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Weight Loss special - is self sabotage your problem? Plus webchats with Judith Williams, Bodyblade and Studio 10
25 February 2016

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Anyone stuck? Keep restarting? I'd love your thoughts on this Theory. –

Click here – why people self-sabotage their own happiness.

In the week and that my ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims Book 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire’ comes out in paperback and in ebook for Kindle/app on Amazon, it's interesting why it works immediately for some people, and others find it more difficult to grasp straight away.

This self-sabotage business could be one of the reasons why. There is very definitely a category of people who prefer to remain in place of discomfort, because it’s easier to stay in the status quo than get used to doing something different. As I learned on the Tony Robbins workshops 15 years ago, humans are creatures of habit – one of their biggest driving forces is not to change something they’ve been doing for ages. Some say it's why an abused wife stays with a husband. Some say it's why people who have lived in one area, that is now a nasty place to live, don't move home. And of course if someone is used to being the funny fat woman, it is more difficult to transform to an alternative guise.

Let me know what you think.

The psychology of weight loss has certainly been a big topic for me in the last year, following the thousand or so members of my Till the Fat Lady Slims (TTFLS) group on Facebook. We have seen a big influx in new members since Christmas. And we have seen many, many success stories. These are often measured in non-scales victories, or NSVs.

One of them recently was from Lesley Y who said she managed to wear an underwired bra all day, and on another day she managed to dance the whole way through a whole tune instead of sitting herself down halfway through declaring it's just silly when really she was out of breath. Lots of stories about fitting into clothes, being able to pull boots up an inch higher around wider calves, and obviously getting compliments and comments from people they hadn't seen for a while. It's better to measure your progress in units which do not relate to the scales, considering exercising will strengthen muscle tone and possibly add weight, plus Every day, we see a fluctuation in our body fluids and even in our gut bacteria composition which may add or lose more than a few pounds each day. So we say ditch the constant scales-jig. I do love the feedback we get on there. Keep it coming. And come join us if you can.

So Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 is all about tips and tales to inspire. The most common question right now is - do I get this one, book 3.0, first? Or should I start with book 2.0? Well, book 3 has been designed as a companion, an add on, a follow-up. So yes book 2 is where to begin and it is where so many of our members learned about Freedom Eating. Freedom Eating is a concept which I learned at the end of the 90s, and then used it to lose 35 pounds and get out of the habit of bingeing. I have not binged since then. Yes my weight still fluctuates depending on stress and laziness, but I never go too far, and I am more in tune with my body now than I have ever been.

Here are the six principles –

The ‘Super Six’ – the Basic Principles of Freedom Eating

1. Wait till you’re 6 on the hunger scale, when the signals will be clearer to you about what your body genuinely wants to eat this mealtime. You’re not saying ‘I can’t have that food,’ you’re saying the opposite – ‘I can have that food – just WHEN the time is right.’

2. Be accurate in what you choose – try to eat WHEN you can have exactly what your body wants. Really listen to the signals your body is giving you as you consider each food choice. Drink water if you can’t decide – you may be thirsty not hungry, and try again in 15 minutes. Wait till you CAN get exactly the right food choices, or make it as accurate as you can for your body’s needs from the choices available at that time. If you’re on a traditional ‘diet plan,’ you just make your choices from the list of foods on your plan.

3. Pay full attention to your food. Don’t eat until a time WHEN you can do absolutely nothing else. If you’re a beginner this means literally NOTHING else – don’t talk, watch TV, read, or drive and definitely put cutlery down whilst you chew. Best of all, sit at a table to eat. Beginners can even take themselves off somewhere suitable to sit down undisturbed, in order to best pick up on the subtle signals your body is going to give you about when to stop.

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT OF ALL Stop eating WHEN SATISFIED NOT WHEN FULL. As I said the first time I came across this alien concept – ‘What, you mean you don’t keep eating till you can’t breathe anymore?!’ This is probably the biggest change to your habits, and is absolutely VITAL. Once you do this, you can say you are Freedom Eating. It may be WHEN you get a deep breath of relief, the taste of the food may be less appealing, or you may be more easily distracted from the next mouthful. It’s likely to be after eating about a fist full of food in volume – much smaller than you are used to. Just save the rest till later. (Tips to help are in book 2.0)

5. Aim for the Bliss Point. Your body rewards you for getting it exactly right - an overwhelming feeling of happiness and floaty satisfaction, and a quiet calm. It means you gave your body exactly what it needed that mealtime. Once you’re used to this blissful feeling, nothing else will do. No more feeling guilty after a meal, or bad or sad. (More tips in book 2.0)

6. Examine the way your body feels afterwards and don’t repeat the same choices next time if it made your body feel bad. This is where you become your own science project. Even if you ended up deciding to consume cake or chips or crisps or whatever, it’s important to do the When Diet and crucially stop when satisfied. There is no failure at this game, there are only more-accurate and less-accurate timing and food choices. Ironically, knowing I can have anything means I don’t choose the less healthy options, as they are no longer treasure. (Obviously more on this psychology is in book 2.0.)

USE INFORMATION AND RESOURCES to help hone your choices. Information is a powerful thing – so is the mind.

As long as you eat within the above principles, you can combine Freedom Eating (Stage One): the ‘When Diet,’ with absolutely ANY diet plan out there. ANY.

That is the basic premise of Freedom Eating.


click here and read more for free in the ‘look inside’ on Amazon for TTFLS 2.0 – the ‘when’ diet

It’s basically the first chapter of book 2.0 on Amazon. If what you see doesn't inspire you, then it's not the book for you, so thank you for looking, but please don't buy it. But for those people who do find it fascinating, feel free to order book 2.0 first, and if you like, book 3.0 together. You can read them in order if you want. But please also note there is a new theme which may be completely alien to many of you called freedom reading.

Freedom reading means you don't have to plan a time when you read this book. You don't have to read it from start to end in the right order. You don’t have to do it perfectly. It is not like homework at school. In fact I say just throw the book on the floor and read the page it opens at, first! Pick up the book any time you like and flick through it to a heading that inspires you, and just read that bit for as long as you can, whether it's whilst still waiting for the kettle to boil, or sitting on the loo, or outside the school gates picking up the kids. Don't think it's yet another job you have to do perfectly. Freedom reading. There's a lot to be said for it.

Go here if you would like to get to book 2.0 and note that book one is inside it, in part three.

Go here to get books 3.0 again either e-book or paperback, on Amazon. If you don't have a kindle device, you can download the kindle app to your smart phone or even to your computer! So nobody needs anything special in order to read my books. If you like paperbacks you can order those two from Amazon. If you are on Amazon Prime it's free next day delivery for most areas. Amazing isn't it?

Also on Facebook you can register to be part of the 20 pounds in 2016 challenge, which is still going on of course. It's a long-term thing, with little events punctuating it throughout the year. Long-term means lifestyle change, don't expect short, sharp, sudden drastic reduction. Lifestyle change is permanent, makes you happy, and will get you there in the end. Imagine being 20 pounds lighter than you are now, this time next year.? Go to the event page and if you tick ‘going’ it just means you get updates when something new is put on there. And standby for a big freedom eating one month long guided Programme coming soon... 

And keep those weight loss and NSVs coming in.

Other news – I picked up lots of articles with a well-being theme this week, here are some of the best:

-       On the heels of youtube sensation ‘Gut Reaction 1&2’, what to eat to have a great poop, every time – click here.

-       Also mentioned in Gut Reaction videos, the health benefits of vinegar – another article here.

-       Can meditation change you? Unequivocally. Yes. In my experience. Doing proper 20 minute TM each day, if I’m lucky twice a day, gives me more peace and less stress and occasional feelings of joy. Sounds weird but one day they will suss it out from a scientific point of view. Till then, go look at some youtube videos if you don’t know how to do it. Or go here on 7th March to the Alternatives event in St Martins, off Piccadilly about The Buddha Pill.

-       Or if you’re in Bristol on 5th April go to the Food and Behaviour Research event  about feeding better behaviour – the gut, brain and nutrition connection. All in keeping with the gut again – see?! More here.

-       25 spoons of sugar, anyone? The worst coffee shop drinks  - Action on Sugar reveal all in a new survey – you may be shocked! Click here.

-       John Grisham free book – The Tumor – featuring groundbreaking medicine curing with sound. More here


Judith Williams today's special value was on Wednesday 24th on QVC, so lovely friend ambassador Sara Hollamby joined us on my Back to you QVC group on Facebook for one of our regular Monday night web chats on 22nd - go here to read it (join up first)

Plus we had an extra with a Studio 10 reminder of the palette, back on air on QVC here, and their brand new Prime protector, getting rave reviews as compared to Boots No.7 Protect and perfect even. More here with Grace. (join group first)

Bruce body blade was available this week for his chat too – you can read it here. (join group first if you haven’t) And remember Bruce is back on 2nd and 3rd March - next week!

Big news - next Monday 29th, it will be the very first web chat with Liz Earle team, as Caroline Archer comes to my house to chat with me, as she does not do Facebook :-) X look out for it.

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