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The One Month Freedom Eating Programme - part Two, including sleeeeeeep, self-esteem, and weight loss
5 April 2016


Read part one of the Freedom Eating One Month Programme here if you haven't yet.



Lovely Wendy C on my Till the Fat Lady Slims group on Facebook (do join it here) has been summing up in a nutshell the importance of breaking through that self-esteem barrier. Prof Steve Peters (see recent blog) told me on Skype this week that low self-esteem is intrinsically linked with the likelihood of being overweight and overeating. It's a vicious spiral obviously, as feeling worthless makes it more likely you'll not care enough about your own appearance and health, feeling down and comfort eating. So seeing Wendy post this, this week, was heart-warming as she's taking those all-important baby steps towards becoming a true Freedom Eater. We see other ladies talking about taking pride in their clothes which they've never done before, or finally buying and using makeup for the first time, or even not minding being in photos. So always remember when you automatically go to settle for second best, don't. Take first best - you're worth it.

WENDY says - Definitely feeling the FE vibe, learning to listen to my body. I wasn't hungry when I got up so just had my water and lemon first thing. Actually walked to my Dr's appointment instead of driving like I normally would have (bonus did not have the usual hassle of finding a parking space) by now my stomach was beginning to make it known it needs food, so I sat there waiting to be called wondering what to eat when I got home. I really fancied melon so I called in the shop on my walk home and treated myself. Yes I did say treated, in the past I wouldn't have spent £2 on melon and £2 on raspberries just for me, but do you know what, I have realised I am worth it! Besides I wouldn't have thought twice about buying chocolate in the past would I? (All this was going through my mind walking home lol)
Anyway that was my breakfast and I thoroughly enjoyed it

Wendy is one of  my current case stories, more from the lovely lady below. What's your own story? Join us on Facebook here or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you can't leave a comment below.



OMG there are so many reasons to have omega three in your diet. I just got back from a super talk with Dr Alex Richardson, the UK eminent expert on the topic, in Bristol. Lovely Eileen Davies came with me and it was very enlightening. Too much to go into here but I managed to get a fairly long video of one section of the talk, explaining info for vegetarians, those with depression, and why we need it from fish.

watch it here on facebook - COMING SOON - BIG FILE - won't upload on youtube - give me time! if you're a member of TTFLs group you can see it on a post there -

click here




Here's a summary of why and there's tons more online. If you've ever felt rubbish due to lack of sleep and ended up making unwise food choices it could be due to your inner chimp playing up (see last week's part one blog). The chimp needs to sleep. (The Chimp Paradox book by Prof Steve Peters, and my interview with him in archives below left.) If you've had a jippy belly or constipation after lack of sleep, it could be due to your gut bacteria being affected by it, as the microbes are upset and don't work as well (Brainmaker, by Dr David Perlmutter.) If you are stressed, that in turn affects the hormones, the gut bacteria and the chimp. Sleep is vital so one of the key guidelines for part two this week is - get more sleep.

Note that the wrong foods will make sleeping worse - do read Aids to Cutting back Sugar blog


, plus here's the latest concise talk from Prof Robert Lustig, the world's guru on the topic. So worth watching if you know you get hyper with too much sugar - particularly watch 17 minutes in, if you've ever wondered why you can't give up easily.

Can I also ask if you need any jog in the right direction, to check out That Sugar Film (watch it before they remove it from this link or buy it)? It's a stark proof that low fat foods are not the answer and for those whose weight loss has stalled or who just can't seem to get past a certain point, it's a bible. You'll be shocked. Particularly look 20 minutes in if you have lots of fruit or muesli or smoothies or cereal or juice eg at breakfast time.


Last week we looked at the Freedom Eating basics. Am assuming you've begun to read the Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 and 3.0 books (here on amazon - paperback or ebook - with a free 'look inside' that states the main principles.) So this week, what happens to people when they get stuck in, and what has helped make a true turning point happen? this is Wendy's take on it -


After promising myself to think what does my body need instead of what do I want, I was a bit nervous when hubby suggested stopping at a food market when we were out earlier.
However I am proud to say, I turned down, numerous cakes, pasties, sausage rolls, fudge and burgers. I told hubby to feel free to have what he wanted but rather sulkily he walked away with nothing too, lol. (He will get over it)
You see in the past we would probably have had a taste of most things on offer hence we both have a weight problem.
Driving home I knew I had put a casserole in the slow cooker for tonight's meal but I did feel peckish so when I got home I had what I felt I needed - a small slice of bread, marmite, tomato and cucumber (got a craving for cucumber at the moment).
I love this feeling."

So I asked her what was the turning point?

"That's hard to answer Debbie, perseverance I guess. After 40 years of yo-yo dieting and being bigger than I had ever been its plain that conventional diets don't work for me, not long term anyway.
I won't lie, I had several attempts at freedom eating 
before I finally 'got it'. 
I find it hard to stop at satisfied if I am really enjoying what I'm eating, so I using a smaller plate works better for me. Also thinking about the fistful of food thing has helped. I always piled my plate high and would scoff the lot then be too full to move, lol. Now I have less in the knowledge that if I'm not satisfied I can always have more but nine times out of ten I don't need it.
Eg I used to follow a diet where I was allowed as much meat, eggs, pasta, rice, potatoes and veg as I could eat, so would pile that plate with bacon, egg, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes etc for breakfast. Since freedom eating I have discovered I don't really like the texture of meat so I'm happier with just an egg on toast and I feel much more alert too. Not to mention happy and in control.
Not to mention all the support I get from you Debbie and all the other lovely people on this page. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my life again."

How great is that?

Wendy needed to take baby steps but others got it straight away. There are different types of Freedom Eaters (see 'guises' listed in book 3.0). Which are you?

1. Consider your preferences for losing weight - can you stick to a diet? No? Do full freedom eating. If you can, do the 'When' diet (book 2.0) The principles are listed for free at the start of the book, viewable in the 'look inside' on amazon - do go see if you're new. But get used to the whole listening to your body thing. The Vagus nerve is connected to the brain and extends to the gut. It's the source of why we get a 'gut feeling' and why I believe it works to 'touch in with your gut' when it's time to choose what to eat. Do what Wendy does - really give yourself permission to go for what your body wants, not what the clock says or the family need. Use pacing, as I said previously, to ensure you can get the timing right. And explore the ways others use Freedom eating by joining the TTFLS facebook group here, and get advice for your particular concerns. It really works to share.

2. Make sure you have enough sleep. This is a key one for this week. No matter what else you do this week, give yourself the full permission to treat yourself to some proper hours in bed. Don't stay up late, just to get alone time, you're alone when you're asleep in bed once you go off to dreamland!


1. Have a think about taking some probiotics to help your gut bacteria - there are lots on offer either in foods, like fermented foods, or in capsule form - google it to get some proper info or check out my previous blogs in archives on this page. I take 'mightidophilus 12' every day, plus a miso soup ( I use the cup a soup pastes if it needs to be instant) plus some home made kefir, plus a glass of water with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, more on that here, plus a glass of my fave Barleans Greens which contains fab pro and pre biotics. Sauerkraut is often added to my plate as I llike it - there's other fermented options you can choose to get good probiotics into your belly tho, depending upon your choices.

2. Try drinking more water (which ever water is best for you just watch squashes and cordials for too much sugar or artificial sweeteners which are not great for the palate.) Ideally a glass of hot water with a splash of fresh lemon juice will be great to start the day - you'll be in good company - apparently Jennifer Anniston does it too!

3. PLEASE UP YOUR VEGETABLES if you possibly can. They are prebiotics (if the probiotics are seeds, then the prebiotics are the fertiliser and the good soil.) There are some which are even better than others, like asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, onions ... but google them and get used to eating them gradually if your tummy doesn't like them. And if you are a Katie or Anita type of Freedom Eating Guise (book 3.0) then you might need to adjust it according to your own medical recommendations. BUT investigate - many conditions can be aided with enough green and fibrous vegetables. Please get enough into your body.

4. If meals are smaller, and more frequent, that's fine. Who says it's not? Old rules from childhood? If you're a grown up in charge of your own mouth now, why not venture onto this whole new world - how exciting!

MOOD HUNGRY THIRSTY BORED GUT...  And what is the real REASON for your hunger? if you can wait till 6 on the hunger scale, everything falls into place. Food won't help you if you're bored. Or lonely. As Lesley one of our members says  - I could be an unhappy big fat bird who eats tons or I could be a slowly reducing less unhappy less fat bird who listens to her body and isn't controlled by food anymore.

More on this next time.

Full resources list is on part one.

come join us on Facebook!

and keep up the good work





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