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Freedom Eating Part Three - Old Habits Die Hard; the Importance of Hunger; and Support is King
13 April 2016

Freedom Eating One Month Programme – part three

So how are you doing? If you’ve been following the one month programme, have you felt the tide turning as far as listening to your body? I’ve had some amazing feedback this week on Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group, from our lovely members who are reporting superb results and ‘aha’ moments.

Lisa O - Was awful but I'm loving FE Debbie. I like feeling hungry before I eat (today I couldn't as was on a course so food times out of my control). And I realise how horrible I feel if I over eat. I crave fresh light food too. Thank you xx

Lyn says - Lost another pound this week, still reading the book, makes so much sense. It will take a while for the guilt to go and I had a blip yesterday (and felt physically sick from overeating) but feeling less obsessed about food.
I'm finding it nice to relax around food for a change, normally I'm 'on a diet' which equals deprivation or 'having a break' which equals eating everything I can 'just in case' (in case of what I don't know, but my fat reserves are ready for anything!) 
I'm thinking back to when I was a (skinny) child when I ate when I was hungry and didn't when I wasn't, ate full fat milk and butter and still didn't gain weight, that started when I decided to 'diet' (why? I was size 10) sorry for the essay but feeling really inspired at the moment lol x

We have healthy debates, confessionals, cries for help and sometimes just cries – whether laughter or tears, on the group. Support is vital so you don’t feel you’re the odd one out and you’re on your own. Chances are what you’re going through is exactly what someone else is going through and some good friendships are being made on there too. Don’t forget to join us – here.

Now back to a few more basics for the one month programme – please refer back to the last four weeks’ blogs in the archive bottom left if you are late to the party!


Drink more water.

We all know we should, but some of us have very bad habits which mean we don't drink enough clean water every day. Whatever your views about the recommended daily intake, your body will function better when it is hydrated. So assuming you don't get enough, read on.

I used to work in the bottled water industry and knew a lot about the benefits of hydration for health. The problem is that hunger and thirst are very close in the brain, so we mistake being thirsty for being hungry, and eat out of habit instead of just drinking some water. That is why one of the little guidelines for freedom eating is to drink a glass of water first, if you're not sure you are hungry enough. More importantly, as is the case with me sometimes, if your body keeps giving you signals to eat different foods with no clear choice I know I’m thirsty. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years now and it’s easy once the new habits have been formed. BUT newcomers, baby steps are perfectly allowable and doing it bit by bit is better than staying stuck. Once you know you have drunk a full glass of water, if you are still hungry 15 minutes later, then try again to choose the most ideal food.

Here are some ideas to get more water into you. It may also feel more like a treat if you give yourself these to drink, rather than plain ordinary water


On the facebook group we often ask ourselves ‘is it hunger, thirst, mood or habit?’ (or gut) So what about this habit thing? I personally always drink a cup of tea in the morning with Almond milk. I just like it. My inner chimp loves the routine of it, and the freedom of being able to choose a good cuppa. However I would have already had a glass of water along with my probiotic tablets (mightidophilus 12 or 24, Solaray). They are helping to make a huge difference to my gut, I just feel it, which in turn helps my mood which in turn helps make the right choices ‘cos I’m not feeling down therefore reaching for ‘treats’. Once I have drunk my tea, checked my emails and read the morning paper, and also ideally done my meditation, I will get cracking on the morning must-do-list.

Forming a new habit takes 3 to 4 weeks, then our bodies are in a routine and we like routine. So work hard for 3 to 4 weeks to change your routine, into a more healthy one. My list?

Look at this additional super six. My super six probiotic magic-workers. Every morning I will have most of the following-
- miso soup
- my probiotic tablets
- some kefir (home made fermented drink tastes a bit like beer or soda water OMG I love it!)
- and at some point before I leave the house, my glass of water with a desert spoon of apple cider vinegar, (the best kind, including the 'mother', see more here)
- Every day I will also try to include fermented veg, eg sauerkraut, I had it with my breakfast this morning which was an egg with a veggie sausage and some asparagus! Ha ha! (In salt only, not in vinegar)
- and every day, especially just before I go to bed, I have a spoonful of my probiotic super greens in water.
And you wonder why I’m single. Haha!

As you can see this does include quite a lot of fluid. I should have another two 500 mil bottles of water as well, ‘cos I know that makes my body feel good, and I usually manage at least one, often including a squeeze of fresh lemon juice which makes it more appealing to me (and also makes the water very slightly acidic, which makes the body very slightly more alkaline. It has lots of other health benefits as well, just google it, there are tons of social media articles about it too. Isn't research a wonderful thing!)

I do however like coffee, decaf usually, and I will have a flask on my work journeys. I use Almond milk in it which is very very low sugar compare to ordinary milk, which I can’t have as my body doesn’t like it, including giving me bloating and a bit of asthma. And it is one of my daily treats. If I wanted to follow very strict diet I probably would not have this. However my inner chimp would run riot if it was told you can't. That’s my chimp – others may be different. The paradox of freedom eating is that I have to know I can, otherwise I want tons of it! :-).

So give some thought to your fluid intake. If you are hydrated, you are less likely to 8. At the wrong time. And it's all about timing.

The When diet

As you may know my book 2.0 has the subtitle – the "when "diet. This is because it is all about timing.

We’ve been discussing this this week on the group too – Anne K says she has gone off a bit on the wayside of late, because of partly having been poorly she’s been not getting the timing right, and also because she sometimes eats when she’s not hungry but instead her hubby’s hungry! After the chat Anne realised where she’d been going wrong and also that she finds doing a diet quite effective so will go back to a traditional meal plan for a while, whilst using Freedom Eating – as she is a Linda guise of Freedom Eater – a Linda actually combines Freedom Eating with the discipline of a plan and can stick to a diet. There are six other guises mentioned in book 3.0, the Linda is just one of them.

So – in the interests of this week’s part three of the One Month Programme, the When Diet asks you to wait till you are properly hungry, six on the hunger scale. Wait till you have exactly the right food but your body is crying out for at that moment, and when you can give the mail your full attention and do nothing else. Also stop eating when you are satisfied, not full to bursting, that is crucial. And of course then wait till the next hunger comes along again, ideally eating at six on the hunger scale because that’s when your body will know exactly what it wants. There is a lot more to it than that of course, and it is all in book 2.0.

Eat at Six on the Hunger Scale

One topic that came up on Facebook this week was that someone did not get six on the hunger scale at all. She did not understand 6 or 1 or 10. She was either not hungry or hungry, like, binary. Ffor her she said her scale was a 1,2 or 3. Two others were in the same position, although the cast majority have no problems understanding how to tell ‘six’. So it’s a good point to cover for those lovely ladies who are struggling a bit. My solution to not knowing is this -  do what you need to do, do what is right for yourself, just try not to graze or snack if it’s just out of habit. Only eat when your body is properly hungry – food is fuel, not comfort or a companion or reward or comisseration.

But it is a good point. Some people lose the ability to detect clear hunger signals, they may instead get slightly faint, distracted, or angry. Just experiment and get to know your own body. If you are properly hungry, the food will taste outstanding especially if you picked the right thing. So as a guideline here it is but don't forget it is all in book 2.0 along with much much more information on every one of these topics.
0 - absolutely not hungry, not interested in food
3 - peckish
6 - absolutely ready to eat, possibly hunger pangs. You are laser focussed on finding food.
10 - over hungry, ready to inhale anything, gulp down food and eat too fast, will prob overshoot the satisfied signal too

The amazing thing about being six on the hunger scale is that if you get the food choices right, and stop at six, you get THE most amazing buzz, almost a high – that’s principle five – the bliss point. This helps make redefining your relationship with food and creating a whole new future with long term weight loss, an enjoyable reality and something you can stick to. Often for the first time in your life. Or that’s what the girls say on the group, and what I know too. Hope that helps, but don't forget there is so much more in book 2.0 about this topic.


But get book 2.0 on amazon here

And get book 3.0 here = both in either paperback or ebook

And find all the links for our groups and pages here.


Other news

The Doris Dalton back to you chat from 11th on Facebook is here by the way click here and don’t forget to sign up to Sharon’s Back to You page/blog to get updates on what’s happening when, special offers, reviews and stop press news! Congrats for over 100,000 views on the website too!

Bruce’s Bodyblade shows were fab too – here’s the link to buy it on qvc – and apologies for Bruce not being able to get online fast enough for much of a chat on his Facebook group Bodyblade QVC! Here’s much of what we spoke about on my 7pm show including some fab free videos! Click here (join first).

Here’s a nice comment left on my QVC blog last week –

Clare Harris said – ‘
Hi Debbie I was hoping that you would be able to pass on a HUGE thank you to Bruce the lovely Body Blade man who I believe you’re doing a show with later on at 7pm – after badly and I mean badly breaking my wrist last year (two plates a bone graph and about 10 screws) I started using the body blade again in Jan this year – i had to go very slowly to start with but I use it most days now sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and I’m getting my strength back with the added bonus of tone and sculpting – thanks Bruce 


Full resources list is on part one.

come join us on Facebook!

and keep up the good work



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