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Back to You Unbelievable Facts about Cereals; plus Q&A with NiOD; and TTFLS 3.0 is out on 20th!
19 February 2016

Lots about health in the news again this week. Funny when you begin looking out for things you tend to notice them a bit more. I wrote on my Back to You blog here about a video I’ve been fascinated by – free to watch – about the miracle of treating the gut right. It’s called Gut Reaction, part one here and part two here. Do watch it – I’d love to know your thoughts and if it affects you the same way it did me – I’ve been telling everyone about it! Plus below, what’s the most sugary cereal? You might be surprised. Plus more fab testimonials about how my blogs and shows and groups are helping people left, right and centre. Makes me very proud. Here’s one from my Till the Fat Lady Slims group on Facebook.

Wendy K –

Right ...imagine me cartwheeling ... haha .. finally after four weeks wrestling with the sugar demon ...I finally feel human sweats, sleeplessness, itchy, name a few ...I am now coming to terms with a huge change of diet and the huge change in my wellbeing .. I feel like blinkers have been taken off ... things taste strange... I am still only a tiny way down the road but could never seem to get anywhere before ... I have tried so hard to just give my body good nourishing food ... almonds, spinach and avacado are my new best friends xx ps I also kicked caffeine as well ... I found that so easy ???? xxx pps... I have weighed myself today ... 7 llbs since I started freedom eating ... very pleased xxx’

Lots more feedback and how others are doing in the new TTFLS 3.0 book, ebook for kindle or paperback out this weekend.


Anyone not yet seen the new theory about what type of Freedom Eater you are? If you follow my Till the Fat Lady Slims series of books, you may have seen the discussions. If not, well you don’t have long to wait - it's in Book 3.0 and that is out on eBook for kindle on amazon in just two days! However - big news - the paperback might be ready before that. Due to the anomalies of print on demand, since i am on Amazon Prime, I may be able to hold a copy of the paperback in my hand in two days, if the upload clears inspection on this link –


They check it's all ok then put it up for sale. BUT - AMAZINGLY you can ask to be emailed as soon as it's ready to order in paperback - just click on this link and look top right corner, where you usually see buy now with one click etc. Let me know if you see it available before I do!

I am DYING to hear what you all think. The few that have proof read the whole book say it's an excellent companion to book 2.0. 

Remember there's almost nothing identical in both books - almost everything in book 3.0 is new material. There's a recap of the six principles, that's all. The rest is reminders of why Freedom Eating works, how it works, and all those things that we all love to keep reading - tips and lots of tales and some testimonials. i have kept everyone anonymous by using no full surnames except those who are testimonials on cover.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed - you may see your own comments inside!

Plus importantly - am very excited to see what you think of the two brand new chapters about coping with the Inner Chimp and also about why the new science about gut bacteria proves without doubt why we should listen to our bodies - and HOW it works too.

am very excited.

Can i hear a little 'Squeeeeeeeeee!!!'

webchats –

Lovely Nicola from hi tech skincare brand Niod, which was making big waves at the Beauty Bash, had her superb Q&A on our Back to You QVC facebook group here. (join group to read it)

And Bruce had another belated webchat as he was once again on the move! Less than two weeks though, till Bodyblade is back on the air on QVC! Yay! More here on Bodyblade QVC facebook group (join to read it)

Next week – Liz Earle webchat - Caroline is not on Facebook so she's coming to my house to do it together!

other news - 

diabetes UK - sugar increased in cereals - who are the worst offenders? go here to read the list - you may be surprised what's best, sugar wise anyway

- can we really influence what happens around us? A top scientist thinks so. Changes who we blame for our lives, then, don’t you think?




ps you can still pre order the ebook early and it will deliver once it's publication day - 20th. x






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