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One week till Freedom Eating begins - tbc
24 March 2016

So does Freedom Eating work? You only have to look at the many posts and reviews online to see the answer is yes - depending on how you tackle it. that's why I'm doing a staged programme beginning after Easter. Baby steps are important - here are some thoughts as to why -

Amanda says -

'Im still on baby steps, successful days and challenging days but when I was committed to it I felt great and really felt and saw the benefits so I have to try and home into those feelings again. My baby steps that worked for me included the lemon water in the morning and during the day, saying NO to one craving and standing firm , not thinking about tomorrow just handle today, or even an hour. Trying VERY hard NOT tothink about it all and get on with your day...this one I really like to try and do after all if its on your mind 24/7 its going to be maddening!! scheduling in my Leslie Sansonne walks, I loved doing them and they made a huge difference. Just start! and now I need to re read my words and START!! Lol xx Oh and compliment yourself everyday, we are all awesome ! xx'

Marcia says -

'My baby steps moment was seeing my eating and exercise goals as a marathon and not a sprint. That's why weight watchers or slimming world didn't work for me long term...its helped others, but not me... Used to be that paying to get weighed and if one week I put on a pound or two it would get me down as I wanted that weight or fat gone.... I now accept that some weeks are going to be good and some weeks were going to succumb... I know that it's going to take time and I'm not under pressure to see results every week as I was with the slimming classes...I love walking with Leslie Sansone on my indoor walks and using my body blade to tone up...I prepare my healthy meals ahead of time so I have something good to eat at hand...I try to listen to what my body wants and doesn't like....(like sugar now makes me so lethargic).. I slip off the wagon once in awhile but it's going to take baby steps to get where I want to next meal is another day to bring me back on track.'

See bottom of this blog for links to the groups where we share such thoughts - a superb support system. 

And of course the wayside is part of the journey - just don't set up camp there. Book 3.0 explores this more fully. So in the run up to week one, here's how to get yourself ready...


- as the new step by step one month Freedom Eating Programme starts on 30th March, here's what to do in the run up. Apart from reading the past couple of blogs on this tab. (see archive below left). Please don't finish up all the chocolate in the house after Easter thinking the 'diet' will 'start tomorrow'. Keep some nearby, so that you can fully test this brave new world called Freedom Eating (the reasons why are in the books.)

- read both Till the Fat Lady Slims books - 2.0 is here and 3.0 is here. Ready yourself for change.

- cut back on sugar - read Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar blog here. including unmissable videos like Sugar Crash - please watch it and the others.

- increase water intake if not enough - hot lemon and water is excellent for changing the palate 

- start getting used to giving the food your full attention when you eat. Do nothing else. Nothing.

- try waiting till your body needs food and is about 6 on the hunger scale, rather than going by the clock or someone else's demands.

- there is a point at which the body is satisfied (not full) and needs to stop eating. it's a subtle signal, See if you can spot it (info in books)

- have a think about which method suits you best - in book 3.0 you will read about the different guises of Freedom Eater. if you like to diet and use TTFLS rules too, you may be a 'Linda'. Or use the full system. NB If you don't do full Freedom Eating, then use the main principles even alongside any traditional diet - ANY.

- watch 'Gut Reaction parts 1&2' on Youtube. If it suits you, get the relevant probiotics into your routine.

- if you like the idea of supplements, please investigate taking high dose EPA fish oils. I've done a blog on it. This is one of the best insurance policies in my opinion, to help all sorts of elements of good health.

- Exercise. What suits you? Maybe if you do none, start to walk or move more for at least five minutes a day and build up - even if you don't have a bodyblade (get one if you can as it's the BEST way to get the most impact with the least time) you should be able to walk on the spot in your own home, or do something sitting, whatever it is. As the month goes by, the minutes will increase, according to your needs. 

- check out my previous blogs about different elements of health and well being

- join the groups!

See the Resources list of social media below.

More soon!





The Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook PAGE is a public page which will bulletin all the updates happening as the month progresses. Previous posts include over 150 ‘tip of the day’ updates, free to anyone who clicks on the page and consults the archives. CLICK ‘LIKE’ HERE – ttflS PAGE

My own Debbie Flint facebook page will summarise them, as well as featuring all the usual QVC, author and competition updates. CLICK ‘LIKE’ HERE - DebbieFlintQVCFanpage

The Till the fat lady Slims group is a private (closed) group which freedom eaters are welcome to join to share their experiences and consult the many regulars who have lost weight – up to six and a half stone in Dawn Allen’s case – and can give guidance and support. Join TTFLS GROUP here.

The umbrella event ‘20lb in 2016’ is where you can see year long posts about everything happening everywhere. CLICK ‘GOING’ - HERE.

Website. And of course the posts themselves, which will be on my website under the Back to You tab, laying out the recommendations for those who want a guided programme and who feel a benefit from doing it alongside others.

Archive -

-          Pre-programme PREPARATION blog – click here.

-          Two weeks to go PREPARATION blog – click here.

-          One week to go PREPARATION blog – click here.

-          Next week – it all begins…


other news - 

-  the importance of vitamin B12 click here

is fermented food a recipe for good gut health? yes! The answer is yes! Even the BBC is spreading the word. Yay. Lots of basic info in this article for those who are curious. And don't forget the best thing to do is to listen to your own body as it will tell you what is the most effective. Look at your own poo and follow the Bristol scale of what looks like a perfect poop. But do read this, and start getting some of this important probiotic stuff into your body. They should have also mentioned about what not to eat though because nothing will overcome a diet rich in sugars and processed rubbish or someone taking antibiotics over and over again and wondering why they have a dodgy tummy.X




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