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It's here - the One Month Freedom Eating programme - part one. Incl the Inner Chimp needs a friend.
30 March 2016

Welcome to the Programme that could change your behaviour around food forever. Seriously?

Is she kidding? Nope.

It did mine, way back in 1999, more than 16 years ago and whilst I'm not promising a super skinny you by the end of the one month, if you follow these guidelines and the step by step programme I'm going to lay out over the next four weeks, the rest of your life could be lived outside of food prison. Or at least it can provide food for thought about why your diets keep failing.

I'm going to give you a little background, then launch into the first few baby steps you can take towards adopting the basics of Freedom Eating using the Super Six Principles. They will help you unlearn the sabotaging habits and put in place new ones - the habits of slim people. All this system does is to reconnect us with our natural birth right to use food for fuel - no more, no less - not for comfort, not for reward, not to cover up other feelings, nothing. Just fuel.

Not everyone will end up skinny, that's not the aim. Freedom is the aim. And once people master Freedom Eating they start discovering things like Freedom shopping, Freedom family relationships and eventually Freedom Living. 

I'd like you to read this introduction then get a big cup of tea or whatever, and give yourself the precious treat of some me-time because you deserve it, so that you can quietly digest what this programme is all about.

So first will come the introduction.

Then I will break it down into bite sized chunks in a step by step guide which you can pick up any time you like - latecomers can begin in your own time too - and gradually work your way through.



The three preparation blogs before this one are worth a read - 

-          Pre-programme PREPARATION blog – click here.

-          Two weeks to go PREPARATION blog – click here.

-          One week to go PREPARATION blog – click here. THIS INCLUDES THE FULL RUN DOWN OF HOW TO PREPARE - please read this first.

Assuming you've worked your way through the prep, it's time to acquaint yourself with the six principles. I need newcomers to go to the FREE 'look inside' on amazon to read the first chapter of Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - the 'When' diet. - click here and please feel free to continue reading (kindle ebook - read on app or kindle or computer) in order to fully understand my own story.

Those who are up to speed know that Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 - tips and tales to inspire - was released in January. This features success stories and yet more science behind why you can trust your body to know what is best for it. Crucially you will find out about which GUISE OF FREEDOM EATER you are - which will become important as we go through this programme. If you want, order the paperback so you can dip in and out of it and begin to get the idea of how it's helped others and what to do in certain situations.

I'm not going to reproduce here all of what's in the beginning of book 2.0, since you can read it for free on amazon as above. It covers the basic principles, the way you can use it with any traditional diet - ANY - and extra research which brought my 2002 Freedom Eating original, bang up to date in 2014. So click here to read it through if you would please.

Or don't. You have to do what's right for you. If you find yourself thinking 'I'll go back to it later' then there's a cheats guide here. Just flick through - it won't be for everybody. Some - a few - will think 'what's all the fuss about, it's just common sense'; if you do, then thank you for taking an interest but this system is not for you. Others will think it's amazing, groundbreaking and like nothing they've ever tried before. 



I hope you will join us on the Till the Fat Lady Slims group on Facebook to get support - it's crucial for your Inner Chimp to feel like they're not in this alone. click the link to ping an invite to join.

Or you can email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or try leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Chimp update See also the separate blog featuring the Skype chat I had this week. I interviewed the wonderful Prof Steve Peters, author of the Chimp Paradox, and inspiration for the Inner Chimp section in book 3.0. He told me some amazing things about how our Inner Chimp works during times of stress and in particular during attempts at weight loss. He told me something fascinating which helps to explain why my Facebook support group Till the Fat Lady Slims has been doing so well. He said that it’s vital that everyone has someone to confide in. Do you? One thing I noticed is how many of our members on my TTFLS group talk about needing to share and open up in a way they obviously don’t outside of the group in their real lives. That’s an interesting notion isn’t it, that my support group is helping to breed success where previously people had failed. Obviously why some slimming groups work for some people too, but by no means all. More about this on my b2u Steve Peters blog here.



I asked a couple of our ladies what their top tips are for those needing baby steps to adopt Freedom Eating as a diet-cracking/busting code. They said -

'1) forget everything you learned about 'diets'

2) trust in freedom eating, your body will eventually let you know what you need (it may not happen straight away with everyone, I had a couple of false starts)

3) keep hydrated, quite often it's thirst not hunger

I accept that my own journey is going to take time and it has changed not only my eating habits but my whole outlook on life. I know that sounds extreme but it's true.'

Wendy C

and from Pamela G - 

'1) simply - don't eat if you are not hungry 2) experiment - different things work on different days 3) don't listen to anyone but yourself . Just have to listen to my own advice now.'

Now i know it's ironic that you're following someone else's instructions using this very programme But the gist of it is to put you back in charge of your own body and LISTEN TO ITS SIGNALS.

So here is the first step - 


Three things make Freedom Eating truly work - if you do them you can say you are Freedom Eating. If not, you're still on your way there.

I'd like you to consider how to get these into your life today - not tomorrow, and not after you've finished the cupboards to 'start again tomorrow'.

1. Can you wait till you are truly at 6 (out of ten) on the hunger scale (how to tell is listed in detail in book 2.0) If you can do this one as well, that's great. Otherwise make sure you do the next step - this is the most vital of all -

2. Can you stop at Satisfied - NOT FULL (hunger shouts but satisfaction whispers and one of the keys to losing weight is to not over fill your body at one sitting. Full info on how to detect the signals is in book 2.0. BUT it's about a fist full of food. Please note, you can keep the rest till later - it's actually ESSENTIAL that you allow yourself to stop at satisfied and keep the rest till later so you banish any thoughts of 'wasting' it.)

3. Can you observe afterwards - don't be a judge. If you decide you want to eat a bag of crisps 'cos that's what you think your body really wants, it's OK to do so. If a slim person had a cake at someone's birthday they would probably eat less later. Typical dieters would eat tons more since they've 'broken the diet' and they need to 'make it worth it' before they 'start again tomorrow'. This terminology is not used within Freedom Eating. Starting again tomorrow is not an option, just let it go, allow yourself to observe and learn and make better choices - the next meal time. By not beating yourself up afterwards you may find you don't repeat the patterns of a lifetime and binge until tomorrow. (See below if you are a on a traditional diet too)

Now there's a lot more to it than that - and if you skipped reading it when I asked you to above, you can do so now if you like - you'll be able to read it al in the FREE 'look inside' of book 2.0 on amazon. The full summary of the supersix principles is at the start of the book, so you don't have to pay a penny to join in with this programme. BUT if you can't wait to find out more, go full steam ahead and read both books. It's up to you - you're the one in charge.

BABY STEPS VERSION - study your body when you eat. What does it feel like as you eat? Can you spot a moment where you take a deep breath, meaning your body is full now? Could you possibly stop at that point? it might be half of what you normally eat - that's fine - you can go back to it later when you're properly hungry once more. Satisfied is not FULL. It's not being able to feel the food in your stomach. it's having a wave of happiness 'cos your body's got what it needs. Try doing that for each meal - you can always binge again tomorrow. (I'm only half joking - sometimes just by saying you 'can' means you don't want to.)

DIETERS VERSION - again see if you can do it and stop at satisfied - why 'fill up' on vegetables. Do realise that the feeling of hunger is valuable to the body, it's not to be feared. But do not get too hungry - being starving is not a natural state, and if you can wait till 6 on the hunger scale but then eat properly that's the best way, as far as Freedom Eating is concerned. Choose from within your diet plan, but stop at satisfied. 


-  do nothing else whilst you eat - NOTHING - don't watch TV, don't read, don't talk, don't drive, don't watch a movie, don't even listen to the radio. Give the food your entire attention.

-  a deep breath often indicates satisfied

-  please drink a whole glass of water half an hour before your meal. One of our tips is to make sure it's true hunger and not thirst, then you can truly tell what your body really wants.

- but if your body is demanding sugar, that's ok, it just means you are addicted. And you need to get off it whatever way works for you - using a programme like I Quit Sugar, or alternatively by educating your way out of it like I did - see below. 

- PARADOX - know that if you really really have to eat chocolate, with Freedom Eating, it's ok to do so - as long as you eat between hungry and satisfied and give it your full attention.

DAILY TO-DOs - edition 1.

I'm going to suggest some reading and a video each day, plus a reminder of two things I'd like you to consider in order to work your way towards full Freedom Eating.

- please watch this 14 minute video about sugar from CNN's sixty minutes - 'is sugar toxic' on youtube. It's utterly fascinating. If you liked it, grab the chance to watch the whole of this one too - That Sugar Film - it's legendary but they usually delete it off youtube, so if it's still working on this link, please watch it urgently! click here for That Sugar Film or buy it - it's fab. People report that it's the biggest eye opener as to how to adjust the diet to reduce sugar.

- please peruse this blog too - tons more to watch and read - Aids to Cutting Back Sugar.

- please consider this - your gut loves healthy food and destroying the balance of gut bacteria eg if you've taken antibiotics or have a lot of bad food each day, might lead to health problems. Can you consider watching this - Gut Reaction parts 1& 2 on youtube.

- want even more info? Then go to my TTFLs tab on my website - use the codes inside your book 2.0 to access a special exclusive section too.


RULE 1 - TAKE FROM THIS WHATEVER FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU - you are the one who knows what's best for you - if you get out  of your body's way, just try it. But above all, try to give the food your full attention and do nothing else when you eat. Break the bad habits and it can start right here.



Please come join us to chat about this on the Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group - see below, for a closed group with private converstation. Please note that the other platforms are public and will be seen by family and friends.




The Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook PAGE is a public page which will bulletin all the updates happening as the month progresses. Previous posts include over 150 ‘tip of the day’ updates, free to anyone who clicks on the page and consults the archives. CLICK ‘LIKE’ HERE – ttflS PAGE

My own Debbie Flint facebook page will summarise them, as well as featuring all the usual QVC, author and competition updates. CLICK ‘LIKE’ HERE - DebbieFlintQVCFanpage

The Till the fat lady Slims group is a private (closed) group which freedom eaters are welcome to join to share their experiences and consult the many regulars who have lost weight – up to six and a half stone in Dawn Allen’s case – and can give guidance and support. Join TTFLS GROUP here.

The umbrella event ‘20lb in 2016’ is where you can see year long posts about everything happening everywhere. CLICK ‘GOING’ - HERE.

Website. And of course the posts themselves, which will be on my website under the Back to You tab, laying out the recommendations for those who want a guided programme and who feel a benefit from doing it alongside others.


keep me informed!!



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