

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NSV’s - Non-Scales Victories Special – TTFLS Strikes Again

It’s been heart-warming to read this week about so many people’s success stories. With my semi-autobiographical weight loss books, one of the principles is not to be ruled by the scales. Weight isn’t such a driving factor and we try to measure successes in other ways – be it belt notches or compliments or movements being easier etc.

So here is a little focus on some of those ‘non-scales-victories’ as we call them. The NSVs were coming through thick and fast this week on our Facebook group of the same name as the books.

In Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet, available on Amazon here in ebook or paperback, we set out six principles for breaking free from food prison and learning to eat like a slim person. This includes how to use the Freedom Eating system alongside any traditional diet – ANY – because it’s not about what you eat so much as WHEN you eat. Plus you can read a slightly abridged version of the original book 1.0 included within it, my own story.

In Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire, available here on amazon, I’ve summarised the main points and added several extra sections bringing it up to date to incorporate my latest take on how the gut bacteria play such an important role in our behaviour around food and how our mental state can affect our diet choices with a look at the Inner Chimp. Plus I’ve identified what I believe to be a first – six different guises of Freedom Eater, how different people use Freedom Eating and the principles of TTFLS to transform their relationship with food. Identifying what type of guise you are has helped a lot of ladies understand themselves and seek comfort in knowing they are not alone as there are many others the same as them on our lovely support system.

Also within book 3.0 there are over 90 Tips and Tales to inspire, covering a lot of the topics that come up regularly from my lovely members on Facebook. You can join the group here. More tips like them can be seen on the sister Facebook PAGE which anyone can see here.

I also have a separate event page called 20lb in 2016 challenge - a year-long umbrella event page 


It’s been a fascinating journey for me. I originally used to be a binge-diet-binge crazy woman, driving myself and everyone around me completely mad over my food rules. Learned rules which never really worked long term. Dieting just didn’t work for me – if someone told me ‘you can’t’ then I wanted to, whatever it was, even if I didn’t want it beforehand. Ironically when I discovered Freedom Eating, it meant telling myself that I could have whatever I wanted as long as I waited till I was hungry enough, when I should give it my full attention, then stop at satisfied. And observe afterwards the effects on my body in order to learn and move on and let go. My initial revelation was ‘you mean I stop at satisfied, not when I can’t breathe any more?!’ My family was one which filled their plates to mountainous proportions and ended up congratulating each other after force-feeding ourselves the whole lot, regardless of our body’s needs. ‘Haven’t you done well,’ my wartime-rationing-affected nan would say to my mum, as they sat bloated after Sunday dinner including pie and custard for ‘afters.’

Now I look back with fondness and dismay at the social conditioning which created this warped way of being around food. Sweets were given as reward, as love, as consolation. And as I grew I got ever further away from the natural way to use food as simple fuel – food was used to combat loneliness, happiness, anger, and every emotion in between. Being the eldest of five I had a scramble to get my ‘share’ when every Thursday (mum and dad got paid on a Thursday) the supermarket goodies would arrive – cakes in boxes of five which in a family of seven meant if you didn’t get yours now you didn’t get it at all. All sorts of other food foibles and weird connections are recounted in TTFLS 2.0 as my own story tumbles out of the pages – like some sort of therapy for me – were my food binges really that bad? And like a recognition of a kindred spirit for those who read my tale – ‘it was like you were writing about me’ people have told me.

Nowadays I devour all the information I can since I know I’m an ‘Elaine’ guise of Freedom Eater and I do full freedom eating rather than being like a ‘Linda’ – who combines TTFLS with a traditional diet or diet club. And for me, information makes principle six, observe, come into its own. It’s led me to realising that to listen to your body properly, you have to get off sugar addiction. So that’s part of the journey to make your way along the highway towards freedom by shaking off the chains that bind you forever to the weight loss-weight gain spiral. Plus we talk about the wayside – veering off course along the wayside is part of the process – just don’t set up camp there.

Here are a selection of the most recent fabulous NSV’s from my lovely gang online. And if you have one you’d like to contribute, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I’d love to hear about it.

Best wishes



Click on the TTFLS tab above for more full info about my system.

Go here to see my TTFLS books on Amazon – ebook or paperback


Louise Robinson
It's working!!!! FE, LS and BB. Did my work pants up this morning without having to breathe in!! Big NSV smile on my face x

Eileen Davies

Quitting sugar alongside the new habit of taking stock, reviewing, finding the lesson to be learnt and continuing in Freedom Eating meant I held on to my new self esteem and respect. I felt no need to self punish and was free of the nasty insidious thoughts that prevailed pre ttfls. The control was real, not the façade of starvation or binging. My mind remained calm free of scale induced panic. Food remained the daily pleasure it should be. All that was needed was an adjustment to recognise level 6 hunger as separate from exhaustion. My learning curves are lessening my curves for ever!


Jill D-W

Jill dowding walker
Just got back from another medical appointment, with good news. I've lost another couple of pounds! Making 35 pounds down so far. And NSV in the bath last night - I usually hold back the water behind me like a dam, but it all drained AROUND me last night!!!

Sara B

I've had a NSV or two today. Went to sell some jeans in eBay that are too large. Was convinced they were a 22 but no when I went to check the label they were a 20. Then after gardening I pulled on an old but clean pair of jeggings that is not worn in ages and they were too big.


Walked for 1/2 hour to our Social Club which is roughly 1 mile away keeping a steady pace with my family, chatting all the way and not out of breath. Burger hotdogs and chips were being giving out at the club but I didn't want any of it and just drank water all night 

Lesley y

now bear with me - because of rain last night we decided not to car boot today, and of course its beautiful so okay.
Washing machine not working - I get paranoid about the laundry - and loo blocked. Blocked loo has caused massive bathroom flood which is cascading into our loung and kitchen in a pretty vigourous way.
Went to shop for cat food. Didn't actually notice the chocolate as it simply wasn't an issue. Fancied a beer, fleetingly, I like Coors and it was on offer, but didn't bother.
Something has changed in me, it really has.


Well done all! Am so proud of my gang!

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