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Part 4 of Freedom Eating One Month Programme and tips from Amchara Yoga Retreat
21 April 2016



One month programme part four

Well it’s been interesting here in my Yoga Retreat to see how the detox/juice-fasting thing has affected my own eating. I knew I wouldn’t ‘juice-fast’ as it goes against my whole ‘freedom’ ethos. But I wanted to challenge myself to do as much as I could, however, I soon needed my fall back miso soups which I’d bought with me, and requested a change to the more substantial soups and raw food lunches, which were scrummy. If I found myself thinking I ‘couldn’t’, it definitely made me suddenly start repeating the old behaviours of wanting what I couldn’t have. Plus, I realised after a couple of days that my body definitely did NOT want lots of psyllium husk (I’d reduced it to a little, then was told to not bother) as a stop gap to help stave off fierce appetite in the early days. And after a few days it did NOT want juice or smooth soups either. Now I sit here on the third to last day, craving vegetables and stir fry and salmon. BUT I have become more in tune with my appetite again and will absolutely continue the healthy eating when I get back.

One of the biggest differences I have noticed in my body is the return to being able to take a deep breath without struggling. I shall reintroduce the things I use in my everyday life (almond milk, tea and decaf coffee, eggs) and see what it is that’s making me a bit tight chested and a bit bloated. Hopefully now I’ve cleaned up my palate via this fabulous seven night getaway in Malta, it will be easier to tell what my body really wants. I wanted to get off sugar completely and I’ve managed it and am very proud of myself!

So how have you done? You can come tell us on the Facebook support group as below – it’s a private/closed group and the support has been amazing of late. Lots of people all reporting how their lives are changing thanks to giving Freedom Eating a proper ‘go’ – with or without a traditional diet alongside.

So –


Wait till properly hungry as the gut bacteria need to do a ‘spring clean’ in between meals and constant grazing doesn’t allow it to happen.

Wait till properly hungry also in order to allow the insulin to clear out of the blood – if insulin is constantly needed, to deal with constant snacking/drinking/ sugar in the blood then it cannot switch to fat burning mode. Glucagon releases fat, insulin lays it down, effectively and they can’t both operate at the same time. Don’t constantly graze – use food for fuel only and don’t put anything in your mouth unless genuinely hungry.

Give the food your full attention – chew slowly. Chew really well, go slow – find out why – eating slowly affects hormones

Listen to your body when deciding what to eat – it really does know best if you get out of its way. But get off any sugar addiction first, then it will speak clearly unaffected by being under the influence of an insidious addiction. (see ‘aids to cutting back on sugar’ blog )


Want to follow a healthier diet but don’t know how to combine it with Freedom Eating? Well FE is your fall-back in times of trouble. The wayside, remember? If you want to start getting more in tune with your body, clearly you’ll have to cut right back on sugar addiction to free up your body’s signals about proper food. But if you start to panic, fall back on the super six principles in Till the Fat Lady Slims books (see below.)

-          Eliminate all rubbish

-          Ignore habits of a lifetime – set up new ones within three to four weeks.

-          Do not eat by the clock

-          Do not eat cos someone else is hungry (see pacing, book 2.0)

-          Do not beat yourself up if you ‘break’ a diet, (book 2.0)

-          Do not keep ‘starting again tomorrow’

-          Do not expect massive results straight away – baby steps are better than no steps

-          Do not use food for anything other than fuel – certainly not for reward or commiseration

-          Do not eat till full – eat only till satisfied these and so many more tips are explained in the books.

Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet

Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire (profits to Medical Detection Dogs)

DO join us on Facebook group and follow the TTFLS page too

Do keep up the six basic principles and remember there is all the info you need in the two books above, or via the page or the group. Keep me informed too, ok? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other news –

-          FAB Research – another chance to see Dr Alex Richardson’s superb talk about the gut, omega 3 and health. Click here.

-           WEBCHAT – Bruce Bodyblade Monday 18th chat is here (join group first)

-          Why eating for your microbiome is key to a healthy weight click here – Dr David Perlmutter

More next week, with a full summary of the links for the resources listed below. Most of which I’ve been discussing at some point or other with people here at the yoga retreat!

Best wishes






Statin Nation (enlightening info for anyone on statins)

Fed Up – xx

SUGAR – also see Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar, my comprehensive blog listing all articles, videos books etc but one of the best is -

That Sugar Film – I’ve raved about this before but it’s one of the best summaries of why the white stuff should be minimized for health reasons and gobsmacking facts for anyone thinking all calories are equal or that low fat is always good.

And the original youtube sensation Sugar the Bitter Truth with Prof Robert Lustig


Forks over Knives – why eating veg is so good for health – interesting case stories


Super Juice Me – Jason Vale’s Juice Retreat in Portugal plays host to a month long juicing challenge for eight really unhealthy people and the results are amazing


A clip from Prof Alex Richardson’s lecture about why taking EPA (an omega three from fish oil) and DHA (a longer chain fatty acid, one step up from EPA) is so vital for health and why our diets lack the essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive. My youtube clips

Another prog from youtube

Her book



Gut Reaction Parts 1 & 2 – the best introduction on video to the issue of why gut bacteria are the new frontier in health science and treatment for all manner of illnesses

Gut – by Giulia Enders – the German PhD student gives the most basic layman’s explanation as to how the whole digestive system works and why mis-prescribed antibiotics could be causing illnesses as could caesarean births and high sugar diets. Why your gut bacteria are so important in losing weight.

Extract of BBC show – an experiment in comparing different results of the same food in two different people, due to the state of their gut, and what difference two weeks’ worth of pre and pro biotics can make.

David Perlmutter on Brainmaker – featuring all gut problems, alzheimers, MD, autism, depression and all manner of immune problems –  and how it all goes back to the microbiome in the gut.


The Chimp Paradox



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  • Comment Link Val cady 22 April 2016 posted by Val cady

    Hi Debbie. Wow looks amazing in Gozo. I m hearing how our " food habits " change throughout our life . Recognising what nourishes our body and experiment with curiosity. Being excited when trying out nutrient dense foods. Eg ) sauerkraut : nori wraps : recognising the need to eat when hungry whilst listening to our " body wisdom " . For you missing the miso : the almond milk and the lovely oils in salmon . Also recognising that a good place to promote " freedom eating " is to quit sugar or become your own " sugar detective ".

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