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Two Weeks till the Freedom Eating Programme challenge begins; plus flora mare and bodyblade Q&A. AND
15 March 2016

Countdown to one month Freedom Eating programme

Not long to go now! Have you been helping your body help itself by cutting back on sugar? if not, why not start doing so, as opposed to stuffing as much as you can before the 'diet' begins? Because if that's what you've been doing, you're only punishing yourself! Isn't it time to try breaking free?

Freedom Eating for those who don't know, is the lifestyle system of listening to your body and reclaiming your birthright to be slim. I know it sounds cliched but it's totally true - in my books, Freedom Eating will help you unlearn all the social conditioning that resulted in your current antipathy towards dieting, addiction to sugar and pattern of putting on more weight every single time you diet. For those who want to know more, click on the links below and read the reviews, and the feedback on facebook groups and pages too. Or read the books!

I'm planning a week by week programme guiding newcomers through what to do , step by step, if you love to be led. it will begin the end of March after Easter. If you're going to have sugar, at least do it the freedom eating way. 

Anatomy of a Binge.

This was one of the most controversial chapters in my original book, reproduced in full in Book 2.0. In it, I list all the foods I ate in one 12 hour period - some people would never believe it. Yet others amongst you would say 'is that all?' Read it and see how you compare, if you've ever been - or still are - a binger. It's quite scary really, because getting to satisfied then saving the rest till later is one of the most liberating experiences ever. And it only took me 37 years to discover it. Yes I grew up amongst a family where nanny would sit forcing the rest of her dinner down her, and was from the generation who told each other 'you've done well' if they finished a heaped plate. Mum did some of that too. So it was a total relief to find out it wasn't how we were evolved to be. Stopping at satisfied is about a fistful of food each time - but wait a few hours and you'll be hungry enough again (6 on the hunger scale) to have the rest. There's no 'you can't' only 'listen to your body.' And that's why this system worked for me and so many others, and works where others fail. Because it proves we are human.

Guises of Freedom Eater

Another innovation is acknowledging that there's no one-size fits all. In Book 3.0 (2016) I identify six types of Freedom Eater - many of whom were inspired by the posts I was reading over the last two years on Facebook group 'till the Fat Lady Slims' (come join us). Which will you be? Do let me know.

Preparing for the One Month Freedom Eating Programme

Previous blogs have helped by indicating how gut bacteria may be helping to create problems in your attempts at dieting - do use the archive below left, and catch up. Then do kindly read through at least parts one and two of Book 2.0. If you'd like a teaser before you buy, remember amazon do a free 'look inside'.

Also you can go back over 155 Tips of the Day on the Facebook PAGE - public access. And join me on mmy '20lb in 2016 event page on Facebook if you'd like to be counted and register your intent to take part  just by clicking 'going' here.

More next week.


Webchats –

Lovely Axel Ruth from Flora Mare was our webchat guest doing the Q&A on Back to You QVC facebook group this week on Mondays 8-9pm. Join the group if you haven’t already and read his Q&A here.

Bruce Bodyblade was present again for his on Bodyblade QVC facebook group giving superb advice about this brilliant fitness device. More here (join first).



Other news –

-          Is fermented food a recipe for good gut health ?

The answer is yes! Even the BBC is spreading the word. Yay. Lots of basic info in this article for those who are curious. And don't forget the best thing to do is to listen to your own body as it will tell you what is the most effective. Look at your own ceases and follow the Bristol scale of what looks like A perfect poo. But do you start getting some of this stuff into your body. They should have also mentioned about what not to eat though because nothing will overcome a diet rich in sugars and processed rubbish or someone taking antibiotics over and over again and wondering why they has a dodgy tummy. Good info here thank you Garry X


-          8 anti-inflammatory ingredients to eat now

Another interesting take on why omega three is good for you. It's listed in these ingredients and lovely Joe tells us why :-) anyone tried any recipes with the other things he mentions in detail on this article? X


-          Drinking water could aid weight loss

On average, people who drank between one and three cups of water more than usual consumed 5-18 grams less sugar and decreased their cholesterol consumption by 7-21 grams daily.

Researchers said that it didn't matter whether the water consumed was through a drinking fountain, tap or bottle. It all had the same impact.

Have a great week!

Do look back through the archives if you’d like to see some of the weekly ‘Monday Essay’s I wrote when Back to You first began. From Omega 3 to Miso soup to Shitake Mushrooms to meditation, the topics are many and varied and help get to grips with some of the current scientific thinking about health.




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