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Making changes to give yourself a kick start
6 May 2016

OK so we're in May. Four months of 2016 has gone, and many are reporting some great progress towards the 20lb in 2013 project I've been promoting via my Facebook page event. Which is great! Others are not doing as well. So I got to thinking.

One of the best things to do is think about how you can push back the barriers and get yourself out of your comfort zone. As humans we really don't like change do we? Even if we know it's good for us, we're used to our little routines, our preferences, our safe zones. So even losing weight involves becoming someone new, having new outlooks on our body, ourselves and definitely our beliefs around food. So here's an idea.

Why not think about doing something completely different on a regular basis? Like once a day do something you've never done before - whatever it is. Maybe even nothing to do with food. Maybe something directly to do with food. Have a think about what it could be. One of our lovely ladies who is making great progress - Lesley Y - has lost two stone nearly, this year, and finds journals really help. Do that too if it will make you more mindful of what's going on.

And mindfulness is the thing, especially with Freedom Eating. It's one of the basic fundamental principles, give the food your full attention with full permission. Whatever it is. With full freedom eating, it might even be something you would previously have called 'bad' food, and described yourself as 'bad' for eating it. Well maybe the first change you can make is to dare yourself to eat one of those foods - but on condition that you think like a slim person when you're doing it. THey might fancy a bit of cake and just eat it, enjoy it, and move on from it. They wouldn't beat themselves up about it, obsess about it, tell everyone they've been bad, say they'll miss out on supper but go off in secret and eat the whole fridge in order to 'begin again tomorrow' - would they?

So try it! Do it with fun, with joy, as if you are a your own science project.

it's a fascinating learning curve - as Eileen D our lovely admin on the Till the Fat Lady Slims group on Facebook says - 'learning curves to lessen your curves'. And it can be a good turning point.

Also - if you're new to al this, do consider reading my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' Diet here on amazon in ebook or paperback. Plus book 3.0 - tips and tales to inspire (in aid of medical detection dogs) which has some brand new info about gut bacteria and how it affects your mood and your weight loss, as well as the concept of our inner chimp. And since a support system and someone to share your feelings with is so vital, please be sure and join the facebook group.

other news -

- bruce bodyblade's webchat - on the facebook group - (do join first) - is here

- Jane on BB group this week said 'Hi everyone. Just checking in. I was doing my bb this morning and I can see a muscle developing in my arms. That's scary. I've haven't purposely looked in the mirror because that can be a bit scary too. But if the arms are starting to improve who knows what else is. Might take a sneak peak in a weeks time. When I doing my bb there's definitely a lot of wobbling going on. Have a great day everyone!

- is your nutribullet making you fat, asks the Telegraph - here. I think they're referring to the amount of sugar in a fruit smoothie! Have been loving one banana, one tangerine, coconut oil and coconut water, bit of kale - sorted. All whizzed up in my Nutri-Ninja , pop the sippy cup on and i'm good to go! love it. Only two bits of fruit a day though. Eaten with whole fruit, not just tons of the juice. If i juice, it is mostly veg.

Have a great week!



ps find the 20lb in 2016 event page here, and just click 'going' to commit to join.



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