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Lessons from a Detox Holiday
25 April 2016

1. I NEED Freedom Eating or I start obsessing about what I can't have.

2. my body craves fish/salmon/omega 3s

3. two hours yoga and stretching are possible, along with an hour walk - I just have to do it. MUST get more into my life. Fitbit is helping aim for 10,000 steps a day and I feel much better on days I achieve it.

4. I want to go back again!

Yes quite naturally I've settled back into what works for me and part of it is to eat fish! See the newsletter today (29th April) on home page too for my first meal - yum! Also I've taken another little stool sample to send off to the British Gut project following colonics and intensive pro-biotics, lots of veg/prebiotics and a concerted effort to change my microbiome. I look forward in the coming months to comparing the first one from two months ago, in a few months time when the results come through. It takes time If you're interested in doing it yourself, go here.

I've also sent off for the omega three test too, comparing omega six ratio to omega three in the bllood. Ten years ago this test involved paying a nurse at the doctors to take two vials of blood. The new test involves a pin prick and drops onto a card! Ah how technology progresses eh! All good stuff tho and am fascinated, especially since I know how important the ratio is. it should be 2 or 3 to 1, omega six to omega three. Trouble is in the western world, mostly it's over ten to one. More soon, but just google it, 'the importance of omega 6 to omega 3 ratio.'

Finally it's been another wonderful week for the members of Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group - with some super NSV's - non-scales victories. They included not feeling so 'wrong' all the time around food, ditching a load of belts 'cos they're too big, and seeing for the first time in ages, a ahem... ladygarden... Yes really. Very intimate shares and wonderful honesty over on the group - come join us!

Have a great week!




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